Optimus Prime's son?

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Postby Longlive Roddie » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:00 pm

Bartmanhomer wrote:
God Magnus wrote:
Zombie Starscream wrote:
Ramrider wrote:This is a nice simple one.

No. :grin:

<edit> To expand a bit... Transformers don't have children (or if they do, we've never had any definite evidence of it in the last twenty-odd years).
And there was a few debates on that which would go on for twenty odd pages..

Can Tfs Have Babies?
Where do the Babies Grow Inside Them?
Do Tfs have Genders?
How do Tfs Reproduce?

Not the titles exactly, but you get the idea. Basically, the threads are interesting, but after a while they have a tendancy to get heated and some members getting temp banned.

I don't know if they can or can't have babies. All I know is that Transformer sex would be extremely loud.

It's impossible. Transformers can't have babies because they're robots.

They are robots, but not in a way that we know of. It's quite possible that they can have babies, but not in away that we have them. However how they have kids shouldn't matter. People who said that they can't have babies are wrong. They can, but not the way humans or probably any other organic have them. Wheelie had parents, so it's possible that they can have kids.

Ps. Tramp post were fun to read. I do agree with something with him. Like they can have kids and are not just robots, but living organism. However, I don't agree that they need to have sex to have kids.
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Re: Optimus Prime's son?

Postby Longlive Roddie » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:02 pm

Dang it! Shouldn't pay attention on how old this thread was. Sorry folks. I also should've check if the people was still on board.
It's the end of the world
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