On the job with Doc Ratchet!

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On the job with Doc Ratchet!
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: Ratchet:*hic* excuse me... oops, I *hic* probably shouldn't have *hic* ripped that *hic* off...
trailbreaker writes: "Prime, he's not wearing underwear."
RatchetJazz writes: I always say if they did not have ratchet for medic who would they have
Crashcomet writes: R: EWWW! What IS that?
Heckfire writes: "Sweet PRIMUS! I TOLD you to let the humans off BEFORE you transformed! Geez...someone get me a hose?"
Zeedust writes: "But the MASH reruns made it look so EASY!"
DarkMechJock writes: *RIIIIP* Oops...I hope he didn't need that
Scatterlung writes: Ratchet: Hey Prime! There's the entire first season of Family Guy DVD's in here!
Roadshadow writes: Ratchet: Uhh, Prime? Jetfire's dead.......Yeah, he's dead, Jim.
Prime: For the last time, stop calling me JIM!
Blaster_6267 writes: Ratchet: "The powers source is connected to the transisitor...the transistors connected to the transforming modulor...the..."
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Screambug writes: "ewww...yuck...gross...slimy guts!"
Zeedust writes: Ratchet: "Skyfire's only mostly dead. Mostly dead, I can work with."
Prowl Worshipper writes: R: Oops...uh...can someone get me my manual? (To self)I can't remember where this goes...Oh well, it's probably not vital...I hope...
(To Skyfire, falsely cheery) Don't worry, you'll be just fine!
(Yelling) MANUAL!! NOW!!
S: (To se
galvanostril writes: quick nurse! the forceps! the head is crowning!
galvanostril writes: ratchet: I have to tell you the truth... I have no freakin clue what I'm doing.
galvanostril writes: where ratchet stores his beer.
Tiedye writes: Ratchet-"Damit I'm sick of babysitting. "This is the last time I chage diapers!"
Zeedust writes: Skyfire: "I can't feel my legs..."

Ratchet: "The guys who form them are soimewhere around here, I'm sure. We just have to..."

Skyfire: "Doc... I'm not a gestalt."

Scooter writes: Ratchet: "Cough please."
Unknown writes: Ah..er, sorry, Optimus! ...Crap, where am I gonna stash my crystal meth, now?
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Unknown writes: Ratchet: Well no wonder this clown died... his lungs... are filled with... CANDY!!!! *Throws candy for all the other Autobots
Shadow Fox writes: Ratchet- My my my..what a well endowed robot you are (hits him over the head with a crow bar) and you won't be needing your penis now that your dead, maybe I'll finally get arcee's notice with this now!!!
??? writes: look at Skyfire's face and where Ratchet is grabbing him and try to keep a straight face.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "PRIME! I better be getting hazard pay for this!"
Unknown writes: Guys, where's the welding torch? What'dya mean that you didn't bring a torch just because we're in the Arctic?! Ugh, now I'm going to have to do it the old fashion way...eugh. Skyfire, don't just lay t
K-nonFodder writes: I know i am a doctor but since when does an autobot need a Gynocologist?
Unknown writes: Skyfire: Wait a sec....my chest plate is open , yet his hand is way below it.....

Ratchet: *innocently whistles*
Unknown writes: This job gets worst every day. How can i fix stuff in this waste land.
Decepticon writes: R:"Uh oh...I'll just throw these extra parts away and pretend like nothing happened *whistle whistle whistle*"
Ricochet writes: How Ratchet gets his extra parts for repairing other Autobots
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Unknown writes: "Ya know, these's something about fixing a junker like this guy that gets ya right here!"
buddhaquest writes: What Prime? Who's out cold? Ha ha, good one Prime? What? What am I doing? Uh... so lonely...
SlagMaker writes: Ratchet: Sorry, I didn't mean to touch that. Hey what's that dripping? Oh gross. Stop smiling!
Shadow writes: OHH NO! You're not using any of your weird devices on me again!
PlasmaRadio writes: Ratchet: "Cough... yep, the're twisted."
Unknown writes: Ratchet : GAH! I hate these monthly exams, Skyfire. We don't you just TELL everyone your a female Autobot with a glandular problem?
tf dutchie writes: R: For the last time, STOP eating chewing gum!
Unknown writes: That was a magnifecent Kung Fu pose for "Crouching Bots Hidden Creeps"
Unknown writes: Skyfire doesn't look like he minds much.
Unknown writes: Doc after looking around the battle field: "gasp! no! he's dead.
and now megatron is dead also!" after looking at megatron.
who did this massacue? there's got to be almost all the decempatcons and autobots!
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Greg writes: good nobodys looking now I can steal some of his parts
zach writes: i'll fix him up later. I wonder if there are any good places where i can buy a cheap burger
Sir Deadend writes: When he entered, little did skyfire know that it was one of ~those~ massage parlour.
Unknown writes: TV Commentator: "Quiet please, as Dr. Ratchet performs the first ever Cybertronian cesection."
Beast Simpson writes: Now cough.
Unknown writes: And remember, folks, to get your Autobot spayed or neutered!
Unknown writes: Due to numerous malpractice suits, the increasingly paranoid Ratchet quickly moved his clinic to the Antarctic, where no one complains...
Unknown writes: Ratchet: *BURP* Whoa, I don't remember eating that.
Director: CUT!
Unknown writes: Unfortunately, due to Prime's order of 'radio silence,' Ratchet was forced to communicate the surgical procedure in sign language.
Dee-Kal writes: Jetfire's other use - the ultimate portable beer cooler.
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PlasmaRadio writes: Ratchet: "I'm going to have to give you a prostetic leg." (get it, hes a robot, he is prostetic... oh nevermind...)
Skyfire writes: hye pay atetion you going to set my selfdistruct,gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
MindWipe writes: "oh yeah thats the stuff right there!"
"oh no someones coming!!!"
"i know it was me!"
"oh ok panic over, now do me!"
Broadside writes: Just a little bit lower
Skyfire: Yeah that's good don't stop
Unknown writes: Optimus, i have a little problem, skyfire has been killed and i stupidly put my lunch inside him, it's just terrible, i'm gonna need some tuna, some fresh garden salad and mayonaise STAT!!!"
Unknown writes: NO NO PLZ DON'T UR VIOLATING THE DOCTOR PATIENT TRUST SYSTEM, ohh just a little lower hehehe
Master Hound X writes: Ratchet: Oh for god sakes what the hell have you been eatin

SkyFire: ummmmm oil and uhhhhh oil
Unknown writes: (Sigh)Wheeljack, get my recharger set from headquarters. From the looks of Skyfire, this is going to take all day and all night.
Unicron writes: Ratchet: (thinking) why do i have to be the one who does everything that's gay?
Unknown writes: ratchet: you might feel some disscomfort.........your liking this arent you
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Starscream writes: ratchet: dammit optimus i'm a medic not a...sure sure i'll get right on it
Unknown writes: Ok, who's the joker that decided to use jetfire as an icecream maker??
RandomFerret writes: "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!" ..It's a Star Wars reference, people! Laugh it up!
Unknown writes: Ooh, that's gonna have to come out.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Ratchet, this prostate exam has taken an hour and a half!
Unknown writes: Jetfire: "Am i Dead yet?Am i Dead yet?Am i Dead yet?Am i Dead yet?Am i Dead yet?Am i Dead yet?" Rachet: "For the last time Yes."
tfpredaking writes: Now, you want to be a 38-triple Z right? Jetfire: I want Arcce to be jealous!! and Springer to notice me!
Unknown writes: (Ratchet looks at Prime) Ratchet: He's dead Jim
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: Haha Ha!! Keep making jokes Bluestreak!! Your next on the roster to wash Skyfire's BALLS!!
ryo777 writes: Great, NOW's my chance!! I can try to get that KIDNEY for Sparkplug.
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ryo777 writes: Ratchet: I wouldn't of believed it, if I hadn't SEEN it. That Starscream is a FREAKAZOID!! He left teeth marks on Skyfires "nutroids"!
ryo777 writes: Skyfire: Ratchet?
Skyfire: Tell me a story?
Ratchet:AWWWWWW, SHUT UP!!!!!!!
ryo777 writes: F**K OFF!! I said I wanted "To see polar bears", not "PLUCK PUBIC HAIRS!"
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: Glad he's asleep...for a big guy he sure isn't packing MUCH!
ryo777 writes: Ratchet:Hmmmm, I hope the guys don't notice I'm OFF the clock,...I'm REALLY enjoying this.
Unknown writes: I knew Skyfire was Addicted to Playbot hey look the swimsuit addtion!
Unknown writes: Rachet: Oh no...blood.
Skyfire: Stop with...the Dr. Nick..Rivera immitation.
Unknown writes: Doc: "Oh my god...this thing's the size of a beachball!"
Unknown writes: HOOKUPS skate shirts in disguise!

And ghey!
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BumbleBug writes: R: Well it's a boy all right! but whos the father?

S and R: *glances over to Starscream trying to shuffle away*

Unknown writes: Ratchet: (to Optimus) He's dead, Jim. OP: Oh Ratchet, will you SHUT UP with all the 'Bones' impressions!
gir writes: Ratchet: Hiccup!! oh excuse me guys I had one to many shots of energon..and well you know how it is..hic..um what am I doing again?
Unknown writes: Youd better not be enjoying this skyfire!!!!!!
Skyfire(giggle) I'm not!
Unknown writes: Push Mrs Skyfire Push. Dont make me go in and get it
Unknown writes: Ratchet(looking at T.V.):"If Dr. Carter can do it, then so can I!"
Unknown writes: yep "your bolt is lose"
Unknown writes: Ratchet:"Now, what would they do on E.R.?"
Unknown writes: Rachet: OH GOD! This is the last time I give you a proctology exam.
Skyfire: Sorry
Unknown writes: Ewwww! I don't know what that thing is, but I've never seen one of 'em before!
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Unknown writes: Ratchet:congratiolations mis skyfire! its a boy!
Unknown writes: The transistors connected to the, sensor, the sensors connected to the red thing, the red things connected to my wrist watch...uh oh
Unknown writes: !
Unknown writes: Skyfire: Ow! Careful where you're putin' your hands Ratchet.
Ratchet: Oh yeah!!!!
Firestorm writes: Now let's see- I just gotta remove this shrapnel from near his fule processor and... whoa! 'Sopranos' is on?!
Hot Rodimus writes: Ratchet-let's see here...(scavangers around)HEY! so thats were my Burito was...
Unknown writes: Ratchet: See Optimus? I told you he had to much energon last Cycle.
Dynamus Prime writes: Skyfire: Are you sure you know what you're doing? Ratchet: Umm...no...
Chachi writes: R: "Primus, Skyfire, when are you going to quit trying to eat human food?"
Unknown writes: Now where's Arcee, I wanna go for the malpractice!!!
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Unknown writes: Skyfire, after crushing into the Twin Towers:
It was errgghh... Bin Laden he is a decepticon ally...errggh...
Unknown writes: Ratchet: This is what you get Skyfire, for crushing into the Twin Towers!!
Bumblebee writes: Ratchet: BEEEP!
Skyfire: NOT funny.
Unknown writes: Hmm...from this angle Ratchets hands seem to be in the most peculiar area...
Sledge writes: Skyfire gives birth to Wheelie
Vector Sigma writes: Don't worry Skyfire...This sex change operation won't hurt a bit! What? Oh...you're my first one...but don't worry...TRUST me....:)
Unknown writes: Ratchet: When will you learn... Never tranform when you have passengers.
Bodycount writes: Prime: Ratchet, are Skyfire's modification's complete?
Ratchet: Affirmative, He's officially legal in all 50 states.
Skyfire: Do I get a toy, now?
Prime and Ratchet: NO
MEGATRON writes: Okay, he's dead. I'll check his pockets for lose change.
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astrotrain's first friend writes: Ratchet: Um, skyfire? Skyfire: yes? Ratchet: WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU ATE OTHER TRANSFORMERS?!!! c'mon out Wheelie, Gears, Starscream, wheeljack...
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Sorry about having to open you up like this again so close after your first surgery, Skyfire, but you see, I left my wrench in your torso.
Unknown writes: Skyfire:"Oh, Primus! The pain!!!!"
Ratchet:"Dont worry, Im gonna fix you...Huh?Whats that, Optimus? Skyfire doesnt belong to the Autobot HMO? sigh...Sorry, Skyfire. I have to let you die." Skyfire:"And I thou
Unknown writes: thats just wrong
Unknown writes: Ok, one quick hand job and then I have to go to work
Unknown writes: " OK, that's it...uh oh! Where's my watch???
Unknown writes: When Ratchet pops out, suddenly everyone realizes Skyfire was a Pretender....
Unknown writes: AHA! I see the problem..he's using AOL!
Unknown writes: "He's dead, Jim."
tony writes: "I did warn you about eating Bumblebee like that. Why do the patients never listen to their doctor these days?"
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Unknown writes: rachet,alright i hooked up 2 12s and a amp you should thump the hell out now.skyfire,word
Unknown writes: I'm a doctor, not a forklift.
Unknown writes: Corrosion...? Rust...? Oil leak? Why did I sign up as medic?!?
Shadowman writes: Rachet: I think if I pull on this thing I can *Skyfire goes flatline* oops...
Unknown writes: Okay, keep pushing, I can see a head.... it's a beautiful baby spychanger !
Seibertron writes: This is Seibertron.com's test for "quotes"
Unknown writes: Jetfire, you'll soon be as good as new! :)
Unknown writes: Blaster!!! Could you please turn down your volume? I'm trying to work, and I really need to concentrate.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Hmmm...has anyone seen my keys?
Sharpshot writes: "That for calling me a nurse , white boy!"
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Trailfollower writes: Ratchet: "Oh my Primus, what the Heck is that. AHhhhhhhh, Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: eeeewww....I didnt want to see THAT!
Unknown writes: "I feel safe with you ratchet, you have a gentle touch."
Unknown writes: "Whooops..somebody wanna grab that? I may need it later..."
Unknown writes: Skyfire was the first casualty in a drunken hockey game with Starscream.
TeleTran2005 writes: This is a bad place to put the energon cubes
Scattershot writes: Rachet: Hey, Anybody got any 9 volt batteries?...Anybody?!
davewelttf writes: Ratchet: Ugh! and I thought he smelled bad on the outside!
MEGATRON writes: Okay Quickwind. Now turn your head and cough.
MEGATRON writes: Yhaaa! We just popped this homey Westside!.
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axalon writes: s£!t! I m not really a doctor, I just pretended to be
Ratchet writes: I need a Q-tip this big, stat!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
Skyfire: OK, OK! YOU win! Stop hitting me!
Unknown writes: R- tell me again how spike got up here
Unknown writes: Ratchet: I said "This looks like a job for a blowtorch", NOT "This looks like a torch for a blowj..." Oh never mind....
Unknown writes: R:well anybody remember how to give an enema? i dont know how
skyfire:youre saying this now?!
Unknown writes: R:well anybody remember how to give an enema? i dont know how
other bot:youre saying this now?!
Unknown writes: Hold still.
Unknown writes: Ratchet:"The red thing connected to the blue thing, the blue thing connected to my wrist watch, uhoh."
Suzuki writes: Hoo boy... Optimus; I found out what happend to Roller!
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Unknown writes: Hey, does anybody know what this button does?
Scourge writes: Skyfire: Ahhhh! Thanks Ratchet! They were itching like a mofo!
max writes: Okay turn your head and coff.
Hound writes: Ratchet:Turn your head and cough Skyfire:OOWWWWWW your hand is cold warm it up next time!
Mirage writes: damn! got my hand stuck again
Unknown writes: Sorry, Skyfire, but I forgot to tell you that you have to be nude for this.
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Unknown writes: Ratchet:Damn, Skyfire! Starscream fµ©ked you up pretty bad!
Unknown writes: RATCHET :Who wants to clean his clock?
Jeremy writes: rachet: ouch! pointy, eww slimy, AHH! moveing, aww its only a 20 dallor bill
Jeremy writes: rachet: ouch! pointy, eww slimy, AHH! moveing, aww its only a 20 dallor bill
Sledge writes: Skyfire is giving birth to a Decepticon !!
Megafire writes: "my he has a vast anal orifice"
Unknown writes: What!? I never use drogs on robots! Only when they dont want to come home whit me and have some party.
Shockwave writes: Bump Bump. Buuuuurrrrrraaaaaappppp!!! Ah, much better.
Unknown writes: optimus: what the slag?!?! doc: we were just uh
Skyfire: five more minutes?
Royal writes: Skyfire: Ratchet..You are just giving me a checkup right? RIGHT?
Ratchet: Checkup. Right checkup *evil chuckle*
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Unknown writes: Just what the doctor ordered.
Unknown writes: Rachet- Turn your head and cough
Skyfire- Doc its been 20 minutes take the hand away
Unknown writes: Of course Im a certified gynocologist
Unknown writes: I must fix Skyfire!
Unknown writes: Skyfire: Help....me......help...me....
Ratchet: hmmm....*examines Skyfire but his watch starts beeping* huh?*looks at the time*.whoops, sorry man, Dr. Phil is on right now *rushes off*
Metroplex writes: R:Good god! What did you do to it?
Unknown writes: Ok Skyfire, Now Direct TV installation is $9.95. You get Mtv2 and QVC. Now if you want WWE Pay Per View, it will cost you extra!
Depth Charge writes: Optimus: Latchet!
Latchet: oh! lunchtime!
Unknown writes: Oh, I feel like Meg Ryan in City of Angels. Now where is that handsome Nicholas Cage?
Unknown writes: Just a few more circuits and you will go from Skyfire to Jetfire. Oh, let me put on this Robotech sticker!
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Unknown writes: wow, dude you really should of had this done when you were a babybot. ok, your going to feel a little sting........
Optimus Primevil writes: Ratchet: Hope no one files for malpractice.
Unknown writes: ooohh...this is fun,lemme see,the red wire connects to the blue one,the blue one connects the green one....
Unknown writes: this guy can go all day, my right hand is already cramped up...
Unknown writes: Optimus, pass me the leech!
Unknown writes: Slag! The contractions are 2 minutes aprt!
Unknown writes: Score...And they said the female Autobots were long extinct...
Dynamus Prime writes: Uh, guys? My hand is stuck!
primus writes: Skyfire: oh yeah thats the place
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Ok, who was drinking crude oil around the patient again?!
Tracks: (burp) Oh yeah, that was me. My bad!
Ratchet: What the slag?! What are you doing here?! This is season 1!
Tracks: Oops, sorry!
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Unknown writes: power to the people
Shermtron writes: turn your head and cough.... Phew i said cough skyfire.
FanboyX writes: Man... Why do I always have to be the "fluffer" anyway?
Shermtron writes: Damnit jim im a doctor not a not a blowtorch.
Shermtron writes: Damnit jim im a doctor not a not a blowtorch.
DARKAGEIS writes: guys im stuck, little help!
Terrorscream writes: ok its a boy
Pokejedservo writes: Ratchet: Well your no Arcee, that I can tell you now...
Unknown writes: You open the legs and fill the cavity with stuffing, tharn roast in oven at 375 for 3 hours
The Matrix writes: Rachet - "EEHHH, now thats nasty..."
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