Arcee comforts Wheelie

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Arcee comforts Wheelie
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trailbreaker writes: Springer won't like this.....
Nemesis Maximo writes: I was never breastfed, but I imagine this is exactly how it would have felt.
Optimum Supreme writes: Uh, Wheelie? That's NOT my belly button.

I didn't tell you to stop.
XDMan writes: Wheelie: WHY!? Why did Dumb Bay make a Wall-E ripoff of me in Revenge!?

Arcee: It's fine, the Autobots and Decepticons of our time stopped the movie forms.

Me: Thank you Arcee and Wheelie! :-)
Black Hat writes: Having been forced to become the object of hatred for millions of fans with the silly voice he was made to put on, Wheelie finally gets a reward as Arcee lets him take part in her Breastfeeding tutorial.
Heckfire writes: "'s alright, people STILL hate Scrappy-Doo more than you..."
Sondura1 writes: Wheelie:Your breast simply are the best!
Zeedust writes: Wait...

Is it just me, or does that look like a Deception symbol on Arcee's chest?


What do you mean, "why were you looking?"
Ratbat writes: Wheelie, I shall destroy you the same way Optimus Prime destroyed Dirge!
GraveWaver writes: Wheelie: Mmmm mammeryageies.
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Roadshadow writes: Arcee comforted Wheelie after Daniel died, even though no one liked the whiny son-of-a-bitch.

Arcee: Sigh, there there...
Tiedye writes: Wheelie learns that Hasbro is not makeing any money off his toys so they are going to kill him in the next few shows. He goes to Arcee for one last... request. Arcee thinks about it before giveing him her answer.
Unknown writes: Wheelie cries in terror, as he seeks comfourt in Arcee's bosom, after having just watched American Idol... Arcee: It'll be okay Wheelie, just don't watch and it'll go away...
Dark Nemesis Prime writes: ARCEE had to comfort Wheelie after watching both TBW and TMW. Wheelie: It was so bad ARCEE I think I will have to sleep in your bed to get over it.
Shadow Fox writes: Arcee- ya, it's alright Wheelie, come here I'm here for you..ok I'm not feeling the comfort back, lower, lower, just a little lower...
Unknown writes: there there.things were bad for me when i could combine with springer in generation 3.
Shockwave writes: Arcee: No wheelie you can't! I don't care if you weren't breast fed as a child.
Unknown writes: Arcee: There, there Wheelie, JRisindahouse didn't mean to call you gay! Me: YES I F***ING DID!! YOU SEASON 3 CHARACTERS SUCK! Apart from you Magnus, you rule! Wheelie: He said I sucked Arcee do someth... (I shoot Wheelie's head off, the
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ionacus writes: wheelie does what hot rod and springer failed to do... he nailed arcee. WHEELIE RULES MAN!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Arcee: ha! Springer and Hot Rod, you fools! Wheelie was the one I loved all along! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: *sniffle* WAAH! WHY IS IT SO SMALL?!

Arcee: ...There, there, Wheelie... It'll get bigger as you get older!

Wheelie: *sob* That's what they said to Rodimus too...

Arcee: Point taken... you're screwed for life.
omega icecream writes: wheelie;arcee, will you be my friend?
Unknown writes: No one was as devestated as Wheelie when he heard the news of Scatman's
Unknown writes: No one was as devestated as Wheelie when he heard the news of SCatman's death.
Unknown writes: Just when I thought I couldn't hate Wheelie any more than I already do...
K-nonFodder writes: i'm sorry ur ex-husband didn't respect you enough, he was a foolish adn unwise man and i will kill him just for you
Zeedust writes: Wheelie gets to have some fun, and Arcee gets a mment's peace from the obnoxious sing-song rhymiing. It's the Autobot way.
Unknown writes: Wheelie says to himself:"Score!"
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star_sabre86 writes: Arcee: For Primus' asake Blurr puts some pants on. Wheelie: Blurr is bad. *blurr is off in the bg drunk*
thexfile writes: Arcee : thinking " mmmmmm i don't know what Wheelie is dooing , but if he ceeps it up i'm gonna blow a cercuit...mmmmmm

Wheelie : thinking " al things come in smal pakages"
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Hey, your robotic *** Stinks.
Arcee: I kill you Wheelie
Galvatron writes: Wheelie say- boobs feel firm today
Unknown writes: Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Wheelie found a Arcee sex toy!
yoyo writes: ur getting better wheelie but suck harder...
Unknown writes: Here we see Arcee trying to make a man out of wheelie.

Arcee: Are you sure you aint a mini-con?
Unknown writes: Big Hug!! But not looking up.
Unknown writes: "Ah, yes, My son and I are here for the PTA meeting?"
buddhaquest writes: I smell Seacons... Oh wait, that's you! Uh... sorry.
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SlagMaker writes: On the next episode of "Girl Robots Gone Wild" -- horny midgets!
Unknown writes: Arcee: Come Wheelie and experience the healing power of my mighty boobs.
Unknown writes: Arcee: It's alright Wheelie, Blurr didn't mean it when he said you look like one of the goofy Armada mini-cons.
Unknown writes: I like it, and some of them too. good luck
Unknown writes: oh wheelie... your dick is small just like all the transfans on here.
Unknown writes: oh wheelie... your dick is small just like all the trasfans on here.
Unknown writes: (whellee) suking noise Thank you for the Energon refill, Mommy
Bruticus writes: You think you've got it rough, Wheelie? Try having Daniel for a head.
Jade writes: Come here and let me comfort you with my boobs.
Shadow writes: Wheelie: Hmmmm...nice view.
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Unknown writes: Arcee: I know that you loved shooting megatron... he's dead now, so STOP HUMPING ME! and go find something else to do!
Unknown writes: Arcee: I know that you loved shooting megatron... he's dead now, so STOP HUMPING ME!
Beast Simpson writes: Not now Wheelie...
zach writes: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
wheelie stop humpig me or ill hand you over to the decepticons
ionacus writes: arcee:dont worry wheelie.i wont let kup hurt you again. kup:ove alla the stinking little.... wheelie:heeheehee
Unknown writes: Arcee: Wheelie, I need to tell you something... Hotrod and I are your parents.
Unknown writes: Let mommy make it better.
Unknown writes: You know you're desperate when you go to Wheelie for a good time.
Unknown writes: Wheelie:Are those real or silicon.
Snake writes: wheelie thinkin(dear god i may never get this close again)
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Beast Simpson writes: A classic case of a bored woman... sad really...
Devastator writes: Arcee: "mmm I love it when you go down on me Wheelie!" Wheelie: "Go down on Autobot, keep on going stop I not!:
Arcee writes: its ok don't cry.
Unknown writes: Arcee: Look Hot Rod, bet you wish you hadn't dumped me now!
hot_rod writes: Arcee:Further down wheelie. If your good, I've got some oil you can use for your Bolt.
macabremouse writes: Come and be comorted by my metal bosom little Wheelie
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "is that supposed to be there...and my god, its almost as big as Prime's!"
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "is that supposed to be there...and my god, its almost as big as Prime's!"
Unknown writes: You yankees.
MindWipe writes: ah yes i can see the problem...there is too much oil in ur data socket ;) let me drain it for you
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Unknown writes: Wheelie: NO NO PLEASE I'M NOT THAT KIND OF ROBOT! Arcee: hey i saw that tounge of yours, there's no use in resisting!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: NO NO PLEASE I'M NOT THAT KIND OF ROBOT! Arcee: hey i saw that tounge of yours, there's no use in resisting!
Unknown writes: lets hav good sex oh yeah dont stop baby UUGGGHH!!!
Broadside writes: Starring Wheelie and Arcee .........Digital Love
Unknown writes: Does this even NEED a caption to be funny?
Unicron writes: Mommy! Mommy! Those mean bullies took my energon cubes!
Unknown writes: Every fembot needs alittle something now and then.
handle writes: "Mmmmmmmm...Energon goodies!"
Potimus Prime writes: Well, apparently size does matter, so Wheelie must make up for it with his other "talents". And this stops all that annoying rhyming.
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Unknown writes: Isn't Wheelie a girl?
Unknown writes: No, really, it's okay for us to do this. I'm not really your mother. It's just pretend.
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "Why does no one like me" Arcee: "Don't know where to start
Unknown writes: wheelie: ohh I like this spot. I got a boner
Arcee: horney bastard
Inferno writes: Wheelie: are you pink or what?!
Unknown writes: Oh Yeah Arcee Whose your Daddy!(humps the Crap out of Arcee)
Unknown writes: "Wheelie, man, those teeth are SHARP!"
Unknown writes: Arcee: I hate being one of the few female transformers out there.....who am I kidding? I LOOOVVVVEEEE IT?
Unknown writes: Crotching- not just for Digimon anymore
BumbleBug writes: W: Why does every one hate me?
A: You want a list? if so give me five hours and 6 others to help write it down.
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z writes: Arcee: Okay, I've hugged you... can I let go yet?
Wheelie: No, I'm not done yet...
Arcee: ...??? Done with what? Ooh my... Mmmm!!! Quit it!!!!
Shadow writes: Wheelie: Ohhhh Myyyy Godddd...
Daniel writes: thats not a loose bolt
Unknown writes: Anybody lose their orange smurf? Wait a minute, Smurfs arent Orange!!!!
Wheelie Love the view.
Unknown writes: Arcee -- "Man, this little guy has some SHARP teeth!"
Unknown writes: And people wondered why Rattrap never mentioned his great-grand uncle.
Unknown writes: not on the first date people will stare
Unknown writes: It's always hard to dance with a short bot! Why can't I find someone taller? I'll have to teach Springer to dance...
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "Umm, Arcee... what about Springer?"
Arcee: "Did I tell you to stop?!"
Wheelie: "Sorry..."
Unknown writes: Arcee: Don't fear, Wheelie. Prime shall return again in fuller force.
Wheelie: No way! He did returned and later died again!
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Unknown writes: Wheelie starts up his new Gynocology Medical practice
Dynamus Prime writes: Wheelie: WHOA! I see you, baby!
Unknown writes: Arcee - A little lower Wheelie, mama wants to give you some candy!
Wheelie - Whoa, you have 2 weiners and 3 balls!
Bumblebee writes: Daniel and Wheelie were always really....REALLY...good friends. Daniel is now part of Arcee. Arcee and Wheelie are now really...REAAAAAAAALLLY good friends.
Shade writes: W: Aree, I'm scared! A:Of what Wheelie! W: Fortress Maximus! A: Why? ... Oh, Primus look at the size of his cock! It's bigger than Omega Supreme's rocket mode. There is no way I can accomadate that!
Unknown writes: Arcee comforts Wheelie, after learning there are no plans to include him in Armada.
Battle Angel writes: I'm sure Grimlock didn't mean to sit on you.
Shade writes: Arcee, are you sure this is what Spike and Carly do? Shut up and move down lower and go faster, Wheelie.
Shade writes: Wheelie your rod isn't big enough. Try your fist instead.
Unknown writes: "Squeezy, touchy, feely, you give it up to Wheelie."
"Shut up you little perv, I'm here for moral support, no a robotic ho-down."
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Unknown writes: There, there, I know Armada sucks worse than Beast Machines, but maybe something good is coming in 2004!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Um, Arcee? I think I just made a mess on your shoes. *Damn fueltank malfunctions!*
frank writes: C'mon Wheelie, eat that energon !!!!
Sledge writes: "Wheelie say, this proves I'm not gay!"
Private_Random writes: Errrummmmmmm.....french!
Cosmos writes: Considering that Daniel is Arcee's headmaster, is this a Manage' tois?
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Woah, girl, you never told me you had a c*ck...Acree: Shut up and suck it, biatch
Vector Sigma writes: Arcee:"I forgot my vibrator. Sorry won't do!"
FortMax writes: Wheelie: who is the headmaster now, b*tch ARCEE: you are! you are!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: But when you said i was such a nice guy, and that i was a really good friend...i thought it meant that, you know...
Arcee: You're still young. You'll know all the lines someday.
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Unknown writes: Arcee give Wheelie a Bust Attack! Wheelie goes down for the count.
Unknown writes: Wheelie: My toy is simplistic, I managed to be the most annoying character in the show, I didn't even rate an appearance in the comic book, fans worldwide revile me, and to top it off, the writers didn’t even have the pity to kill me when I pre
Unknown writes: There there Wheelie, that little boy didn't mean it. You aren't THE suckiest transformer... Well ok you are, but it's what's inside that counts right???
Unknown writes: Wheelie:Oh that was the greatest
Arcee:yeah but i was faking
Arcee:well youre soo small
Unknown writes: Wheelie:Oh that was the greatest
Arcee:yeah but i was faking
Arcee:well youre soo small
Lord Galvatron writes: Wheelie say, this proves I'm not gay!
Blast Cannon writes: Wheelie: ...but how does it GET THERE Arcee? Arcee: ...
Unknown writes: Wheelie finds out that there really are no female Transformers.
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: Arcee: "When I get my hands on those animators.......!"
Shermtron writes: GOT PIE???
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Unknown writes: Ahh, a little lower please, Wheelie. Yeah, that's good...
Unknown writes: Wheelie's horrible reaction after watching the first four episodes of Transformers:Armada.
Unknown writes: "That's right, let Arcee make it all better for Danie-ah! I mean Hot Rod! Ah!"
Royal writes: Damn it! First it was Daniel and now its Wheelie. My life can't be any worse...
Carlos: Hey Arcee I'm bored can you play with me?
Chee-toy writes: Hey Hot Rod!! His head is still attached, try again.
Metroplex writes: Wheelie: You know Acree, the view is not bad from here...
Unknown writes: waffles wheelie, waffles
Unknown writes: "I'm sorry you wet your bed, Wheelie, but now your legs are rusted together."
Unknown writes: Can my life get any worse? I have a kid in my head... and the kid bot huging me! Rodimus: Hey keep quiet woman! or I'll have you babysite Rad and Carlos too! RC: Okay... I'll shut up... just don't make my babesit them too! Pleas
Unknown writes: RC:Oh , don't cry Wheelie. Hotrod! You did't have to be so hard on him! Hotrod :Are you insane?! He totaled my friggin' Beach Bots collection!
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Unknown writes: That's it. A little more to the left.
Unknown writes: Wheelie! We'll give you a few hundred more energon cubes. Just stop hugging me!
Unknown writes: Wheelie--please! We are in the midst of a battle!
Unknown writes: ARCEE(breasfeeding Wheelie):Like this,Carly? CARLY (breastfeeding 12-year old Daniel):EXACTLY!
Unknown writes: No Wheelie, thats not where new Transformers come from! You've been watching too many nature documentaries again!
Unknown writes: Arcee thinking: They could have let me hold Hot Rod, Springer, Hardhead anyone, but they settled for THIS!
Unknown writes: Don't worry, Wheelie--we won't leave you out of our next battle with the Decepticons.
Chee-toy writes: You know Wheelie... I really wish you didn't ask if my head had Donuts on them, cus I'm going to kill you for it.
AC Starscream writes: Things really began to take a turn for the worse when Arcee volunteered to have "the talk" with Wheelie...
Unknown writes: Meanwhile, Hot Rod and Springer are having a private moment all to themselves...
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Slappyfrog writes: Strangely, Rattrap never mentioned who his great uncle was....
Unknown writes: You think you have it bad, Wheelie? I have to hear every Transformer snicker when I say I'm a "Headmaster".
TeleTran2005 writes: Statiatory rape..Transformers style
wheelie writes: No wonder everyone hates me!
Unknown writes: Daniel(in Arcee's head):Hey, Arcee?What's Wheelie doing?Why does he have his hand there?And why did you just tell him to...EWWWWWWWW! Robot sex!!!"
Arcee:"Its not 'sex' Daniel. He's just chec
Unknown writes: WHEELIE: Arcee, shouldn't you shack them after you take the dollar out of my mouth?
Abrogate writes: Damn, I haven't seen Hot Rod or Springer in quite a while...a bot gets lonely...HEY WHEELIE, GET OVER HERE!! Ok...just a little lower...
Unknown writes: Nightpaw: Are you done with your happy moment?
Wheelie: I hate you Nightpaw!
Nightpaw: I'm a Decepticon, what'd you expect?
tony writes: "Never knew your legs could collapse inwards like that, sorry about that."
Unknown writes: Arcee: There, there Wheelie. That mean Fanboy X will never be at the Energon Pub again.
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Firestorm writes: News of Chris Latta's demise rocks the cartoon world..........
Unknown writes: Arcee:Its ok we can still be friends.
hannibal writes: Arcee: ... at least it can't get any worse... right?
Unknown writes: Sorry wheelie, but i cant make love to you, i love hotrod
Unknown writes: "regular, or unleaded?"
Unknown writes: I'm sorry but I have to kill you Wheelie.
Shadowman writes: Arcee: I will kill each and every writer for this show.
Unknown writes: Weelie: (Thinking)Ohh, me and Arcee were meant to be! Arcee: (Also thinking)I'm going to kill Rodimus for suggesting this...
Unknown writes: Arcee, nobody likes me
Unknown writes: There, there. Just don't order from again.
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Unknown writes: Arcee: No Wheelie, you're just as cool as Justin Timberlake. Wheelie: Really? Arcee: No not really!
Unknown writes: Arcee: So Toy's R Us won't be rereleasing the 2002 Wheelie figure? Wheelie: *Sob* No, something about being the REAL Bitch of the autobots...
Unknown writes: Magnus was right... you really can suck chrome off a Bumper
Unknown writes: There there Wheelie... Of course no one likes you... and your toy might suck... but at least you got one. Wheelie: You got... Botcon exclusive! Arcee: Shut up! and get in the shuttle... so we can finial be ried of you and your stupid toy... Wheelie: well
Unknown writes: Wah! Botcon Meanie! Killed Wheelie! (from the Botcon Wreckers comic)
Unknown writes: Nah! I tripped! Honest!! *mmmm*
Unknown writes: Nah! I tripped! Honest!! *mmmm*
Unknown writes: Arcee singing: "My neck, my back, my P#$$y just like that..."
Unknown writes: Due to malnutrition, Arcee must breast-feed Wheelie back to health.
The Matrix writes: "Those online dating services aren't as accurate as they used to be..." - Arcee
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Shermtron writes: Acree and Wheelie staring in... Stand by your man
Unknown writes: Arcee: Wheelie! Do you have a "willy"!?
Unknown writes: Arcee gets around, doesn't she? ^^;
Unknown writes: you've got the idea, wheelie. Just a little lower.......
Pokejedservo writes: What IS it with chicks & short dudes?
Replimus Prime writes: You must be "this" tall to ride.

Whoops sorry wheelie, no go.
Unknown writes: Wheelie say it won't get weird today!
Unknown writes: What th'...Wheelie! GET OFF MY LEG!!!!
Unknown writes: It's ok, sweetie. I took the "Kick Me" sign off your back. Kevinus, come say you're sorry!
Unknown writes: Wheelie:Momy! Springer spanked me why! Arcee: There there now sweedie.
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Shockwave writes: "Oh, Wheelie, it's okay. There's nothing wrong about what we did..."
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