Decepticons cheering!!!

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Decepticons cheering!!!
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trailbreaker writes: Hillary lost !!
Passport writes: 3 CHEERS for BACON HOORAY !! HIP HIP HOORAY !!!
Passport writes: YAY PIZZA !!
Frenchhorngirl writes: And so the disintegration of Wheelie begins...
Frenchhorngirl writes: And here comes the Kool-Aid...
Zeedust writes: Mardi Gras on Charr left much to be desired.
Starazor writes: As it turns out, Decepticons like to watch the World Cup too. Especially after the incident with Zidane,
Judynator writes: HURRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judynator writes: Megatron:

" I like to move it, move it!
I like to move it, move it!
I like to move it, move it!
You like to..."




"All girls all over the world,
Original mad stuntman pon ya case m
seminole1 writes: Announcer over intercom: Toys R Us is now open for business, chrismas shoppers you may come on in and start shopping.
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Lich Lord Dranas writes: All:No more late fees!
Roadshadow writes: Decepticons: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! The Patriots won!
Zeedust writes: Our worst fears have been realized. The Decepticons have learned the Numa Numa Dance.
DarkDranzer writes: *What pees Galvatron off: Take 3*


*That song and the appearance of his pacifist and somewhat stupid twin brother who he hates and wants destroyed ASAP Trongalv.*
Starbeam writes: Springer (disguised as Galvatron: "We're all going to the Energon Pub!"
Decepticons: "Yay!"
Springer (with Galvatron's credit card): "I'm buying!"
Decepticons: "Yay!"

Fortunately, the Autobots&#
Marv writes: Guys! Soundwave's finally back with the takeout!!!
Marv writes: We're canceling the show!! We're letting you all out of your contracts!!
Marv writes: Galvatron's new policy of having all Decepticons participate in morning gymnastics before starting work proved to be surprisingly popular.
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Marv writes: All Decepticons realised this was a moment or the history of them had actually hit his intened target! All rejoiched.
Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "Welcome back, Mister Major. We missed you."

Rodimus Prime: "It ends tonight."
Demona writes: all: SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
galvy: n__n aww yous guys are sweet!
Demona writes: DING DONG! the witch is dead!
Uber_Kosh writes: Woooooooo!!!! We won for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kal-Seth writes: Decepticon HQ upon eharing the end of Armada has Came
Tiedye writes: Megatron- "Decepticons rejoice!" "The show F.R.I.E.N.D.S is finally canceling!!!!"
BlItZeR writes: They are watching the superbowl half-time show...ooh yaah
Unknown writes: Soundwave:Hey guys, the Patriots won the Superbowl! All:YAY!
Unknown writes: Y.M.C.AAaaaaa
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Hot Rodimus writes: who wants sloopy seconds?
jetmaster2000 writes: Jazz hands!
Shadow Fox writes: Alright, great show everyone, don't forget to return the robot armor as it is only a rental!!
Unknown writes: WE'RE GOIN' STREAKIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ionacus writes: when the destrons see the real brittney/madonna/christina kiss they cheered
ionacus writes: the real brittney/madonna/cristina kiss
Unknown writes: YAAAYYYY!!! Cybertron United won the FA Cup!!
Unknown writes: Hooray! We got cherry pie!
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Unknown writes: "Hoooraaaayyyyyy!!"
"We destroyed Baghdad, Hussein is Dead!!"
menasor writes: "Guess what gang? Were going to the Toy Store!!!"
Zeedust writes: "Ding dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead..."
Autobot bubbs writes: YAY! Another Plot Gap!!!
ultramegatron writes: anouncer: galvatron you've just defeated the autobots what are you going to do now. galvatron: im going to decepticonland
Alirion writes: "And it's going, it's's GOOD! IT'S GOOD! Decepticon Army beats Autobot Navy for the six billionth straight year!"
K-nonFodder writes: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricochet writes: Galvatron: I am going to leave for 20 minutes
Nightshadow writes: Galvatron is dead! *cheering*
Unknown writes: They cancelled Armada
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Unknown writes: Is it just me, or does that grey and blue seeker behind you, Motormaster, looks like a fembot?
Unknown writes: Starscreams dead.
Unknown writes: YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! WE SUCK!
Unknown writes: "Who Wants Pie?"
Ricochet writes: Gravatron was captured and their leader was now Arcee who betrayed the autobots!
ionacus writes: yea!!!! laserbeaks in brittney spears bedroom!!!!!
zach writes: oh yeah yankees won the series!!
Unknown writes: *Singing* Its fun to stay at the YMCA !!
Unknown writes: domo artigoto Mr. Roboto
Unknown writes: Galvatron:by strategically killing all the smart autobots we win the war!
Crowd of Decepticons: yey!
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Unknown writes: Glavatron: My fellow Deseticons, tonight me cerlibrate, Arcee and Cyclona are getting hitched!!!!
Unknown writes: T-shirts 50% off?
Unknown writes: Galvatron is dead? WOOHOO!
Unknown writes: WE SUCK~!!!!!!!
Ratbat writes: Decepticons: Yah, even under Galvatron's leadership, we won a fight!
**Gunshots, screams**
Unknown writes: All: UNION! UNION! UNION! UNION! UNION!
Unknown writes: Yah We Killed Rodimus...
What We Kill A Boy Dressed Up Like Him...... YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh
Unknown writes: And the winner of Idols 2003 is......(drumbs)...... Hubcap!!
PlasmaRadio writes: "Tonight's pot luck dinner is pants optional"
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PlasmaRadio writes: "Attention all decepticons! Tonights forced veiwing of Will and Grace has been cancelled. Carry on."
Unknown writes: Surprise!
Unknown writes: TOUCHDOWN!!!!
macabremouse writes: Yay, we're poorly drawn
Unknown writes: THEY CANCELED ARMADA!?
Unknown writes: Unbeknownst to the decepticons Galvatron hid in the crowd to see how they would approve of him attacking the autobots solo. The Decepticons soon had many job openings.
Unknown writes: All: Sailor Moon's been defeated! Huzzah!
Unknown writes: who likes short shorts? "WE LIKE SHORT SHORTS!"
MindWipe writes: Y M C A!!!!its fun to stay at the Y M C A!!!
Broadside writes: Up and down come on people work those booties
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Unknown writes: Galvatron:"I'm going to hawii!" Everyone: Yay Yay.
Unknown writes: Merry Xmas!
Unknown writes: Decepticons: Ooh, ooh! Galvatron is going to stagedive off the mountain! Everyone, ready...set...and on my signal, we move aside.
Starscream writes: now that you lost the great war, what are you gonna do?...decepticons: WE'REGOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!"
Unknown writes: galvatron:"who wants pie?!" decepticons:YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
Unknown writes: This what the Decepticons do before training session: YMCA!
Unknown writes: And both Starscream & Wheelie were dead.And there was much rejoicing-YAYY!!!!!
Unknown writes: "I'm wearing longjohns," Galvatron gloated.
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Unknown writes: Happy Halloween!
Unknown writes: Something's amiss at the Happiest Place on Earth.
Unknown writes: When Cybertron gets 1500 channels of Japanese porn.
Unknown writes: Galvatron is free to live life, thanks to Depends (tm)!
Unknown writes: This picture ain't right
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Dorsey misses his man! Ohio State wins the Fiesta Bowl!!!!
Unknown writes: Hooray!
Brawn's dead!
gabriel writes: Yayyy! Prime Kicked Baby Starscream!
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Silverwynde writes: Raise your hands, raise your hands if you're SURE!
USAF Prime writes: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!!!! (they watched Monty Python again)
Unknown writes: Unfortunately, all the Decepticons saw ARMADA... and enjoyed it.
Unknown writes: Unfortunately, the Decepticons saw Saturday Night Fever-and enjoyed it!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Alright now, someone stepped on Wheelie, super-glued Blurr's mouth shut, insulted Rodimus' leadership qualities, made sure Optimus Prime STAYED dead, and hunted down all those who even considered making "Armada.&q
Unknown writes: yippiie we lost from the autobots again
Unknown writes: optimus:optimus says raise arms
Unknown writes: "YEAH! We don't have to watch ARMADA today!"
Manchester Devil writes: Galvatron: I took Elita 1 to the bedroom for playtime!
Decepticons: YEAH!!
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Unknown writes: Its Fun To destroy the Y-M-C-A-!!!
Unknown writes: the decepticons reaction to Arcee posing for "Playbot"
Unknown writes: YAH!!! SCHOOL'S OUT!!! HORRAY!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron Rapping: Now throw your hands in the air, and wave like you just don't care, and if yer not a square, from Delaware, and you got on clean underwear, and yo mama ain't on welfare, somebody say, "OH YEAH!"
Unknown writes: Dallas does it again 14 to 7! Yippie!
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"Um, guys, you can put your arms down." Decepticons:"We can't! They're stuck!"
Unknown writes: The defeat of the Decepticons was not brought about by the brilliant leadership of Optimus Prime. Nor was it because of Megatron's over-ambitious nature. No, the cause of their defeat was when Devastator tried to do a stage dive.
Unknown writes: Y M C A
RandomFerret writes: Somebody told them the entire Transformers franchise was dropping down like a roller coaster. "Wheeee!!"
Unknown writes: Free Popcorn!
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Manchester Devil writes: Galvatron: Optimus Prime stayed dead! Cons: YAY!!
astrotrain's first friend writes: one word: creepy
Unknown writes: Hey Ho!! Hey Ho!!
Unknown writes: Whats the matter abe?...

This is as fast as i can move
genocide writes: "finally we don't make that stupid noise everytime we transform"
Unknown writes: (In a Singaporean style)
Merdeka, Destrons! Merdeka, Destrons! (Merdeka is a Malay word for national glory.)
Unknown writes: A lone voice:can someone call a doctor we all seem to have rusted like this with arms acting like radio transmiters
Unknown writes: The Decepticons doing a vey poor dance video for YMCA!
Unknown writes: The Decepticons doing a vey poor dance video for WMCA!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Enerjoints and Bean Burritos for all, MUAHAHAHA!

Crowd: -Cheer-
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Unknown writes: Touchdown, Touchdown. Packers win it
Unknown writes: We are so smart! We are so smart! S-M-R-T!
Dynamus Prime writes: If you think Armada needs better animation, raise your hand...
Unknown writes: *CRACK* Nightpaw: And here we have a case of arm lockjaw.
Unknown writes: [Galvatron] OK Everyone, it's my shout!
Unknown writes: Don't put your arms down, the bombs up our asses will go off!
Unknown writes: YES! We finaley beat those autobots pussys and now we can all gat s£!tface!
Unknown writes: ok everyone lets do
Bumblebee writes: Sure (do doo doo doo doo do) Unsure (hahh hahh hahh) know...the
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Chachi writes: Cyclonus: "We're scrapping like slargs over a few piddly energon cubes. Is this the fate of the once-mighty Decepticons!?"
Decepticons: "YAAAAAY We're doomed!"
Battle Angel writes: And one, and two, and three, come on, feel the burn!
Shade writes: No that cyber trout was this big! No really, it was this big!
Unknown writes: The cheer thundered from the ranks as Galvatron stood upon the mountain and plugged in the final cord, and throwing his arms into the air, he proclaimed, "FREE PORN FOR ALL!"
Unknown writes: Uh i didn't say simon says!
Unknown writes: Uh i didn't say simon says!
Unknown writes: Touchdown!
Vector Sigma writes: "Bonds hits one out of the Park!!"
Unknown writes: Go Steeelers, hut, hut, hut! TOUCHDOWN!!
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MEGATRON writes: Singing: "Everybody is at the YMCA. YMCA."
Unknown writes: Due to a surge of interest in self-help, Torkulon doctors have finally cured the Decepticons of their aggresive behaviours; unfortunately, this causes a horrific effect in the Transformers fandom known specifically as SNADdom. But none of the Decepticons
Unknown writes: Somebody stepped on Wheelie!!!!YAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!
Unknown writes: Nightpaw: Did we finally do something right?
Unknown writes: It's fun to stay at the YMCA. It's fun to stay at the YMCA
Replimus Prime writes: I wanna know what Galvitron's doing in the ranks of the enlisted.
TeleTran2005 writes: We actually beat the Autobots!
Unknown writes: and it was on this day the deceptacons discoverd the before carly for bots archives
Suzuki writes: GO PACKERS!!!!!!
Sky-Byte writes: OUR ARMS ARE STUCK!
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Unknown writes: ...And there was much rejoycing... (Cons: Yay...)
Replimus Prime writes: (in reference to Chachi)

"In the short and stubby Energon cube!!"
Chachi writes: "Hooray beer!"
Replimus Prime writes: And the peseants rejoice!!

DrSpengler writes: sense...
Unknown writes: Galvatron goes on to the drug sniffing extreme games.
Unknown writes: Yaaaayyyy!!! We finally win a battle with the Autobots!!!
Cyberman writes: Rodimus: These kids decided to dress up as Decepticons for Halloween, man what were they smoking?
Unknown writes: HORRAY FOR HOUND!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: YMCA!!
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Unknown writes: Decepticons: Welcome to seibertron!!!! Hey lets all do the YMCA dance...Y-M-C-A!!!!
Cyberman writes: SPECIAL OLYMPICS!
Unknown writes: 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? Galvatron! Galvatron! GALVATRONNN!
Unknown writes: "Spesul ed"??? HAHAHAHAHAH
Unknown writes: YAY! NO MORE SCHOOL!
Unknown writes: Hasbro releases Scorponok Yeaaaaahhh!!!!
and the Seibertron Message board is back yeahhh
Prowl writes: The Decepticon spesel ed class.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:Who do you love Decepticons!?! Decepticons:Optimus!!! Galvatron:What the!?!
Hound writes: Galvitron:Boose for evereyone!!!
Unknown writes: what fort max? you mean reissue? or what soz to make it a forum but i must know!im from uk
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Unknown writes: all: WHHAAAAAAAAOOOOOOO bodyform, bodyform for you.
Unknown writes: The field goal... is good! The Decepticons win the Cybertron Bowl
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Hey guys, I just cloned myself!
Unknown writes: Soundwave:Hey guys! Our crate of the newest issue of Playbot just arrived!
Unknown writes: WWE RAW!!!!!!
Unknown writes: WELCOME TO CHARR!
joshua writes: Go! Go! Go-bots! Transforming Go-bot!
Bumble_Bug writes: all: *heads bangs* RAISE YOUR HANDS IF YOUR A SINNER!! *all raise hands*
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: FREE BEER FOR EVERYONE!

Decepticons: YAY!!!!!
Unknown writes: yay our energon pizza arrived in more than 30 minutes!
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Unknown writes: YAY!!! hasbro finaly releases the U.S. Fort Max!
Unknown writes: YAY!!! hasbro finaly releases the U.S. Fort Max!
Unknown writes: YAY!!! hasbro finaly releases the U.S. Fort Max!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Galvatron lives!
Unknown writes: WAZZZUP!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Rodimus: What was Galvatron smoking when he made up Decepticon decoys?
Unknown writes: Decepticons started usins poorly illustrated Carboard cutouts as decoys.
Rodimus: what was Galvatron Smoking when he thought this up?
Unknown writes: Ok raise your hands in the air...Ohhh got ya,Simon didnt say.
Unknown writes: All right, nobody make a move. Hand over the wallets!
Unknown writes: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome- NSYNC
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Unknown writes: Thats a wrap on Rebirth! Congrats guys, this show is gonna run forever!!!!
D-Boy writes: Yes! The new Autobots toys are here!
Unknown writes: YMCA, Everybody
Optimus Primevil writes: Orewa sempaiii.....
basketuball man...
Unknown writes: ........(all) we need a hug!!!
Skids writes: "Greenberg won! Metro Titan is still under Decepticon rule! Woo hoo!"
Unknown writes: Decepticons: YEAH!!!!.....
Vince Carter with a crossover dribble and had just dunked on someone.
JAZZ writes: Silly humans, we do not need deodorant!!
Prowl Pants writes: Huzzah for the paper tipper!
Optimus Primevil writes: Bob Skir is dead!!!
Bob Skir is dead!!!
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Unknown writes: OREOS FOR EVERYONE!!!!
Unknown writes: clap your hands to the beat! everybody just clap your hands to the beat!
benjamin writes: Raise your hand!
Unknown writes: Raise your hand, raise your hand if sure!
Unknown writes: WE HAVE A NEW HOME!!!!
Blast Cannon writes: And there was much rejoicing, Decepticons: Yayyyyy!
Unknown writes: Hoaray to the big rock!!!
Unknown writes: "This is the day, this is the day; that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made..."
grimlock writes: *The peasants rejooce*.....................yay........
Unknown writes: Allright, who wants Arcee next ?!!
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Unknown writes: "Yayyyyy!!!!We live on a slaghole planet at the ass-end of the galaxy!! HOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Unknown writes: gggooooaaaallllllllllll!!!!!!!!!
trypticon writes: Its GOOOOOOOOOOOD, BURRRRP, bring on the BEER!
Unknown writes: IT FUN TO STAY AT THE
Y . M . C . A!!!!
Unknown writes: Decepticon Yoga. :P
Unknown writes: Richard Simmons : " Lets go people! Shake those afterburners...."
G writes: GALVATRON LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JAZZ writes: "Have fun!"
Unknown writes: I can smell your armpits a mile away.
Unknown writes: "Time for deoderant!" Decepticons:YAY!
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Riptide writes: Welcome to the Cybertron Nudist Colony.
Unknown writes: Ceeelllaaaabrate good times! Come ON!!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus we are going to find our long lost leader galvatron
Galvatron: im right here
Cyclonus well then a sane one
Cyberman writes: Celebration!
Unknown writes: Decepticon after party...Raise the roof.
Unknown writes: Happy over the discovery of "performance enhancer", Devastator is not the only thing getting bigger!
Unknown writes: Happy over the discovery of "performance enhancer", Devastator is not the only thing getting bigger!
Unknown writes: Pie!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Horray! Destron Soccer Team kick their asses!!
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Unknown writes: alvatron: Horray! Destron Soccer Team kick their asses!!
Unknown writes: Raise your hands in the air!
Alpha Prime writes: "Who likes Pepsi-Blue?"
Riptide writes: The village people are reuniting!!
Unknown writes: Enduring another hallucination due to incanity, Galvatron makes all the Decepticons hold up the sky till they run out of energon.
Unknown writes: YMCA!
Unknown writes: LAUGHTER, imprisioning me, all that i see, absolute horror....
Unknown writes: We got Energon Beer
Unknown writes: Left alone to there own devices they had no choice...Margaritas time!
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Unknown writes: Decepticon aerobics:
Now everyone streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch your muscles
Ironhide writes: I once caught a sharkticon this big!!!!!
Unknown writes: You are all under arrest!
max writes: And the crowd goes wild!!
Unknown writes: Blaster rapping in the background: "Everybody thro yo handz in dee air..."
Shadowman writes: The Decepticons always loved armpit inspection.
Unknown writes: WHO LIKES SHORT SHORTS???
Unknown writes: we need hugs!!!!!!!!!
hannibal writes: Our contracts with Hasbro are up!!!
Rodimus Major writes: the decepticons caught red-handed at 9-11
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Alpha Prime writes: "Okay, who wants to watch Turbo Teen?"
TRoN writes: GOAL!!!!!!!
The Matrix writes: The Decepticons at Cheerleader tryouts.
Unknown writes: We wish to welcome you to Munchkin land!
*a munchkin sneaks in the back and hangs himself *
Pokejedservo writes: Decepticons in pic: LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!
Unknown writes: If Richard Simmons led the Decepticons....
Unknown writes: The new Right Guard trials for robots prove to be a success.
Unknown writes: We may have only 5 points of articulation, but we can still celebrate ! *moves arms in a cirlce slowly*
Royal writes: FINALLY we can get off this crumpy planet!
Unknown writes: Alright! Surprise DO inspection!
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Botch the Crab writes: Who wants ice cream?
Unknown writes: Hooray for the................Destrons?!
Slappyfrog writes: Time to practice our maniacal battle laughs!
REDEYE writes: The Decepticons cheered as they heard the entire animation department had been sacked...
Unknown writes: The quality of animation in a future episode of Transformers: Armada.
Metroplex writes: Decepticons: Starscream is gone and there is no one to bully us now!
Unknown writes: Dirge: Now do the French!
Decepticons: We surrender! Hahahaha!
Motormaster: Haha! A classic!
Unknown writes: Common everybody! "Y-M-C-A!"
Unknown writes: Cybertron, where everybody knows your name.
Unknown writes: Common everybody! "Y-M-C-A!"
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Unknown writes: the sons of bitchs finally brought G1 back
majic9ball writes: now we can hunt monkeys with nail-guns, we love galvatron
majic9ball writes: now we can hunt monkeys with nail-guns, i love galvatron
majic9ball writes: now we can hunt monkeys with nail-guns
Riptide writes: Everyone: Welcome to Cybertron where the energon is good and the ladies are fine....
Unknown writes: "Ding, dong, the witch is dead..."
Unknown writes: Nightbird and Blackarachnia mudwrestling!!!HAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Decepticons: The Autobots are doomed!
Shermtron writes: were all going to die....
Unknown writes: "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
Unknown writes: Horray!
davewelttf writes: alright, we lost YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: G1 Transformers for everyone!!!
Unknown writes: Happy birthday!
Private_Random writes: After eating Daniel and Wheelie, there was much rejoice. "Yaaaaayyy!!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: haya, i got we won the lottery!!!
Unknown writes: The Decepticons after Unicron ate the ship in wich Daniel, Wheelie and Hot Shot traveled.
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frogbat writes: and so the evil juventus squad cheer after their last scudetto
Unknown writes: GALVATRON:Everyone, do the Y-M-C-A!
Unknown writes: "yay lets all kill osama and hussaine
Unknown writes: Armada has been canceled!
Unknown writes: Amada has been canceled!
Unknown writes: finally shipped!!!
Unknown writes: Happy Birthday Transformers Sept 17, 1984-Sept 17, 2002
Unknown writes: Happy Birthday Transformers Sept 17, 1984-Sept 17, 2002
Unknown writes: Proof that th Transformers are Japaneese, morning calastenics
SlagMaker writes: The Decepticons do their "Cheers" impression. "Hi Norm!"
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Fanboy X writes: Galvatron: Look everyone! I have mastered the art of being in two places at once! Deceps: HOORAY!
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