Ultra Magnus holding Constructicons

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Ultra Magnus holding Constructicons
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Wolfman Jake writes: Thanks to Earth's atmosphere, Ultramagnus can only battle evil on Earth for three minutes at a time before returning to space to replenish his solar energy reserves.
Rainmaker writes: Ultra Magnus: CHEAP SLAGGING KNOCK OFFS ARE SO LOOSE
Rainmaker writes: Ultra Magnus: Y'know, you guys just aren't fit to be legends class.
MagnusLabel writes: “I HAVE ALL THE GUYS EVER MADE!”
Zetatron writes: Scrapper: Wait, shouldn't this be the other way around?
Hook: Shush...It's season 3, scale is the least of our problems. Just be glad we're getting some screen time.
trailbreaker writes: Look what I found on EBAY !
Rainmaker writes: Ultra Magnus stop playing with your dolls-er action figures!
Black Hat writes: The sad thing is, if you compare the original toys, this is more or less to scale.
Chrisby writes: I knew I shouldn't have bought the KO giftset. These joints aren't tight at all!
Godzillabot Primal writes: These new Legends class Constructicons rock!
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Heckfire writes: "Hewwo, Mista Scwapper...hewwo, Mista Hook...how awe you today...fine, Mista Hook..."
"Okay, put us down now."
SentinelA writes: When did I become the size of Devastator?
Thyunda writes: Ultra Magnus: I. Do. Not. Look. Like. Terminator!!!
Zeedust writes: When they stop selling your toy, terrible, horrible humiliation will befall you. -- Campfire horror story amonst cartoon characters.
DeltaSilver88 writes: Optimus: All right!! Who let Magnus into the steroid cabinet???
Roadshadow writes: UM: Finally, my own action figures of the Constructicons!
Scrapper: I hate it when Hasbro makes us toy-scaled with Ultra Magnus...
Blaster_6267 writes: Hook: "lay off the steriods"
UM: "Never"
*crushing sound endures*
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Hook: Stupid humans
UM: I two to the better three more and i will have a full set the can merge
Rodimus (Off) Put them down Magnus, you don't know where they been (Laughs?)
UM: Oh animation error
DarkDranzer writes: UM: Na,na,na,na HEY!! *smacks them together* Na,na,na,na,na HEY!! *smacks them together again* Nananana, na,na,na,na,na HEY!! *smacks them together again*

Hook: What? Don't look at me like that!! It was YOUR idea in the first place!!

juggaloG writes: U: Alright, Constructicreeps! We're taking you prisoner & stopping your evil plans PERMANENTLY!
S: I HATE being out of scale in the cartoons!
H: You said it, Scrapper!
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cipher98 writes: Magnus:Thanks for the gift guys! These toys are awesome!

Scrapper and Hook:Help!

Scrapper: We're Shrinky-dinks!

Magnus:YA-HOO! Ican put them in the oven!

Hook:And his techspecs say 8.
Magnus writes: No no, it's nothing. I just always figured you'd be bigger in person.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Great 4 more of these and I can make them form Devestator,oh wait that would be bad.Man I gotta remember that."
Zeedust writes: Magnus: "I hate to admit it, but this was more impressive when Rhinox did it with Scorponok and Terrorsaur in "Dark Designs"."
Scooter writes: If I can just shove 2 more of these up my ass, then I win!
Unknown writes: Unknown to the other Autobots, Ultra Magnus likes to spend his free time playing with his Constructicon action figures.
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: Now what do we have here? Constructicons: *gulp*
Shadow Fox writes: Ultra Magnus- Heh heh, look mommy, I just got the new constructicon figures through the mail..they look so awesome!!!
Unknown writes: Transformers...more than meets the eye...bang!..pow..peeeew!
he,..he,..he...form devastator.
Unknown writes: Dr. Magnus:"Congratulations on the birth of your twins Mr and Mrs Devastator, and by the looks of things...a healthy baby boy and a girl."
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Ricochet writes: Ultra Magnus: Ok, you 2 kiss and make up!
Unknown writes: UM:hey mommy i want this one and this one and this one. oooooh mommy they go to gether like this crash crash crash.
SilverStar writes: LOOK Rodiums Constuction Mincons! Does this mean I'm in the Armada show?
K-nonFodder writes: oooh look what i got for christmas , maybe i can finally pull out my left overs from the fourth of july
Unknown writes: Magnus (as Barbie): "Oh, Ken, you're so handsome!" (as Ken) "Oh, Barbie, you're so beautiful! Mwah mwah mwah!!"
Constructicons: "Is it me, or is he a dumbed-down version of Optimus Prime?&
thexfile writes: Ultra Magnus : so you thought you'd get away with it e... now lets do something constructive (smashes them together)
Unknown writes: In the name of both Jack Angel and the late great Robert Stack, I will crush you both!
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: I like to keep the girl the one who love them, I know they want to be a bot, I'm easy as the pie.
Female autobots: easy as the pie
Ultra Magnus: Great to go fly
Female Autobots: Great to go fly
Ultra Magnus: Ultra Magnus
Unknown writes: Magnus: ya know, guys.....I think we got the whole beast machines scale problem down to an art now.
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Unknown writes: You got 'ta collect them all.
Pokejedservo writes: In loving memory of Robert Stack whom died at 5/15/03 RIP.
Decepticon writes: U.M:"Transform damnit! Why won't you transform?"
Unknown writes: "Alright Wheelie, I'll explain sex one more tim....now say Scrapper is the mommy..."
Unknown writes: This one looks amazing with all of those. Good luck.
Unknown writes: U. M.: Okay, how do these things go together? Oh, wait, I think I got it. Mixmaster and Scrapper are the arms and Bonecrusher and Scavenger are the legs, and Hook is the waste and Long Haul is the chest!!

The Modified Devestator: NOW we'll
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: How can these things be this small and combine to be twice the size of me?
Unknown writes: Yay I got the whole set.
zach writes: and i thought i was small
Unknown writes: Ultra's Mom: "Magnus!! Put your toys away and eat you dinner before it gets cold!!!"
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Unknown writes: They sure don't make Decepticon toys like they used to.
Unknown writes: these are bootlegs no wonder they are so big! damn you cheap chinese bootlegs!
Unknown writes: "argh.....u wont escape my wrath!"
"never! i will rule the world!!!"
Unknown writes: Scrapper: Y'know... I can think of at least 9 other places I'd rather be right about now.
Ratbat writes: UM: Now, we don't have toilet paper and you fit in my ass. Do the math.
Hook: Aw ----.
Scrapper: That we have to wipe.
Unknown writes: Man these toys suck ass (literaly)!
Unknown writes: scrapper: Jezz, somebody's takin' steroids. Quick, combine!
Unknown writes: scrapper: Jezz, somebody's takin' steroids. Quick, combine!
Unknown writes: C'mon, Constructi boys, keep it clean or I'll let u fall very, very deep.
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Unknown writes: *to the autobots* Hey guys..do you think if i bang them together they;ll make that cool spark thing?
Galvatron writes: Cool toys but I can't get them to stand up when I combine them to Devastator. And why is my toy Devastator about the same height as my toy Blaster?
Unknown writes: Hey guys check out my new dolls...
Ultra Magnus writes: you guys stop fighting and be friends.
Unknown writes: alright new mini-cons ok where u merge on to me
Unknown writes: Ultramegs: ok hook transform *hook transforms* *ultrames sctraches his ass with hook* ahhhh much better
macabremouse writes: I vill krush you like bugg!
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus presents two Constructicons to the producers of Armada so he can be in it.
Unicron writes: And this will be the part when Scrapper apoligizes to Hook and make up...
Unknown writes: The Constructicons hate the fact they were the ones who put the steroids into Magnus's energon
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Broadside writes: Now now you two stop squabling we all know that Armada's better
MindWipe writes: looky paw looky what i found for dinner! lets skinem' an eat em' ooooowee
Unknown writes: Now I will force your two to merge, but in a different way and instead of becoming one, you will cum on each other.
Unknown writes: now i will make you both give me head!
Unknown writes: Who says transformers aren't for girls?
Unknown writes: ultra magnus: man i just got the hot new constructicon figures. i wish i had them all to make devistator.....WAITAMINUTE!
Unknown writes: "Get in Mah Belly!"
Unknown writes: "... hug them and squeeze them and call them George."
Unknown writes: Cute little guys, aren't they? Don't turn your back, though. They'd sell their own mother for a glass of bourbon and a coat hanger.
Unknown writes: hey guys I found more minicons!
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Unknown writes: Scrapper: "Wait until we get back to our right size and then you'll be sorry." Magnus: "Yeah, Likes that's going to happen."
Unknown writes: Yeah, you little beeyatches! You're not so tough without forming Devastator, are ya!
tfpredaking writes: Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
Battle Angel writes: And you somehow manage to combine to become taller than I am... Well, let's see how you combine! Come on, do it!
Unknown writes: Which one of you guys is the Beastie Boy?
Unknown writes: Ultra mag- Screw Gi-Joe!! I got these guys
Kamikazecon writes: "They followed me home, can I keep 'em?"
Maximus writes: for primus sake hot rod if i have to pick up your toys again i'll.....
Unknown writes: Someone left the Steroids lying around
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: WOW!! That super growth formula I ordered really does work guys, now it's time for you two to get a little closer!!!
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Unknown writes: Ul-Mag: Smashy smashy!
Unknown writes: Kiss and make up.
Unknown writes: I'll Teach you to suck-Zip- My Pecker! Muh hahahahahaah
Unknown writes: now let's see if i remember how to form devestator.
Unknown writes: Magnus: "Time to play dollhouse!" *wicked grin*
Unknown writes: After playing a pokemon video game and sucessfully breeding two Pikachus, Ultra Magnus tried doing the same with constructicons. If only it had been sucessful.
Unknown writes: UM:I wander whichone will break first
Shadow writes: UM: Okay, this is the last time I going to say this, I DON'T WANT TO PLAY. Now, get outta here before I reconstruct you like a mix-and-match puzzle.
Unknown writes: Now You Two play Nice Or I'll Seperate you.
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Ultra Magnus writes: four more and i can mail away for a megatron.
Unknown writes: Magnus: Damn these "Construtions" High Quality Genuine Bootlegs, it's worse than my "Stunned Icons" or my "Petty Cons."
Unknown writes: What? The Constructicons turned into Micromasters? Oh no... NO! NOT CARNAGE IN C MINOR! HAVE MERCY, GALVATRON!
Unknown writes: Hook: can it possibly get even more demeaning?
Scrapper: Why yes, we can get our rep destroyed by hanging out with Martha Stewart again.
Ultramagnus:But that wout ruin your C10 mint condition value!
Both Constructicons: Shut up you!
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus:"Kiss, you two! Kiss!!" Constructicons:"Noooooooooooooo!!!!"
Nightbeat writes: Boss, you wanna them baked or raw?
Unknown writes: Thats it enough on these crappy animaters. Im sick of changing heights. Maybe i can be on a disney cartoon. sorry lads i gotta learn me lines
RandomFerret writes: "Iron chefs! THIS will be your special ingredient today!"
RodimusPrime writes: And then Ken came home from work to the Malibu Dream House... H.Rod:Magnus you do realize those arent Ba- Prime:Just let it be. All Autobots: "Let it be, let it be, let it beeee." Prime:O s£!t wut have i done.
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Firestorm writes: SCORE! Constructicon PVCs!
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus- "ALRIGHT! More Minicons!"
Scavenger- "Psst. Think he knows we're really-"
Hook- "Shut up, man! Copyrights!"
Manchester Devil writes: "Honey! I shrunk the Consturcticons!"
Unknown writes: Look Prime! I got the last two Constructicon toys I need! Now I can form Devestator! Wait a minute! The pin is missing on this one! Curse you eBay!
Unknown writes: Look...Decepticon cymbals! [Crassshhhh!]
Unknown writes: You boys have been bad....now it's time to have a spanking....
Unknown writes: "now you two play nice!"
Hound writes: um:sh$$ these arnt gundams
Hound writes: um:you guys ever wonder what heppens to constucticons that mess with gundams constr:no um:ur aboute to find out
constr: ahhh sh$$
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus:Hey Hot Rod,look what i got for christmas!!
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Firefly writes: aww...
you two are so cute
Firefly writes: aww...
you two are so cute
Unknown writes: "Look, I've found some baby Deceptions, can I keep 'em?"
gabriel writes: Ummm How much for these Constructicons?
ras writes: yes! I now have a complete devastator.
aww dammit, hook has chrome wear.
Unknown writes: Now I've told you boys before, if you're not going to play nice, then you don't play at all!
Unknown writes: Okay, which one of you dumbasses took out my Constructicons out of their packaging, you just devalued them!
Unknown writes: Magnus:"You guys ever see what happens when you blow up toy robots with firerackers?" Constructicons:"Uh....No..." Magnus:"You're about to find out!"
Bumblebee writes: UM: ::immitating Scrapper::"We love powerful god Ultra Magnus! They should fire Galvatron and Rodimus Prime and make him in charge!"
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Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: Cool!!!!!I only need four more Constructicons to build Devestator!!!
Victory Saber writes: I love reecee's to peices!!!!!
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus:Oh little Constructicons it's time for bed!
Battle Angel writes: Yeah, brings be back to the days when I was a wee little bot. Used to smash my action figures together... odd, they never made noises like that before.
Unknown writes: "These new armada figures suck, Mom, where's my POOTIE!?!?!"
Vector Sigma writes: "CRAP!! I wanted Chicken Dance Elmo for Christmas!!"
Unknown writes: Imagine the sheer horror on Ultra Magnus's face when it was revealed to the Autobots that he still played with dolls...
Unknown writes: know kiss and make up
Replimus Prime writes: Magnus: YES!! I can finally do something useful!!

Hot Rod (to Prime): Good going big bot, why didn't you jsut buy the new PVC Megs instead.

Optimus (scratching his chin) :Hmmm.........next Christmas
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Unknown writes: I've got Hook and Scrapper, now I just need 4 more!
Unknown writes: Magnus: Payback for what you guys did in the movie...
Scrapper: Ah S---
Chachi writes: UM: "Rraaaargh!"
Constructicons: "Oh, s£!t! ROID RAGE!"
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus:never thougt get big of cons
Unknown writes: a bad day for the constructicons
Rodimus Major writes: CLEAR!! Wait a darn minute..... These arent the heart paddles!
Unknown writes: ..and I sleep in a VAN down by the RIVER!
Unknown writes: Yes do me a favor. Merge to become Devastator so I can have a slighty bigger opponent....
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Unknown writes: All you Constructicons belong to Magnus
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus in feminin Hook voice: "....All save you scrapper!"
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus:Have you two ever thought about buying life insurence?
Unknown writes: scrapper & hook: put us down! its spike an daniel!!!!
Prowl Pants writes: Check out the Botcon Europe exclusives I got!
Unknown writes: I now pronouce you dollies, decepticon and wife, you may kiss the bride.
ThunderCracker writes: damn these new toys dont got batterys????
Unknown writes: $10 for these worthless pieces a scrap!?
Unknown writes: This is only one of the many ways Decepticons are bred.............
Rodimus Major writes: what did i tell you
about playing in traffic?
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Unknown writes: Who needs G.I. Joes when I have these?
Unknown writes: real G1 figures 100 bucks ah hell!
JAZZ writes: Jazz (out of screen): Hey Magnus, I see you found the gifts Arcee was gonna give to ya... UM: I actually wanted the Stunticons!
Unknown writes: Hook and scrapper sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
Mach Alert writes: Prepare to be Knockoffs.Mwuhahahahaa
Unknown writes: Trade you my Hook and Scrapper for your Starscream..?
Z500 writes: Hey, look what I found!
Unknown writes: A different ball game without all 5 of you, huh?
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus hawks genuine C-9 toys.
Amph writes: well i gues you diden´t feel so lucky punks
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toys writes: i need some new toys to play with!! these are to old for me!!
Royal writes: Ultra Magnus: Ok which of these form the head?
menasor writes: Ultra Magnus: "Are those TF animators ever going to work this proportion thing out?"
menasor writes: Ultra Magnus: "Are those TF animators ever going to work this proportion thing out?"
The Matrix writes: Your never too old, to play with TF figures...
The Matrix writes: Your never too old, to play with TF figures...
The Matrix writes: Your never too old, to play with TF figures...
Unknown writes: Now...Breed!
Unknown writes: How much can I get for this junk on eBay ?
Neo Prime writes: The Things That You Find Cleaning Out The Toilets In Fortress Maximuss!
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Unknown writes: Magnus:"I shall call them, Mini-con."
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus:"Plastic?! I asked for die-cast metal dammit!"
Unknown writes: Now I possess the power of the minicons.... Wait!... What what kind of cons are you... Constructa.. Oh Crap.
Unknown writes: Magnus:"Not so big without your friends now are you?"
Unknown writes: UM:If I was nice, would I do this*Chomp,Chomp*?
Shadowman writes: Man, these fast food toys get weirder every day!
Unknown writes: Hungry? Why wait? Grab a snick..wait a second...!
Unknown writes: Hungry? Why wait? Grab a snick..wait a second...!
Unknown writes: And the ugly mama bear went to the ugly papa bear. Stomp stomp
Unknown writes: um:"now barbie kiss and make up."
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Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus:And constucticon toilet paper leaves you feeling freash and clean. Hook:Aw man! Scrapper:Shoot!
Shadowman writes: Ultra Magnus:Time for expiriments!! Constructicons:OH S***!
Unknown writes: I wanted Longhaul and Mix Master, Not Hook and Scrapper! Oh well *tosses them in the trash*.
snarl writes: Magnus the magician and his voodoo action figures of death
Unknown writes: Tonight, on Unsolved Mysteries, how UM can be as tall as Devastator.
Unknown writes: Anyone want to play Samba de Amigo again ? Hook : NO !!
Unknown writes: You too can have abs of steel with this Construticon workout set, Hook and Scrapper dumbbells included.
snarl writes: Now constructicons, transform, phase 1! Chiiiihchhooochooochooochi!
snarl writes: ....and I found these two making out behind the water shed.
snarl writes: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
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Unknown writes: Finally! Something to put into my Barbie Malibu Beach House Playset!
Nemesis writes: And this is how the toy companies screw up when it come to scale modeling
Nemesis writes: And this is how the toy companies screw up when it come to scale modeling
God Magnus writes: Can you say "freaky midget loving" Prime? We could make a fortuen on the net!
Unknown writes: UM: "Open, Damn it! Open!" Scrapper: "Great, he´s halucinating again!"
Magnus writes: UM: You two are coming with me!

Hook and Scrapper: NOOOOOOOO!!!!
Unknown writes: Magnus:"Now all I need is a few firecrackers,and then WHOOPEEEE!!! The fun begins!"
Hook and Scrapper:"NOOOOO!!!!"
Unknown writes: Mama, I want these two!
Unknown writes: UM: "Woohoo! Minicons!"
Unknown writes: "Revenge of the Giant Ultra Magnus!".
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Metroplex writes: You know I think we may be in a cartoon. How else do you explain this and how Astrotrain can fit all of us in his cabose?
Unknown writes: Every night when the Constructions recharges, they have the same reocurring nightmares
Unknown writes: Fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of a constructicon
Unknown writes: "Come on and get your vintage Loose Mint G1 Constructicons here!!"
Metroplex writes: UM: Look! Mommy got me a set of crash dummies! Scrapper&Hook: NOOOOO!!!
Metroplex writes: UM: Oooh what a pretty set of cymbals!
Sledge writes: Magnus -- "Now you two place nicely!"
Unknown writes: Now which one of you put that potato in my tail pipe?
Unknown writes: Now...which one of you is in charge of the Constructicons?
Stelartron writes: SCRAPPER: I knew it was a bad idea to test our new enlargeing ray on an Autobot...
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Riptide writes: Ultra Magnus: Ughhh...I think they need a diaper change.
Terminal Frost writes: Hook? Scrapper? Get to know yer neighbour. *crunch* AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Unknown writes: Ok kids im going to deomnstrate what i mean by "deviant sexual behavior"
Unknown writes: optimus been about 9 months since i saw u last, suprise!!!
Unknown writes: if i stick ur head up scrappers arse will i laugh?
Unknown writes: Arcee! I shrunk the Constructicons! :)
Unknown writes: At this size, you Constructicons are easy to handle.
Unknown writes: Look here! I paided big money for these and I want my money back!
Unknown writes: Look here! I paided big for these and I want my money back!
Unknown writes: You got scrapper in my hook! You got hook in my scrapper! "Two great tastes that taste great together"
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Unknown writes: Honey I shrunk the Constructicons!
Unknown writes: Honey, I shrunk the Decepticons
Unknown writes: UM: Ooooh I found these in my corn pops this morning!!
Unknown writes: Magnus: Hey, Springer! I always thought these guys where bigger than this!
Springer: They are! These are just decoys!
snarl writes: Optimus: "Bed time!"
Starscream writes: Look babys!!!! Get in my belly!
Prowl writes: UM:Ok, how do you merg to foerm Devisater?
Hook: My @$$ hurts! What did you put up thar! UM: scavengers head.
TRoN writes: OK kids, when a man and a woman love each other very much...........
Unknown writes: smashy, smashy!!!!
FortMax writes: ...and then scrapper and hook kissed passionately
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Unknown writes: um:"barbie met ken."
Mr. X writes: Ultra Magnus: "Mmmm...who wants gonna get buried in the sandbox this time?

Hook/Scrapper: "Noooo!!!!!"
Hot Rodimus writes: huh? these arnt Mini-cons!
Unknown writes: Woo hoo! I can form Devastator. Now...where do I get that sexy Transfomers Armada Powermaster She-Ra, Princess Of The Matrix?
Warpath writes: I wondr if they give that peeping sound if I squeeze their engines
Unknown writes: Once I get, Mixmaster, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, and Long Haul. I can form Devastator!
Unknown writes: UM: At last Hook and Scrapper Action Masters!
Unknown writes: UM: At last Hook and Scrapper Action Masters
Unknown writes: Look Prime, the next two reissues. Where are yours? Oh...you ordered from Amazon.com
davewelttf writes: this is one of the reasons Ultra Magnus never became leader, because of his toys
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Unknown writes: scrapper:but dddaaaaaaaaddddddd!
UM:no buts now give him the optimus toy or its the matrix for you young man!
Unknown writes: ultra magnus"prime got two more volunteers for the arcee gang bang"
Unknown writes: Magnus: I have a couple of lovely little dresses for you two to wear!
Unknown writes: UM: "Screw Armada! Im sticking to my G1 toys!"
KEV writes: "Will you form Devastator if I shove Scrapper up your ass?"
Unknown writes: OK..third and long..."fly 87 slant right on two"..ready, BREAK!!!
Unknown writes: Trajedy strikes when UM is bombarded by Gamma Radiation.
UM: RAAAAARRRGH!!!! Ultra Magnus SMASH!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Scrapper: well, at least your insanity-inducer works...BUT HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET OUT OF HERE!?!?!?!
Magnus: Ba-chomp, Ba-chooey-chomp!
Slappyfrog writes: Look, ma, I caught a Fraggle! Oh, wait...
Slappyfrog writes: Just like the five year olds, Magnus had trouble manually putting Devastator together.
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Slappyfrog writes: Ultra Magnus rehearses his ventriloquism act for th e big talent contest.
Pokejedservo writes: Ultra Magnus: Now its time for another episode of "Dollhouse Drama". Constructions: HELP US!
Icy writes: The above picture proves that even Transformers collect Transformers toys.
Icy writes: The above picture proves that even Transformers collect Transformers toys.
Unknown writes: now kiss nd make up
Dynamus Prime writes: Now if only I could figure out how to combine them into Devastator...
Unknown writes: Magnus: here Jazz u can have hook! Jazz: but i wanna be scrapper!
Unknown writes: mommy, mommy! can i get these two? plz... ill be a good boy!
Riptide writes: Ultra Magnus: Wham bam zap, take that evil Galvatron (scrapper) Rodimus Prime (mixmaster) will beat your sorry aft.
Unknown writes: Hey guys check out these new MEGA Chase PVCS I found!!
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Dee-Kal writes: "Two for one! Two for one! What am I bid, madam? Last two left - not available in any shops, roll up, roll up what am I bid..?"
Unknown writes: Look Rodimus, Galvatron put his troops in the dryer again!
Dee-Kal writes: "Two for one! Two for one! What am I bid, madam? Last two left - not available in any shops, roll up, roll up what am I bid..?"
Unknown writes: Oh Now they make draw him to scale
Unknown writes: HOOK&SCRAPPER:Since when was he DEVASTATOR sized? ULTRA MAGNUS:Since Optimus made me a Powermaster.
Unknown writes: Hook: Damn animators, they made us small!
Unknown writes: Man, the toys in Happy meals get weirder every year....
Maximus Prime writes: Only four more and I got the complete set !!
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Protoform X writes: Now THESE are Constructicons! None of that rubbish RiD (Really inept Dubbing) stuff!
Unknown writes: damn how do you guys form devastator
Unknown writes: damn how do you guys from devastator
Unknown writes: Since when did the Constructicons shrink in size? Damn Sloppy animators!
Unknown writes: Me Ultra Magnus. You die now!!!
Unknown writes: UM: "Damn Knock offs! I knew I should´ve saved to buy the originals."
Unknown writes: All your Constructicons are belong to us!
Unknown writes: How the hell did you get so big?
Unknown writes: How the did you get so big?
Bluestreak writes: Now Barbie you give Ken a big kiss...
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Windcharger writes: Aww Man! These Transformers toys suck! I need to get some He-Man figures!
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