Wheelie points gun at Kup

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Wheelie points gun at Kup
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trailbreaker writes: "Eat lead you old fart !!"
Optimum Supreme writes: Wheelie say you die today
Transformation619 writes: Blurr: Okay wheelie, first, aim your gun, if you think your ready shoot!
Kupp: Hey what's- AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Wheelie- Ops-sie!
Blurr: Prime, Prime, Prime! Wheelie shoot Kupp!
gogleman374 writes: OK B@Tch! You make fun of me one more time old man And I will fill your ass with LEAD!
Zeedust writes: Blurr: "So Wheelie pulled a gun on you, we're gonna say that when Prime asks, right? I mean, before we get back to base, we need to get our story straight, because we have a dead Wheelie, we can't just walk in the door with a dead Wheelie
seminole1 writes: Wheelie: I'll weld your mouth shut if you don't stop telling those old war stories, damn you can talk.
Unknown writes: Wheelie: GIVE ME BACK MY DAMN PLAYBOYS!!!!

Kup:Okay geez, you didn't have to kill everyone.

Roadshadow writes: Kup: Wheelie's gone mad!
Blurr: Runrunrunrun!!!!
Scatterlung writes: Kup: Blurr! Where's his slingshot!? Get it before he misses something!
Payner™ writes: Kup: "You sunava.....just try it, Wheelie, I dare you, I double-dare you mother-fu...."
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Dragonoth writes: During their reissue, Kup and Wheelie were stuck in the same box for too long…
DarkDranzer writes: Kup: Man this is tough...hey did I ever tell you guys about the time I--*


Blurr: Hewhatgives? Youdidn'tevenma
Zeedust writes: Kup: "Wheelie, if you want anyone to take you seriously, you gotta knock of the childish sing-song rhyming."

Wheelie: "I'll shoot you dead, then eat your head!"

Kup: *Sigh* "I guess we'll accept that as progress fo
Magnus writes: Blurr: don't worry Kup, it's not loaded. We just weren't going to tell him until he got to the front.
Unknown writes: "Either you take this gun and shoot it, or I will shoot you with it. NOW!"
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Alright, be-yotch! I KNOW it was you who started the whole "Wheelie's Gay" rumor! Well, now it's payback time, mutha'----!!!
Zeedust writes: Wheelie: "You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you."
Kup: "You seem a decent felllow. I hate to die."
Blurr: "Enough allready, someone said no more Princess Bride quotes, and that was about fifty captio
Shadow Fox writes: Wheelie- Dammit kup, I've ignored your sexual abuse of Blurr for long enough.
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Where's dat fu**ing su**ing Sonovabit** dam*a**hole mot***fuc**ng Megatron??? I'll blow his a** away!!!!!!!
SilverStar writes: Blur:......
Wheelie doesn't know he has the gun pointing the other way and it is facing him.
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Unknown writes: Never make fun of my dislocated penis, Kup!
Unknown writes: Bang, bang! You're dead, Kup!
K-nonFodder writes: so whatta ya say punk, do ya feel lucky.....
Zeedust writes: Not sure who to root for here...
Unknown writes: Blurr: OkaynowgoshoothimWheelieshootshootshoot!!!
Wheelie: Wheelie say that Kup die an agonizing death today!
Kup: Oh, sunuva BEEYOTCH! (BANG!)
Unknown writes: When i move you shoot it.
Omega Supreme writes: Wheelie: Wheelie say bye bye to friends today!!
Kup: Whoa kid watch where your pointing that thing will ya??
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "Now hold really still, and don't you cry, or I'll never be able to hit that fly!"
Unknown writes: I like this one too, and all of them. Good Luck
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Zu Darkness writes: Whellie: If you don't shut the hell up right now I'm going shoot your F^%&%% mouth off:

Kup: Oh really. ...This brings me back to the time when I... (Few seconds later Whellie shoots Kup's head off)
zach writes: kup:that gun couldnt hurt a BOOM!*gun shooting* ....fly
Unknown writes: Wheelie: We decided that you should go pay for the pizza delivery.
Ratbat writes: Blurr:YaknowWheelieKupsbeenmakingfunofyourpenissizeandsaidyourrymesarestupid!
Wheelie(To himself): My rymes DO suck.
To Kup: Me attacky you!
Kup: Back in my day, midgits didn't **BLAM!!** THUNK!!**
PlasmaRadio writes: Wheelie: "If I have to hear your stupid universal greeting one more time..."
MiGrAnE writes: kup right before he catches some buckshot to the stomach:"what is your major malfunction numb nuts, didnt mommy and daddy show you enough....."
wheelie writes: don't push me to far or i will shout,ok?
macabremouse writes: Hey you little squirt, put that thing down!
Broadside writes: Einstein now you die!
You look away you die now I say!
MindWipe writes: run paw! il shoot him if he moves!
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Vega writes: Great taste! Less filling! Great taste! *ka-KLIK* LESS FILLING!!
Vega writes: Kup: I didn't do it!
Wheelie: I don't care!
Unknown writes: blur: heywhatareyoudoing/whatareyoudoing/whatareyoudoing/huhtellme/tellme/tellme? wheelie: blurr, stay away from Kup. I've found out he's a Decepticon spy. kup: NO I AINT, DAMMIT!!!! Just because I used to work for them for a while, does
slizerpro writes: Back off old man, the twinkie is MINE!
Unknown writes: Kup: Wheelie, you're too young to use a blaster...

Wheelie: But I wanna use a gun...

Kup: If Rewind made you jump off a bridge, would you do that?

Wheelie: You're such a pooper, Kup.
Unknown writes: Shut up, old timer! No one wants to hear your stupid stories anymore!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: i told u dammit we are all gonna sit down and watch armada Kup: ILL SEE U IN HELL ARMADA LOVER!
EDIMUS PRIME writes: "I'm not the worst character any more even i cant stand that girl on rid"
Unknown writes: Wheelie: BANG BANG, you're dead heheeh.
Cup:Would you shut him UP!!!
Cup:*No respect for your elders huh?
Unknown writes: give me your walet fool!
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Unknown writes: I'll hit you so hard, your "friend" back there will die.
tfpredaking writes: Blurr: Sssay heelllo to my little friend!
Unknown writes: whellie:: NO MORE STORYIES. Kup: Screw you short s%&^
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "Like me or Die"
Inferno writes: So THAT'S what Daniel's exo-suit transforms into...

Daniel *muffled yelling*: For the love of God! I can't feel my legs!"
Unknown writes: The Wheelie EVERYBODY likes, because he shot Kup after his 1000th old story telling
Maximus writes: wheelie: give us your wallet...and then your pants
Unknown writes: wheelie: KUP MAKE HIM TALK SLOWER OR I SHOOT YA
kup: cannot help it he was born like that
Unknown writes: [Kup] Wheelie!!! Don't you ever point your gun at me!!
Unknown writes: You Killed my Goat!
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Unknown writes: K: I was only joking Wheelie, honest! Blurr: You called him short again, didn't you? i hate to say it, but ITYS! (I Told You So.)
Unknown writes: insults about my rhyming i let them pass, one more insult kup and it's your a$$
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "Judge me by my size, do ya?"
Shadow writes: Kup: Put that away before someone puts an optic out!
shckwv writes: Wheelie:I know what your thinking Kup, did I fire six shots or five.
Unknown writes: Blurr:HeyWheelie,didn'tyourparentsevertellyanottoplaywithguns????
Firestorm writes: Blur realized a little too late that Wheelie hadn't had his Ritalin yet.
Unknown writes: Thank you very much Blurr for giving wheelie that thing. Because of you we are going to shoot up right to PG-13!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Game on, let's have a ding dong!!!
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Unknown writes: And yet, another victim of school violence.
Nightbeat writes: You will have the honor of being tested with my new watergun. Smile...here we go!
Unknown writes: its not a pea shooter its not!!
RandomFerret writes: -B: "SorryKuphejustcameuptomeandsaidhewantedtoborrowmyguntosmashsomebugswithandIsaid'Suresuresurehereyagosmash'emgoodkiddo'andallofasuddenhewaspointingitatyouandI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!!&
RodimusPrime writes: Weelie:"But the question is who will survive?" Kup: Shut the F*#k up! Wrong Show dumbass!
RodimusPrime writes: Coming soon Transformers:High Noon
RodimusPrime writes: Coming soon Transformers:High Noon
transfan writes: YOU STOLE MY CHEATOS!!!!!
Snake writes: freeze we're bringing you in on a 317 , talking to much and not sounding annoying
Unknown writes: Blurr:yeswheeliekillhimkillhimkillhim! Wheelie:yes master... Kup:oh no not again. i hate you blurr i really truely do.
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Galvatron writes: Wheelie: Your no fun! Look at gun!

Kup: You better shut the f$*k up with that Eminem-wannabe rap sh*t..

Blur: Needspeedneedspeedneedspeed!
APOLLO writes: Kup "Blurr, what the hell did I tell you about giving guns to minors."

Blurr "Don'tworryKupIputthesafetyon."


Blurr "AtleastIthoughtitwason,sorryKup."
Unknown writes: Kup:Uh,Blurr, what the heck is wrong with Wheelie?Wheelie: MUST KILL KUP!!!
Battle Angel writes: Behold, the Noisy Cricket!
Ironhide writes: Kup: Get that thing outta my face get a real gun sonny boy.
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Kup, I am your Father, come over to the Dark side and we will rule the Planet Father and son.

Unknown writes: Wheelie:"Kup you killed my father, now you must die."
Kup:"but wheelie I am your father."
Replimus Prime writes: Kup: FOOKIN Hasbro. WHy do they always give us these gay little guns?

Wheelie : Don't knock it till you try it!
Chachi writes: W: "Tell Wheelie about petrolrabbits, slaggit!"
K: "I'll give ya petrolrabbits, you little..."
Unknown writes: blurr "I think wheile has seen to many james camron movies"
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Unknown writes: Wheelie: Give back my Playbot with Runabout in it. Kup: what are you talking about lad? Wheelie: oh crap...
Unknown writes: KUP: Get a real gun, sun...
mouse writes: Outtake number 345...Autobot props are an esstenial to making Autobots otherworldly...
Unknown writes: Get your laser blasters out, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit...
Unknown writes: BLURR: okhandoveryourpensionbookyouoldfart! KUP:so this is how tony blair keeps street crime under control eh?
Unknown writes: And this thingie makes the gun shoot, right?
Unknown writes: Kup:"Wheelie, the Decepticons, not me!"
Hot Rodimus writes: My gun points
Raptor_7_7_7 writes: The REAL reason why toy guns are banned in the US
Unknown writes: Wheelie: The W-dog gonna lay the smackdown and pop some caps in your @$$ sucka, you dig?
Kup: I hate Rap music....
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FortMax writes: Wheelie say...drop them energon cubes off your ass fore I blast you muddahfµ©kah
Sledge writes: Wheelie misses his boyfriend TRACKS, so he goes on a killing spree
Unknown writes: " do i have to save your ass agin??"
Unknown writes: Wheelie "I have you know you wasculy littel wabbit!" Kup "Knock it off what do you think this is a cartoon show!"
Stelartron writes: Tired of always being voted "Character you most want to lobotomize with a runaway arc-welder" in the Trannies, Wheelie gets a couple of his friends, some paintball guns, and a list of the people who voted him for such and decides to have
Ultimate Optimus writes: Kup: Ow! You shot me, you A-hole!
Pokejedservo writes: Wheelie: You not use a Black&Decker Drill today? For that you must pay!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Vizzini, he can fuss.
Blurr: Fuss, fuss, I think he likes to scream at us.
Kup: Alright enough quoting the Princess Bride!
wheelie writes: the next time you want to play santa dont come crying to me!
Unknown writes: whats that what are u doing with it, NOOOO dont put it up there it wont fit NOOOOOOOOOO, it hurts.........but i love it mmmmmmm
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Unknown writes: me ,wheelie say,did u meet my lil friend today??
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Oh come off of it you old bastard! You in Vietnam? What are you on?!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: How many times do i have to tell you Kup, keep your hands off my damn crack!
Unknown writes: Hold still, me can get cyberfly, one hit, easy
Unknown writes: Wheelie:"Me Wheelie say, eat this today!"
Kup writes: Stop it Wheelie!
Metroplex writes: W: I dare you to repeat that insult of Seibertron! Kup: DONT POINT THAT THING AT MY FACE!!!
Unknown writes: Then, and only then, did Kup realize that Wheelie and Blurr were Decepticons sent to the Autobots to be annoying distractions. But by then, it was too late...
Unknown writes: Kup: This is why we need gun control laws... Even Wheelie can go to Wal-Mart and get a blaster!
Dr.Doom writes: Wheelie: This is what I think of all you anti-Wheelie fans. First the old geezer dies.
Kup: Noooooooo!
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Metroplex writes: W: Alright! Put the energon into the bag!
Blurr: Duhh... Right! In the bag!
Unknown writes: Blurr: remember what I taught you!
Wheelie: Base of the neck popps!!!!
Kup: you guys need your heads rewired!!!
Unknown writes: Wheelie say Kup is gay.
Kup:WHAt! you promised never to tell ne1 about that
Unknown writes: Why am I the lamest autobot Kup?? TELL ME KUP!!! SPEAK UP OLD MAN!!
Unknown writes: Kup: Dammit, Blurr! I knew buying him all of those Doom games and KMFDM albums was a mistake! WHEELIE: NOW YOU PAY!!!
Dj Flash writes: Freeze bitch, and put your hands on your head!
Unknown writes: Blurr: OkWheeliefirewhenready!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Kup you fry, then die!
Unknown writes: Kup: Put that gun down!
Anonymous Iggy writes: KUP: Alright, alright! I take back what I said about your mother!... and your brother... and your pet dog... WHEELIE: And the elephant? KUP: Yes, yes, the elephant, too!
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tremor3258 writes: Just remember Blurr, it was your idea to take the boy petrorabbit hunting.
Terrorscream writes: blurr:shoot him,shott him
Unknown writes: Wheelie: I know who the X-Traitor is! It is you! Kup: Wrong show, idiot.
Unknown writes: Let see about that apple challenge.
Unknown writes: Kup: "Why do I get stuck with the babbling baby?"
Wheelie: "Go ahead make my day old timer."
Kup: "Oh crap!!"
Unknown writes: ahh a spider!! get it off
get it OFF!!!
Optimus writes: for primus sake
Optimus writes: I mean hes going to shoot me
Optimus writes: use him as a decoy
Optimus writes: could we please
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Optimus writes: Common Blurr just once
starscream88 writes: Kup:Your acting tough little one for someone with a girl voice and whos covered in pink paint!
Wheelie: Bitch!
ian writes: I have funny ones
Shermtron writes: Wheelies gonna bust a cap in kups a$$
ToXmAn writes: Wheelie: Back Off bitch, Blurr is MIne, MiNe aLoNe, mY TReAsuRE !!!!
max writes: I told you two. Quit touching me there.
Unknown writes: Blurr: Say Hello to my...LITTLE FREIND!!!!!
FortMax writes: Blurr: After killing you Kup we will shall get all the good missions...no more shall we be looked down upon as the bumbling fools of the Autobots
FortMax writes: Blurr: Shoot the old-timer and your training will be complete padwan
Unknown writes: Kup: Not at me, you little bastard! The Decepticons! The Decepticons!
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Jade writes: Kup: Watch where your pointing that thing ya little sh**.
Unknown writes: So wut is this thing agin?........A wut?!?!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: "Take that Mister Kup!"
Blurr: "WayToGoYouReallyLikeYourNewToyGunHuh?"
Kup: "Why I oughta! Show some respect for your elders!" *Shoots Wheelie in the face*
Now we see the reason why Toy Gun
Hypertron writes: Wheelie what are you?...Go ahead you little runt, I gots Targetmasters bigger than you!
Unknown writes: this is for making me watch Masterforce, Beast Machines and Armada in one sitting!
Unknown writes: Blurr: CheckItOutWheelieHereComesArmadaHotShotGetHimFireFire! Kup: *Thinking* "Hmmm. I have a chance to get rid of that playskool thing, but I can finish off Wheelie once and for all now that he´s distracted... Aghhh!!! Choices!!!&q
Unknown writes: Kup: Yes Wheelie! Shampoo actually DID post in this contest! GET HER!!!
SlagMaker writes: Wheelie: See, size not matter.
Black Arachnis writes: you got ship,now where`s trip?*kup*I`ll give ya a trip allright.lemme at `em!lemme at `em!
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davewelttf writes: Wheelie:You ruined my fun now get zapped by my gun
Dynamus Prime writes: Join the fight to arm small, annoying Autobots.
Meister writes: No i look more like Lara Croft than you do.
x writes: Stop telling those war stories!
Bombshell writes: Hey! Who gave the kid a gun?!
Unknown writes: Wheelie remembers Kup! WHEELIE WILL SCRAP!!!
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