Sunstreaker tells a story

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Sunstreaker tells a story
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trailbreaker writes: Autobot workout video.
Optimum Supreme writes: Sunstreaker wows the other Autobots with his Chris Jericho impression.
Ravage XK writes: I caught a Piranacon was this big.
Road Turtle writes: Sunstreaker, "...Can't they just reverse engineer me a mold?! It's a freak'n 80's toy! It can't be That hard!..."

Gears, "There he goes again, about not getting a reissue."

Ironhide, "Somebody get Prime..."
Shuttershock writes: Sunstreaker: "And then I hauled in a Sharkticon THIIIIS BIG!"
Gears: *cough*bullscrap*cough"
Rainmaker writes: Free hugs!
Zeedust writes: "And they had this statue of some greek guy with a planet on his back going like this..."
Roadshadow writes: Sunny: I'm tellin' ya! Prime's erection was THIS BIG!
Gears: Shut up Sunstreaker.
Red_Sun writes: Give me a really big hug Optimus Prime!!
Dclone Soundwave writes: Sunstreaker: Yup, I remember the dust was so thick on Beta-4 you had to use wind-shield wipers on your optic sensors

Grimlock:Me Grimlock know all about wipers, want to hear good part of story!

Swoop:Good part come! Tell Swoop good part!

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Prowl Worshipper writes: Bluestreak, under his breath: Geez, he gets really weird without his morning cup of oil!
Prowl Worshipper writes: For Primus' sake, somebody help me! Ratchet wants to convert me to a 1990 Nissan Pulsar!
galvanostril writes: sunstreaker: IN THE YEAR 2005, EVERY MOVIE IS A SEQUEL!
bluestreak: my shoulders are loaded...
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Sunstreaker: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.
Demona writes: SS: hey, sonny, did i eva tell you about....
energon ironhide: mom! grandpa needs his nap, now!
Tiedye writes: SUNSTREAKER- "When I went to go see River Dance the humans never moved their arms, and in the final number they all danced with their arms around each other like this."
Magnus writes: Wait, don't go anywhere. I swear I was moonwalking a minute ago.
Zeedust writes: Sunstreaker: "ROBOT MODE!"

All (singing): Robot mode, step-in time! Robot mode, step-in time!"

Optimus (offscreen): I am NEVER letting them watch "Mary Poppins" again..."
Unknown writes: Auditions for the new Transformers Energon cartoon.
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: WHY WON'T ANYONE BELIEVE ME???? All: Because you're an idiot!
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Shadow Fox writes: Sunstreak- Really its true, my dick was thiiisss long, and I didn't have to use viagra!!
Unknown writes: I bet he sounds like William Shatner now
BlItZeR writes: "Im tellin you guys, the rat in Optimus Prime's toilet was this BIG!!!"
Minicle writes: Sunstreaker: In my young days, we didn't need fancy drugs to make ourselves feel good, now we've got all these Minicons running around. Its not safe to go outside anymore i tell you.
Sideswipe: Calm down bro. Here have a fag.
Unknown writes: "Braaaaaaaaaains."
Unknown writes: Once upon a time there was... a dude.... the end. Optimus: *wipes a tear from optic* That was... beautiful....
Unknown writes: "I'm Sunstreaker the Autobot TOOT TOOT! I'm Sunstreaker the Autobot TOOT TOOT! I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me Energon! I'm Sunstreaker the Autobot TOOT TOOT!"
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: ...and the Decepticon was THIS big! That has got to be the world's smallest Decepticon!
Prowl: (thinking) Maybe I shouldn't tell him about the Micromasters...
Unknown writes: "...And that's why I'm afraid to talk to any of the female Autobots since I'm narcissistic!"
Unknown writes: Sunstreacker: once the fog was ful of dust and the giantic Japan amazine
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Unknown writes: There was this big Ig-yack - Sunstreaker.
Oh that's my story - Kup.
Unknown writes: "i saw arcee without her groin plate on and it was this big!!!!"
Unknown writes: "I'm telling you all I can fly! Watch!"
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: It's not fair, my bro Sideswipe gets to be in Armada but not me!
Bluestreak: Tell me about it, I felt the same way when my bro Prowl got in RID.
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: GIVE ME A HUG!
Ricochet writes: Sunstreaker: I have a story about a magical place were it never rains. The end.
Unknown writes: ST: Iam a lumberjack and iam ok i sleep all night and i work all day!! everybody else: god spear us
Unknown writes: Okay everyone..... this one time at band camp....
Unknown writes: "Long ago I fell in some dirt and I................................................
MiGrAnE writes: ....i feel like a hot dog, and yall is the bun....
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zach writes: i mean it the fish was this big!!!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: Yeah, yeah, yo, yo, yoooo, there is Wheelie in da house....!
Unknown writes: Gears: Stand back there's a MORON coming through
Unknown writes: SUNSTREAK! SUNSTREAK! At Last You're On Your Own!
At Last Your Own!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: " How do you guys dig my new 'Imola Yellow' coat? It doesn't make my face look too pale does it?"
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker:All I am saying is that I didn't do squat in the movie. I shoulda had some speaking lines.
Gears: And I wasn't even shown.
Unknown writes: I'm... so NOT being... DRAMATIC~!!!!!
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Dammit! He always wins at Hopscotch.
Unknown writes: "I tell ya the thing that bird dropped on my windshield was THIS big!!!"
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Unknown writes: Give me a hug!
Unknown writes: So...There I was...I was just walking then like bang and then I was like woooh...
Unknown writes: So...There I was
Unknown writes: "i dont care how evil he is, megatron is"
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: NO IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!! Ironhide:sorry dude but the monkee's were just actors! Sunstreaker: NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo
Broadside writes: Sideswipe's was little but my catch was this big!
MindWipe writes: (off frame) son!!!! where have you been?
Unknown writes: I'm just saying that Devil May Cry 2 was THIS good!
Unicron writes: I swear, there was a giant meatball this big
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Unknown writes: ...and when "The Kitchen Sinks" resumed , Marsha came towards Michel like this ... -- ans THATS when those lousy Cons chose to attack !
Unknown writes: ... and that's when Devastator came down on me like a ton of bricks ...
Unknown writes: "Praise the Lord!"
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: "WEEEE! I'M A AEROPLANE!! WEEEE!"
Unknown writes: Feel the burn! Jane Fonda ain't got nothin' on me.
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: "Now I'll tell you a story about how the brilliant Sunstreaker caught th universe's biggest fish." Cliffjumper: "Ego Alert."
Unknown writes: The Autobot Ranks have had the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for years!
Battle Angel writes: I can fly!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: I fell pretty, All so pretty
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: BIG HUG TIME!
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Kamikazecon writes: "Join in if you know the words.... Y M C A...
ryo777 writes: CLIFFJUMPER: I GOTTA move!! If I stand next to Ironhide any longer, everyone's going to think I'm his son!
ryo777 writes: Bluestreak: If he starts to do the MACARENA, I'm gonna fire him two blasts to the KEISTER!!
ryo777 writes: GEARS: Hmmmmmm, maybe if I give him a kidney shot, maybe he'll sit the F**K down!!
ryo777 writes: SUNSTREAKER: GEEZ,...Jazz, Prowl, Starscream, and even my friggin bro, Sideswipe!! WHEN AM I GONNA GET RE-ISSUED?!!
ryo777 writes: Sunstreaker does "SCARFACE"- "Say HELLO to the BAD GUY"!!!
Unknown writes: "This is how I dry my armpits, guys...."
gabriel writes: Sunsteaker:Once upon a time i was red,Ironhide was black,
Bluestreak was blue!
And cliffjumper and gears were micromans!
just like meggy!
Unknown writes: "And I was say, and yes, I says that I was reborn, when I heard the Word..."
ian writes: sunstreaker: once i caught i fish ttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiissssssss big !
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ian writes: sunstreaker: once i caught i fish ttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiissssssss big !
Unknown writes: ONce upon a time a dude named Megatron came and he rule Cybertron an-Bluestreak:This is our story u nimwit
Unknown writes: And they said Kup was good at telling boring stories about colonies of petrorabbits!
Unknown writes: I am a lumberjack big and strong I am a lunberjack...Every body all together!!!!
Bluestreak: ready, aim.....
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker:There were all kinds of Decepti- Others:(whispering)This guy sucks.We need Kup.
Unknown writes: The Others: Sunstreaker! we heard this one before you dumb idoit!!!! Sunstreaker: Thanks for ruining my fun, Guys!!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker:"And, I swear, the monster was THIS wide." Everyone else:"Pfffft. Whatever."
RandomFerret writes: "And that Inayuk had teeth THIS big, blah, blah, blah, I'm so damn old, blah, blah, young people these da- ...Oh, um, hi, Kup."
RodimusPrime writes: Marsha!!! John!!!!!!!
RodimusPrime writes: Marsha!!! John!!!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Sunstreaker"the fish i cought was this big" everone else "bulls£!t"
gabriel writes: Once upon a time the was an autobot princess! Prowl:this story S T I N I K S ! ! !
Unknown writes: Prowl: Hmm maybe the rhoumers are true...perhaps he is Tony Blair.
SunStreaker: And i promise that schools in the area will have more books with words in by 2011
Jetstreamx writes: Sunstreaker: And there it was, a giant inkiyak, trompping and stompping down the moutain, and I thought for sure(gets cut off)Optimus: Ok. who switched Sunstreaker's and Kup's memory chips again?
Firestorm writes: Sunstreaker was never the same after watching the Jerry Springer marathon.
Unknown writes: Okay, so that's how I whupped those 6,000 Sharkticons with my bare hands and saved the whole freakin' universe...
Unknown writes: After being told he wasn't the best looking Autobot, Sunstreaker ran out of the room crying like a little baby...
Unknown writes: every one look at me. i'm going to tell you a story about a man named jed....dammit bumblbee i said look at me not rc.
Unknown writes: What's the deal with Prime? His trailer's gone, it's back again. How the hell does he do it?
Unknown writes: The sound of Sunstreaker's was a dull, monotone drone, and all that Gears could think of was picking up the rod at his feet and jabbing it into Streaker's optics...
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Vector Sigma writes: "So I says to the broad...yeah baby...I got one...THIS BIG!!"
Unknown writes: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Unknown writes: I can fly
Unknown writes: The hot dog was this big and I ate it all up
Chachi writes: Sunstreaker: "SHINE GET!"
Firestorm writes: Bluestreak: ****, he gets wierd without his hot energon fix.
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: DO THE MARIO!!!!
Unknown writes: "i had a headache this big!"
Unknown writes: I can feel the love
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker:"And this one time, at band camp..."
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Amph writes: common baby lets do the twist
Hot Rodimus writes: Sunstreeker-"I swere! it was THISSSSS big!"

Blue Streak-"I swere,we need to unplug him."
Unknown writes: Before Sunstreaker could embarrass himself further, Bluestreak carefully took aim.....
SlagMaker writes: Sunstreaker (to Optimus): Come here big guy, give me some love!
Unknown writes: Look guys I can fly, weeeeeeeeeeeeee
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker fails his sobriety test hard.
Unknown writes: Ratchet:: Dammit sunstreaker what did i tell you about performing YMCA naked
jason writes: Come on Megatron give me a hug
Unknown writes: WHATUP NIGGA!?!? We got a problem here?
Unknown writes: you put your left foot in, you take your left foot out....
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Unknown writes: black sabbath
Nemo writes: The other Autobots see first-hand the danger of letting Sunstreaker go off his meds.
Unknown writes: Optimus and others all at once: who let the gay on in!?!?!?
Unknown writes: Aaahhh!! The hORROR new Transformers series Armada. LIttle tiny Transformers and huge transformers and Optimus looks like and stupid ass.
Unknown writes: Shhhh...The Autobots are playing sharades
Unknown writes: And then i met these twin sisters with chestplates this big..
JetFire writes: Ok, so seriously guys, who is going to help me pull out the metal spike I sat on.
Unknown writes: No Officer, I havent been drinking... You want me to walk this line or WHAT??? eww...
Unknown writes: Hey, fellow Autobots--I feel good!!! In fact, I feel like a new Autobot!
Unknown writes: my new speedo is wonder ful huh guys?
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Unknown writes: Ok, Who was it that let SunStreaker in?
Unknown writes: I sm proud to have a speedo!
Mirage writes: everyone do the robot
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: I think we should put our new hot tub right . . . here! ^_^
Unknown writes: "And there was this one time, at bandcamp, and..."
Unknown writes: SS: "Ok, the next one of you two to make fun of my paint job can look forward to a can of whoop ass from me this big!"
Slappyfrog writes: Ooohh, ohhhhh, I hate it when Omega SUpreme hogs the bathroom! Ohhh, too late. At least the paint job hides it.
Unknown writes: look! when i cross my legs i look like that killer in "silence of the lambs"!!!!
Unknown writes: awww....who wants a hug? I know I do, a naked hug that is...hey! bumblebee come here my brizo I want some izo!
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: "Welcome to the jungle, watch it bring you to your knees, knees,yyyeahhh!!!...
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Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: "Welcome to the jungle, watch it bring you to your knees, knees,yyyeahhh!!!...
Unknown writes: Blaster! turn it doing tha runing man! ok everyone...cabbagepatch!
Unknown writes: No fooling it was this big, and I caught it within two minutes with no bait!
TRoN writes: Sunstreak:AND that dis-mouned got me the gold at the Olympics.
The one writes: I almost died when Ultra Magnus shot me!
Unknown writes: Sunstreak: Who wants to wrestle da Sunstreak? HUH?!?! Who wants to?
Unknown writes: Guys!!! Guys!!! Sideswipe just got his ass kicked by a Hyundai Sonata! Can you belive that!!
Unknown writes: Mere minutes ago, I almost got hit by an human-driven semi this long!
Unknown writes: Okay, guys--group hug!!!
Unknown writes: I swear, man. Optimus is like THIIIS Big down there!
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Unknown writes: Oh come on guys, I put on deoderant this morning!
Meister writes: I dont use drogs. I can flyyyy
Unknown writes: ohhhh my hemroids are way out of control, hey perceptor go get me some preporation h
Unknown writes: I believe I can fly...
I believe I can touch the sky!!!
Unknown writes: Hy, i think i finally becoming a man, check out that hair
Unknown writes: "Why is everyone laughing?! IT BURNS! All I can see is a horrible rainbow..."
deadman writes: Honestly guys its really this long....
Unknown writes: Hug me, Arcee!
Unknown writes: I use to look this big, but I went on the SUBWAY diet. Look at me now.
Indiana writes: "Im gay!"
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Indiana writes: "Im gay!"
Slappyfrog writes: If I were a rich bot, yeedle deedle....
Unknown writes: 1...2...3...RED LIGHT!
Q writes: SS: look i can fly!
Unknown writes: SS: look i can fly!
Unknown writes: SS: look i can fly!
Mirage writes: Then he tells me "oh oh" better get maaco
FortMax writes: Sunstreaker: This is something the humans call "riverdance"
Unknown writes: who wants some?
Unknown writes: Perceptor! Into my arms! someone has to tranlate this site properly into german!
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Unknown writes: Voten por mi para lider de los autobots, y le pateare el culo a Prime
Pokejedservo writes: Sunstreaker: Who wants a hug?

The autobots in the pic: Nobody...
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: Come my brothers, for I am the giver of light, The bringer of peace, Gears: Bluestreak what did you put in his energon this morning?
Unknown writes: my arms are stuck give me some oil
Unknown writes: Does anyone else think one arms longer than the other ?
Unknown writes: I am Sunstreaker-Flatley, Lord of the Dance
Unknown writes: mypenisisthiiiisbigmotherfµ©kingsonsofbitches
Unknown writes: The crater I fell into was this wide and waaaay over my head! And to top it all beautiful paint job was ruined!!!
flatline writes: And you should all repent, for the Lord loves you.....
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!!!Cliffjumper:How much longer do we have to listen to this?
Ironhide: I dont know!
Gears:Maybe we can melt him down and create another dinobot!
Bluestreak: mmmm-mm look at that rear e
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Unknown writes: You put your left foot in,you put your left foot out-
Terrorscream writes: ironide:oh,man put your arms down they stink!!
gr8kingrat writes: give me a "T"!!
Jeremy writes: sunstreaker: people megatron is attacking autobot city this is not a drill
cliffjumper: sure and while we fight u take are energon cubes
Cyberman writes: OK, I went to a Toys R Us store and bought a G1 Optimus Prime. And it costed me 40 bucks. 40 bucks? Cam you belive that?!
REDEYE writes: The Autobots watched and laughed at Sunstreaker, having switched off his optics...
REDEYE writes: The Autobots watched and laughed at Sunstreaker, having switched off his optics...
Sledge writes: Okay, Gears....why did you super glue my arms like this?
Ratbat writes: Then I saw Armada and it also sucked this much
Unknown writes: Temba, his arms wide.
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Unknown writes: Man! I just saw Robots In Disguise and it sucked this much!
Unknown writes: I fell into a crater this wide!
Unknown writes: Spike caught a fish--and it was this long!
Unknown writes: so shaking in my valve guides!
Unknown writes: wanna go bitch...huh do ya?
Unknown writes: Come on lits all sing: "You are my sunshine my only sunshine"
Unknown writes: I took a dump this big.
Unknown writes: Sunstreaker: Everybody!
Slappyfrog writes: SUPERSTAR!!!!
Slappyfrog writes: Gears finally realized what Sunstreaker meant when he said, "three years tap, two jazz."
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davewelttf writes: Ironhide: I told you guys not to keep Sunstreaker out in the rain! Now we got an ugly looking coat rack!
Unknown writes: YES!!!! YES!!!!! SMELL MY UNDEREREAS!!! I AM MOIST!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Oh Tracks! Marry me!
Unknown writes: "That damned Hot Shot! He´s giving us Yellow Bots a bad name! Wait ´till I get my hands on that Winnie The Pooh Wannabe!"
Riptide writes: Sunstreaker: "Oh Optimus..........."
Pursuit writes: No... Seriously guys it was this big before the Sharkticon got away...
Unknown writes: :sunstreaker" hey guys chechk out my NEW deodorant its for yellow guys only...."
Riptide writes: Sunstreaker: "Marco...."
Unknown writes: I once caught a sharkicon this big!
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ToXmAn writes: who wants to fight with me !!! ??? come on you pus.... come on !!!
ToXmAn writes: i am the king of the world !!!!
ToXmAn writes: i am the king of the world !!!!
Unknown writes: SUNSTREAKER:"And then I told Santa Claus I wanted a mirror this big..."
Slappyfrog writes: Daddy never hugged me when I was little.....(sniff..)
Slappyfrog writes: I spun and I spun, but I never turned into Wonder Woman.
Slappyfrog writes: Prowl, stop staring at my ass already!
Slappyfrog writes: Side swipe can tell you. Our mother was the size of a dump truck!
Slappyfrog writes: I knew I could walk the line, but I still got hit with DWI.
Slappyfrog writes: Sideswipe used to be this big, but then he followed the Jared Subway diet.
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Unknown writes: SS: {singin}With arms wide opened!
[later the autobots start chucking garbage at him]
Ratbat writes: S: So Tracks said he needed me to check the computer relays out, but when we were together he came at me like this... I managed to run away but I feel all dirty now
Unknown writes: At the ark...the autobots play sharades
Bluestreak: OH NO!!! WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! I KNOW!!! "Breakdancing monkeys!!!"
Gears: it "With arms wide open"
Ironhide: Ah"Lets dance"?
Bombshell writes: Come on, guys! GROUP HUG!
Unknown writes: "Quack, quack"
Royal writes: Someone check under my arms to see if there is any scratches!
Unknown writes: d
Unknown writes: ...and I tell ya, that fish was this big and weighed as much as Ironhide with six kids and an overweight soccer mom inside.
Unknown writes: ...and I tell ya, that fish was this big and weighed as much as Ironhide with six kids and an overweight soccer mom inside.
Seibertron writes: Yep ... she was this big around, I tell yah!
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Bombshell writes: I once caught a fish THIS big!
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