Brawn sits on Soundwave

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Brawn sits on Soundwave
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trailbreaker writes: "Eject !!"
Bee's Girlfriend writes: What, you didn't expect me to sit on the GROUND, did you?
Ravage XK writes: For the love of God, how much do you weigh?
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Ever since everybody started freaking out about safety and such, these guys our chairs."
Zeedust writes: Brawn's attempts to Powerlink with Soundwave resulted in a warped, sprawling, centaur like mass of confusion.

It was pretty funny, actually, and Windcharger was glad he'd spiked the punch.
Tiedye writes: I told you I could kick his butt. Now gimme my 50 bucks.
Sondura1 writes: DONT FART!
Michael9R writes: Wind don't you know where is Soundwave?
seminole1 writes: Brawn: I'm going to use this guy's back as my own private toilet.
Roadshadow writes: Brawn: Hey Windcharger! I found a bench for us to sit on!
Soundwave: Is it I the pervert?
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GiveItUp4 writes:
shockwave_inoz writes: BRAWN: "Hey, Windy - what do you reckon?"
WIND: "Nah, that colour will clash with the rest of your furniture."
BRAWN: "Huh, you're probably right. AND it's uncomfortable... Okay, I'll take it back to IKEA and get
Paynerâ„¢ writes: "This action is know as 'the corpse hump', it shows that Soundwave is now my property."
galvanostril writes: the most extravogent race ever! brawn riding on soundwave VS windcharger with flat tires and a narcoleptic rumble on race to the giza pyramids, from there they must get a penguin with their team flag to the top of the pyramid and then get them all the way
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Brawn: Time for a nice sit.
Soundwave: What do you think I look like, a chair?
Brawn: No, "I" looks like this. (Holds a piece of paper with a large letter "I")
Windcharger: That's the last time I let Brawn watch Dexter's L
Tiedye writes: Brawn-"I told you to stop picking on me Soundwave, Now you know size doesn't matter! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Unknown writes: Brawn:Uh Oh, potty bwoke.
Zeedust writes: And as he gazed at the car-shaped ottoman, Brawn foumnd himself wondering why he'd bothered stopping at Ikea.
Unknown writes: (Brawn): Alright Soundwave....Mush boy! Mush!
Shadow Fox writes: Brawn- so your telling me this isn't a toilet cliffjumper?
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Unknown writes: (how soundwave came to be...) Brawn:" im so gana have strech marks...damit!"
Unknown writes: Brawn: "look at the cool chairi ordered offa amazon... hey cool it even has a foot rest!"
Soundwave: "mfffrgggrmmm get your feet of my head rrrrgg..."
Brawn:"ooo look it even talks too!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "please get off, your tailpipe is digging into my back". Brawn:"keep it quiet tall dark and gruesome, that ain't my tailpipe."
Unknown writes: Lookie, im a big boy now!
Tee-hee! Me gotta go poopie. Soundwave:Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minicle writes: Soundwave:(Thinks) Just remain completly still and maybe he won't notice me.
Unknown writes: Brawn: My what a comfy chair!
Soundwave: GET OFF MY BACK!!!
Unknown writes: "Sit on my face, if you really love me" - Soundwave (Monty P's flying circus song)
Ricochet writes: Cliffjumper, take a picture of me on Soundwave.
Unknown writes: After watching a lot of WWE action, Brawn did a Fame-Asser on Soundwave!
Bruticus writes: Cliffjumper: "Having fun, Brawn?"
Brawn: "Bite my shiny metal ass."
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pawmaster writes: Brawn: I've done it before but never like this. soundwave: hey I think it's my turn to be on the top.
zach writes: brawn:you know i think i feel a little fart comin on soundwave:NO NO you cant brawn:RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPP soundwave:uhhhhhhh @_@
Unknown writes: No GAS, NO GAS! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (the end of soundwave!)
Unknown writes: soundwave: help!
Unknown writes: Wow, that wasn't such a hard landing after all.
Soundwave: @_@ Respiratory circuits...failing...
MindWipe writes: yo dude me and soundwave are just practising our aeronautical display thats going on at 3 see you there man
Muse writes: Windcharger: I never thought a robot your size could pass something that large!
Brawn: It's a gift.
Soundwave writes: ewwwwwwww you just farted on me ahhhhhhhhhh @#$#@!#$
macabremouse writes: Look prime, I dun good
Broadside writes: Hey you couldn'y give us a tow could ya?
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Unknown writes: now turn over so i can sit on your face!
Unknown writes: I got yer stoopid potassium nitrate!
EDIMUS PRIME writes: "Man Windcharger this Earth furniture is just to weird."
Unknown writes: Brawn:ah,time now for a nice sit. Soundwave:Hey!, what do I look like a chair? Brawn*holds up letter I* no, I looks like this. Soundwave: Dough!
Unknown writes: Who says Brawn's a bottom?
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Brawn: What's my name, Soundwave! Who's your Daddy!
Unknown writes: Brawn: *FART*
Soundwave: AHHH!
Unknown writes: BRAWN: Hey WindCharger ! Look what passed through my exhaust manifold !
WINDCHARGER: ...(drives away, pretending not to know Brawn)...
Unknown writes: BRAWN: Alright Soundwave, don't move. I had really potent energon for breakfast this morning. WINDCHARGER: Pee U Brawn, I think I'll just get a move on alone, that smell is just too unbearable!!
ryo777 writes: WINDCHARGER: Hey Brawn, this earth mode is GREAT!! I love being an 84 Firebird!!
BRAWN: 84 Firebird?!! I CAN'T TELL?!! You look more like a 67 Plymouth Barracuda!!
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ryo777 writes: WINDCHARGER: AW CRAP!! Homos up ahead....Don't make eye contact, Don't make eye contact,...WHATEVER you do,..DON'T make eye contact!!
ryo777 writes: WINDCHARGER: Hey Brawn, why are sitting on Soundwave?!!
BRAWN: The mofo told me I looked like the dude on the Quaker Oats box wearing Darth Vader's helmet!!
Unknown writes: "By Primus, Brawn, what did you eat?!"
Silverwynde writes: Windcharger: "Dammit Brawn, I told you to SIT on him, not... oh never mind!"
Brawn: "Oh, crap, I mean sorry."
Soundwave: "I swear to God, when I get cleaned up I'm gonna personally kill you both.&
Unknown writes: brawn-well windcharger you can forget going to BEST BUY
jazz921 writes: Hey Windcharger, come here and pull my finger!!
Unknown writes: I NEED THE LOO !THIS WILL DO.
Unknown writes: Surgeon General's Warning: Extreme pressure from a heavy robot such as Brawn can and WILL cause Hemorrhoids, Serious Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis, Hepatitis B, Polio, the Common Cold, Hay Fever, Mumps, Constipation, Diarrhea, Lung Cancer,
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Okay Brawn, you want your twenty bucks? Get on."
Unknown writes: damn it brawn are you blind!?!? the potty is that way!!!!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Windcharger to brawn: ya got it all wrong, humans don't do it that way!
Unknown writes: Brawn: "I wonder when that EXLAX will take effect!!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Get off me, you twirp! I am NOT a potty!
Unknown writes: Soundwave:"WTF?! Get off me, ya little twerp!"
RandomFerret writes: SW: "I'll get you for this, Autobot. I don't know where, I don't know when, but I'm sure it will be quick, violent, and direct to video."
Unknown writes: Brawn " sya uncle"
gabriel writes: Brawn: Phew! I need to go to the bathroom! I'll
Just use soundwave!!!
Unknown writes: Thats right you n!@@3r! Stay down until i put the cuffs on you!
Unknown writes: Hmmm...needs more padding to be a good couch!
Unknown writes: wait this isn't a toilet!
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Galvatron writes: Windcharger: WTF are you doing Brawn?

Brawn: -Grunts- Sorry! I couldn't hold it back to Autobot City! -GRUNT- Ah..

Soundwave: OMFG EWW.
Firefly writes: Brawn: man, this is great, I got a tape deck and a sofa all in one.
Dynamus Prime writes: Soundwave: Man, your feet stink. Brawn: That's not my feet...
Unknown writes: Soundwave trying to be a Headmaster.
Unknown writes: As a final humiliation, Brawn rips ass on Soundwave before jumping on Windcharger and riding off into the sunset...
Unknown writes: As a final humiliation, Brawn rips ass on Soundwave before jumping on Cliffjumper and riding off into the sunset...
Battle Angel writes: Brawn: Man I'm beat! We've been out here for hours and have yet to see signs of the Deceptacons. Wonder where they could be?
Unknown writes: And so the little red autobot drove in circles around Brawn, laughing, as he had been forced to surpress the beast.
Unknown writes: Nope these hemaroids are just not getting better.
Vector Sigma writes: "C'mon...bitch!!! 10 more push ups!!!"
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Unknown writes: Soundwave:- Hey get off me you lump of lard. Megatron help!!"+
Unknown writes: Brawn: Hey Soundwave, you're out of toilet paper. Soundwave: Shut-up.
Unknown writes: I didn't know Soundwave had a toilet mode
Unknown writes: Brawn: "say it"
Soundwav: "no"
Brawn: "Say it or I'll fart on your head"
Soundwave: "OK, Brawn is the greatest Transformer that ever existed"
TeleTran2005 writes: Braun: Hey Windcharger did you bring that magazine I asked for?
Unknown writes: Brawn: Whew...soft landing
SoundWave: Speak for yourself
Unknown writes: Brawn: Whew...soft landing
SoundWave: Speak for yourself
Unknown writes: BRAWN:wheres the flush? WINDCHARGER:press fast forward! RUMBLE:NOOOOOO!!
yo writes: Soundwave promises to remember this moment when the movie rolls around.
yo writes: Brawn demonstrates the newest version of glass gas.
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Bumble_Bug writes: Brawn: HAY I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE!! no wait thats a rock..
Unknown writes: weeee! Do it again!
Unknown writes: SW:you better not you Brawn:I better not what(lets one)WC:to late B&WC: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Unknown writes: Brawn:"We Autobots have ways of making you talk!" (Cuts one)
Ironhide writes: Brawn:wait a second Windchager Igot a big one coming. Soundwave:nooooooooo
Unknown writes: Brawn:"Hold on a sec, Cliffy, I gotta take the biggest dump in the history of taken a dump!"
Soundwave:"I hate my life..."
Hot Rodimus writes: Cliffjumper-"you going to be any longer?"
Brawn-"thats why I never eat tainted energon cubes again."
Unknown writes: yeah, anyone can beat a decepticon. but can anyone else say that pooped on one? i think not. Brawn wins again!
Unknown writes: Brawn: This toilet sure is lumpy!
Unknown writes: No hes mine, i found him and u cant have him!
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slag writes: quick now you check his pockets!
slag writes: quick now you check his pockets!
Unknown writes: "now, what did you say about Iron Maiden?"
Unknown writes: aww crap now laserbeaks stuck up my crack
Unknown writes: Hey windcharger should I leave skidmarks?
Jeremy writes: brawn: kiss my ass im an autobot
ToXmAn writes: brawn: kiss my big and green ass.
Unknown writes: ajent brawn tests the new and inproved soundwave ejecter-6000
Unknown writes: ajent brawn the new and inproved soundwave ejecter-6000
Unknown writes: Brawn:Hey Soundwave, I betcha never saw this side of an Autobot before! Windcharger:Good one Brawn!
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Unknown writes: soundwave: Soon, by the movie, you shall be eliminated.
Brawn: Ah, shut up! Your just jealous they make you a background character in season 3
Cyberman writes: How do I transform him?
Unknown writes: Sound wave tests his ultimate disguise yet...a desert rock.nobody has spotted him yet
Dynamus Prime writes: Wrong again, you dipstick!
Unknown writes: Will you give me a piggyback ride Uncle Soundwave?
Unknown writes: Will you give a piggyback ride Uncle Soundwave?
Unknown writes: little does Windcharger know that Brawn combines with Soundwave to form Toiletron!
Unknown writes: i want my horsy ride, Unca Soundwave
Shrapnel writes: Awww, poor Soundwave! *hugz Soundwave* Soundwave feels better so gets up and beats the living daylights out of Windcharger and Brawn!
Cyberman writes: And I thought Soundwave was a toliet.
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Unknown writes: thanks to his kind nature, soundwave looked after the minibots between shots on the tv show.
Unknown writes: Brawn: where do i push to flush this damn thing?
Chris writes: WHEW!! That was alot easier going down than coming out!
Suzanne writes: Gimme a lift, Windcharger! I gotta take a huge shi--OOPS! Too late.
Unknown writes: Brawn: Hay Wind Charger did you see what happend to Sound wave I was kicking his @$$ in the air when he fell into this cannion, i followed but I fell on a blue rock. Wind Charger you dumb @$$ you sitting on him. Brawn: so that explains those faint calls f
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Get off of me autobot!!
Brawn: Not until you play mombo #5!!!
Unknown writes: brawn: damn benches what are these things made of?
windcharger: um... descepticons?
jamie writes: windcharger:hurry up brawn i need a crap aswell brawn:ok well ave to thank prime for installing this toilet for us!
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davewelttf writes: Windcharger: Are you alright?
Brawn: Yeah, luckily I landed on this rock
Soundwave: Get the hell off me!
Unknown writes: Windcharger: so what did he transform to?! was that a walkman or a deadman?!
Unknown writes: Brawn: Can you spare a square?
Unknown writes: Brawn: Should I fart on him?
Windcharger: Yeah, yeah, yeah! :P
Unknown writes: Brawn: Look what happened when I let Rewind cook dinner! I crapped a Soundwave!
Windcharger: Damn! I`m never letting Blaster`s cassttes cook for me!
Unknown writes: Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me....
Unknown writes: Windcharger: Hey thats one weird lookin wart you got! Brawn: Yeah, I woke up and I had this huge bumb on my bumper!!!
Unknown writes: (Off camera in the sky) Starscream: BULLSEYE! Thundercracker: Dropping an Autobot on Soundwave was genius!
Unknown writes: Brawn: "Hey Windcharger, This new decepticon couch is kind of lumpy!"
Unknown writes: Brawn: "Getty-up horsey!"
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Slappyfrog writes: Brawn always liked the Cybertronian version of "The Tortoise and the Hare."
Prowl writes: soundwave: "come and sit one sants lap" brawn: " i wnna lolypop and i want a megartn blow action figure" soundwav:your sitting on me wrong GTE OFF OF ME!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Okay, WHO dropped that minibot on me?!!!!!
Ruby writes: "Soundwave Transform! Cybertroian Chair mode!"
Unknown writes: B: Did you see where Soundwave went?
S: Get off me, NOW!
Unknown writes: B: Minibots unlock special features W:Idiot, that is Minicons!
Unknown writes: Victory is mine!
Unknown writes: Soundwave:"Ahh! Right there Brawn. Just alittle lower...aaaaahhhh!"
Unknown writes: HRRRRRRR Im gonna poop on you soundwave!!!!
Philip writes: sound wave needed to make extra money on the side because megs dental plan was stupid so he decided to give the minibots rides.
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Unknown writes: brawn: who does number 2 work for. windcharger: what the heck did you eat man?
Unknown writes: Brawn: Heh, shiatsu massuese I am not!
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: Windcharger: Come on Brawn your gona lose the race!
Brawn: Awww no fair my Horsie feel asleep!!!
Unknown writes: Brawn hits the German superplex and pins Soundwave for the 3 count from Referee Windcharger!
Shermtron writes: Windcharger and Brawn play a new game of roadkill with playmate soundwave...ahh those crazy autobot guys..
Unknown writes: Man this recliner is really lumpy
Slappyfrog writes: Frenzy: "This is why I never come out!"
Slappyfrog writes: Brawn realizes that a diet may be in order.
Unknown writes: BRAWN:"Is there anything on me, what, I got Soundwave, where? can I get to it?"
Ground Zero writes: Soundwave: Laugh now, but I *survive* the movie...
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Cyclonus writes: brawn: this guy makes a great toilet seat *whisper* especially when you have to CRAP!!!!
Pokejedservo writes: Brawn: Well how was I suppose to know that I was too heavy for him to give me a piggy-back ride?
Cyberman writes: Windcharger: STEAL ALL OF HIS MONEY!!
Unknown writes: So this is the Cybertronian remedy for back aches.
Sledge writes: Brawn -- "I thought Soundwave transformed into a toilet!"
Unknown writes: B and W: BWAHAHAHA
S:Dang it, gang raped by mini-bots again!
Chachi writes: Soundwave: "That is the absolute last time I fall asleep in Tijuana."
Unknown writes: Brawn: Check out my new soundwave skin rug.
dave writes: Soundwave: "I said sit on my--!" Naw... Too easy...
Unknown writes: WINDCHARGER:Keep him down while I pick his pockets.
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