TF Armada Anniversary? (Possibility?)

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TF Armada Anniversary? (Possibility?)

Postby X3n0m0rphS3n » Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:04 am

Ever since I was a Teen I fell in love with the Armada Trilogy after watching G1 & G2 along with Masterforce sadly, I'm not even sure if people remember the Armada Trilogy. Please, note that I hated the Galaxy Force & some of the other CG series cause I hated the sight of Traditional animation with CG animation to me it just looked really stupid & unethical. The reason why I'm bringing up the Anniversary for TF Armada is because, it's obvious (no one ever talks about it to make it better!)at least in my opinion for the English version there we're dozens of errors within the animation & script acting itself & it needs a reboot considering how old it is despite it's own errors.

Anyhow, since I myself is experimenting to become a Indie animator for Social Media but not YouTube I want to do my first animation for the Anniversary of TF Armada since no one ever does it to celebrate it. I have a few animation buddies that can help me on this project sadly I'm not uploading it to YouTube because of their copyright BS rules.

The song I'm going to use is from Tenchi Muyo--> since it's about space travel I think it'll be a perfect fit for the theme I want to do for the animation itself.

If you have any suggestions for my animation project please, let me know!
I'm always opened up for new ideas. I have a DeviantART page but it's under a different name.

P.S: Anyone know if there's "official manga" for TF Armada? I know there is one by Tokyo Pop but, it's not really a "manga" per se it's just screenshots from the Anime itself put into manga platform.
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