Galvatron talks to Soundwave

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Galvatron talks to Soundwave
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Rainmaker writes: Galvatron: I am replacing you with Cyclonus.


Galvatron: Because the writer said so.
Zeedust writes: No, no, soundwave's FINE, folks... Pat Lee just did the art here.
Unknown writes: galatron:soundwave SOUNDWAVE!NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dclone Soundwave writes: Soundwave, can you hear me?




Good, he's definitley in stasis lock. (Gets up)Well, if I'm ever going to do it, nows the time.(gets on Soundwave & does it)
Roadshadow writes: Galvatron: Trust me, Soundwave. Nightbird totally digs tape deck recorders.
Soundwave: Affirmative...
DarkDranzer writes: *Soundwave plays Numb by Linkin Park repetidly to Galvatron's great annoyance*

G: Damn it Soundwave!! Do you ALWAYS have to play the same %$#^ing song over and over AGAIN?

S: ^_^ But I love's so angsty...

G: *blinks* Dude get a
galvanostril writes: galvatron: BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
MiGrAinE writes: i said sticker, i hardly know her! ah you dont get it...
Operation Ravage writes: Galvatron: "You must leave me, Soundwave . . . because the needs of the many . . outweigh the needs of the few . . . or the one."
Soundwave: "Damn it, you're stuck in 'Leonard Nimoy' mode again, aren't you?"
Alphatron writes: Galvatron: Soundwave... do you hear anything?

Soundwave: Other than your big Decepti-mouth, no.
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Kal-Seth writes: Galvatron: Des My Chin Look Sqaure?
Tiedye writes: SOUNDWAVE-"Decepticons ATTACK!! GALVATRON-"WAIT!! (Decepticon stop attacking) Listen Sound Wave. I'm the leader, I'll tell everyone when to attack. (waits a few secounds).....Okay, Deceptions Attack!!!
Unknown writes: "Souuuuundwaaaaaave... "SOUUUUUUUUUUNDWAAAAAAAAAAVE... Fiiiiiiix meeeeeeeeee a saaaaaaaaaandwiiiiiiiiiiich!"
Shadow Fox writes: Gavlatron- Ya I know you've been loyal to me all these years, but you see there's someone else new in my life, Cyclonus is now my 'Pillar of strength', I hope you understand that our relationship is over.
Unknown writes: Galvatron(singing): Did you ever know that you're my heeeeero?
Unknown writes: Trust me, Soundwave. Nightbird totally digs tape deck recorders.
K-nonFodder writes: when i was a pup we had only one kinda motor oil
username writes: Caption
Unknown writes: Soundwave, (Breathing*) I am your father!
thexfile writes: Galvatron : i told you , cal me megatron 1 more time and you'll be sorry..
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Unknown writes: If a cow says moo, does a moose say cow????
Unknown writes: yo! your next to be revamped kid. dude says your new name is "bosewave"
Unknown writes: Then there was the time I attack my past self & - how you where there.
Unknown writes: "So I said to Arcee 'Do you mind if I numb your breasts?'..."
Unknown writes: Galatron giving out psyathric advice to soundwave
Unknown writes: Galvatron:where's my new parts?
soundwave: sorry the develary guy got eaten by a assblaster.
Galvatron: send me some of the same parts again or reshipmy parts.
soundwave: you got to pay for it again!
Beast Simpson writes: Galvatron: Too bad! You could've been a contender!
Beast Simpson writes: I TOLD you Mike Tyson dosent play fair, Soundwave! But NOOOOOOOO!
zach writes: galvatron:well never be apart lisa i mean soundwave.Hotshot:gaylords
Scaleblade writes: I'll never let go, Jack--Imean--Soundwave..
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Unknown writes: Soundwave: Remeber when Hot Rod kicked your butt?
Gavlatron: Well the matrix did destroy Unicron.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Don't forget to pick up Cyclonus at 9, and remember to send Prime that "You're so fat" card I picked up the other day.
Soundwave: *Thinking* Shut up, just shut up already !!
Unknown writes: change the station to country, and get the felt tip marker and i'm bound for a good day
Unknown writes: i love my traditional haze your minions in their sleep tradition
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Was it as good for you as it was for me..?
Soundwave: zzz...zz...
dan writes: If you play Come Sail Away one more time!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Am I mad?
Soundwave: ^_^
Galvatron: Why you little- (stranglers Soundwave)
Soundwave: No wonder I've got a unique voice.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: So um... dude... can I date your ex?
Hot Rod writes: Galvatron, I thought it was my day off.
Unknown writes: C'mon Soundwave!!! I wanna listen to Britney Spears "one mor time"!!!!
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don't leave me i love you!!!!!!!!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Unknown writes: Actually its a very rare & popular toy & Its only missing all of his weapons, major sticker wear, needs some tightening up...That will be 80.00 pretty good bargin.
Unknown writes: Actually its a very rare & popular & Its only missing all of his weapons, major sticker wear, needs some tightening up...That will be 80.00 pretty good bargin.
Chrono writes: While he's asleep i make him a robot.
Unknown writes: im so gettin to second base :D
Unknown writes: What Galvatron doesn';t notice is that the soundwave he's talking to is nothing but cardboard.
MindWipe writes: hey thanks for last nite but maybe we should stay friends it would get too wierd! oh good dont faint i didnt want to hrut you
Broadside writes: No i'm first in the toilet cue!
Unknown writes: "Hey Soundwave, did you know that Armada sucks?"
Unknown writes: hey lets hav issues k soundwave soundwave:yur gay dude
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Victory Saber writes: Galvatron: "Soundwave, I never noticed what nice eyes you have" Soundwave: "Gee, Galvatron, I never thought that you cared"
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Oh woe is Galvatron. Galvatron: Oh woe is you! Soundwave: Whoa, Galvatorn!! (bonk) Soundwave: Ow!!!!
Mythos writes: Megs:pssst so how'd u get outa doing armada? Soundwave: wouldnt u like to know
Unknown writes: Galvatron:*whispers* penis,penis,penis
Potimus Prime writes: G: That's right. I said you're an uncrasimatic f**k. What are you going to do about it?
Thunderwing writes: -"Say, Soundwave....Am I really that badly animated?"

Bruticus Buckeye writes: Soundwave: "Since this may be the end, I want you to know that, I love you, sir." Galvatron: "Hot Dog. Thanks for making my last moment on Earth awkward."
Unknown writes: Was that joint?
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "At Least I die a Decepticon unlike that tratior Scroponok
Unknown writes: Galva-Did you know that you my Hero,........ you are wind benith my wings.
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Unknown writes: Sounds: Galvatron before i die i want you to know :koff: I hate ur guts.
sound dies galvatron starts to cry
Galv: Sounds i never said my true feelings
Sledge writes: Is Galvatron's head connected to his body?
ryo777 writes: Galvatron: Hey Soundy, do you think I look SEXIER in my new PURPLE tights. I personally thought I looked FAT in my gray pajamas as Megatron.
Soundwave: Do me a favor Barney...GO AWAY!!
ryo777 writes: Galvatron: Hahahahahahhaaaha, your suntan lotion REALLY SUCKS!!
Soundwave: Look whose talking BLEACHFACE!! If you get any whiter, you could pass as Skeletor from "Masters of the Universe"!
ryo777 writes: GALVATRON: Pssssst...Soundwave, I want to play a NAUGHTY priest, I was wondering if Rumble or Frenzy can come out and be my altar boys.
Unknown writes: SW: the girl looked good to me a good to me! she looked like Pamala Lee After 9 Engaronas Galvy: Oh God Wat Now.........
GT: im sry freind its 2 late :'( good bye old freinD *looks up and in dramatic pose drops 2 knees* DAMN YOU ARAMADA DAMN YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, do you
have a tape so I can record
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"Soundwave what's wrong!" Soundwave:"Evil...Prince tape! Must remove!"
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Unknown writes: galvatron- why can't you talk normal like the rest of us?
Unknown writes: Galvatron: What do you need?!?
Soundwave: A tailorrrrrr. BECAUSE I RIPPED MY PANTS!!!!! Dawahahahahahahahahaha!
Galvatron: Dammit! I thought I forbade anyone from watching Spongebob Squarepants!
Unknown writes: STOP PLAYING KENNY G.!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: galvatron- do you play cd's? i have a great backstreet boys cd. sw- NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: So then I was like, "Dude, fall already. I woulda waited an eternity for this. It is sooo over man." And he was like, "No way, dude!" And he hit over the edge of this ole cliff... Sw: (thinking) Someone plea
raijinald writes: Hypnotist Galvatron: And now, I will break the spell with a kiss.
Will writes: G: You were always my favorite. Keep it up, champ, keep it up :: sniff sniff ::
Alexander writes: Soundwave: I think i can Fly.
Megatron: fine just dont try it again.
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Alexander writes: Soundwave: I think i can Fly.
Megatron: fine just dont try it again.
Unknown writes: Hush Little Protoform
Don't say a word
Daddy's Gone Blow A Planet Up....
Unknown writes: watch this soundwave Right b4 she notices I will have that pickenic basket within seconds!
Glen writes: So anyway, I walked into the Psychiatrists's office, wearing nothing but bubble-wrap underware. She took one look at me and said, "Well, i can clear see your nuts."
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"No Soundwave! No, don't go!"
Unknown writes: Starscream : Wow galvy this is some mad s£!t, you and sound wave look like cardboard
RandomFerret writes: "You are inebriated, my lord."
"Shut up, you drunk! You're the one falling down!"
"I'm going to take a nap."
"I love this guy right here!"
RodimusPrime writes: Galvatron:Soundwave you brave fool! Soundwave:Never let go.
RodimusPrime writes: Galvatron: I will not let you have died in vain. Soundwave:Well actually Im not dead yet. Galv:Ok I will not have let u get mortally wounded in vain. Sound:Actually im feelin quite well. I think ill go for a walk. Galv(thinking to himself}God i love that
Unknown writes: Galvatron: WHAT?! Whaddya MEAN I had a better looking helmet as Megatron?!! I'll have you know that old thing made me look like I had a bucket on my head! A BUCKET!! If it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't find better headgear
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Unknown writes: Galvatron" so Soundwave when did this problem start"
Unknown writes: Soundwave: That cloud looks like Prime...
Unknown writes: Galvy: How did your head get so big?

Soundwave:The same way your di** got small...
Unknown writes: SoundWave: Look that cloud looks like Prime
Galvy: Oh why dont u just marry him!
Unknown writes: "Then I'll touch your.."
Sledge writes: "Galvatron, where's your OTHER hand?"
Soundwave writes: soundwave: i cant feal my legs
Galvatron writes: myself: WAKE UP, BITCH >O!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Galvatron: And then Rodimus threw me out of Unicron, and I thought "oh dear, what will I do now..." Soundwave: ZZZZZ
astrotrain's first friend writes: Galvatron: I am the greatest and best transformer!
Soundwave: More like a tribute.
Galvatron: WHAT???!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Soundwave: Do you think she'll be my girlfriend? Galvatron: Who? Soundwave: Nightpaw. Galvatron: Why you son of a bitch! How dare you hit on my girl!
Unknown writes: What do you mean, Megatron had a bigger dick?
Unknown writes: Did you hear the one about the Decepticon, the hookers and the REALLY big gun...?
Bumblebee writes: Galv: Yoyoyo, Soundy, wazzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!
Soundwave: ...
Unknown writes: "So bro, you'll get the peach shnapps, I'll be right back with the pretzels, OOOkay Soundwave...Soundwave...?"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: But this girl was hot! Soundwave: Careful your wife, Nightpaw could be anywhere. (Nightpaw comes up) Galvatron: oh damn. Nightpaw: Famous last words.
MEGATRON writes: "..and after about three energon beers. She really started to losen up. That's went I said hey, Cyclonus can transform into a starship. Wana ride. ...."
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"I ask you to tape 'Armada', and you forget to do it. What kind of worthless 'Communicator' are you?"
Soundwave:"Sorry. I was downloading Internet porn for Cyclonus, I have to do so
Unknown writes: Now look you can't eat food since you don't have a mouth
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Unknown writes: galvy:poor little bugger
Unknown writes: galvy:food goes in here
Replimus Prime writes: G: "Next time they kick us out of the new TF show. We ruckus!"

SW: "As you command megatron!!"
Chachi writes: SW: "Soundwave superior. Galvatron inferior."
G: "Screw you! My cannon is way better than yours!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave--get up, you fool! The Autobots are getting away!!
Cyberman writes: G: Soundwave, did you know that Hound won the October COTM? S: No.
Unknown writes: G:"I need those directions, Soundwave forgot how to transform himself."
M writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, want to go to the new Super Target on Fairmont?
Cyberman writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, want to go to Best Buy with me?
Unknown writes: Hey, Soundwave..pull my finger!
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Octane writes: G: Soundwave, are you even listening to me?! S: No.
MEGATRON writes: Galvatron: So then I said...

Soundwave: Yes...
Blast Cannon writes: Galvatron: So Soundwave... you want to know about the birds and the beas? Well I should have known this was going to happen... you see...
Unknown writes: As Galvatron explains another plan to defeat the Autobots, Soundwave daydreams about a cute little DVD play he saw at Walmart.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:Do I look silly with my mouth like this? Soundwave:Unable to respond due to fear of death.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:Guess how many golf balls i have in my mouth. Soundwave:........
God Jinrai writes: Soundwave: "Tell me a bedtime story, Galvatron."

Galvatron: "Oh, very well! Once upon a time ...
BLACKBIRD writes: hey,lets give starscream a wedgie
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave what happened to the Seibertron Message Board?
Unknown writes: Galvatron: What happened to the Seibertron Message Board?
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Unknown writes: Galvatron: Watch me suck my thump, Soundwave.
Unknown writes: Soundwave, Smackdown is about to start! I must have one of your tapes!
Unknown writes: Quick Soundwave I must have one of your tapes!
Galvatron writes: QuickSoundwave give me one of your tapes! TF Armada is starting now!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Speak to me ... speak to me...
Soundwave: Information input rejected, operation halted...
Galvatron: !@#$!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, who did this to us?!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Hello Soundwave.
Starscreams_Ghost writes: Soundwave, I am your father.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:Look Soundwave, I can stick my thumb in my mouth.
Unknown writes: What do you mean you see dead people?
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KarentheUnicorn writes: The sound of Galvatron singing "Over the rainbow" Was more than soundwave could stand.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Rockabye Soundwave on the treetop . . .
Unknown writes: Now we pop Soundwave in the oven for 45 minutes until he rises and turns golden brown.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Happy birthday, Soundwave.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: You have but three minutes to entertain me.

Soundwave: What?
Unknown writes: GALVATRON:I told the reborn Optimus Prime THAT HIS 3 MINUTES WERE UP! SOUNDWAVE: HAHAHAHA!
Unknown writes: come on soundwave, give us a kiss! u know u want to!
Unknown writes: Galvatron:Oh, poor Soundwave! Shot on our first date! Soundwave:Nice acting, sir. Galvatron:Acting?
Unknown writes: hush little soundwave dont say a word galvys gonna buy you a new cassette bird and if that bastard dont gonna sing im gonna tear off laser beaks wings!
Unknown writes: S:please take care of little rumble and frenzy and remember to feed ravage every day.G:howzabout if i nail your chest shut instead?
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Unknown writes: SoundWave, remember me that, hicup, we need to buy a new bed, hicup
Unknown writes: galvy:why is my head floating off my body?
sound:cuz youre a hot head
Sledge writes: Galvatron -- "Now we apply a moisturizing cream"
Unknown writes: GET OOF ME. I hate Heavy metal.
G writes: Galvatron: And then I told Rodimus Prime to leave me alone.
Unknown writes: so i said to prime; you better get that trailer off my foot or so help me.
Unknown writes: s: its..its gettin dark g: dude, ur so f**ked up!
Unknown writes: u look pale my friend
Unknown writes: u look pale my friend
Unknown writes: u look pale my friend
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Soundblaster writes: Soundwave: When will I be reisussed?

Galvatron: Soon Soundwave, soon.
Unknown writes: G:"Guess who??"
Unknown writes: And then they lived happly ever after. The End! Now go to sleep!
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"You know, Soundwave, everytime we have a conversation, Frank Welker gets another step closer to losing his mind!"
genericanimefan writes: Galvatron: "Have I told you lately, that I love you?"
davewelttf writes: Galvatron:Did ever tell you about that one time...Ramble,ramble
Unknown writes: g: did u tape that NEW episode of the NEW transformers armada s: opps soory i was taping my soaps
Unknown writes: galvatron:damnit! i need he instrustions!!! to re-bild soundwave hey looks gay!
Unknown writes: Hey Soundwave! Play me some Trance!
Unknown writes: You complete me...
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Pokejedservo writes: Galvatron: Are you telling me that I sound better when Leonard Nimoy was my voice actor?
yo writes: Soundwave, this is no time for a therapy session!
Unknown writes: I am not Galvatron. I am just a holographic image of him.
Unknown writes: Are you telling me that Megatron was better than me?!
x writes: Let me tell you a bedtime story.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: You need to relax.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Lose the old skool cassette crap and get some DVDs!
Unknown writes: yes wouldnt that be fun
Unknown writes: and you said i sucked
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Unknown writes: *insert your own Looney Tunes Esque Slice-up joke here*
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, what happened to us?
Unknown writes: Now go to sleep.
Unknown writes: Go to sleep my Soundwave.
Unknown writes: Soundwave falls to the Tholians
Unknown writes: ... and then the little bunnies lived happily ever after. Now go to sleep!
PrimeTime writes: Ther will be no karaoke sessions under my command, you understand!!!
PrimeTime writes: You did tape that hit, did you??!!!
Unknown writes: G: Honestly, what do you think about my new look ? S: MEGATRON SUPERIOR : GALVATRON INFERIOR
Unknown writes: The new Buff-o-matic works on car hoods, frying pans, and look how it brings a sparling new shine to this old decepticon here.
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Unknown writes: The sales of the transformer busts prompted producers to make a new series.
Unknown writes: I told you left do not listen to Frenzy cause he is terrible at directions now where is our lower torsos?
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave! whats wrong?
Soundwave: Ryo Hazuki keeps posting more Shenmue threads and a new topic everytime he spots an animation error. Please kill me.
Unknown writes: "why are we just torsos?!?"
Unknown writes: see! it DID only take one shot to kill starscream! now give me your shoulder cannon!
Unknown writes: "what do you mean you liked me better when i was megatron?!?"
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