The Rough Draft...

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The Rough Draft...

Postby AllNewSuperRobot » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:53 am


Once Upon A Time, I was a very creative sort. To say I lived in my own head, my imagination, was an understatement. I always had a pencil and paper in my hand. Forever writing, drawing, creating etc

Years go by and Adulthood starts to dull that creativity. I imagine to retain the level of imagination I had before, I should have gone into a more aligned field of study and/or work. However that was not to be.

It has not completely left me. I have four completed works and concepts for another two. These works as I call them, are complete runthroughs of four separate series, from beginning to finale. Two are of my own creations, one is based upon the X-Men and back on topic, one is Transformers.

Entitled Rebellion.

I draw and write. My writing is more in scripted form to aid my drawings.
For Transformers, I largely wanted to employ my own cast. The Main reason for this is I have often been very frustrated drawing TF's if my picture doesn't resemble an established design. So I generated a sizable amount of concept art, more so than I ever have before.

For Rebellion, I took pieces that I enjoy from Beast Wars and G1, while not being 100% faithful to previous works. Consider it an Elseworlds/What if? inspired series than a straight up fanfic. EG for certain characters, their personality is based more upon extracts from their bios and visual cues from the toys, than works of other writers. But I digress...

Transformers: Rebellion

Chapter One - The Doom That Came To Cybertron

Part One: Prologue

Peace. That's what they call it. The Great Wars, days gone by. The Autobots and Decepticons, relics of the past. The Beast Wars too, came to an end. Yet can a race so intrinsically tied to conflict, ever attain peace without it?

Ravage: "Now let us talk.."

Overbite: "Please do, take your time. Geez, Bad Kitty.. Grape Face flashes one vid of your old boss and you're practically lapping at his feet."

And with that, Megatron's cell was closed once more. Both he and Ravage looking on in abject shock and horror as a lone and hidden Maximal spy imprisons them both, without firing a shot.

The Beast Wars ended soon after. Using Ravage's confiscated ship, Optimus Primal rounded up the surviving Predacon forces, the stasis pods and any useful supplies from both the Axalon and Predacon base. With victory and escape granted to them by the hubris of a Former Decepticon, prisoners are secured and new allies awakened. They returned to Cybertron. Home at last.

Blackarachnia and Silverbolt could not be found however. Their last known co-ordinates pointing to a recently erupting volcano. They were presumed lost, listed MIA.

Four Deca-cycles pass...



Warning! Warning! Unstable Space Bridge activity detected!

Maximal Security Team Leader: "Move it Grunts! The Space Bridge has been under strict lock and key since the Great Upgrade. The fact someone got through the defenses is troubling enough, but to have the knowledge to even use the old relic is very scary"

Maximal Grunts: "Yes Sir! Wreck - N - Rule!!"

Meanwhile, fifty levels below, Maximum Security Block LV-117.

Megatron: "Hmm. Yesss, Sounds like trouble above. Even down in this "inescapable" pit. Removed as I am from local time and space by a Transwarp field, that alarm is akin to sweet music. Scurry along little Maximals, your "peace" may prove shorter lived than you hoped."

Snapdragon: "Buried but not forgotten, M-Boss"

Shock once more returned to Megatron's face as the colossal Transmetal form of his former Enforcer emerges from the opposing corridor, as if from the shadows themselves. At the same moment the spacial boom of a localised transwarp shunt reveals the jet form of Waspinator. With it, Megatron's surprise gives way to a malicious grin.

Waspinator: "Frreee Bozzz Bot, we're told hehehe"

Megatron: "So I owe this escape attempt to some mysterious benefactor? Ohh but were my release assured. Nooo. For as tempted as I might be to carve my vengeance from the lowly Maximals who threw me here. Other than the Tripredacus Council seeking my head, I have no means of escape from this fortified prison, let alone Cybertron above. Hmmm"

Megatron then closes his eyes, turning his back on his one time troops to dismiss them. Defeated.

Snapdragon: "Already squared your circles, M-Boss"

Megatron opens his eyes to view the giant shining jaws of Snapdragon's Komodo Dragon mode tearing through his restraints like paper. His cell bars disabled and restraints now in pieces, Megatron is free once more.

Megatron: "YESSSS! Now quickly you dolts, Where is my exit!?"

Transforming to Jet Mode once more, Waspinator re-opens his Transwarp shunt.

Waspinator: "Special surprise for Maximalzz! Space Bridge re-activated, powered by Transwarp Cell hehehe"

Snapdragon "Unstable. Soon Boom, M-Boss"

Megatron: "A mismatched Maximal Transwarp Cell attached and amplified by an active Cybertronian Space Bridge. The power unleashed could tear a hole in Cybertron itself! I almost shed a tear at the loss of Maximal life from such an explosion. Luckily such moments pass quickly. Once I reach the Space Bridge where am I headed?"

Waspinator: "Freedom, and Alliezz, Megatron!"

Megatron: "Indeed. My restoration is assured! I will return to Earth with an army and complete my namesake's instructions before word even reaches Primal. This time the Beast Wars will be mine! MEGATRON TERRORISE!!! HA Hahahahaha"

Transforming to conserve energy, Megatron enters the shunt without a moments pause or reflection on why his rescuers do not follow. A lapse in judgment, most grave for the brilliant and calculating Predacon General.

Snapdragon: "Goodbye, M-Boss. Terrorcon soon pleased!"
Waspinator: "Megatron not even notice our new colourzz. New Shunt will take uzz outside Space Bridge Control. Make Sure Former Bozz bot reaches final destination "unharmed" hehehehe"
Snapdragon: "Kill many Maxi's before Boom!"

So the two depart. No record would show what happened in LV-117. the area would soon be vaporised along with 1/12th of Cybertron from a Hyper-Spacial explosion visible from Moon Base 2. If Megatron had only paused a moment, not overcome with his own desire to exact his revenge, he might have taken time to assess his former troops. If only to look upon and see them sport no faction symbol he would recognise. Nor use any activation code at all. Hubris.. Ever the flaw of the Megatron!

:CON: End of Part One :CON:
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Re: The Rough Draft...

Postby AllNewSuperRobot » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:05 pm

Part Two: One for the road

Earth: The War.

Six Stellar Cycles ago..

Tigatron: "..I'd forgotten what beauty this planet once offered"

Snapdragon: "HA! Nothing but Ashes soon"

Violent explosions rocked the serenity of the canyon. Tigatron and Airazor rocked apart by the onslaught. Tigatron dazed, trying to steady himself, could only look on in utter horror as the lush alien plant life about him burned uncontrollably. Panicked, His gaze darted around the scene for Airazor. Only to see her engaged in lethal combat against Snapdragon, Fractyl and Spittor. The bio-chemical scent of the fire bombs coating his keen senses, explained by the presence of the Enforcer's entourage. With a shake of his head and lightning reflexes, Defense missiles sprang from his wrist, instantly removing Fractyl from the battle. With a shriek of delight, Snapdragon lunged towards the shaken Tiger..

Snapdragon: "Tiger! M-Boss say EAT YOU!!!"
Gut gun in hand, Tigatron barely evaded the slathering jaws of the Transmetal Dragon, riposting the assault with blaster fire of his own. All direct hits, which found home within the malicious mouth of the Enforcer.


The Predacon retched in pain.
His now uncontrolled momentum, impacting against the last and largest of the alien plants. His great mass cutting through the stork and it's quiet hum rang no more. A Blaster shot narrowly missing his shoulder, Tigatron's view turned to the ridge above. Powerpinch, Jetstorm and Insecticon had arrived, training their fire upon him. Shifting to Beast Mode, Tigatron effortlessly surmounted the cliff face, causing the weaker Predacons to flee. Spittor, half smoldering, limped quickly after them.

Turning back to the valley Tigatron closed his eyes in solemn reflection. "Nothing left save the field of war.." He mused mirthlessly. Airazor soon returned to his side alongside Cheetor, with word from Optimus Primal....

Present Day, Cybertron

Megatron "Hmmm These ancient, hallowed halls. A glimmer at where I might have strode. Yess. Yet soon within my grasp again. The Maximals may have scattered my army and sealed Rampage away forevermore. But thanks to my salvation by an unknown ally, my restitution is at hand!"
With that, jets whirred to life and Megatron was airborne.

Crossing the massive expanse of the central hub of the Cybertronian Space Bridge. To the distilled form of their ancestors, the great hall was both colossal achievement and yet garish in it's excess. The Space Bridge technology immediately sealed in mutual agreement by the Pax Cybetronia. The power required to maintain the teleporter equated to sustaining several generations of future Cybertronians. Energon no longer a commodity of easy procurement, nor unmerited waste.

An island housed the Bridge itself. Connected to the main entrance by a single shimmering gangway. Large enough for the full Convoy Host of the Ark itself to roll astride into the beyond. The only illumination, a small retro fit Maximal console pulsing in standby. With little effort Megatron crossed to the console, with a mindful eye towards the only default access point to the room. A doorway so massive and solid, even rust and Stellar Cycles of non-use, made it no less imposing.

Megatron: "The co-ordinates are pre-set. Interesting, Yesss. I don't recognise the star system and yet...?"
For the first time, for the Last time, Megatron's uncanny intellect observed a missing component. "Where is the Transwarp Cell?? The controls indicate barely enough residual power for a ten nano-klik shunt."


The great gateway began to open. Ever slowed by time, dust and scrap cascading the entrance in equal measure. Generating a plumb of decay briefly obscuring the outer world from the Predacon. Yet it did little to mask the deafening arrival of sound to the mighty chamber. Sirens and blaster impacts filled the previously silent air. Lesser screams of the dying underpinning the shifting gloom.

With a roar, Megatron readied himself for what may be his greatest battle. All weapons primed across the gangway.

Through the haze, Snapdragon stoically emerged. His Transmetal form a mass of scorched burns and battle tears. Within his hands hung pieces of a foe. A Maximal or not, unclear. It's dismembered arm still hold the trigger on a blaster. Languid Bolts impacting Snapdragon's head listlessly and with little effect.

Snapdragon: "Cell primed for use, M-Boss"

Thrown from his great claws, a then flaming form screeched overhead before crashing mid-gangway. Waspinator. Far more worse for wear than either of his former comrades. But a brief gesture from Snapdragon, Megatron understood and moved to secure his "power source". Three Fusion blasts shifted the scene. Two direct hits at Snapdragon's back cast him beyond the doorway and out of view, into the bowels of the chamber. The third blast incinerated Megatron's right arm, cannon and all. The Predacon sent reeling to the floor.

Tigatron emerged, staggering from the shadows. Energon leaking from several savage bite marks across his haggard frame. He held a Riot Cannon aloft once more and re-aimed it at Megatron's head. His once noble eyes devoid of all, but wrath and pain.

Tigatron: "For Airazor... NO. MORE. BEAST. WARS!!"

:MAXIMAL: End of Part Two :MAXIMAL:
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Re: The Rough Draft...

Postby AllNewSuperRobot » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:14 pm

Part Three: Other Variants

Outside of space and time, at the centre, beginning and end of all things, awaits The Nexus. Nebula, Stars and other spacial miasma all converge amid a great debate, a gathering of a race in chaos…

“Lost to us now… The Falcon… The Tiger … Emissary of notable Multiversal potential now unrealizable to this Timestream… The mission, to safeguard the time flow, now in jeopardy, without the fulcrum. The experiments will fail in their task with unrestrained disruptions. A spacial tear, a closed loop unfurls again and again. A new selection must be made, Nexus Earth holds another, dangerous and untested in causality, due concern taken as this extraction causes no danger to the integrity of the time flow. The experiments must continue, the chaos fixed at the heart of the time expunged, our cause, our debt, our sacrifice…”

A brilliant explosion. A preternatural pulse envelops the world. All are laid low… Some lower still, into the fires of the Earth untimely… plucked?

“New specimen, chosen in the moments of dissolution, protoplast, pieces of one whole, or more, unknown. Their race, radical now, shifted by exposure to our light, untested before. At the moment our power altered the experiment, this specimen was unguarded and fell to natural corrosion… Now with us, as but pieces, unknown and unmissed, to begin anew, the last emissary, barren of Their life force, in concordance then, granted powers beyond limit of previous experimentation, with sub-minimal risk of failure. Celestial Unity, Celestial Unity, Celestial Unity….”

Where once desiccated pieces held aloft, the might and mystery of the Vok would blend into something unparalled. Unique. Unbreakable. Yet but a golem, unyielding extension of their will. A finale to ensure the balance of time and space against a previously irrevocable black cancer at the heart of time itself. Three of their number would deem Host to it’s form. The safety of the timestream itself in their care alone. Once through Optimus Primal they learned of a potential ally, but their resolve is now shaken…

Tarantulas: “All ships, confirm preparation to launch”

Ravage: “Confirmed. As is the integrity of the stealth field concealing our little cordon. This Transmetal is truly remarkable.”

Sea Clamp: “…Confirmed”
Cicadacon: “The Particle bombs are primed. The success of the ambush, assured.”
Ram Horn: “Get on with it! The carnage you promised”

Tarantulas: “Good, good hmhmhmhm. Now I have finally found you, my illusive and arrogant enemy. This was over the moment you crossed me...ehhhaahaaWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

“Alarm? Curious….”

Five Predacon Cruisers de-cloak in unison. Encircling the hub of The Nexus. Twenty five bombs are launched. The most powerful weapons of mass destruction within the Predacon arsenal. Augmented further by enriched Transmetal. The blast damage, incalculable. The numbers of Vok lost, unknown. There is no time for defence or even to scream. Nebula erupt into cascades of flame, stars go nova. The cordon enacts a great shield generator so that not even light can escape. The Nexus burns in chaos unending. The mad Tarantulas deploys further ordinance into the maelstrom to stoke his hubris. Moments pass as the Tripredacus Council and their loyal followers revel in the carnage of extinction. A quiet dim is then heard in the din of Space. Growing loud, louder, LOUDER, LOUDER

Tripredacus Council: “Tarantulas explain! What is happenin-“
Ravage: “Perhaps we should fle-“
Tarantulas: “ Ohh No no no no no no no no no-“

The shield is shattered by an orb of light ejected into time itself. Unleashing a blinding force from within. This annihilated hub, removes itself from the timestream to prevent a Multiversal cascade. Everything in the surrounding five solar systems is joined in oblivion.

:PREDACON: End of Part Three :PREDACON:
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Re: The Rough Draft...

Postby AllNewSuperRobot » Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:19 pm

Part Four: Another Time and Place

Earth, 2510

Atop Lookout Mountain, Ramulus waits.

“The dawn of a universal age of peace is at hand. Just one final conflict and it’s done. Such is what is said. One last cell of dissention. Those unable to let go of the past and embrace the brave new future. At the heart of it all lies Scourge.”

Scourge, the second in command to the late Predacon High Commander, Gigatron. In the aftermath of the Multiformer’s failed insurrection against the Maximal Senate amid Grand Cruiser Maximus, Scourge and a small band of loyalists took the opportunity to steal the Transmetal Driver from the central spire of science in Iacon.
An alien device of unparalleled advancement to the Cybertronian race. The extensive study of which led to the Second Great Upgrade. Resulting in the advent of full integration between the Transmetal alloy and Cybertronian systems. The process was tentatively dubbed “Transmetal 2”, it changed the lives of all Transformers. Factions became irrelevant now all were able to exist without the need for conventional energy sources at all.

All were now equal, now All Are One.

Scourge was one of the last to accept this truth. Refusing to renounce his Symbol, he fled to Autobot City, vowing to save his people. Unable to procure a space cruiser of his own, his goal is to utilize the Time Frame. A localised Transwarp teleporter, used in Autobot City. His only option, as non-terrestrial starships are prohibited within the Earthern solar system, as agreed in the Pax Cybertronia.

Autobot City – C&C – Ten Cycles ago

At the centre of the sprawling Cybertronian Metropolis rests the Command and Control hub for the entire Sol region. “The Embassy” as it’s affectionately known. Situated within the former head of the Legendary Autobot Metroplex. His spark long since returned to Cybertron and reformatted. Amid the many monitors within three lone Maximals access the increasingly alarming situation.

Prowl: “We don’t know his objective, however, the fact he is trying to escaping into the timestream with the TMD can’t be good.”

The governor of Autobot City and chief strategist to the Maximal Senate, Prowl insists on strict military discipline and formality within his command. The reformation of the geopolitical landscape of Cybertron has… yet to reach Autobot City.
‘Logic dictates discipline within a military installation is eroded without structure.’

Prowl: ”He has marshalled his forces well within the City to mask his movements. I have detected attacks within various City sectors. A swarm of Sweeps, led by Scarem, is engaging Propionica and Panther in Sector 9. Spittor and a large group of Dinobots have Cybershark and Jawbreaker pinned, defending Harbour Sector. At their last communiqué, Stinkbomb and Optimus Minor are admirably manning the Outer Defenses, holding off the great Dragon Noble.”

Nightglider: “Grreat. No doubt Scourge’s heavyhitter is the cavalry.”

Sonar: ”If he gets in here, the shelters won’t be enough to protect the civilians within Metroplex core. At this rate-“

Prowl: ”AS Fliers, it falls to us to locate and detain Scourge quickly before this escalates. Panther reported five Sweeps, which means Scourge either has the two remaining with him or acting as decoys.”

Sonar: ”So the three of us are to scan the city, avoiding becoming engaged in any of the active guerrilla warfare throughout the city and then, even if we each tag one “Scourge” before he reaches the Time Frame, we still have the problem of his exception speed, agility and whatever personal chemical defences he would have no problem exposing this city to”.

Prowl: ”That’s why we have the man on the wall. Find him, tag him and if he refuses to surrender, Ramulus will be able to drop all three targets within a margin of error of 4 nano-kliks.”

Nightglider: ”Something doesn’t add up. Are we sure all of the insurgents are in play?”

Prowl: ”Intel on Gigatron’s entire cell was sketchy at best. We can only work on the information we have from Chaar. Ramulus, this is Prowl, we are deploying now. Await three signals and engage.”

Lookout Mountain, now

Slagmaker raised, Ramulus takes stock from the sight of his cannon. Visibility? clear. Wind resistance? Minimal.
“I work alone. I always have. Makes ‘sniper’ the ideal profession for a wartime loner. I don’t know what role I will have in this new era. I suppose a lot of us don’t. The Senate hasn’t pushed the reformation to the colonies yet, but it’s only a matter of time.”

Three bright pulses rocket into the sky, distracting Ramulus from his revelry.
“Targets marked! What the-?”
His eyes drawn to an Earth shaking explosion. The Outer Defenses erupting into smoke and kindling. Noble has entered Autobot City. A second roar from his flank immediately also draws Ramulus’ aim towards the Dragon.


The counterpart to Noble. At one time a mining siege engine, later reformatted into a second Dragon within the Predacon ranks. The Alpha and Omega of destruction. Codenamed: Red and Purple, in homage to the original Faction Symbols and in respect to the power they wield.

Ramulus:”Prowl, sighting of Red and Purple within Autobot City confirmed! Engaging”

Prowl: ”What!?! Negative! Scourge cannot be allowed to escape, is that understood?”

Ramulus:”To the pit with you Prowl. The troops on the ground are being annihilated.”

Prowl: ”We have no hope of engaging either of those Ultra Class Titans, without the Wreckers. Which aside from you are not present. The order is given, Soldier. Obey it”


With both anger and frustration, Ramulus looks away from the slaughter and three shots are fired. The Fliers confront the colossal dragons, promptly destroyed before a single shot could be fired. Prowl was himself slain. Bitten in half while actively evading Savage, from a feigned rear ambush by Noble. Ramulus now free to engage, does what he can to avenge his allies. He is quick to draw both the attention and unchecked aggression of both Predacon behemoths.
Lookout Mountain is shattered instantly in the duel attack.

Shot One... Close Range. A direct head hit! A headless Sweep flails to the ground.

Shot Two…Mid Hit. Clips the wings of it’s target. A stunned Scourge plummets through the air. Impacting the ground just shy of the entrance gate to the Time Frame. The TMD, ruptures from the impact. Incinerating the dying Predacon alongside the fortified gate. The Deadman’s Switch activates and the remaining Sweeps detonate. Removing an unsuspecting Scarem from delivering the killing blow to his two Maximal opponents.

Shot Three…The Longest Shot. Passes through the ashes of the Sweep and into an exposed Energon line. The Chain reaction short circuits the inactive Transformation cog of the City-Bot. From ancient reflex, an enormous arm seemingly launches into the air, before gravity delivers to back down to slam into transfixed Noble. Killing the dragon and all others within reach of the impact.

Meanwhile, Iguanus de-cloaks and silently takes his leave in the ensuing carnage. He activates the Time Frame and after looking back with a grin, enters..

:CON: End of Part Four :CON:
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Re: The Rough Draft...

Postby AllNewSuperRobot » Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:43 am

Part Five: Interlude

The Void

A long figure floats aimless through the pitch-black void. Lost to consciousness, drifting without direction or end. A voice heard within the mind itself, draws closer, until sound becomes words. Words become speech. Speech begets understanding. Listening intently, The Figure’s focus is drawn. Attention on nothing else.


The Figure stirs.


Consciousness took hold!

”Welcome Minion!”

The Figure: ”Who? Who said that?” The Figure speaks aloud, with a voice previously unknown.

”I… am your master!”

With that revelation, an all-enveloping light blinds The Figure. With that too did The Figure become aware of sight?

The Figure: ”Show yourself, Master”

”I have summoned you here for a purpose”

Clarity emerges within The Figure

The Figure: ”Purpose? Purpose? Purpose! Yes, I was charged with purpose… What? What is my purpose, Master?”

The Light, The Master, recedes to a pinpoint against the darkness. Transfixed, the singular optic lens of The Figure dwells on nothing else. The diminishing of The Light brings The Figure’s attention to it’s own physicality. Hands? A body, limbs. Being. Things The Figure was oblivious of floating through the void.

”This is my command. You are to destroy all life outside this place. Your master is entombed within this void.. until a balance of life force is exchanged for my freedom. You, my herald, are the one thing, THE ONLY THING, within my power to release. Strong enough to enforce my will.”

The Light once more encompasses The Figure. Enraptured, The Figure speaks:
“You have nothing to fear. By your leave, I will crush the universe with my bare hands!!”

”You exaggerate.”

The Figure: ”Forgive me my Master.” A sycophantic tone admonishes the newly formed pride and confident boasting of The Figure. ” I am but your instrument, you are to simply point out my path and I shall carve through any that dare oppose it! The point is, by your command, they are already dead, this universe destroyed!”


A secondary point of light briefly pierces the gloom. The Figure’s gaze does not cast itself elsewhere but upon its Master.

”Your power is great. But you belong to me, now. So will not be alone in this task. I shall grant you an army. New, unwavering troops to command…

The figure bows prostrate in fanatical reverence.

”…and an armada, to aid in your purpose”

The second light tasks form. Its brilliance gives way to an asscher shape of dark metal, devoid of detail save for a large circular recess. Symmetrically segmented, with smaller circles within each divide. The only colour vibrant to sight within the darkness lay beneath this recess. A huge blue symbol is emblazoned at the centre of the shape. A rectangle, with smaller triangles cut ajar from its lower corners and midway through its vertex. The only discerning physical detail, a single horizontal eye at its centre. The Figure, upon earlier examination, notes it reflects that of its own optics.

The Figure: ”My Master grants me boon without equal. And yet…”

The Figure’s gaze trails away for the first time.

”And yet???”

The Figure: ” Might you grant me a name?” An arm extends to the symbol. ”A title to the Host of your will?” The Figure’s sight cast downward. Presuming too much from one who has given so much already. An immediate act of repentance is anticipated for such audacity.

Behold: Terrorcon.
Grand Emissary.
First Herald to the Neotron Host”

Filled with awe and devotion, the named Figure did speak once more.

The Figure: ”I, Terrorcon, am truly unworthy, my Master. Thy will be done!”

The last form of self-actualisation is granted to Terrorcon with this confirmation of identity. A stirring within is unleashed unto the physical world. Transformation!

Where once a lone, motionless cadaver traced silently through oblivion without end, something now braced itself by the fire of conviction. Into a quiet, unassuming corner of the universe, a faint ripple as of a drip in an endless ocean did form. First from this wave of reality itself a great vessel advanced into the cosmos, without external means. In it’s wake, did at first erupt a terrible scream that would pierce the heavens themselves. IT followed with blurring speed. A beast of ancient antiquity itself: A Chimera! Its monstrous form encircled the Great Ship Malice, with distended neck, violent jets and segmented wings flailing in a dance of chaos. Entering the control room, humanoid form restored, Terrorcon heard The Master’s voice a final time…

”Now go! Destroy them all!!”

With that, a gleam came to that horizontal eye. Elongated fingers reached out for the controls, a course was set and the Malice vanished into the maw of the universe.

Yet as the portal at the heart of nothingness closed…

”Hmmm. That was even easier than I remembered”

:CON: End of Part Five :CON:
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Re: The Rough Draft...

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Chapter Finale: Law of the Jungle

Cybertron – Space Bridge Control

Tigatron: ”The great and terrible Megatron, we meet again!” The Cat Bot sneered. While stepping down from the rubble of the gateway, his aim remained ever true, much to Megatron’s annoyance.

Megatron: ”Ahh Yess, Pussy Cat! It has been a long time. Yess. How far we’ve come. Across space and time and all the way back to Cybertron itself! It’s almost poetic.”

Tigatron began to charge the Riot Cannon. Betraying nothing visible on his face but utter hatred for his opponent. “Yet you will go no further” The Tiger openly bearing his fangs.

Megatron knew his foe was far more volatile than he was comfortable with. He needed to stall, buy time to find a way out of his apparently imminent demise.

Megatron: ”In that case I.. Surrender” The declaration echoed loud and clear throughout the great hall. The faint bleeps of the Space Bridge console and the slight crackle of the fire previously known as Waspinator, the only other sound within earshot.
“Here I am. Cast down, at your feet and your mercy. Literally and figuratively disarmed. Defeated once more. Arrest me, Maximal!” The pointed inflexion used seemed briefly stir something long lost in the once noble Tiger. Yet his eyes swiftly grew darker once more. He preceded two steps closer to his target. Flinching occasionally from his wounds, without overt signs of weakness. A plan began to form in the Predacon’s mind. He edged back, ever so slightly.

Tigatron: ”Arrest? Arrest you!? The Tiger chuckled mirthlessly. “Primal isn’t here. The Elders are not here. Only me and you.” A quick check on the cannon revealed the charge at 75%. Maximum charge should only take a click or two he thought aloud.

Megatron: ”That is your role is it not? That of the Noble Hero! Much like the other wardens of my cage. If you had wanted my death, all you had to do was release me back to the Tri-Predacus Council, much as you did with Ravage.”
Tigatron advanced a single step. He was now midway across the gangway, still several paces away from Megatron.
Tigatron: ”Primal is one of the best of us. He beseeched the Maximal Elders on your behalf. He told them here with us would be the only way you would see fair and just trial for your crimes. Imprisonment and not execution would grant true justice for what you have wrought.”
Megatron: ”Ever the weak-willed fool” Megatron mocked in open derision. Tigatron’s eyes narrowed and with a flash, his last remaining defensive missile fired. The launcher on Megatron’s left shoulder exploded, blinding him in one eye. Now with no weapons remaining, his gritted his teeth in anger.

Tigatron: ”There is the arrogant monster I remember!” He advanced four paces. His vision reduced, Megatron was quickly calculating a new plan, when beyond his enemy he briefly observed a single sparking claw reaching up from underneath the gangway. ”Know this Megatron! You will die this day. The only option left to you is on the manner of that death. When this weapon is fully charged, even one as powerful as you will be vapourised. As it stands now, it could cause enough damage for you to slowly bleed out here. We are alone here. You are too injured to transform and there are no more subordinates to save you.”

Megatron: ”Grrrr, So what do you want in exchange for this “mercy”, Pussy Cat?”
Tigatron: ”Give me a number”
Megatron: ”Whaa?”
Tigatron: ”How Many?”
Tigatron took four more steps. Megatron could now clearly observe down the charging barrel of the cannon that meant certain doom. ”How many was enough? Snowstalker. Airazor. Dinobot. Transmutate. Transquito’s insurrection, The Mutant/Fuzor conflict. Even they, you manipulated into exterminating each other. Who wanted no part in our war! They wanted nothing more than from us than a peaceful land to call their own. Over and over, the dead continued to pile at the feet of your insane ambition for ten stellar cycles. SO TELL ME MEGATRON!” Fury palpable in his eyes “Be they Maximal or Predacon and all inbetween, how many had to die on that world for you to be satisfied!?” Megatron edged back one more time.
Megatron: ”Hmmm. Clearly as many of yours as it took. The rest however, were always acceptable losses!” With that Megatron began to laugh.
Tigatron howled and with sudden ferocity struck Megatron’s head to the floor with the cannon. The Predacon spat three teeth onto the floor, Energon dripped from his mouth. He turned back to the Cat Bot and smiled.
Tigatron: ”You are insane. Look at you. Even at your end, with no more tricks to save you, you show no remorse for what you have caused. You instead try to slink away, like a coward, thinking I was too distracted to notice?” The Riot Cannon is raised once more, aimed point blank at Megatron’s head. “End of the line. The charge is complete. The Beast Wars are truly over, Megatron! You lose!” He took aim down the sight of the cannon.
Megatron: ”After all this time, you think me a coward??”
Tigatron hesitated. The mistake would be his last.
Megatron: ” I wasn’t trying to crawl away. I was trying to lure you in and also… Gain Purchase!”
He paused again.
Angled as he was on the ground and without arm or pauldron on his right hand side, Megatron aimed and fired the remaining VTOL jet at full power straight at his Maximal foe. Tigatron dropped the cannon as he screamed out in pain. His organic components engulfed in flames, staggering back into the gangway, he felt four flaming claws burst through his chest. From behind him loomed Snapdragon. His fading spark exposed from a gaping chest, he spat his final words into Tigatron’s ear.

Snapdragon: ”It was all worth it! Eating your tiger, killing Bird! Now I go to the Pit! With a smile on my lips! I broke your noble spirit!” A final laugh and with his other hand, the Enforcer reached around and dug his claws into Tigatron’s burning abdomen, as he dragged them both back to the edge of the gangway.
Unobserved and rising finally to his feet, Megatron picked up the Riot Cannon and took aim at the pair. “Yess. If oblivion is what you seek, allow me to help you both on your way”
He showed no hesitation in pulling the trigger.
As the blast took the last of Tigatron’s pain away, he quietly uttered his final words.
“Airazor, wherever you've gone, my spark will find yours.”
In a blinding flash, the Tiger and Komodo Dragon were gone. The strong survived. The law of the jungle upheld. Megatron turned, disconnecting the Transwarp cell from the Waspinator pyre and with only one hand, slowly set to work.

Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the corpse filled corridor leading the Space Bridge, a small wolverine entered the scene from a ceiling vent above in search of his friend, Stripes…

End of Chapter One
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Re: The Rough Draft...

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Following the close out of every chapter I will go into some of the references made. These were earlier works existing only as notes and random drawings. Nothing relevant to be added here, outside of this context.

The War

The Beast Wars of this reality were waged for ten stellar cycles (ten years). I thought a decade of entrenched warfare was long enough to include the full roster. This falls in between Beast Wars Part 1 and The Agenda Part 2. I took part inspiration for this from the disappointing average PSOne BW game. Wherein it went into detail on how the planet became carved up into separate bases, battlefields and mining operations. Making the War planet-wide and not merely skirmishes around the Axalon and Darksyde.


Failing to secure Tigatron, Megatron was rendered unconscious in the battle and cast adrift on an ice flow, unobserved by Maximal or Predacon. He drifted across the ocean with an undetermined amount of time before regaining consciousness. Bot Mode damaged he remained in Beast Mode to conserve energy while trapped in the middle of the sea with his communicator disabled due to his own stratospheric dampening field satellite. He eventually reached a shoreline and made landfall. He didn't recognise to the area as one mapped out by his Fliers and was unsure of how to proceed.
By chance he discovered an empty Stasis Pod and was quick to scavenge the tech he needed for repairs and to boost his Comms signal. He was completely unaware he was being hunted by Tigatron, tracking his scent over great distance. Discovering a small cache of Energon crystals nearby, he was able to rig the Pod as a makeshift CR Chamber. Just as he was about to enter, he was quickly surrounded by several Komodo Dragons. Still in T-Rex form and too depleted to transform and engage his weapons, Megatron made an animalistic show of force, of which the largest Dragon was the only one to not hesitate and engaged the larger foe.
The battle raged for sometime until after having slain the remaining Dragons, when Megatron spoke, the Lead Dragon replied. Megatron transformed and 'Snapdragon' emulating Megatron's actions, did the same. Respecting Megatron's power, Snapdragon agreed to guard his recuperation and guide him out of these lands, of which Snapdragon had ruled alone with his kind for "some time".

While within the pod, Megatron was discovered by Tigatron. Realising that by taking one shot at the exposed Energon crystal, the feedback would end the Predacon leader, Tigatron raised his weapon.. and hesitated. A large reptile lunged from a secret location to his left and bit Tigatron's gun in half. A fierce battle began between the two. Snapdragon bore nothing but hatred for the noble nature of his enemy, hesitating over so simple and potentially war ending, a choice. Tigatron refused to assail a defenseless opponent. This declaration seemed to anger the Dragon even more and after a cheap shot blindsided the Tiger, Snapdragon moved in for the kill. On instinct, Tigatron blasted Snapdragon in the face with his defensive missiles and the Dragon was flung into the harbouring ice flow, before sinking into the ocean.
Megatron awoke to Tigatron viewing him through the window, he went to rise but was trapped in the pod. Tigatron had disabled the lock. Informing him of this, the wounded Maximal left the area to re-join Snowstalker. At the ocean floor a Komodo Dragon unnaturally ran across the sand for the shore. The image of the Tiger burned in his mind. The Rivalry began.

Transquito's Insurrection

Transquito was Megatron's number 3, beneath Scorponok. Air force commander to Scorponok's Ground force commander. He was also a "Bug-bot", considered a subset looked upon with derision by the non-insect rank and file Predacons. Transquito was oblivious to the double standard, as being a Triple Changer, no one dared mock him to his face. Years go by and he one day accidentally overheard Megatron in a private briefing, tell Scorponok to use the "bugs" as fodder to secure the Bio-Dome, oblivious whether they live or die. Conferring with Insecticon, Jetstorm and others, he was confronted with the truth. Yet also a realisation, the Insect Predacons outnumbered the rest three to one. He began to plan to overthrow Megatron. Knowing the Bugs were the weakest physical troops, aside from himself, Transquito knew to bide his time and wait for the right moment.

Then came the Quantum Surge. The Bug bots were involved in a diversionary assault on the Axalon from it's cliff base. They were being engaged with Cybershark and the seacons when the Surge hit. Being outside they were exposed to a more intense form of the radiation than those in the ships.

Incapacitated as everyone was (yes I wrote that everyone was hit, Transmetal all round) The Seacons sank in the river and the current swept them out to sea. Two things happened to the Bug bots. They were remade Transmetal and also their dormant cloning ability was awoken. Transquito became a Sixchanger, as each of his forms became enhanced by the Surge. Uniquely, the Bug bots became TM Targetmasters of various designs. Suddenly the balance of power shifted and when a 100 strong swarm of TM Bug bots wielding high powered TM weaponry surrounded Megatron alone, shortly after the return of Optimus Primal, Transquito made his demands. Annexation from the Predacons. A third faction was born - The Hive. Having no choice but to agree Megatron lost a potentially devastating number of new TM troops, due to prejudice within his ranks. His anger and bitterness grew as The Hive amassed their own power and territory from Maximal outposts. Transquito believed if he left Predacon territory and forces alone, Megatron would let them live.
He was wrong.
Tricked into mounting a full scale offensive on a Maximal mining operation by Megatron's spy within his ranks (Inferno), the entire triple-cloned Hive army was led into an underground ambush. Inferno's Scavenger clones sealed them inside the main chamber of the mine by filling the tunnels with molten lava. A large Energon crystal set within the cave's centre was rigged with a bomb. Transquito cursed the overhead audio of Megatron as the bomb was detonated and the mine, Hive and the mountain in which they stood was atomised. Death Toll: 600 Bots
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Re: The Rough Draft...

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Appendix 2

I wrote:Incapacitated as everyone was (yes I wrote that everyone was hit, Transmetal all round)

*Aside from Dinobot. Which only heightened his pathos by Code of Hero.

The Mutant/Fuzor Massacre

Early in the War, a hidden chamber was ejected from the Darksyde as it crashed into the Planet's atmosphere. Containing four experimental Stasis Pods. This compartment was cloaked however, so it went unnoticed by Megatron and his immediate crew.
They were prototypes. Secured to the vessel by order of the Tripredacus Council.
Receiving word of Megatron's upcoming hijacking of the ship by Tarantulas, the order was given to stow the test subjects onboard. To be awoken after a certain period of time had passed and record live combat data against all non-designated Cybertronians. The only designated 'friendlies' were the Council themselves.
The four volunteers were a field test for a new hyper-reactive Transformation Cog. Adaptive altmodes, to engage and overcome any and all threats. Unfortunately, the chamber crashed in the midst of a violent Energon storm. The radiation super charged the T-Cogs while the overload then fused them inoperable.

The "Mutants" as they came to be known, emerged from the wreckage and immediately deployed into two reconnaissance teams. From opposite vantage points, they all observed a battle between the Maximals and Predacons. Assessing the capabilities of each faction, Ice Bird - Their commander - gave the order to engage and eliminate the field commanders of each faction. By Surprise attack, the Mutants made short work of the low level troops engaged in the skirmish. Dinobot did his best to fight off two of the Mutants but was incapacitated by a stealth attack from Ice Bird. Megatron was first to retaliate to this new threat. Deploying his full arsenal of weaponry directly at the Mutants, he was able to damage two of them. Yet he was confused as to where these unknown, yet powerful animals had come from? With only Primal and Megatron active in the battle, Ice Bird then gave to order to Transform and attack.. Only for a surge of pain to strike all four down.
Megatron charged his cannon to destroy the disabled foes, when they shifted into a secondary Beast Form. Savage and mindless and very big. Megatron lost an arm in the conflict against the giant mad Bear Ice Bird had become. It was only the quick thinking of Primal in using a salvaged Transformation Lock Lens were the feral Mutants subdued. Megatron, also struck by the blast and still damaged, evaded capture in the confusion.

Primal approached the incapacitated Beasts and for a moment a Cybertronian face emerged from each. They expressed their thanks at Primal's actions and were aware of some fundamental malfunction in their superstructure from the crash. More troubling in that their internal processors didn't recognise any such problem. Scans from Rhinox confirmed not even a CR Chamber could repair them and given their unnatural genetic alteration, it was beyond his ability to even try. The Mutants decided to isolate themselves and try to find their own answers. Warning the Maximals that while their feral modes were beyond their control, should anyone attempt to pursue or enlist them, those modes would be turned on all. How much of their past programming they were still aware of, was unclear.

Years went by and The Mutants all but vanished into the wilderness. They would be occasionally spotted in the distance at key points in the War. Last seen taking refuge from the Planet Buster deep within a vast network of caves in neutral/unclaimed territory.

At this point, the Fuzors began to appear around the globe. At first bolstering the ranks of both sides. Over time their unusual nature began to isolate them. With the death of Transmutate, Fuzors on both sides decided they needed to flee this conflict. Learning from the mistakes of Transquito's overt insurrection, through secret meetings all but the most die-hard Fuzors agreed to simply renounce their factions and quietly slip away, one at a time. They would later reassemble at a neutral location. Megatron could not accept such loses for a second time and decided on a plan eliminate all remaining non-combatants as an example to the rest.

Adapting a virus created by the late Scorponok into his latest Lock Lens, Tarantulas creates a deadly pulse bomb to accomplish Megatron's plan. On recon in the Darksyde, Rattrap, Snarl and Packrat discover the bomb and where it will be used. Part way through their escape however, they were discovered by Rampage. Packrat was immediately torn in half in the battle. Snarl tried to use his stealth field to ambush Rampage but is ruthlessly trampled by a waiting Snapdragon. A dying Packrat implores his commander to escape and warn Primal, before he activates two demolition charges to force his decision. Rattrap accelerates from Predacon territory at full speed, as a third of the Darksyde is engulfed in a brilliant explosion.

A faked message to parley a peace treaty between the Fuzors and Mutants lures them all out into the open plains near the remaining Standing Stones. Meanwhile in the upper atmosphere, Thruster Mode engaged, Laserbeak drops the bomb on target. In a flash, Bot Modes become disabled and Berserker Fury rages from within. By the time the Maximals arrive, The Mutants are no more. Quickstrike and Silverbolt becoming the last of the Fuzors. Death Toll: 104
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Re: The Rough Draft...

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Appendix 3


At the dawn of the conflict, both Primal and Megatron were fast to re-evaluate their troops and divide them into squads and battalions based on the attributes of their Beast forms. After the Quantum Surge struck, previous territorial skirmishes escalated rapidly. The Transmetal process seemed to enhance the die-cast nature of the Cybertronian sub groups. Squads en masse receiving the same adapted secondary form.

Jungle Cats/Large Mammals - Enhanced Flight Mode
Pterosaurs/Dinosaurs/Lizards - Enhanced Thruster Mode
Marsupials - Ancillary Combat Mode
Arachnids - Cycle Mode
Insects - Weaponry Mode
Flying Insects - Jet Mode
Crustaceans - Tank Mode
Rodents - Vehicle Mode
Sealife/Amphibians - Secondary Aquatic Mode

There were some anomalies and Individual Beast Modes that were beyond this classification such as Snapper, the Tortoise. Who other that doubling in size, gained a secondary form of Cybertronian Bomber Jet.

As well as Transquito, the Triple Changer. Wherein each of his forms received an additional expansion. Becoming a Six Changer.

Inferno and his Scavenger clones also gained a unique Transport Mode, in contrast to the other Transmetal Insects. An enhancement Tarantulas was unable to account for.

Rhinox' Transmetal form being created through artificial experimentation after the Quantum Surge, also exempts his superstructure from the same pre-defined casting.

End of Chapter One Appendix
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Re: The Rough Draft...

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Chapter Two – All Good Things…

Part One: Return to Cybertron

Earth: The War

The Axalon

Five Stellar Cycles Ago…

Dinobot: ”Hrmm. It may yet be upto to me...”

Sentinel: ”Online. Ancillary Datatrax link detected.”

Dinobot: ”Computer, download and encrypt secondary Datatrax for back-up transfer to Sub-Sector 18.”

Sentinel: ”Acknowledged. Establishing connection to Axalon outpost Delta. Link Confimed. Datatrax encryption complete. Delta System Access Code required...”
Dinobot: ”Access Code: Clone Two”

Sentinel: ”Server access granted. Download complete.”

Dinobot: ”We can control our own destiny… But not our fate… Dwelling on those words, Dinobot took little comfort or solace within them.

To conclude his affairs, Dinobot makes a final entry into the Axalon’s system files

Sentinel: ”Record of data transfer, deleted.”

Soon after, The War came to an end. Although not without great sacrifice…

Optimus Primal, hero of the Beast Wars.
Received the greatest of welcomes upon his triumphant return to Cybertron. Full honours for both himself and his crew. Although the general population would never be privy to the full account of the Maximal Commander’s adventures, they were told enough to warrant celebration.
Some of his crew chose not to remain on Cybertron however. Tigatron, still largely inconsolable with grief, departed for present day Earth. To retrieve the marker he had left in remembrance of his lost love. Rhinox also departed, being given his own command as Chief Science Officer of Fortress City on Nebulos. Cybershark and the rest of the Seacons, were dispatched to Garrus-12 as a new security detail under Commander Depth Charge. There to make sure Protoform X will remain in Stasis Lock indefinitely.

The rest of Primal’s crew, through their shared experiences of simply surviving the ten stellar cycle war were instilled with a fierce loyalty to their leader. A leader that kept as many alive as he could. Bringing them all home, as he promised.

Offered his choice of command, Primal decided on the largest Explorer Class vessel he could find. Soon after providing his crew with some much needed R&R, boarded the vessel and took to the stars once more, with Cheetor ever at his side. Eager to continue where he started off with the Axalon so long ago. Rattrap, having been missing since the incarceration of Megatron by the Maximal Senate, rejoined his former crew a deca-cycle into their maiden voyage. To the shock and amazement of everyone, Dinobot was with him.

The Perceptor. An advanced deep space research vessel

Two deca-cycles ago…

Alone in his quarters with nothing but star charts amassed upon his desk, Primal mused on what was to come. Still having difficulty coming to terms with how but one stellar cycle ago, he seemed entrenched in a vicious war of attrition without end. So much loss, so many comrades lost to The Matrix. The personal guilt for every death, sometimes felt too great a burden for him to endure. Yet endure he did. He remembered all their names, their faces and honoured who they were.

Sentinel: ”Incoming transmission from Nebulos”
The Axalon’s AI now retrofit to his new vessel. At least one holdover from the War Primal took comfort in.

“Rhinox?” Primal mused.
A smile returned to his face, his mood lightened if only for the moment. ”Sentinel, put him through”. A truer friend he couldn’t wish for. How many would travail death itself to save you from an evil end? Their exchange lasted for several mega-cycles….

Rhinox: ”And that’s when Ironhide threw him through a wall”

Primal: ”Ahahaha! Well sometimes he can have that effect. But…”

Rhinox: ”..How does he measure up? It’s him Optimus. It’s Dinobot! I don’t know The How, but I’ve run every test and there is no mistake in these results. The Transmetal body is new of course. The fact my scanners identify him as Maximal is yet another piece to the puzzle.”

Primal: ”Neither he nor Rattrap seem very forthcoming with the details either. I don’t understand why and what they are both hiding, from us especially.”

Rhinox: ”It changed him, you know that. The death of Dinobot. Losing his Junkions. He withdrew from us more and more with every lost spark. “

Primal: ”Packrat and Snarl… He blames himself because they were under his command. There was nothing more he could have done… other than die with them. The guilt of a commanding officer a sentiment Primal recognised all too well.

Rhinox: ” I almost think he would have been preferred that outcome.” Despondency over such a notion, echoed in his tone. He couldn’t help but pity his one time best friend. To a large extent, Rattrap ultimately became another casualty of the Beast Wars.

Primal: ”I want to go home!” Primal suddenly interjected. “Sorry, I… For the last few mega-cycles, maybe longer, my thoughts keep drifting back to Cybertron. It’s like a compulsion, like something is…”

Rhinox: ”..Wrong? I’ve been feeling it too. In fact, a lot of the staff here have been talking amongst themselves about strange visions, dreams and even hallucinations of home lately.” Tension began to fill the distance between the two friends.

Primal: ” Too much to dismiss as coincidence. Yet what kind of force could compel so many, at such long range?” Primal’s curiosity, giving way to a growing apprehension.

Rhinox: ”It gets worse. Whatever this is, there is possibly technology at play on a scale beyond my experience. We had a situation yesterday. Fortress sounded an alert. Instructing all personnel into launch stations, prior to immediate flight to Cybertron.”

Primal: ”That’s impossible! Fortress was decommissioned into City Mode after the Great War. His spark reassigned. Other than a menial shell program, Fortress shouldn’t be able to issue any alerts, let alone leave Nebulos!?”

Rhinox: ”Primus only knows if the feedback from the disabled T-Cog hadn’t rebooted the system, what would have happened. We’ve run every test and can’t find what happened or how it did.”

Primal: ”Well isn’t that just prime! I’m currently out of range for communication with Cybertron. But we need answers to this mystery. It could be some kind of situation or planetary threat?”

Rhinox: ”Or a trap. Be careful Optimus, I wouldn’t want to… Huh? Fortress long-range sensors have detected an unscheduled Transwarp portal just activated within the Solar system. Keep me informed, I gotta go!” The transmission cut short. Primal briefly sat in the dark and the quiet, trying to unravel the mystery. He then engaged the intercom.

Primal: ”Dinobot, this is Optimus. Begin stasis pod reactivation sequence. We may have a situation and I think we’re going to need to whole crew active and ready for anything.”

Epilogue – The War

The Darksyde - The Last mega-cycle

Smoke and flame snaked from his eyes and mouth. Fractyl collapsed dead to the floor. A lone wound punctured his torso, his spark extinguished.

Rampage: ”Any further interruptions?”

The assembled Predacons fell deathly still. Their optics flicking between the dead scientist and the imposing warlord, smoking weapons in hand.
Rampage: ”Excellent. Well, mighty Predacons, there is good news and… bad news. The bad news is that Megatron, our “great” leader, has been captured and the Maximals appear to have commandeered the Heavy Cruiser from Cybertron” He gave pause, for dramatic effect. Savouring the palpable fear in the air. ”In turn we are getting reports, that various outposts and defence platforms have been subsequently engaged and destroyed. Those manning the stations not outright scrapped are being imprisoned in stasis onboard.”

Laserbeak motioned to speak, Rampage’s gaze fell upon him and he thought better of it.

Rampage: ”So now for the good news. The Heavy Cruiser will be here within one mega-cycle. In absence of Megatron, I will be taking command of the counteroffensive. Yes, fellow Predacons, although we number less than 20 warriors, we will engage to enemy vessel in open combat! Since his departure, I took the liberty of… “Securing” Megatron’s quarters and in doing so, I have reclaimed my spark. Your new leader is now fully restored!!

Snapdragon: ”Crab-Boss now invincible again!” The enforcer cheered, without concern. ”What about us? We’ll die…”

Giving a nod of respect, Rampage responded. ”I see. You’re in need of incentive? Very well. I am going outside to engage the Maximals. Make no mistake I will survive the conflict. However, upon my return, any of my loyal followers I find did not join me on the battlefield, I will keep alive only long enough so their optics can observe my consuming their still pulsing sparks!” Menace and conviction oozed with every word. ”What are you more afraid of? Failing to follow the orders of your unstoppable and merciless commander? Or one lone Cruiser: Host to a measly squad of Maximals? Hmhmhm Choose wisely!”

The Predacons sprang as one into action. Darksyde defences manned and weapons primed. Waspinator and Snapdragon were the last to leave to command room, when a voice from the CR tanks drew their attention. A mysterious figure emerged from the shadows of the machinery, stepping over the former Flier’s corpse to greet the two. This was Mysterious, in that the lone Bot, although Predacon, appeared Techno-organic, without sign of Transmetal. Such a sight, Waspinator thought unseen for many Stellar Cycles.
It spoke in a cold, clear tone “My name is Iguanus. You are Waspinator and Snapdragon. Rampage is leading you all on a suicide mission for his own sick amusement. I have been sent here to offer you a counter offer, by my associates.”

Snapdragon’s senses became near preternaturally enhanced by the Quantum Surge, they detected something… amiss about the small Lizard-Bot. Motioning to Waspinator, claws were raised and weapons drawn. A flicker from the stranger’s eye and both Predacons became paralysed, drawn to hover before the unknown invader.

Iguanus: ” Ever predictable. Psychic transmission to Terrorcon in 3, 2, 1!”

The two Predacons were suddenly… elsewhere. A place without tone, contrast or form. Yet they were aware of being.

Before them loomed a giant, imposing figure, dwarfed atop a throne of liquid shadow. Detail was hard to discern save for two long horns protruding vertically from the head. Two hands, interlocked with eight extended and gnarly fingers. Saved as though for last, one glowing horizontal eye drew in their optics. A voice, both alien and threatening suddenly began. Inciting an unconscious and primeval fear, which pervaded the air, even in Snapdragon.

Terrorcon: ”Megatron will be imprisoned on Cybertron in one deca-cycle. You will both aid in his escape and bring him here before us.” The command of these words compelled acquiescence.

Snapdragon: ”Crab-Boss will slag us first!” The Enforcer spat in frustration. ”No choice but final sortie…” Resignation to certain death visible in their combined features. Those elaborate fingers clicked and Waspinator’s torso filleted open, without harm. A Transwarp cell appeared from nothing and interwove within his superstructure. The process complete, the torso resealed itself.

Terrorcon: ”Now leave for Cybertron. When you arrive, an agent shall greet you. Heed her instruction, as though my own. Megatron is to arrive before us within four deca-cycles hence. So is the will of Terrorcon! Succeed and The Tiger is yours, Snapdragon. Likewise, you shall attain the peace you seek, Waspinator. Now be gone…”

They both awoke on the ground, before the CR Tanks. Deafening sounds of the battlefield shook the world around them. Waspinator paused and with a moment’s concentration, transformed to jet mode and opened a localised Transwarp shunt. Each Bot quick to notice a new faction symbol on the other, then made good their escape.

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Re: The Rough Draft...

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Part Two: Extinction Event


Megatron was pleased with his work. He had been able to retrofit the Transwarp Cell into an already spliced interface, all with only one hand and his own uncanny ingenuity. Hubris: ever the flaw of the Megatron.

Megatron: ”Yesss, Now the realisation of this little misadventure draws near. My freedom rests once more within my grasp. Hmmmm. While it may not my best work, nooo, it is suitable, for the task at hand. One quick charge to the Space Bridge before the feedback will leave no trace. ”
Focusing on the panel itself, Megatron made connection directly with the Maximal database. The pre-installed co-ordinates of his mystery benefactor were unknown to even Cybertron’s database. A small grain of doubt began to grow in Megatron’s mind with this discovery. Tripredacus were certainly not above such a ruse to lead him away from the relative safety of Maximal imprisonment. An encounter he was unprepared for and would doubtlessly lead to his end. He needed options…

Megatron: ”Computer: confirm connecting space ports to this facility.” The built in A.I. bleeped into life. A digitised Maximal Symbol phases onto the prior void of the screen.

AI: ”Online. One spaceport detected in immediate vicinity. Located three levels above current location. Confirmed one Maximal shuttle currently docked, under command of LT. Tigatron.”

A smile fell upon the face of the Predacon General. Fate was with him once more. Although alongside that irony, concern grew on his mind. Tigatron was a competent squad commander, emphasis on ‘squad’. He may have gone on ahead of his team, most likely due to word of Snapdragon’s involvement, but they would be nearby. The potential candidates gave no solace. In his current state any would be problematic. The Cybertron-based Security feared him due to the unknown properties of Transmetalisation. The Maximals under Primal understood all too well. It was at that point, alone and reflective, that Megatron acknowledged the sorry state of his body.

His right arm was gone. His internal mechanics exposed along that side from the cauterised blast wound. No Tail Cannon or defensive missiles. One optic disabled. The surprise attack against Tigatron had burnt out his right VTOL thruster also. Transformation impossible and Stasis Lock advisable. In such a state, would he even survive a Space Bridge shunt? The Maximal shuttle was beginning to look far more an appealing option.
His work done, using the Riot Cannon for leverage eased himself back onto his feet. He turned his attention to the weapon. “I wonder if you would appreciate the irony, my honoured Namesake? The greatest weapon the Maximals possess is modelled to resemble your own? They acknowledge what the mere sight of this weapon represents to our people, on both sides: Power and Respect. Yesss” It was at that point, Megatron briefly paused, a glimpse of movement caught behind him in the reflection of the Riot Cannon. He spins instantly and fires three times….

Click, click, click…

“Ah…noooo” Megatron realised the problem. While the Riot Cannon was a powerful weapon, designed to evoke the threat of the Decepticon Leader, it did not reflect his level of power. The final full power charge had completely depleted the weapon. Now just a worthless bar of metal. Seeing no further movement within the room, he dismisses the sight as his own growing paranoia.

“Goodbye, Noble Megatron. If all goes well, I will see you very soon.” With that final regard to the weapon, Megatron tosses the cannon over the edge of the gangway. All at once, like lightning, a small figure lunges from the shadows. Ricocheting from the airborne cannon, Megatron only caught sight of a blur of glaring green eyes and shining teeth before the creature was on him.
A desperate struggle ensued. The Predacon thrashed wildly as the creature scrambled about his frame. Teeth and claws rent armour and techno-organic flesh alike. Megatron struggled with his remaining hand, to punch or swat the creature away. The creature zeroed in on his exposed right side and bit down on the edge of his Spark casing. Rage took hold over the pain and Megatron was able to vice-grip the creature, slinging it to impact against the Space Bridge outer shielding. Hurtling through the air, the creature turned to somersault off the shielding wall. All at once, the Wolverine transformed and brought himself gracefully to the ground, with a roll. Rising quickly, twin semi-automatic photon pistols in hand, Overbite assailed Megatron with a barrage of fire. Aimed chiefly at his head and knees, the Predacon was brought low once more.

“Who dares…!? YOU!!!
“Ohh! Well if it ain’t Grape Face?!” Overbite retorted, feigning surprise. “I haven’t seen you in Primus knows how long!” Laser sights focused in on Megatron’s eyes, Overbite continued “So how you been, bub?”

“You… You cost me my War, Runt!” Megatron sneered through gritted teeth. “I was poised for victory and you…” His remaining eye flared with power.
”Huh. All I did was flip a switch and your schemes crumbled… Victory didn’t seem that “poised” to me, bub” Overbite replied mockingly. Holstering one pistol, he reached behind him and threw an electro-restraint to the floor. “Day release is over, Grape Face. You know the drill”.

”I think not, Runt, nooo” Megatron became devoid of expression and rose to one knee, defiant.

”You’ve got no guns, one arm and no more allies” He emphasised, nodding towards the spliced remains of Waspinator.”How arrogant are you to think you can get out of this clean? Not to mention me being a Bounty Hunter and all.” Overbite resumed his aim on Megatron’s head “You’re out of tricks, Megatron. Hand up!”

”Not quite out of tricks” Once more, Megatron smiled. Gesturing towards his raised hand, Megatron winked at Overbite “…if you insist.” A flash and suddenly the Maximal seemed to have fallen to the floor. Confused, he failed to acknowledge the miniature Lock Lens within Megatron’s palm. Not to waste an opportunity against a powerful opponent, Megatron lunged towards the dazed Wolverine and using his remaining Left thruster to boost his momentum, landed a kick that sent the Maximal arching over the gangway, straight through a vent in the far wall.


The Space Bridge activated in a blinding surge of light. The pulse likewise rippled through the sound barrier too.

”Well, this was all very exciting, but it is time I took my leave. Yesss! In three cycles, the feedback pulse will incinerate this entire area regardless. However, I can no longer afford the gamble. Nooo. The shuttle escape it is. I will track these co-ordinates in my own good tim-“

Loud voices suddenly sparked from the far end of the gangway. The Security Team had arrived! “It’s Megatron! All grunts attack!! Do not allow him to escape!” The Team Leader bellowed. With that, ten Riot Cannons opened fire in unison…

“Noooo!” Megatron roared in frustration, doing his best to evade the latest weapons turned against him. His options were spent. Now only the Space Bridge remained. He lunged to this left for the glowing Space Bridge entrance. Three, four direct hits upon him before he reached his goal. Two bolts into his exposed right side. As he made contact with the event horizon, Stasis Lock took him and he knew no more of Cybertron. Meanwhile by the time the Security Team reached the Space Bridge console, all present were consumed in a profound blast wave that shook the planet itself. Three cities and five sub-levels were atomised. Great quakes wrecked havoc across what remained. The energy and debris from the fallout clung to the atmosphere as a mocking aurora of light for many cycles. The mark of the Last Megatron…

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Re: The Rough Draft...

Postby AllNewSuperRobot » Sun May 20, 2018 9:47 am

Part Three: Gaiden

The Malice

Flames flickered from their eyes and his guards were instantly dead. Iguanas stepped out from his cell, his remote sentry gun re-coupled to his rifle stock. A look of distain flashed across his features as the corpses dissolved into the ground, the very ship itself. ”Nothing ever wasted, after all...” a mocking tone in his voice, to no one in particular. Switching to Beast Mode, he made his gauntlet run once more.

Left, up, down, down, forty-three paces forward, right, down, left, down.

The immediate route through the maintenance ducts was logged in his head. Eating through the left exterior grating on the fifth most wall panel from his cell door, Iguanas set himself to minimal power with no audio or optics, achieving his full stealth mode and he vanished. All achieved within one cycle, much to the frustration of the heavily armed security force that arrived near immediately from the station via silent alarm. ”Command, this is Scion. Our guest is en route once more. While his goal remains the same, this is now logged as escape route 12. Initiate internal structural revision upon his re-capture.” At transmissions end, the Neocon Heralds returned to their posts. The doors closing behind them signalled auto-architectural correction. The first advancement of Neocon technology: malleable internal infrastructure. Three directions before his exit point, the ground gave way beneath Iguanas and he plummeted into the void. In spite of his surprise at this attempt being cut so short, he knew what comes next.

“TERRORIZE!” He bellowed, transforming instantly into a defensive position. Rifle charged to full power, single shot mode. His optics target assessed the pillar of liquid shadow before him. A thick line of jet-black stretching vertically forever, the only focal point in the sheer expanse of light that marked the throne room of Terrorcon. As he drew closer, Iguanas sensors mapped out three forms being debriefed by Terrorcon directly. He approached from behind the throne, Terrorcon only visible by a chilling hand protruding from the arm of the black throne.

”He does not want to talk to you. Failure has its price” A voice whispered into his mind. From within the liquid void, a pair of azure eyes fell upon him.

”There is no need for speech, mystic.” His tone was cold, but respectful. ”Our business is concluded. I require my body to be returned now, so I may take my leave.” He stood from crouching, holstered his weapon and walked purposefully towards Terrorcon. The eyes shone and a fierce, near intolerable pain struck him down to his very spark. His reflex to such an attack unloaded a salvo of defensive missiles and laser blasts towards the throne. A growing pulse blast repelled them all. She emerged from the pillar. Suddenly in a feat judged impossible to Iguanas logic based sensors, he leg seemed to cover the vast gulf between them and a kick to his head sent him tumbling backwards. To his further, continued surprise, his unparalleled targeting array could not scan her form below a surface view.

Her foot was now down on his back, pinning him to… nothing?
”You will return to your cell until The Great One summons you again. Is that understood Worm?” Her imperious tone denoted royalty. Her powers incited fear and respect from the very few aware of her existence within this room. All save for Terrorcon, who did not know fear but respected power.

”I am Iguanas, wretched trickster! I am the most feared assassin of the 26th Century. No contract has ever survived an encounter. You know this and that I am, myself, an Omega Class Transmetal telekinetic.” There was no bragging or arrogance to his words, merely the matter of fact reassurance of confidence in himself and his abilities. ”Yet although these ‘Neocons’ are a faction I am unfamiliar with, you are neither one of them, nor known to my datatracks” His eyes narrowed on her near-featureless face. Nothing else save for those azure eyes. Her body language betrayed nothing. He continued to probe.

”I have already deduced you to be a Decepticon. Your diecast form leads to no other conclusion. A… Gun-Class mold too. Yet Datatracks list only four from the creation data of Cybertron.” An almost imperceptible movement of her shoulders, Iguanas would take for mild surprise. He smirked at the idea.

”Your Transmetal body will not be returned” She chided him for his presumption.

”The deal with The Great One was based upon the completion of your mission. You failed. So the deal is rescinded.” With a surge of blinding rage, Iguanas unleashes preternatural strength and throws the Decepticon five times his size, from on top of him. Stunned, shaking her head, she looks up to see Iguanas gun barrel straight in her face. ”You couldn’t work it out could you, my Transtector technology? I can feel the test you perform on my body, you see.” Her gaze cast down with the discovery. ”Before I extract the location of my body from you, which I will, it is part of my skillset. You will sate my curiosity” Although not close enough to regain control of his body, Iguanas was able to access his innate telekinesis, that his techno-organic form was too weak to store. His eyes glowered and her transformation cog was forcibly activated. His smile at her pain dropped to gasp at the revelation of her form. Although she was not specifically referenced, that weapon was…


Before he could process the mystery revealed before him, his entire form was subsumed within the binding grip of the hand of Terrorcon. Brought face to face with That eye, he soon awoke from his stasis lock in a new cage. He even appeared to seemingly now be within a completely different area of the ship. Settling back down onto the floor, he re-engaged his tracking sensors. The foot falls of the crew of the ship unknowingly plotting out his immediate surroundings for him. He now also had a new puzzle to occupy his thoughts. Who was this purple mystic and how did he not know?

:CON: End of Part Three :CON:
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Re: The Rough Draft...

Postby AllNewSuperRobot » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:27 am


You might have noticed? Unfortunately I have two long term illnesses that tend to overlap. One I receive Hospital treatments for. When it triggers, the other leaves me bedridden and miserable for days to weeks. As such my presence online does fluctuate. Anyway back to Rebellion...

So one of the concepts I really love within Transformers is the aspect of escalation. Gestalts, Triple-Changers, Six-Changers, City Bots, Planet Bots, Headmasters, Targetmasters etc etc Even down to the idea from the Unicron Trilogy, that any body part of a Transformer can become something greater.

This idea that anything of Cybertron can be a Transformer - Robots in Disguise ;) - brought me back, time and again, to the gun Megatron used to kill Prime in The Movie.

After a while, instead of ruminating on who the gun belonged to, I started to think maybe the gun itself was someone. As quickly as the gun was there, Prime's uppercut connects with Megatron and it vanishes completely.

So, around the time Transformers Armada first aired in the UK, I began to plot out character and backstory for the Deep Cover Infiltrator, the elite Decepticon Black-Ops Sniper: Salvo. This character, I would eventually fold into Rebellion itself.

When first created I had no idea Browning or Killaton existed, so I plotted Salvo as The Third Gun-Bot, after Megatron and Shockwave respectively. I decided pretty early on Salvo would be a "she". No real reason behind it other than I noticed I was writing "He" a lot. Now I'm not a proponent of Gender in Transformers. They are a sentient race of alien machines, they should be genderless. So to break up some audio repetition, Salvo became a Fem-Bot. When it came to the look of Salvo, The Movie did the hard part: The Alt-Mode. I worked backwards from that.


In the very first Transformers advertisement (for the Marvel Comic, oddly enough)The above look and movement of Megatron appealed to me. The way he "held" and fired his cannon, was more akin to a rifle and so I applied this design unaltered to Salvo, making it two tone purple with silver highlights. I decided on removing her face though. The helmet and her eyes are the only definition to her head sculpt.

One aspect of Fem-Bots I dislike, is when they are oversexualised. Fresh from watching Beast Wars at the time, the nature of Blackarachnia's design I found quite distasteful. So I went for the opposite approach. Her body is the same Gun-Mold as Megatron, without alteration to chest or hips and she has no face with which human lips etc could be accentuated.

Her telepathy was born from the featureless face. A Deep Cover Infiltration unit wouldn't need a voice and the ability to make noise would be detrimental. Telepathy was the easiest solution. It also served as a means to give her a weakness. My other keen interest in X-Men, gave the idea that telepathy needs skill to control, to be able to focus on one mind and forego all others. Now imagine an alien machine without the means to create those barriers, opting instead to try and process all of that information, logically, at once?
In times of battlefield conflict, wherein Salvo is in the heat of unexpected battle or pursuit (where a sniper does not belong) a paranoid mania would grip her and she would either enter stasis lock or mass murder of all nearby "voices". That weakness being the means Megatron holds sway over someone of a similar level of power and ability. A conceit the original series always depicted as a mutual fear held by the entire Decepticon Army, which seemed a bit implausible.

Thanks for your patience, the next part of Rebellion should be ready for next week ;)^
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