Starscream & Megatron with helmets

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Starscream & Megatron with helmets
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trailbreaker writes: What are you looking at?!?!
Frenchhorngirl writes: Even Decepticons couldn't help but do this with pipe cleaners.
Black Hat writes: Proof that not all 3rd party add on kits are worth the money.
Zeedust writes: Starscream: "but we've already GOT helmets!"
Megatron: "Just wear the damn thing so they'll let us ride the dirtbikes, will you?"
Zeedust writes: Megatron and Starscream loot Primacron's hat rack. They're... disappointed at the results.
Mad_Mexicoy writes: We're gonna look sooo cool when we ride our bikes
Michael9R writes: Special action pay one get two
DarkMechJock writes: So, Starscream, would you explain the rules of "Calvinball" again?
Scatterlung writes: Quickly, Starscream! If we put these on, we can pass ourselves off as people from Tron!
Dclone Soundwave writes: With these helmets Starscream, those aliens can't read our thoughts!

......What the hell happened to you?!

I just finished watching Signs , Okay?
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DestronMatrix writes: megatron:"with our new x-box live headsets we will finally be able to beat the autobots."

Starscream:"but mighty megatron why not just blowup their base?"

Megatron:"your an idiot starscream once we frag the autobots online t
Roadshadow writes: Megs: Soon Starscream, we shall beat MegaMan.EXE at his own virtual game...of EATING PIE!
Starscream: God you're stupid.
Dragonoth writes: Megatron: "With these personal hologram generators, we'll never worry about a wardrobe malfunction again, like when Soundwave's stockings tore. Do you have a better plan for tricking the Autobots?"
Starscream: "Yes! I can try to
Starbeam writes: These "dorky-looking" helmets will protect us from Professor Xavier's mind control. But, why did Magneto just GIVE them to us?
Warhead writes: But the gypsie said it would work?......
commander setinel writes: WHAT!!!... everybodys doing it!!!
Demona writes: megs: ..............................................what?
Unknown writes: Megatron: Those foolish flesh beings at Nokia, what do they know? Starscream: So thats a know to a 3210?
Unknown writes: Megatron: Those foolish flesh beings at Nokia, what do they know?
Starscream: So thats a know to 3210?
Unknown writes: "I am Megatron! Leader of the Decepticons, and the most powerful being in the universe! And if I say that we are going to wear stupid-looking hats, WE ARE GOING TO WEAR STUPID-LOOKING HATS!!
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Shadow Fox writes: Megatron- Well they were popular on cybertron when I bought them 1 million years ago..I bought a whole box, so you better get used to wearing them..cost me a years supply of energon!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Did you hear something?
Starscream: No, now put your beerhat on so we can get some booze and watch the superbowl.
Zeedust writes: The Decepticon football team in all its glory... Which is, admittedly, not much.
Goblez writes: Starscream : dude....Child tracker is so gay..
Megatron: dont be silly this way you wont be abductucted!
menasor writes: Megatron & Starscream in ViRtuaL StUpIdIty
Minicle writes: Megatron: That human had better be telling the truth about these helmets curing chrome chipping.
Minicle writes: Starscream: This is stupid.
Megatron: SILENCE, we'll show these Humans who the real masters of Killfighter X 4D are.
ultramegatron writes: megatron: i know we look like morons with theis but their the best cell phones i could aford
K-nonFodder writes: so that is why all the decpticons are made fun of soo much
thexfile writes: Starscream : megatron helmet on !!!

Megatron : why i'm the leader of the desepticons for cybertron sake , and it makes me look like a dork... only autobots weare such stupide divices..

Starscream : megatron stop your wining helmet on !!! or
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Unknown writes: Before the whole problem on Cybertron, Starscream was a master at making evil plots until one day, Megatron: What? This is magnetic?!
Dean writes: Megatron: yes we get to play G.I JOE for once
Rhys writes: MEGATRON: Bwhahahaha! Thanks to the inspiration I gained from that human TV show I saw yesterday, we now posses the ultimate in surveilance equipment.

STARSCREAM: So what does it do 'almightly Megatron'.

MEGATRON: We will be able t
Unknown writes: Starscream: Why do we have to wear these stupid things?
Megatron: They are the perfect disguises! The Autobots won't even notice!
Starscream: ..that's it, I'm not lacing his energon anymore, this is too frightening.
Ben writes: let us rule the world with this mind control thinges
Unknown writes: I just hope that Starscreams personality isn't catching.
Unknown writes: Megatron: We are now ready to enter the world and take it over!
Starscream: I get dibs on the TwinBlade class!!!
TF2-TonePrince writes: Starscream:...So VR really does giv you headaches...
Megatron:Shutup, Starscream, I'm selling mine on e-bay
Unknown writes: "Mom! Starscream and me's goin' out to ride bikes, ok?""Be back before supper! And take a jacket!"
Ricochet writes: Meg: So this is the shield those people were talking about to stop radiation from cell phones. Starscream, in case you didn't notice, we DONT USE CELLPHONES!!!
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Unknown writes: I swear we are not gay!
Unknown writes: Gettin' ready for Jackass 2!!!
Unknown writes: ok I jump off the building and then you'll do it too?
Jade writes: Ok boys you can't leave till you put your helmets on.
Unknown writes: Starscream:I gonna kick your shiiny metal ass. Megatron:First off the whole shiny metal ass thing is from Futurama, 2nd I'm gonna kick yours ass.
(Megatron turns on video game system to reveal it's Pong)
Megatron:Take that.
Unknown writes: starscream: come on, its protects your head like the human's version does.
megatron: you idot! *throwing the helmet* WE ARE MADE OF METAL, WE HAVE BUILT IN HELMETS!!!
zach writes: oh come on Megatron this helmet makes me look fat
Unknown writes: Megatron: Ground control to Major Tom... slag this has got to be your lames idea ever Starscream.
Starscream: *thinking* Everybody has to be a critic nowadays....
Unknown writes: ah ha! now that we look just like the sharkticons we can swim for free!
Unknown writes: See Starscream my helmet is bigger than yours!
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Unknown writes: Ss: Slag, that helmet makes him look hot.
Unknown writes: Megatron: It's time for us to look into the futre Starscream...

Starscream: The future Megatron?

Megatron: Yes... the future my spineless power hungry lackey... ALL THE WAY TO THE YEAR 2000~!!!
Beast Simpson writes: Time to infiltrate the Tenesee Titans Fortress!!
PlasmaRadio writes: Megatron: "Now if we can just beat Bumblebee and Spike at the next Cybertronian Christmas Party..."
PlasmaRadio writes: Megatron: "Says here it prevents 10% of all brain injuries."
Starscream: "I like those odds."
Unknown writes: Megatron and Starscream were worried that their new Beer hats wern't official St Patrick's Day Guinness Hats.
Unknown writes: Trick or Treat!
Unknown writes: "ok megatron, you ready to play lazer tag?"
Unknown writes: (grumbling)"I still don't understand why we have to wear these dumb helmets while we're skating hmph."
Unknown writes: Starscream: Megatron , How are we gonna defeat the autobots once and for all , with Xbox live????
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Chrono writes: Damn you autobots, stop laughing at us
Unknown writes: Starscream: " Do I look fat in this helmet?"
Megatron: " For the last time, NO, now shut up and lets get going."
Broadside writes: New at the Paris Fashion Show this year..... Robot cyber helmets seen here modelled by two decepticons.
MindWipe writes: so i said hey sexy...! do you mind this is a private conversation we are having you inconsiderate fool!
Unknown writes: yay this will surely atract the female autobts yee hah were gonna hav a full little house tonite
Unknown writes: Megatron: Starscream, where DID you find these things.

Starscream: They were in the crackers Rumble bought for christmas.

Megatron: Ah, remind me to send Frenzy out for those next year.
Unknown writes: Starscream: Hey! You copycat thief!

Megatron: Me? I'm the one who claimed being a dinosaur for Halloween first so shove it!
Shadowen writes: STARSCREAM: I must admit, this is one of your better plans, Megatron.

MEGATRON: Thank you.

STARSCREAM: This helmets that beam HBO directly into our visual receptors rock!

MEGATRON: I know. Now shut up! Sex and the City is on!
Unknown writes: Quick, Starscream, hide these helmets before the Fashion Patrol attacks!
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Unicron writes: Megatron: Why do i always get picked as quarterback in football?
Potimus Prime writes: Megs: Come to think of it, I always have wanted to look like a douchebag.
Unknown writes: They'll NEVER be in our secret club.
Unknown writes: Starscream: I got mail! YAAHH! I got mail! I got mail! I got mail! I got mail!
tfpredaking writes: Are you sure Karaoke will destroy the Autobot's Starscream? Trust me Megatron, I've heard Soundwave doing this!!
Battle Angel writes: Behold, the putdown-o-tron! It repeats my favorite saying! "Starscream you're an idiot!"... "Starscream you're and idiot!"...
Unknown writes: Megatron: Now i'll give you a beating from thirty feet away.
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: I don't like these helmets Starscream, there so last millinia. STARSCREAM: Oh I agree wholeheartly Megatron, besides, it makes your head look fatter. MEGATRON: Shut up you fool before seen you to Cybertron's furthest
Unknown writes: Starscream: Hello Mr. Witwicky; this is your friendly local telemarketer offering a good deal on- *clik* Damn.
Unknown writes: Megs: I'll put this happy helmet on Prime AND MAKE HIM FEEL HAPPY!
Star: Happy, happy, joy, joy.
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Unknown writes: yall know lazer tag was the ish back in the day
gabriel writes: Meggy:Snarl gave us werid bike helmets!
Unknown writes: 3...2...1... Blast off!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Yes Lord Vader, we have reached the main power generators, the sheilds will be down in moments. you may start this landing. Megatron: Thats IT...... i've had enough of this stupid game of yours Starscream.
Unknown writes: Megatron (reading label): "Warning: May cause Dry Mouth, Anal Leakage, Halitosis, Nausea, Insomnia, Acid Reflux, Rust, Impotence, and Blindness. The Cyberotinator 5800 is not for everyone. Consult your local Doc Ratchet for details."
MEGATRON writes: wit these masks will disquse areself has pokemon and be populr and take ovet the world
starscream: um... sure pokemon died out along time ago megatron: shut up my plans is goof and its the best
BumbleBug writes: S: Does this hat make my head look fat?

M: No the hat doesn't but the ego does!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Look! Autobots are stealing our energon! Megatron: Where?! Starscream: Ha ha! Made you look! Megatron: (mumbling) Stupid helmet wearing sissy.
Unknown writes: What are youlooking at. We are lodge brothers. Hail Murray the lazy eyed catfish!
Unknown writes: Unbeknownst to either Starscream or Megatron, Optimus Prime had secretly lined the inside rim of those helmets with industrial-strength super glue. Bad Optimus.
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Unknown writes: Ok, this time im Space Man Spiff.
Unknown writes: M: So, you say that if I put this on, I will become infinitely smarter than the Autobots? Unknown Decepticon "Soon-to-be-fusion-cannon-fodder" scientist: Of course! I've already tested it on Starscream, and look how smart he&
Unknown writes: Megatron: This looks like Starscream's brain, 'cept it's about five MILLION sizes larger!
Unknown writes: Megatron: You expect me to wear this stupid thing? Starscream: Hey! This thing is cool! Nightpaw: Why? Because it matches your purse?
Unknown writes: M: Look at this thing, it's not gonns fit. It doesn't even match the shape of my head. Ss: (mumbles to himself) Yeah, the helmet's about 10 sizes too small.
Alexander writes: Megatron: I dont need a retard helmet!
Starscream: Sure you dont, and I am Optimus Prime.
Unknown writes: Alright Hats On Its Time For Our Play Richard The III.
Unknown writes: Megs: I'm sorry Soundwave, I simply cannot wear this. It makes me look like an idiot. Ss: (thinking) Like you really need any help.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Let's play football!!!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Soundwave it is not what it looks like!
Starscream: He made me put this silly thing on!
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Unknown writes: M: Can't believe starscream talked me into going with him to the "water buffalotron" meeting... hope nobody I know will see me.
Unknown writes: Screamer: Dude! With these new satelite reciever helmets I get the Spice channel! Megs: 7h353 h3lM375 R0>
RandomFerret writes: Finally, this proves it. None of the Transformers are wearing helmets, their heads are just deformed.
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Okay people! Put on your thinking caps!"
Air Dawg writes: Megatron: Here's the deal, Starscream. We'll see who will be the leader of the Decepticons. We play Ghost Recon for Xbox Live!

Starscream: Yes. But if I
win, I'm the new leader.
Unknown writes: Damn these oversized football helmets!
Ravage writes: Megatron: With these helmets, we could see into the future!
Starsceam: So, you kill me in 2005, I come back in third season, not seen until Beast Wars and get a crappy Armada update?
Megatron: Yes.
Starscream: Just shoot me now.
Megatron: Ok
gabriel writes: Megatron:these Baseball caps look like Snarls Back!
Unknown writes: The Decepticons prepare to film their own remake of "Easy Rider".
Unknown writes: Can you hear me now...?
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Unknown writes: Can you hear me now...?
Unknown writes: Megatron: Time to put on our thinking caps!

Starscream: Oh Boy!!
Unknown writes: allright, let's play ball!
42! 33! hike!
Unknown writes: Your an Idiot Starscream, when we put on these helmets we can slip by the Autobot defenses and destroy them all. STAR: Thats all well and good Oh mighty Megatron but it seems to be messing up my inhabitions chip *begins singing and dancing to folk music*
Unknown writes: Okay Starscream Let's burn some rubber on these 8 feet tall Harley's!!
genocide writes: Megatron: "the mission is to look like we are on crack...mission successful!"
Unknown writes: [Megatron thinking] I shall enjoy destroying least in cyberspace!
Sledge writes: "Here Starscream.....these will hide your bad haircut!"
Unknown writes: Wow! With these helmets, I don't even have to lift a finger to hunt those Autobots!
Unknown writes: I'm telling you, I'll get helmet hair!
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ringrust writes: In a last ditch effort to boost ratings, the XFL added a new team.
Unknown writes: Megs: And you say that these things can transmit cyber pawn star :oh yeaa
Unknown writes: Megs: How many channels did you say this thing could receive?
ishmael writes: megs: i've heard of safe sex, but this is rediculous! ss: are your sure we're puttin them on the right head?
Unknown writes: What ?!!... You went over my helmet ?!
roll out writes: (megatron looks at a disapointed loking soundwave) What? Do you have a better idea for beating Optimus?
Riptide writes: Megatron: (to screen) "What are you looking at [i]human[/i]?"
Unicorn writes: Megatron- "WHO You calling FAT BUTT!!?
Unknown writes: Meg: HEY! Why doesnt get the porn channel too!
Unknown writes: Megatron: What are you laughing about, fool?! There is nothing funny about this picture.

Starscream: If you lick the reciever it tastes like Thundercrackers butt. Megatron: ... hey you're right.. how strange.
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Windcharger writes: Megatron" OK I'll wear the helmet but I ain't wearing the mittens!"
Unknown writes: Starscream, d'you really think the female decepticons love this?
Soundwave writes: megatron:with these helmets i just made we can diguise our selves as autobots
starscream:good ill be prime then
megatron:no ill be prime
starscream:no me
megatron:then i guess ill have to shoot you boom
Unknown writes: M:When we slip by their security systems by wearing these helmets, the Autobots will be vanquished forever.
(a human in the background): stupid idea. (Megatron shoots him) such heroic nonsense
Metroplex writes: M: Starscream, with thses new helmets, we can finally have x-ray visions! S: Y would we want to have x-ray visions? M: Think Acree S: Hmmm... ah! EUREKA! M: YES! Whoa, is that a spy? NOOOOOOOOO! OUR PLANS!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Good.Nobody's watching. Put this on. Starscream: Why? Megatron: I've heard humans saying of something called "safety" and they say this has something to do with it.Starscream: What are we doing that'
ToXmAn writes: i think they found us !!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Power On! (You know from Captain Power...nevermind...Hey I don't judge You!)
Unknown writes: Megatron: Since we can't win this war, Who's up for riding Go Carts?!? Starscream: Oooo.. I call Dragstrip!!!
Fortress Maximus writes: Megatron: Did you just say I look like a girl?

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Galvatron writes: Megatron: What the hell is that smell, Starscream?

Starscream: -Whistles-
Firefly writes: eeee...
i rode the short bus to school!
Houndx writes: Megatron: Is this really my color, Soundwave?
Starscream: I look like a red fool.
Unknown writes: Megatron(to G1 Decepticon army): And now, with these helmets, we will take control of all the minicons and kill Rad and Carlos!!! Rumble(offstage): But if we have control of all the minicons... couldn't we take over the universe? Megatron: Shut u
Riptide writes: Megatron: What do you mean, I have to wear this to Botcon?
Unknown writes: Would you like fries with that!
Unknown writes: (Starscream, thinking) Well, at least I can destroy Megatron in cyberspace and get away with it!
Unknown writes: What do you mean we have to pay?
Pokejedservo writes: Megatron: Do these things come in different colors? Nelson Shin (offscreen): Purple or Pink. Megatron: We'll take Purple then.
Unknown writes: Megatron: No! It's not what you think!
StarScream: Then what of that special moment we shared? Don't deny your love for me!
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Unknown writes: Screamer: Blast it all, now my head is stuck between my shoulder extensions. Help me, Megatron! Megs: The things I have to put up with...
Unknown writes: Megs:And now when I put this... hey, wasn't my gun a bit larger than this?
Hotrod writes: Give me your helment Starscreem.Never It came to me my precious my precious helment.
Unknown writes: Starscream is thinking "MUhahah, its just a matter of time till i stealmegatrons helmet and get to wear 2 Helmets ! Muahhahahahha!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Alas, poor Xeon..." Starscream: " I have the weirdest feeling we've done that."
Unknown writes: " you run down the block a ways and we'll see how the range is in these things. the box says 30 yards."
Unknown writes: So this is the new cyber hair dryer?
Unknown writes: MEG: IS THIS A HELMET
danny writes: Do I look fat in this?
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: Meg: Look Starscream, I captured a Forretress without a PokeBall!!!!! SS:You moron!!! This is Transformers not Pokemon!!! Meg:I'm a Pokemon Master!!! SS:(thinking to self) I know Armada sucks but Megatron is taking it too this r
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Unknown writes: Megatron: Good Heavens! These things are hideous! Starscream: And they give headaches, too!
Unknown writes: Whit this helmet we can play the sims, you are mommy and iam daddy,
Shadowman writes: Megatron: With these helmets, we can hear what the other is thinking...STARSCREAM!! YOUR FIRED!!!
The King writes: StarScream are you sure these things work?
genericanimefan writes: Big Bots in party hats... Megs: And now, I eat the hat!
Vector Sigma writes: Megatron:"Hey give us a break Will ya?? It's National Bicycle Safety Week!"
Doktor Bo writes: Megatron: Look like a highly advanced hairdryer... No use for us! Starcream: Damn, it suited me so well!
Suzuki writes: You put it on, and then you ask me every five feet "Can you hear me now?"
Unknown writes: Megatron: We'll stand a better chance against the Autobot's football team now that WE have helmets!!!!
Hairball178 writes: Megs: This isn't going to swap our brains, is it?

Starscream (to himself): He's on to me...
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Bumblebee writes: Megatron: Do you hear that Starscream!? They want more!!! D*CEPTICO-N*SYNC IS popular!!!

Starscream: ...I WILL get you back for this...

(off screen)
Soundwave: It's show time!
FortMax writes: Megatron: My walky-talky ran out of batteries
Unknown writes: "These helmets Starscream make us look even more proposterous than those wretched Gobots!"
Unknown writes: starscream:like it?, i got it on ebay?
TeleTran2005 writes: S: Would you like that Supersized?
Unknown writes: M:"I wear the helmet so that the hot dogs don't steal my ideas!" S:"Damn, he's lost it!"
Unknown writes: and I shall where my secret club hat
Unknown writes: But Megatron, Chuckie Cheese syas to were your helmet.
Unknown writes: "Quick--get your helmet on and we can play laser tag!"
Avatar writes: What do you suppose it is Megatron? ... I believe it is a helmet, Starscream.
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NateTheMan writes: Starscream-"Hey, let's go ride our bikes!" Megatron-"But it chafes me so... look!"
Unknown writes: These will prevent the aliens from knowing what we are thinking! Haven't you seen what they done to our crop fields?!
Unknown writes: Finally a hat the can satisfy three female autobots at once!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Well the store was out of Fez's so I got these instead. Starscream: My god we look like Crash Test Dummies on a hot date
Unknown writes: Starscream "I still think we'll get recognised in public Megatron". Megatron " You idiot Starscream!"
Unknown writes: It'll be matching tracksuits next???!!!
Unknown writes: I truly hope that noone out there is watching right now.
Unknown writes: I am going to kill the writer for this
Unknown writes: Starscream your plan to disguise us as Britney and Christina had better work.
Unknown writes: you mean to tell me if we put these on they will cancel Armada?
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astrotrain's first friend writes: Starscream: err, why are we whering these things anywayz?
Mges: Cause im dumb and your dumber
Unknown writes: With these Starscream, we'll play Rugby better than ever before!
Unknown writes: Now I can Chew Starscream's ass out without the rest of the minions listening in.
starscream88 writes: Megatron and Starscream preparing to have "sex" from the Movie Demolition man.
Scourge writes: Megatron: You can't even beat me at bumper cars Starscream! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Unknown writes: Megs: Stop watching me undress!
Unknown writes: Just don't sit on them, okay?
Unknown writes: When Decepticons go mosh pitting.
Unknown writes: Megs: For your information, this ISNT part of some secret plot to destroy the Autobots, we're just trying to steal cable. Screamer: Hey! I can pick up Armada in my head! *cringes* Look what they've done to me...
Unknown writes: Sharkticon party hats.
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Unknown writes: Megatron looking at director: Now explain to me again- what the hell is the purpose of this scene?
Unknown writes: What you looking at mega freak!!!!
Firestorm writes: Megatron and Starscream prepare for Sturgis.
Unknown writes: Ready to dirt bike?
Dynamus Prime writes: Starscream: Testing, 1, 2, 3...Welcome to McDonald's...
Megatron: Hey! I think they broke mine!
Unknown writes: S:It's a very simple plan Megatron we just attach the shop surveillance domes to our heads and we can see in all directions at once.
Unknown writes: Can you hear me now? Good.
Can you hear me now?
Megatron: If you don't stop being annoying, you will be wireless!
Mirage writes: the next boy band
Unknown writes: Meg:And under the next one is... an even smaller one!
Unknown writes: Director: OK, Megatron, your line is..."Do you want to supersize that combo?"
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Unknown writes: Megatron: Hey, maybe if we wear these helmets, we can have a Transformers Football Video Game!
Unknown writes: Starscream:Why the HELL do we have to wear these fµ©kin' ugly long range communicator helmets if we have built in comm-links!??? Megs:Becuase I said so,ga$$hole!!! Starscream to himself:Stupid slaghead! Megs:I HEARD THA
Unknown writes: M:What are they tuned into to Starscream? S:It's the police scanner.M:Quick take them off!
Windcharger writes: Megatron and Starscream dress up in they're Sharkticon costumes.
Starscreams Ghost writes: "Megatron I never knew you thought that way about me!
Voodoo writes: ...You would tell me if I look stupid with this on, right?
Stryder writes: M: A new VR helmet? Cool!
Unknown writes: M:Starscream show the boys and girls at home what it looks like when it's finished.
Optimus Primevil writes: M: Isn't this the same helmet wheeljack used to boost the dinobots brains?
Unknown writes: You went over my helmet???
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Chachi writes: M: "Decepticons! Put on your thinking caps, so that we can devise a way to vanquish the Autobots forever!"
S: "Awwh, I hate these goddamned hats!"
M: "Quiet, you."
Unknown writes: star: paten pending!
Unknown writes: Megetron: Hey! That guy with the camera is trying to steal the blue-prints for our spiffy hats!!!
Unknown writes: Just as we did with the Target-Masters, with this minor accessory Hasbro has given us, we can suck another $49.95 from the flesh creatures, without being anything new! Mhmhmhahaha!
Skyfire the Artist writes: Hey, the draft picks for the Packers went better than we expected.
mouse writes: Megatron and Starscream are ready to lock and load, but why would two powerful Decepticons need helmets?
Unknown writes: MEGATRON:This is how we'll kill the AUTOBOTS...QUESTWORLD style! STARSCREAM: Call me Jonny Quest.
Unknown writes: Starscream:ok Megatron take off your brain crcuit scrambler now what do ya see?
Unknown writes: The Decepticons dress up in their Batman costumes.
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Unknown writes: All your helmets are belong to us!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
gabriel writes: Can i ride my bike?
Unknown writes: Megatron and Starscream recreate a memorable "Demolition Man" scene...
The Matrix writes: We are now offically............whats that term again?
Royal writes: Megatron: What? Why are you looking at me like that? I've always use this mind-controlling device on my warriors! SO GO AWAY!
Blast Cannon writes: Starscream: Megatron are you sure this new sex mind technology works?
davewelttf writes: stagehand:Excuse me Mr. Megatron,its showtime.
Megatron:Damn it! And we were so close to destroying the Autobots!
Starscream: Hmmph I'm not even in this episode!
Unknown writes: Startscream>*Why are we wearing these rediculous helmets Megatron ??!*
Megatron>*Because,were going to play the new Transformers game you ningcompoop!*
Unknown writes: Always wear your helmet.
Unknown writes: "We're playing Xbox Live!"
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Shermtron writes: Megatron and Starscream ready for a game of NFL Fever!!!!
Unknown writes: (megatron)" this new butt plaug atachment should really hit the spot dont you think?" (starscream) *speechless*
Unknown writes: Starscream: Why do we to wear helmets for the Sci-fi convention?!? Megatron: Maybe you should quit whining and deal with it! (Starscream picks up his helmet and pokes Megatron's eye with the helmets antennae)
Royal writes: Megatron: Remember kids, safety first. Always wear your helmets when riding a bike.
Starscream: Umm...Megatron this isn't GIJOE.
Royal writes: Megatron: NO we are not having virtual sex you idiots! This isn't Demolition man! Pfff..
Unknown writes: "With these head sets I purchased from a car boot sale starscreem, we can change our voices then turn the lights off and frighten Rumble and Frenzy when they come in."
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Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Frenzy & Ratbat Basic Class 100% Complete - Time Remaining: 5 days 9 hours 31 minutes
Transformers Robots In Disguise Bumblebee vs Underbite NEW SEALED - Time Remaining: 6 days 18 hours 33 minutes 11 seconds
Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #186 - NYCC 2017
Twincast / Podcast #186:
"NYCC 2017"
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Posted: Monday, October 16th, 2017
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