Megatron w/ Autobot symbols

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Megatron w/ Autobot symbols
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Shauyaun writes: Megs:"It's probably cuz of the mirror that I shattered it's glass"
Miester-Jazz writes: Thats it! I quit, I'm going to IDW now.
Judynator writes:
Judynator writes:
darkqueen01 writes: Megatron: *sigh* At least they got the colour right this time.
galvatron224 writes: D**N ILLUSTRATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeedust writes: "No more bar bets with Sideways. EVER."
Scatterlung writes: Starscream: heh heh heh...He'll never know...
Lich Lord Dranas writes: Just another Armada screw up!
Roadshadow writes: I knew Optimus wouldn't get me doughnuts with these.
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Warhead writes: im firing my makeup artist
Predagade writes: those incompetant autobots! i tell them i switch sides and they shoot me! me!!! their greatest friend! the reason why they are winning this war! there is no justice
Tiedye writes: Megatron- This year for Halloween I'm going as a Autobot. How do I look?
Zeedust writes: Sadly, Armada Megaplex was rather short-lived.
Marv writes: Hey, don't look at me! This "cunning" disguise was Demolischor's idea!
Marv writes: Megatron: Starscream, are you SURE Prime's going to fall for this?
commander setinel writes: Megatron:I wanted to be cool
Demona writes: ok, thers something SEROISLY wrong here.................. a-bot symbols are supposed to be RED!
Demona writes: you think this is bad? in some other episodes, demoloshor, optimus, and hotshot have the same problems. they even put demi's head on cyclonus' body once!
Operation Ravage writes: Megatron suddenly realizes that Hasbro has repainted him again, and searches for an explanation as to the Autobot symbols that now adorn him.
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juggaloG writes: What stupid animator put Autobot symbols on me in this scene? Oh, it's you. (Blasts the animator with his antimatter cannon.) I guess you won't be painting anymore Autobot symbols on any Decepticons anymore, you worthless flesh-bag. (Chuckles ev
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron: Ok whos the wise ass with a spra can and the autobot symbol?
MechaDoom writes: Megatron: I have been Reformed through the Power of Luv!! Optimus, will you marry me? Optimus: ..................OF COURSE! No.
Zeedust writes: Megatron: "Me, an Autobot? You IDIOTS! Don't you know ANYTHING about the japanese TF mythos? Takara controls our media now, so if you see purple Autobot symbols, it means BERSERKER MODE!"
Zeedust writes: Megs, singing (To the tune of I'm 'Energy the Eighth, I Am"): "I'm Megatron the Eigth, I am, Megatron the Eighth I am I am! I'm commander of the 'cons next door, they've been lead se
Unknown writes: Megatron: Autobot? I thought I was a Decepticon
Unknown writes: Megatron: ... what?... What?? Is there... is there something on my face?
Unknown writes: Scene from, "As Bad goes good, and good goes Bad." Starring, Megatron as Optimus fraud.
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Shadow Fox writes: (Megatron has just received a big dose of mind blowing news) Megatron, your really the bastard son of unicron and Optimus.
metalformer writes: Grrrr! The animator certainly deserves a special 'gift' for this mistake: an autobot symbol tattoed on his flesh.... with laser fire and NO anesthesia! DAMN YOU ALL!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: Well see...Starscream slipped something in my drink and the next thing I remeber was waking up in a garage in mexico and these were on me.
Unknown writes: Prime, PLEASE let me join the Autobots! Most of my troops are MORONS! I need to get away from them! I surrender! Please help me! I'll do ANYTHING to get away fromt them!
Unknown writes: HA!! This'll encourage TV Stations to show the old Transformers!
Unknown writes: I knew Optimus wouldn't get me doughnuts with these.
Unknown writes: god i liked it so much better when i transformed into a gun.
Unknown writes: megatron- hey cartoonist. you would think you would get it right before armada. I AM A DECEPTICON.
omega icecream writes: transformers decepticons in disguise!
menasor writes: "With this autobot symbol and my innocent face, the autobots will never be able to see through my disguise"
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Transfanbotacon writes: Megatron w/ Autobot symbol: Wait, I'm not who you think I am!
Optimus Prime: Stick it into your drive shaft, Megatron. You can't fool me with those insignias' of yours.
Megatron w/ Autobot symbol: But I'm really Megat
Minicle writes: Starscream: Erm Megatron why are you wearing an Autobot Symbol.
Megatron: I fell out with one of the Animators, and this is his cheap form of revenge.
DKusanagi writes: I'm an Autobot....what's next...I join Shadaloo...I heard that that Bison guy needs some good evil robots....I'm There!!
DKusanagi writes: Megatron: Okay Who told the producers I was an Autobot.... What, I knew it...When I get my hands on that Skybyte...He's Shark sushi....this is so embarrasing...
K-nonFodder writes: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBSSSSSS in Editing i think so!
Zeedust writes: "This may look like a mere animation error, Optimus Prime, but it's really a part of my ingenious plan to finally destroy he Autobots! After all, you wouldn't harm one of your own, now would you?"
Unknown writes: Ahhh! Get it off! Get it off! Before I contract Autobot cooties.
Zu Darkness writes: Megatron: I'm sorry can I join you now.

Optiums: Hmm let us think for a second.

Few seconds later the Autobots open fire on Megatron
APOLLO writes: Megatron: Optimus, I am sorry for being a bad due, lets be friends.

Optimus: HAHAHAHA, Megatron, cut the crap, I wasn't programmed yesterday dumbass. What a lameass plan HAHAHA posing as an Autobot. What's your next plan gonna be, dre
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Rhys writes: SNIFF! I miss Starscream so much now that he's joined the bots. I'm off to re-unite with my beloved.

STARSCREAM: Get away from me you freak!
Unknown writes: At least They are not calling me Grindor
Unknown writes: Who called me Optimus Prime? What?! Where'd these Autobot symbols come from? No!! Back off Demolisher - it's me Megatron.
TF2-TonePrince writes: I'll get you for this Laurence LLewelen-Bowen!
Unknown writes: "Aw, come on, let me join you guys! I have an X-Box!"
Unknown writes: megatron: i shouldn't have went with the jackass crew to get a tatoo
Jade writes: Shhh! Maybe they won't notice.
Jade writes: I told starscream not to let me get a tattoo while drunk.@#^^%7
Unknown writes: If Starscream can join the Autobots, why can't Megatron?
Ricochet writes: Cyclonus (Offscreen): You lose another bet?
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Unknown writes: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe the autobots won't notice.
Unknown writes: That's right Prime, I infiltrated the Decepticon army so I could be a spy for the Autobots. Now where is that Matrix I keep hearing so much about?
Unknown writes: Make-up! Make-up! You got it all wrong again.
Unknown writes: It's just the Kay Bee exclusive eight month commemorative edition varient.
Unknown writes: "I am never going to hear the end of this one."
Zu Darkness writes: Remind me the next time I meet with my agent I plan to file a %^&*#$% lawsuit agaist the annimators for drawing me like this
Unknown writes: I hate this job! I am quiting and joining the autobots!
Unknown writes: What did I DO last night.....?
zach writes: i cant believe I fell for that "your such a wussy your too scared to join the Autobots"trick
Ricochet writes: Starscream took over
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Unknown writes: Decepticon commander and chief says: Traitor!
Megatron says: You-you-you-you-you-you-you got it all wrong! I'm still working for you.. and for the glory of the decepticons!
Unknown writes: the autobots will be entirely fooled by my new insignia i'll slip right past their early warning system
Unknown writes: "i knew id lose that "loser joins the autobots" match!
Unknown writes: Optimus.....I.......I am sorry for useing the minicons as weapons, and to say sorry I have changed my badge
Optimus Prime (off Screen) Its a start Megatron
Unknown writes: Uh... my bad!
Unknown writes: And I suppose now Takaras gonna make a obscenly priced chase figure out of this!!
Unknown writes: c'mon guys, they did screw up's like that in the old cartoon as's not like it the first time they did that....and it's not as bad as calling hot shot hot rod...which we ALL know should be his name...stupid has
Unknown writes: Boy did they screw up at the studio!
Unknown writes: Trick or Treat! Wait! Dont shoot! Why you didn't know it was halloween Prime?
Hot Rodimus writes: Bah! Screw you G.I. JOes,meet the real Spy Trooper
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Unknown writes: megatron:it's cheaper to
be a autobot!
PlasmaRadio writes: Megatron: "It was cheaper than getting a thundercats logo"
Unknown writes: Wait, Autobots! Don't shoot me! I'm Megatron's half-brother!
Unknown writes: megatron:hye look i'm an outobot.
decepticons:lets distroy him.
megatron:hye wait a second.
Unknown writes: The new Transformers slogin-
Transformers- More then Meets the Eye, Transformers, Decepticons in Disguise.
Unknown writes: Megatron to Decepticons: They offered me a better paycheck, I am out of here."
MindWipe writes: heck yeah tighter tighter! i dont want my head to fall off this time
Broadside writes: Mommy Mommy look what that nasty Demolisher did to me!
Unknown writes: screw u starscream and all of u decep. i hav formed an alliance with the autobots blllehhh starscream:screw smartass at least they get a new leader me!! hahahahahaha!!!! megatron noooo!!! starscream: shut up i was just kidding its all part of the plan so
Unknown writes: Galvatron beat me up, can I join your team?
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Unicron writes: Megatron: I'm a good guy, Prime. So back off!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Sideways isnt the only one who can pull off the alliance switch routine!
Unknown writes: so...Megatron is switching sides
Mythos writes: megs:arg inever shoulda signed on for this armada crap
Potimus Prime writes: So Megatron swings both ways. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Unknown writes: I ... , I have seen the light !! Yesss !
Unknown writes: The Autobots will never suspect a thing.
Battle Angel writes: Megatron: I'm offering a I will not get mad and kick some rear get out of a free butt kicking card if someone comes forward and claims responsibility.
Starscream: Oooh! Me!
Megatron: Here you go Starscream! Read the fine print.
Starscream: Voi
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Ahhh! You're an Autobot! How could you!

Megs: Don't blame me, some idiot switched my icon!
Unknown writes: Starscream: "This is one ofmany goofs on Transformers Armada, Collect them All"
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APOLLO writes: Megatron: Come on people, did you actually believe I was an Autobot. That is as absurd as saying Osama bin Laden turning hippie.
Inferno writes: Megatron: I am an Autobot now?! Yessssss....
Unknown writes: Megs: I told those artists need to be fired
Unknown writes: ((Megatron)) First the Antlers and now this? I am *not* getting paid enough...
Unknown writes: " optimus, i will join you and the autobots only if u let me be the leader, i must lead the puny army to victory" the words of dinobot for beast wars
Unknown writes: and that,scavenger is why you shouldnt be sleeping! not to mention the fact we dont have to as stated by prime in rage in heaven.sodding japs!
Unknown writes: This is wat happens when you get drunk on engergon with Starscream!
Unknown writes: that's the last time i go to that tattoo parlor.
USAF Prime writes: MY CAREER IS OVER!!!!!
Damn you Hasbro!! Damn YOU!!! *starts crying*
Unknown writes: Hey I wanted a pony tattoo, not the autobot symbol.
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Unknown writes: Megatron: "Ok, guys...I came that way, ok? Why do you guys always have to be so judgemental about my external decals??" *runs away sobbing*
Unknown writes: Megs: Why the f--k do I have a Autobot icon on my left shoulder? Stupid animators...
darren writes: hasbro said i am a sissy version of megatron to be a made me an autobot WWWWAAAAHHHHHH!!!
Unknown writes: WAAAAAAAAH! Never will I drink that much again! Look at me! Look what it did to me! *sob*
Unknown writes: Megatron: with our new disguises the autobots will never know that we are realy Megatron, Starscream, Demolisher, and Cyclonus the netorius decepticons. Starscream: I hate to birst you bubble megatron but they fought us like 20 times now the'll p
Unknown writes: yeah laser beak should eat those GAY kids like a true decepticon, that would be a worthwhile armada episode
Unknown writes: HEY!When the hell did i become skorpinok and an autobot?man these writers suck.
z writes: Megatron: No really, I want to join the Autobots! Why won't you believe me???? I'll blast you if you don't believe me!!!!!!
Alexander writes: Megatron: Huh? What? Ohh its turn to speak? Line please.
Unknown writes: I figures since it was purple no one would notice. DON'T SHOOT!
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Unknown writes: Megatron wasn't an 8-time winner of the Decepticon Masquerade Costume Contest for nothing.
RandomFerret writes: "What? No! It's just a decal I got at the con! I swear!
Unknown writes: Megatron:"What the hell?! Since when did I become an Autobot?!"
RodimusPrime writes: First Lazerbeak now Megs what in the F--K is this world Coming to. Damn u Armada.
RodimusPrime writes: First Lazerbeak now Megs what in the F--K is this world Coming to. Damn u hasbro.
Manchester Devil writes: Megatron: Primus! I promise I won't blashemise you ever again! I promise!
Unknown writes: Thats the last time I'm a toy for Mc Donalds!Look what they did to me!
Unknown writes: I hate infiltration missions!
Unknown writes: Decepticons: KILL MEGATRON!!!!

Megatron: What did I ever do to you, you ungrreatful fools!"
Unknown writes: Thats the last time I'm a tou for Mc Donalds!Look what the did to me!
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Unknown writes: Megs: Why am I not the right f--king colours?
Unknown writes: 1) This is the second thing that is bugging me about this body.

2) Trick or Treat!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron:Do you think i'll get ratings for being an autobot?
Galvatron writes: Megatron: -Hits head- Stupid, stupid, stupid!..
Unknown writes: I never realized how much my show really sux !
Unknown writes: Tune in next time to see:
"Evil Decepticon Optimus Prime!?!?"
Dynamus Prime writes: Damn, Aeon sucks...
Unknown writes: After a hard night of drinking Energon,Megatron
finally has an excuse to vaporize Starscream
Soundwave writes: First they turn me into a tank,now they make me an autobot!!!They're evil!!!!
Bumblebee writes: Okay. First, there's the Leader-1/Sparkplug, Hot-Rod/Hot Shot, Grindor/Sureshock this!?! That's it. I want on to be He-Man.
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Unknown writes: Megs:"Starscream!! This is your fault!! I let you take me to that tattoo place, and now look at me!" Starscream:"Hahahaha!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: Now all Decepticons shall know that I, Megatron, your leader is a big fat TRATIOR!!!!!!!The proof is on my shoulders!!!!!!!!!
Battle Angel writes: So now we know where the Autobots go for body work. And I may add I like the purple.
Dynamus Prime writes: Three words that would have solved this long ago: See, Gee, Eye...
Unknown writes: You like the facial expression now? Well, 5 seconds after the picture it turned to rage and that snickering Starscream got his new stamper jammed up his ass. That'll learn 'em.
Vector Sigma writes: Damn! I'll never get drunk again!
Unknown writes: Remind me to sue the animator.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Nightpaw, who did this? I have a feeling you know. NIGHTPAW!! (Nightpaw holds a tatoo needle) Nightpaw: Oh damn.
Starscream Prime writes: ...and that's when the Autobots pinned me down and grabbed the tatoo needle...
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Unknown writes: That's the last time I get drunk and go get a Tatoo
Unknown writes: Daaaaaaa does 2+2 really equal 4
Unknown writes: Decepticon Nightmare # 716: Waking up as an Autobot
Unknown writes: Megatron: STARSCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!
MEGATRON writes: Megatron, the cross dressing college years.
Unknown writes: Megs: Okay, which dick pulled this trick on me, huh?
Unknown writes: starscream is so fired
Bodycount writes: Now I can call my mini-con Sparkplug! ahhahahahah, Prime will never know the difference! yesssss
Unknown writes: I knew I had too much to drink last night
Chachi writes: Megs: "Very funny, you a$$holes. Just remember that this comes out of YOUR energon goodie allowances."
Decepticons: "s£!t."
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Unknown writes: Decepticon practical jokes
Sledge writes: "Now Optimus Prime will spank my A$$"
Duo Maxwell writes: as the battle resumed, megatron slowly realized that he had put the wrong insignias on earlier that morning...
Metroplex writes: M: Ooh im so tempted to dismantle whoever did this to me ooh yes i am!!!!
Unknown writes: dear Hasbro, at first "lightyears" meant "distance noy "time". Now you even mistaken the Autobots for Decepticons! Shame shame.....
Unknown writes: Hey!!! How did these Autobot symbols get on my person?!
Unknown writes: Whoever stamped these Autobot symbols on me is dead, dead, dead!!!
Unknown writes: I... obey...
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Unknown writes: Why are you walking around behind me like that, Omega Supreme? Zip those back up! I am not that type of-- *squeal* GIRL! *squeal*
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: Megatron: "Well.... it could be worse......I could be a gundam..."
Unknown writes: Wow! Autobots really DO have more fun!
Unknown writes: o/` The PHAAAAAAAAATOM of the Opera is there... Inside your miiiiind... o/`
Unknown writes: Megatron dressed up as an Autobot for Halloween.
Unknown writes: due to the onset illness of optimus prime... the part of optimus will be played by megatron
Lord soundwave writes: The armada produces latest Idea: Megs would make a better Autobot
Unknown writes: ARRRGGHHHH, get it off me,ahhhhh,ahhhh
Unknown writes: remember it...write it down, take a picture! i dont give a fuuuuhck!
Unknown writes: Hey im megatrons not-so-evil clone, Megotroan
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Unknown writes: I SURRENDER!!!
Unknown writes: yeah so now.....wait a minute, who the fµ©k am I again.
tony writes: TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!! No, wait, no, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *sounds of weapons clicked into place and firing resumes*
Unknown writes: Starscream: megatron u traitor! Megatron: am not...
Unknown writes: So, tell me, does it really bring out my eyes? Blue? Why, thank you!
Unknown writes: After several million of years of good and hard thinking I have decided to join the Autobots, because I am tired of always losing.
Blast Cannon writes: Megatron: Yes my fellow Decepticons, I am back... why are you looking at me like that? Guys...guys... *BLAM*
Unknown writes: Megatron ordered his Decepticon Symbol from well at least they shipped something
Suzuki writes: "I lost a bet with Starscream, okay!!"
optimus156 writes: Meg: hey you guys, wuts up...Deceps: wut the f***, wut is that on your shoulder? Meg: oh yeah this is one of those new patches. it controls my cravings and slowly helps me manage my hate for all also taking a class the seven steps to hapines
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Unknown writes: Demolishor:"Megatron, that is the worst Halloween costume I have ever seen!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: Hi, guys! Grimlock (g1):Me Grimlock smell Decepticon. Megs: Oh, crap.
Unknown writes: who ever coppied me is going to get there ass kicked??{S}
Unknown writes: "I had the worst nightmare last night. I dreamed I was an Autobot! NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Unknown writes: I had this weird dream last night {pause}nooooooooooooooooo, damn you
Unknown writes: hey listen up. Who ever did this is going to be spanked......and im not kidding guys.
Unknown writes: oh god there she comes. No,its my mom . hey whats this?
Unknown writes: "With this clever disguise, I can infiltrate the Autobots and crush them once and for all!"
Metroplex writes: Due to copyright reasons, Megatron is to remove his autobot logo or he will be sued. M: awwww... nutz...
Unknown writes: After hours of playing counter strike and global ops, they have just realized that friendly fire was turned off.
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Unknown writes: Damn it, when did I turn into a GOBOT?!?
Unknown writes: First jou git da symbol, Den jou git da money, Den jou git da WOMEN!!!
optimus156 writes: hey look at me, look at me...i;m an autobot....hmmmmm....what am i goin to do now hmmmm......look at meeee.....autobottttt...i know, i am goin to go and get my bum bum kicked....haha... my bum bum.....autobottt.... look at meeeee.....
Unknown writes: Hey, lookee here! Megs! an Autobot! Get him!
Unknown writes: I have decided that the Autobot symbol is better.
Thus, Now our Decep symbol will be a purple version.
Unknown writes: Dumb stubbies.
(Grim Grams.UK comic ref.)
Unknown writes: This could possibly explain my losing streak thus far....
Unknown writes: Wait till I get my hands on the artists who did this to me.
Unknown writes: You see this? I am going to spy on the Autobots.
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majic9ball writes: megs: Hey maybe now i can get a decent spy
Unknown writes: Another must have limited edition TF! NEW HEROIC AUTOBOT MEGATRON! (Available in G1, G2, Victory, Masterforce, RID and Armada versions!) Now available at the online shop!
AMX writes: Megatron: thats it call my agent, my character is wimpy, and now my insignia is wrong!!!!
Stik writes: Do you think it brings out the colour of my eyes?
Stik writes: Do you think it brings out the colour of my eyes?
Optimus Primevil writes: From now on call me megatronicus prime.
prime writes: "First I bet Prime the Panthers would beat Green Bay. Then to top it off, I lose a bet with Scorponok and have to wear his head for the entire SERIES!"
Unknown writes: Oh, crap. This is one of those "mirror universe" episodes, right?
Unknown writes: More proof that Armada sucks.
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Unknown writes: Oh Primus, did I get drunk last night or what?
Unknown writes: "This sucks!"
ralphatron writes: Megatron: "I wish I was dead."
The Matrix writes: *Another unfortunate side affect of hunger...*
Dj Flash writes: this is what happened when i switched to windows XP
Falkorich writes: While the infiltration idea sounds plausible, the problem was that Decipticons were color-blind.
Unknown writes: i hope they dont take this teh wrong way
Unknown writes: Yea , yea I know. "Got any aoutobot in ya?" I get it , very funny.
Unknown writes: Hmmm i maybe took wrong leader dress today.
Metroplex writes: M: Hi guys! Autobots (whispering to each other): He thinks he can be as cool as us by bearing the Autobot symbol...
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Slappyfrog writes: The Cybertronian version of crossdressing.
Private_Random writes: Bo Selecta!!
SuperFireConvoy writes: Oh ha ha, which one of you jokers switched my insignia while I was in sleep mode? Cyclonis? Demolisher? Waitaminut! Starscreaaaaaaaaam!!!
Wheeljack writes: Anybody remember when we used to steal energon?
Unknown writes: Megatron realizes his greivous error letting Starscream touch-up his shoulder.
Unknown writes: Hmmm, perhaps this shall get me into the Autobot headqauters and their mini-cons. Yessss.
Unknown writes: After concluding that the Armada cartoon ruled too much, Megatron decided it no longer mattered what side he opposed.
Rail Racer writes: You think the mistake was "Megatron w/ Autobot symbols" wrong it was Optimus w/ Megatron body.
Flamemaster Galvatron writes: Megatron: Decepticons! We must *looks at insignia* ahhh crap.
Shermtron writes: You mean im an autobot now.... where the hecks my script!!!
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Unknown writes: Megatron:Now after loosing to the autobots we must become one of there group and... sorry I think I farted
Unknown writes: Starscream: AN AUTOBOT! GET THEM!

Megatron: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Jeremy writes: megatron here was infected wit the northnile virus turning him slowly to an autobot please contribute to save this robot so he can destroy us all please all 1-800-killus
Bombshell writes: The latest Armada repaint: Heroic Autobot Megatron!
Unknown writes: ... And then his heart grew three sizes bigger.
mouse writes: In a last minute attempt at correcting a mistake, Cartoon Network adds it own logo to confuse the masses and shift the blame.
genericanimefan writes: "WARDROBE! Bring my Decepticon outfit out ASAP!!"
Sheba writes: Hehe with this Autobot symbol as a disguise, nobody will ever suspect...
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Shellfox writes: Damn Tattoo artist, YOU THINK IS FUNNY!!!??
Unknown writes: Optimus Megatron?!?!?!?
mechaex writes: Now I know why theres no one at the take out window of Taco Bell!!!!!
mechaex writes: Now I know why theres no one at the take out window of Taco Bell!!!!!
davewelttf writes: Megatron:Alright, who swapped my insignias while I was sleeping?
Unknown writes: Ahhh... Back to the tradition of bad artwork and animation flaws that was started with Generation One. What are we going to have to do to get another Beast Wars with good dialog and animation?
Fanboy X writes: Megatron: Yay! I finally get to play the good guy this time!
Philip writes: Megatron: What? the messege board is gone?!? well just call me optimus prime.. like the autobot symbols?
BZArcher writes: Look, I just grabbed the wrong shirt this morning, okay?
Unknown writes: After concluding that the Armada cartoon sucked too much, Megatron decided it no longer mattered what side he opposed.
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