Hot Shot and Jolt get acquainted ...

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Hot Shot and Jolt get acquainted ...
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Mr Skram writes: "And I say hey, yeah, yeah, yeah yay
Hey, yay, yay
I said hey, what's goin' on?"
Black Hat writes: Surprise Helicopter Sex!
Zeedust writes: Hot Shot: "OW! Dammit, jolt, that HURTS!"

Jolt: "Yeah, like this is a picnic for me either... AND WHAT'S THAT SMELL?"
Roadshadow writes: Hot Shot: Whooooooooooa. Rainboooooooooooows......
Jolt: I'm a marijuana-filled MiniCon! Keep me up your ass and I'll do a bonus, hehehe.
Zeedust writes: Hot Shot: "By Cybertron, this will all be just an unpleasant memory."

Jolt: "Yeah, like shoving a key up your ass is gonna be any less embarassing."
cecilia writes: Isn´t it better with Jolt combine in his butt then..for exempel..hmm...Megatron ^^

Jolt: bip bop bip bi bi bipp(Show me your ass baby)
Hot Shot: ......
Me: dam, I´m not against gay robots but T
Viper 16 writes: hmmm, jolt on hotshots butt, and rainbow background, put two n' two together.
juggaloG writes: HS: Why did Takara have to stick my main Minicon attachment point on my butt? WHY!
Jolt: Yeah, like it's a picnic to BE attached to your butt!
Kal-Seth writes: The real reason The autobots want the mini-cons and the decepticons hate them
Kal-Seth writes: Thats Right Kids now you can own your own Rectal Exame transformer be the first on your block to buy one
Disclaimer: we are not held responsible for swaaloing the toy each toy coems with a free sample of Preperation H for maxium burn you need Maxium Reli
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sagekilla writes: Hot Shot: Jolt, what the hell are you doing?
Jolt: Just combining
Hot Shot: You call shoving yourself up my ass combining?
Jolt: No, its just really fun..
Hot Shot: HELP RAPE!
Unknown writes: Statement: Everytime Hotshot gets a Jolt up his ass, his cannon fires.
Unknown writes: Jolt: "Dude! Why did nobody say that Hot Shot's ass was so big?!
Shadow Fox writes: Hot shot- Ok? why is it that I'm the only autobot that his minicon attaches to my ass..grr..Red Alert, I hear you snickering in the corner over there!!!
Unknown writes: Oh, such pretty rainbow colors.....
Zeedust writes: Inferno (offscreen): "WHAT? The propeller-butt is MY schtick! Prepare to burn, infringer of my copyright!"
Unknown writes: Hotshot: REDALERT! GIMME THAT CAMERA SLAGGIT!! RedAlert: Sorry Hotshot, but is giving me good money to get shots like these...
Minicle writes: What the Censors didn't want you to see.
K-nonFodder writes: I HAVE THE POWER.... to come outta the ... oh wait7 maybe i don't
Zeedust writes: Poor Hot Shot... Of all the places for a Mini-Con sting...
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Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Now, we power-link with out mini-cons like this . . .
Sideswipe: Uh, okay. (Thinking)There's no way I'm sticking a @#$%ing mini-con up my @$$!
Unknown writes: Take it easy, mate.
Unknown writes: "Hey, guys! Check out the strobe light back scratcher I got!"
Hot Shot writes: well you sure are a horny little bugger
buddhaquest writes: Pics like this one are why I drink...
Unknown writes: Hotshot: !! What are you doing?! Jolt: For some reason I find your ass strangely alluring...
Unknown writes: If I had a helicopter combinging with my ass, I'd probably see psyodelic colors too.
Unknown writes: hotshot: what the heck are you doing?
Jolt: getting acquianted.
hotshot: what are doing shooting plasma up my butt?
Beast Simpson writes: Hot Shot: OH!.....Hello there Jolt...
zach writes: jolt: one day im gonna regret this
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Unknown writes: hey jolt stomp humping me
Unknown writes: hey jolt stomp humping me
Unknown writes: i know that hot shot is hot.... but.... do we really need to see this side of him....
Unknown writes: Jolt: must break free, all most there, man he needs to shower more, as soon as i break free i am as good as gone
hotshot: what's that little buddy?
Jolt: beep boop beeeo
Hotshot: Gotcha better press you and tighter
Jolt: damn it
Unknown writes: Jolt: Damn it i cant take it any more ,Self destruct activated
Hotshot: see you in heaven jolt
Jolt:HEAVEN! im going to hell and proud!
Unknown writes: *uughn*, I sweartagod, I will never eat a minicon, and a ceiling fan in the same sitting ever again!...DAMMED PEANUT BUTTER!
Unknown writes: *uughn* I sweartagod, I will never eat a minicon, and a ceiling fan in the same sitting!...DAMMED PEANUT BUTTER!!!!
Unknown writes: *uughn* I sweartagod, I will never eat a minicon, and a ceiling fan in the same sitting!...DAMMED PEANUT BUTTER!!!!
Unknown writes: (Hotshot)Hey Doc, are you sure this thing is a suppository?
Beast Simpson writes: Hotshot: One of the founding helpers in the Underground Railroad.
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Unknown writes: would you get off my ass Jolt
Shadow writes: Hey Jolt, did I ever tell you about the birds and the cyberbees?
Unknown writes: whoohoo! I feel all tingly now!
Sideswipe writes: Jolt: wooooooowwww Looky ata all te pretty lights!!!
Hotshot: AWWW Man, as if I didnt look gay enough as it is. Jolt Didnt I tell you to lay off the mushrooms!
Sideswipe writes: Jolt! Powerlink, weapon system: Butt Plug!
Chrono writes: Do i have to join to your ass everytime?
Shut up, you think i like this!
Broadside writes: Well it beats having that drill stuck to my ass
Matrix Dragon writes: Jolt: Why me God? What'd I do?
Unknown writes: hey did u know that in my school hometown angel perez is like so gay and here we go fart atk
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Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Butt cannon!
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Who says the missile that comes out of my tire is my ultimate weapon, just wait until i turn around!!!!!
Unicron writes: Jolt! What are you doing? Stop being gay! Get off of me!
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Arrrgh, why the hell do I have a mini-copter stuck on my ass? *farts* Now I get it...
Unknown writes: Prooves that Hotshot can also use his Minicon as a dildo!
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Get this giant bug off my ASSSS!!!
Unknown writes: I'm not so sure about this whole minicon thing. Is there time to reconsider?
Thunderwing writes: "Megatron, eh? We'll take care of that! Jolt! Get your ass on my ass!"
Unknown writes: If you wanna be my minicon, you're gonna have to join an exclusive club the "Kiss My Ass Club", created by Vince Mc Mahon.
Unknown writes: Behold! My ultimate fart!
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Unknown writes: ((Hotshot)) ::slim shady music playing in the background:: My bum is on your lips! My bum is on your lips! And if I'm lucky you might just give it a little kiss!
Unknown writes: ((Oppy & Red)) HAHAHAHAHA!!!
((Hotshot)) Come on! Haven't you ever heard of sympathy?!
::Optimus and Red-Alert continue to laugh::
((Hotshot)) You guys are MEAN!!! ::runs away crying::
Unknown writes: hotshot: why the hell did I get an ass kisser mini con!
Unknown writes: Now Whose in Control Biatch!
Unknown writes: Wonder Twins unite!
Form of a helicopter on my ass.
Unknown writes: "Great, not only am I appearing in a sub-standard CN piece of s£!t, but this minicon attatches to my ass."
Starscream K'dash writes: Jolt:Say My Name SAY MY NAME!!!!
Unknown writes: everyone had cool places for ther mini-cons and mine goes up my ass
Unknown writes: Thair she blows!
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Will writes: Jolt: For God's sake, Hotshot, toilet paper! TOILET PAPER!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Jolt: This is sooo wrong.
Hot Shot: Tell me about it.
Unknown writes: now i know why we have to be on cable
Unknown writes: You sure u know wut ur doing Jolt.Jolt: Why yes i know wut im doing....
Unknown writes: Be careful back there! I just had spicy chilli!
RandomFerret writes: This is too easy to make fun of. I'm going to take the moral high road here and not participate. Also, "Blarg we are having the ass sex."
Unknown writes: Hot Shot:"Huh? What the he...?!" Jolt:"Scream for me, bitch!"
Unknown writes: HS- "Owwwwie!"
Jolt- "Quitcher b#tchin!"
Unknown writes: "I knew I should've tried the hamster!"
Unknown writes: Warning! This cartoon contains scenes that may be considered obscene. Parental supervision is advised...
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Unknown writes: Hotshot: Wild bean vines...hard to digest.....
Megatron: Oh no, not that....ARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!
(40 megaton flatulance blast unleashed)
Unknown writes: Hotshot: By the power of Flatulence....(lightening bolts, energy rushes from grayskull, groovy flash of color)
Jolt: wrong cartoon jackass!
Dynamus Prime writes: Jolt: OOOWWWW!!! Where'd this big oafish bot's butt come from?!!
Unknown writes: I dont remember eating corn!
Unknown writes: (after a squishing noise)Jolt says to Hot Shot: I knew after pressing the button it was bad,but I didn't know the side effects were going to be beautiful colors and us finding out the true meaning of "Curiosity Killed The Cat"..
Unknown writes: Megatron...I have A Question...When I see lots of beautiful colors...Is That Bad??!!
Unknown writes: mY LiFe iS PaiN.
lordpuki writes: (bad british accent) "YEAH, BABY!!!"
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Unknown writes: Jolt: Whoa you're a slippery one aren't ya!
kuhlio writes: Is that your universial connector, or mine?
Unknown writes: Damn you papparazzi!
Unknown writes: hotshot: is that you or the blades jolt: uh...yea my blades
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Couldnt you connect somewhere up higher?
Jolt: Nope sorry, no room, and besides, this spot is more comfortable
Unknown writes: A new meaning to the term "Windmill that ass."
mousetrap writes: Jolt: HotShot!! you've got a leak here! HotShot: yeah i know, by the way i just came out of the toilet....
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: WHAT THE HELL ARE U DOING??!!
Jolt:Don't look back! just go on with the mission!!
trypticon writes: Hot shot: is this your idea of the latest fashiohn statement? Jolt: yup...thought you would look better with a tail!
Inferno writes: Hot shot:slowly with the ass... it kinda hurts u know...
Jolt:sorry, like we gotta save the world u know?!
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Unknown writes: hot shot:are you sure this is the best place? jolt:YEAH!!!!
Unknown writes: jolt. i told you were JUST FRIENDS!!!
Unknown writes: You know very well this is NOT the time or place!!!
Unknown writes: Yet again I'm not amazed by this cartoon abilty to ruin the name of G1
Unknown writes: NO I am not Vortex, I am VORTASS !!
Unknown writes: How many time must I keep telling you: It's AUTOBOTS, not AUTOBUTTS!!
Unknown writes: Autobots!!! NOT AUTOBUTTS!!
tyler writes: Uh, Jolt? Tell me thats your spare rotor digging into my---OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: No, Jolt, I said it's time to KICK some butt, not KISS some butt!!!
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Bobimus Prime writes: I do not want to hurt you but you leave me no choice! (Anyone remember the transformers clip in LEON??)
Unknown writes: Look at me Im a sexy boy,
Unknown writes: Im going to stick this cheese sandwhich up your bum-bum
Chee-toy writes: Behold my secert attack.... "Shiny Butt Flash"!!!!
Unknown writes: "My Sonic Flachelence attack has opened up a hole in the Space-Time Continuem!" Hot Shot yells. Jolt leaps in, "I guess it's up to me to close your hole, Hot !"
Unknown writes: Obviously, Jolt confused himself with Sparkplug again...
TeleTran2005 writes: Reason 105 of why you shouldn't watch Transformers Armada
Unknown writes: "The Humpty Dance will be your chance..."
homelessjunkeon writes: hey didnt jolt have a rail gun? nooooooo!
homelessjunkeon writes: "great now if i fart i can just turn on this fan and blame it on the decepticons!"
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Unknown writes: I could use a Jolt!!
Unknown writes: All right!!! Now I can fly!
Unknown writes: Hot Shot´s new video for his Nirvana Cover; "Rape Me".
Bumblebee writes: Hot Shot: I wonder were Jolt i---AAAAAH!!! HEY!
Jolt: Hey, it's gotta be less painful than being around those kids, buddy.
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: Hotshot: DAMN MOSQUITOES!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Jolt begins to realize that, when compared to other Autobots with Minicons, he got the raw end of the deal.
genericanimefan writes: Hot Shot: Damn... I knew I shouldn't have ate the brown acid.
Unknown writes: Okay, Okay! Enough with the cow poker.
Unknown writes: Prime: Still upset they didn't recycle your name?
Hot Rod: Not a bit.
Unknown writes: Owwwwwww!!! I should have worn my cup!!!
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Lord Starscream writes: Ah...they're eloping.
Unknown writes: Hippy 1- cool colors huh
Hippy2- yeah man the colors were cool but the other thing I saw was messed up
hannibal writes: Hot Shot: At least this is better than those breast implants they had in Victory!
Unknown writes: "Ideal when eating beans"
Unknown writes: Nightpaw: That is SO wrong. Angel: Ow that must hurt. Hotshot: OW, medic, please!
Unknown writes: Rattrap( watching tv): Sheesh! I thought Beast Machines was bad!
Dinobot: Vermin, get off the monitor and join me on patrol!
Jeremy writes: un,,,,, least im lucky it doesnty go n the front
Jeremy writes: hot shot: hey all the other guys get cool place for there mim cons to go andm mine goes up my ass
Unknown writes: An error at AEON studios that went unchecked....
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: I got 2 more minicons in front but they are both NUTS!
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Unknown writes: HS: This hand of mine is glowing red and it's telling me to defeat you. ^_^;; Oops heh wrong line
Unknown writes: Minicons are the new colonics!!!
Firestorm writes: #1. Memo- me..... Get connector peg moved up to back.

#2. Unbeknownst to the others, Jolt was a rabid disco fan.

#3. And yet again, Jolt is the designated driver.
Firestorm writes: Memo- me..... Get connector peg moved up to back

Unbeknownst to the others, Jolt was a rabid disco fan.

And yet again, Jolt is the designated driver.
Unknown writes: Jolt:"Hemerroid removal service!!!" Hot Shot:"Ah, the things I'll do to avoid comin' outta the closet!!"
Unknown writes: Now what? I pet the darn thing and it followed me home.
Unknown writes: Boy nothin's like swimmin' at the local pond... what the? Aw geez, can somebody get me some salt?
Galvatron writes: starsream is way better than hotshot
Unknown writes: HOT SHOT II: I know this won't make me fly. (HS I was a Micromaster)
Unknown writes: Jolt: Hot Shot, did we do the right thing to see Vegito? Hot Shot: No no stupid.You went in the wrong and inappropriate place.
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Sledge writes: Here we witness the Mini-Con mating ritual.
Unknown writes: "How can you do that with kids watching!?"
Unknown writes: For the last time...there are no pirannah in this lake!!
Unknown writes: HGot Shot wasn't sure what he had to eat, but he will never have it again!
ss writes: In the tradition of BW Inferno, now every Genration of Transformers will have a character that can be refered to as "blender butt."
Metroplex writes: HS: Wahahaha I'm Hotshot! *CLINK* HS: ouch. Who did that?
Metroplex writes: Label of Hot Shot Figure: New Armada Hot Shot! Combines with Mini-con Jolt to form Gay-bot! Batteries not included.
Blast Cannon writes: Hot Shot: Well he's better than Wheelie down there...
Unknown writes: i think i used a tad to much butt wax
astrotrain's first friend writes: Even more proof of how GAY armada is!
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The Yellowiest Bot writes: Jolt aka Rotor Rooter.
Unknown writes: Its the ambiguously gay Autobots!
Hotshot: Let's link up, friend of friends!
Jolt: OKAY!
Hotshot: What's everybody looking at??
Decepticons: NOTHING!
Unknown writes: So, if I clip this Glow-In-The-Dark Minicon(tm) to my backpack, motorists will be able to see me when I try to cross the street! Yay!
Unknown writes: Jolt im not an a$$hole!
Unknown writes: Jolt!Your really getting your propellers spinning!
Dynamus Prime writes: Get off my rear, you crazy tourist!!!
Unknown writes: No matter how much Hot Shot shook his butt, he couldn't get the little turd to drop into the toilet.
The Matrix writes: WAH! Something is on me! GET IT OFF, GET...IT...OFF!!!
Unknown writes: I shall call him, Mini-me.
Unknown writes: HS: Hey RedAlert
RA: Yeah
HS: My minicon can beat yours any day
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Chachi writes: Hot Shot and Jolt unleash their secret plan to make the Decepticons laugh to death.
Unknown writes: "I've sat in a what???
Shermtron writes: I got me minicon stuck in me bum......
Stelartron writes: Does this Minicon make my butt look big? (a phrase coined by a friend of mine. You know who you are. ;-) )
Taggenagger writes: Jolt: "You ASSked for it Hot Shot!"
Metroplex writes: HS: Y is there pretty rainbow colours??? I never want to combine with a minicon again!
Metroplex writes: Jolt:How do u like that, Hotshot or AKA Hot bod? HS: I think i need to crap...
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Who ever designed me better hope I never get my hands on them!
Dj Flash writes: how come my mini con has to connect to my butt, does armada really suck this bad!?!
Dynamus Prime writes: Hot Shot: I need to sit down. Jolt: NOOOOO!!!
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Rodimus Prime writes: Oh wow man, a retro sixtes montage fantasy....
silverstreak writes: Sure beats a regular back door entry
Unknown writes: Not quite Vehicle Voltron, but almost!
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Hold your nose Jolt, I just farted! Jolt, thinking to himself: WHY does the power link to his cannon HAVE to be on his butt?!
Suzuki writes: Mini-Cons; they beat licking toads!
Unknown writes: Jolt; Alliegence: Minicon; Function: Autobot Enema
Unknown writes: Hotshot: How often do we do this per episode?
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Oh, LoOk aT tHe PrEtTy CoLoRs... JaAm!
Windcharger writes: wHy JaAm CoPToR StiCKinG to mY BuT? I jUst EaTIng BaBIeS!!!!!
Windcharger writes: wHy JaAm CoPToR StiCKinG to mY BuT? I jUst EaTIng BaBIeS!!!!!
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Unknown writes: "the brand new Jolt pipe cleaning kit"
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Wow Jolt... when we 'connect', my world goes psycodelic. Jolt: Yeah! Let me light your fire!
Pokejedservo writes: Maybe its just me but I don't think we'll be seeing Gotenks out of this "fusion", don't you think?
Unknown writes: And so, Jolt mounted Hot Shot, the gay jokes still run rampant in the Autobot base...
Unknown writes: Jolt regrets his connection area as Hot Shot feels the ill effects of the bean burrito coming on....
Unknown writes: WEDGIEEEEE!!!!
Unknown writes: Hey... Jolt... why do you connected to my @$$ like that?
Skyfire the Artist writes: Lite Brite, Lite Brite! Turn on the magic of colored light!
Unknown writes: Jolt: "Insert tab A into slot B" Hot Shot: "Not that one!"
Unknown writes: Jolt: "Insert tab A into slot B" Hot Shot: "Not that one!"
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The Yellowiest Bot writes: Why does it HuRt!?
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