Boy dressed as Rodimus Prime

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Boy dressed as Rodimus Prime
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Heckfire writes: Still beats "Revenge of The Fallen."
darkqueen01 writes: This is what happens when your parents are giant nerds.
Zeedust writes: Rodimus Prime's Pretender shell left much to be desired in the way of subtlety.
Judynator writes: Rodimus Prime Fan Club
Roadshadow writes: Kid: *Sigh* Damn parents. Kicked me outta the house.
DarkDranzer writes: Kid's brother in Galvatron costume: Okay squirt!! Gimme your Matrix or there'll be hell to pay!!

Kid Rodimus: No way!! Get your own Galvatron!! I heard that there's a "Decepticon" Matrix in the trashbin for you!!

Kid Galvatr
Towline writes: Remember parents. Kids who are transfans are 100% more likely to get a job in Math and Sciences sectors. Get married to beautiful women or men. And have a healther social life then fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Babalon 5, Harry Potter c
Ultra Wheelshot writes: You think this is bad wait till yousee him dressed as Tracks
Marv writes: Getting nervous about all the threathening emails he gets from angry Decepticons, Hot rod hires a body double. They averagely lasted about twenty minutes...
Marv writes: ...mere seconds later, this boy was beaten up severely by a passing squad of Trekkies...
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Marv writes: Bully (Dressed as a cardboard Galvatron) Timmy, Paulie, Roger...and now you. It's too bad you Autobots hand over your lunchmoney so easily or this would've been more satisfying!
Defcon writes: Hi there! I'm your date for the prom!
Operation Ravage writes: Is this kid actively TRYING to get his ass kicked?
Kid that likes TF: Dude this, this isnt South park its real life.
shockwave_inoz writes: Behold! This is an actual, sneak preview EXCLUSIVE of the new LIVE-ACTION TRANSFORMERS MOVIE!! Pretty high-tech, advanced effects huh? Ok, start screaming now.......
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Arise, Daniel Prime!"

Unknown writes: For the love of God, SOMEBODY get this kid some meds!!!
Unknown writes: The men in white coats say if I keep taking my pills, I can stop Unicron! Yaaaaay, I've got mail!!
Shadow Fox writes: YAAAA..this halloween I'm gonna get my ass kicked, whoo hoo mom your the best, I love cardboard costumes about cartoons.
Unknown writes: I was but rapped by my dad and forced to wear this for him... it gets him hard as steele!
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omega icecream writes: boy,do i feel sorry for that guy.
apex writes: Boy in suit: "used to do the voice over.... but theyre pusing me too far!... im not goin on camera like this... an how am i supposed to do that scene where i transform with Bumblebee... stupid Director "improvise he says" dumb a
Zeedust writes: Sure, everyone picks on the Rodimus outfit, but look at the kid's FACE! It's greyish-blue! No one notices the unded when they're dressed in funny outfits, I tell ya...
K-nonFodder writes: Mommy says if i work hard i can be anything i want to when i grow up? Kid heres a hint our parents lie every day , to the cashier, to the IRS and yes even to us
Unknown writes: Three words, kid: GET...A..LIFE!
Unknown writes: how'd'ya like the new look?
Private_Random writes: Rodimus Prime in.......The Wonder Years!!
Private_Random writes: Soooo much for the power of the Matrix turning me into a mature bot! Instead I find meself in a body of a camp boy. :S
Unknown writes: Where's the girl in the Arcee outfit?
Unknown writes: "That's right, honey, smile at the camera like the poor dumb bastard you are."
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Hot Shot writes: hi im gay
buddhaquest writes: proving the old gypsy right about the virginity until 40 thing.
Unknown writes: Today on TF Armada: Rad (Hot Rad, pictured), Carlos (CAR-los) and Fred (Fredbot 5000 the Twinklie terminator) go undercover in the Decepticon stronghold on the moon!? They try to convince Megatron and crew there's a Decepticon matrix they once s
Unknown writes: this kid is gonna need massive amounts of therapy.
Unknown writes: The kid's last moments just before being trampled on by Galvatron.
Unknown writes: hot rod: damn these artists!
Unknown writes: In this mixed-up alternate universe, the Transformers watch cartoons about humans who do ordinary, boring stuff.
Unknown writes: (Hot Rod) Like my pretender shell, Arce?
Unknown writes: I thought the Power Rangers sucked...
Ricochet writes: If you take drugs, you will end up like the kid above
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Unknown writes: Yeah, now only put em in the cartoons and he's a REAL RodimusHuman. But still, what's his name actually? Rod?
Unknown writes: Why allways the BOYS have to be the big stars in the movies? HMPF
Unknown writes: do I look like a idot yet?
Beast Simpson writes: I'm sure glad I chose this as my final wish before I die of gangreen!
zach writes: you know your obsessed with transformers when you do this for a living
Unknown writes: Mom, Dad, I'm gay....
Kids parents:you don't need to say it son, the costume says it all, now shutup, the neighbors might hear!
Orion Pax writes: "Transform and roll out! *Transformation sound* ----! MY SPLEEN!!!!
Unknown writes: stop making fun of me!
(you got the touch, you got the power)
light my darkest hour!
(opens cardboard matrix)
Beast Simpson writes: No more wedgies for me!
Unknown writes: Puberty does some strange things to people.
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Unknown writes: your momma is so fat that the last time she saw 91210 on a scale and ur mom is stupid she slipped on cordless phone
Unknown writes: Another reason why fanboys should never spawn.
Unknown writes: And I Thout That I Got My Ass Kicked Befor I Dressed Liked This.
Unknown writes: boy: they dressed me like this, its not my fault
PlasmaRadio writes: "My mom says I'm cool."
Unknown writes: Hey, It's still cooler than Armada!
Unknown writes: Rodimus Prime:hye i am the real Rodimus Prime not this guy.
Autobots:you expect us to believe you,how do we know that you are the real Rodimus Prime?
Rodimus Prime:well one theing this guy can't transformer,he isn't a robot for crying
Chrono writes: Little Timmy the day before his parents gave him away...
Unknown writes: Disney buys the rights to transformers and puts it on ice (then the last gate of hell will not open it would just fall over and the world would end and all will be well because we will all be dead and no one will have to watch it)
Unknown writes: Mom to Kid: Do you care to tell me why you are dressed like that?"
Kid to Mom: Yesterday the guys and I were making bets, and I said that Optimus was going to finish off Megatron in the movie."
Dad to Kid: Looks like you lost."
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MindWipe writes: looky paw im a robot! zoog zooog zoog zoog!
Broadside writes: You think that's bad? Look at his Brothers' Wheelie costume!
Unknown writes: for some reason all the kids @ skool laugh at me when i tell them i'm going 2 disintergrate them with my molecular reconstruction ray...
Unknown writes: Rodimus:omg he doesnt look like me that stupid jackass
Unknown writes: look at me i was malested and force to put this on!
Unknown writes: "dammit, now that this picture is on the internet i'll never get laid!!!"
Unicron writes: I'm too young to be Rodimus Prime! Oh well.
Unknown writes: If you think this is bad, his parents originally wanted to get him the mask/plastic smock version of Rodimus!
Unknown writes: AT LEAST IM NOT ON ARMADA!!!!!!
Unknown writes: AT LAST IM NOT ON ARMADA!
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Unknown writes: "Transform!"
Unknown writes: My daddy hits me sometimes. But can you blame him, really?
Omega Prime writes: My mom worked 4 hours on this thng and i feel like a queer..hope the neighborhood kids don't see me.
Unknown writes: Hmph. I wanted to be Optimus...
Unknown writes: Transformers the live action movie.
Directer by Joel Schumacer.
You will believe robots have nipples.
Unknown writes: dear GOD!!!!!!! That is crossing the Line. Will the local bullie punch the kid
Unknown writes: Unfortunately, the teeth are real.
optimuslives writes: And next month, Pamela Anderson with a painted on Arcee costume
Unknown writes: Coming soon: Girl dressed as Arcee.
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Starscream K'dash writes: "YAY!!! I'm scarred for life,My Kids will all be Retarded"
Unknown writes: This is why Conventions are the black holes of heterosexuality in this world.
BumbleBug writes: Boy: It's Camiflarge for when I go into a cardboard box factory on my quest for a life!
bigfoz writes: my mum made me wear this...
Unknown writes: New from Japan, Transformers the movie 2:
Attack of the bastard son of Rodimus.
Unknown writes: please put me outta my misery, i already had to lick gum off of a bullies shoes, aw into the trash can i go! sigh ...
Will writes: I am so COOL!!
Sideburn writes: Please dear God, KILL ME!!! *sob*
Unknown writes: Kid in Rodimus suit:Mommy,are you sure we aren't gonna get sued for impersonating Rodimus Prime? Kid's mom:Of course not honey, where did you get such a silly idea? Kid:From that police car coming up the drive-way. Kid's Mom:
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Unknown writes: Thank you mom you just made me #1 target for eggs this halloween! I will never let you live this down.
Glen writes: Yes, I am as stupid as I look
Unknown writes: Rodimus Prime worked long and hard on his human costume.
RandomFerret writes: This is from one summer in middle school. I became convinced I had 'The Touch' and spent ten to fifteen hours each day trying to transform and roll out. I hit rock bottom after ambushing the Decepticons in the action figure aisle at K-
Unknown writes: This is how Ryan spent most of his childhood.
Unknown writes: Boy:"I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready, I'm ready I'm ready." [in the worst spongebob voice ever.]
Unknown writes: Boy:"I hate my parents..."
Unknown writes: It's gonna be a scaaaaaary Haloween.
Unknown writes: I am cyclonus79 and my father makes me dress this way before I suck his cock!
Unknown writes: When my dad makes me dress up like this before I suck his cock!
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genocide writes: " Cradboard rules!"
Unknown writes: DUR!!!
Unknown writes: Whew! Luckily this IS NOT Transformers the Movie....
Unknown writes: And all this is sticky-back plastic and toilet rolls! Thank you Blue Peter!
roll out writes: Thankfully the cardboard and all of the spraypaint made the boy extremely flamable.
Unknown writes: Boy: And with this costume, I'll get all girls, just like Hot Rod get Arcee
Mom: Er, that was Springer who get Arcee
Boy: Aw Sh**
Unknown writes: Boy:there,now im ready for my first date.
Unknown writes: the chronic'll make you do some dumb sh*t
Unknown writes: Where am !??? Cybertron?
Dynamus Prime writes: Man...I'm a geek and even I want to beat the crap out of this kid...
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Dynamus Prime writes: They told him to get in touch with his inner child, but he didn't know he wasn't supposed to bring it out.
Sledge writes: Hasbro's idea of a live action Transformers movie.
Unknown writes: 1. Seibertron on his prom night. 2. Seibertron at his wedding. 3. Seibertron at his divorse hearing. 4. Seibertron at his funnerel (killed two minutes after picture was taken, per Willa Ford's orders)
Bumblebee writes: ...he better have padding under that. It's gonna be a looooooong day...::punch::
Metroplex writes: Rodimus Prime transforms in 10-year-old Immature Prime!
Dynamus Prime writes: Those crazy tourists keep getting weirder and weirder...
Hot Rodimus writes: once again,Cosplayers are getting worst and worst
Unknown writes: Kid: "Dad, can I get out of the costume now? People are staring..."
Dad: "Dammit Johnny! This is what happens when you eat daddy's tofu dogs! Now smile ya little createn!"
Vector Sigma writes: "'d be surpised what mixing LSD and Heroine can do!!!"
Unknown writes: Live action "Transformers" series...on a REALLY low budget!
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Unknown writes: I'm telling you I'm not gay I'm just stupid
Ironhide writes: ME: where do i get onwe of them costumes????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Unknown writes: The kid looks more like a messed up Ronald McDonald than Rodimus Prime.
Unknown writes: To the surprise of most people, the new, live-action transformers are still better than Robots in Disguise.
mike writes: Oh hello my fellow negros...why are you looking at me that way
Mirage writes: sadly when he transforms he turns into a homeless guy
Pokejedservo writes: Kid: Can any of you guys make a better costume? (Long Silence)
Good, I thought so.
Shermtron writes: Hey I am crazy transformer give me some candy!
Unknown writes: IAM READY
Unknown writes: The stress of having cancel his Hot Rod order made his young mind snap
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Bodycount writes: This boy was last seen laying face down in Toys R Us parking space, with his arms and legs pressed tightly together. If you have any information of his whereabouts, please contact the local law enforcement immediately.
Bodycount writes: When I was little, my teachers and friends always asked what I wanted to be when I groweeeddd up and I always said "a transformer!" and they laughed, looks like I showed them!
Unknown writes: You think I look like a geek, wait til you see the DOG!
Here, Ravage!
Kevinus Prime writes: Sadly, fans realized that this new live series was better than Armada...
Unknown writes: really i do have a life REALLY......please be my friend.........soneone...ANYONE!
Unknown writes: really i do have a life REALLY......please be my friend.........soneone...ANYONE!
NateTheMan writes: The Adventures of Hot Rod when he was a boy.
NateTheMan writes: Really, honestly... I AM Rodimus Prime. Wait... stop laughing.
Unknown writes: Forget the candy, I want energon cubes!
Sandstorm writes: When kids decide to dress up
as Transformers for Halloween.
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Unicron writes: What was this kid smoking when he decided to dress up as Rodimus Prime for Halloween?
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: Little Johnny was last seen at a GWAR concert. Sources say that Oderus fed him to the MAGGOT and was never seen again!!!!!
The Matrix writes: "The 3rd Annual Transformers Halloween Party" attendent.
Unknown writes: It was announced today that you can now import small asian boys as your favorite Transformers characters.
Unknown writes: 3 guys go to a botcon one as mirage one as rodimus the last as....
Unknown writes: daniel what the hell are you doing? youll never pass off for hot rod
Chee-toy writes: Trick or treat, smell my grease, give enrgon to eat!
Slappyfrog writes: Sadly, nothing happened when he clutched the cardboard Matrix, and the boy was pummeled into a fine pulp.
Unknown writes: most friends in the world award goes to.....
Unknown writes: Here is an example of a TransFan that went lunatic and is now in rehab as a cyberjunk...
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Unknown writes: Matrix + Kid for sale! On Ebay for $14.95. Have the option of just buying the matrix.
Stelartron writes: KID: Ummm... I think binary-bonding is supposed to work the other way...
Unknown writes: "Hey guys! If I dislocate most of my limbs, I can sorta transform into a big orange RV!" (Obviously dropped on his head as a child)
Unknown writes: Transformers: The Live Action Series. An example of possible spin-off series gone horribly horribly wrong.
Unknown writes: *looks at the pic* HEY!!! I SEEN YOU BEFORE!!! Were you the one in the home alone movie?
Shermtron writes: Hey guys like my cheap coustume....NO!
Unknown writes: Fanboy....
Unknown writes: Here you see the case of a child who ate genetecly modified food
mouse writes: Hot Rod...the early years...
JetFire writes: Ha ha! now I can spy Autobots! the problem is: what could I do if Optimus say "transform and roll out"?
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Unknown writes: what Happens when Humans and Cybertronions MATE!!!
ThunderCracker5k writes: HA! rodimus prime has nuttin on me. Till all are one!
Unknown writes: My Mommy says I Look Handsome.. She dressed me her self!
Unknown writes: I lok sooo cool... right mom?
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