Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

Postby Josh Boyfriend » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:07 am

I Have a very mundane job. Over the last year or so I have kept my mind occupied with creating, refining, and expanding a story or rather three parts[books] of a story that would continue where G1 left off [in America] and eventually lead to where BeastWars begins. There are tons of toys(characters) that were never featured in the American cartoon series. I don't begrudge the Japanese fiction or those that enjoy it. I've tried watching them but it's just not what I'm looking for in Transformers stories. That said, some Japanese original characters & Story concepts will be present in slight modified form to better fit into continuity. There will be three 'books'. The first one is Resurgence. The next story will follow where Resurgence leaves off and will be called Ghosts. It will include a few G.I.Joe along with other human characters of TF fiction. a 'whatever happened to them' story set on Earth. It will start with a flashback set after season two(GI Joe) and serve as a replacement for the GIJoe movie and DIC cartoon. I want to try and do the Joes the justice they deserve. Not underground snake cult, 'once a man' Commanders, and gold Destros.
What's In Continuity
G.I.Joe [beginning - season 2]
G1 TransFormers
IDW BeastWars comics [Not necessary but will fit]

My intentions are to share my stories with others that will enjoy them. If you have questions or comments Private message me. If it's about the story include chapter in subject line.
Let's Begin :BOT: :CON:
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

Postby snavej » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:46 pm

Great start! I'm looking forward to hearing all about the mundane job! ;)
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

Postby Josh Boyfriend » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:16 pm


Cybertron. The once dark and war ravaged planet now glistens in lite of its second golden age. After his embarrassing defeat on Cybertron by the Autobot Titan Fortress-Maximus, the Decepticon leader Galvatron has fled the solar-system with a number of his Decepticons and their Nebulan allies, in the Titan Scorponok.
Encouraged by their recent victory but wary of Galvatrons inevitable return, Optimus Prime, the former matrix bearer, has assembled a group of Autobots to pursue Galvatron and his Decepticons, and end the war once and for all.

Chapter One

At Cybertrons foremost largest space-port Rodimus follows after his predecessor and mentor. “Are you sure about this Prime. We don't even know where they went. There's been no word from neighboring systems of Galvatron, Scorponok, or even the Decepticons that still remain on Char.” Chuckling at his younger successors concern Optimus turned to address him. “Yes Rodimus, I'm certain this is the right course of action.” “What makes you so sure.” Rodimus credulously asked. “Vector Sigma has spoken to me. I must do this.” 'Of course it did', Rodimus thought. Vector Sigma seemed to be 'speaking' to Prime a lot of late. He'd never admit it but he was envious of Optimus' ease of communing with the Matrix and Vector Sigma. Anytime He'd have to engage with the Matrix or Vector Sigma it only left him with no answers, more questions, and a throbbing head-ache.
Across the tarmac a similar conversation was happening.“Are you sure about this lad? This could be a long trip. Especially to remain in alt-mode.” Broadside turned and gave Kup the closest thing to a smile a bot with a face-plate could give. “A chance to work directly with Optimus, Officially end the war, and explore uncharted space. I'll never get a chance like that again.” Kup put his hand on Broadsides shoulder. “Lad I've seen a lot of young bots chase adventure only to be taken in their prime- But- you seem hopelessly committed. I wish you well.” The two Autobots exited the hanger, stepping out onto the tarmac. Perceptor, already waiting at a console, turned to address the two. “Ah!, Broadside, are you ready for your extended ventured into the dark empty vastness of space?” Broadside turned to Kup, concern in his eyes. “How does he say something so sciencey and yet terrifying?” Perceptor stumbled a response. “Well that is- I mean- You will of course be accompanied by Optimus, Myself, and some of the Autobots best combatants.” Kup chuckled. “Nice going scaring the poor kid.”
In the distance Optimus, Springer, Sandstorm, and Rodimus approached the three Autobots in their alt-modes. Transforming Optimus addressed the three standing at the console. “Perceptor whats our ETA?” “Silverbolt and the Aerialbots are readying munitions and supplies. Scattershot and the Technobots have finished collecting energon from the Energy-Converter I created to convert the raw unstable and deadly energy from the Plasma Energy Chamb-” Sensing nobody cared to hear about his Energy-Converter, Perceptor paused before saying “They should be here shortly Optimus.” “Good work. Broadside are you ready?” Broadside snapped to attention. “Yes sir... I mean Commander.” Optimus lightly laughed. “There's no need for formalities, call me Optimus.” Broadside acknowledged with a head nod. “Yes sir.- I mean Optimus.” Broadside stepped out further on to tarmac of the space-port before transforming into his carrier alt-mode. The benefits of mass-shifting would allow him to serve as the vessel for the others on their mission.

Cyclonus stood at a view-port peering out into the dark unfamiliar space before him. Nearly a year had passed since their defeat at the hands of the Autobots and their Titan Fortress-Maximus. Since then they had become nothing more than mere pirates. Stealing whatever they could from merchant ships, planets, and wrecked vessels from skirmishes long since forgotten. The Decepticons once ruled the galaxy and were feared by every species that knew them. Now they fight among themselves for scraps. The door behind Cyclonus opened. Scourge stepped in “I was wondering where you had gone. You seem to be more secluded these days.” Cyclonus continued peering out into space. “I'm merely thinking about the state of the Decepticons. Are we still Decepticons?” Scourge grunted in acknowledgment. “I must admit times are bit rough.” Cyclonus snickered. “A bit rough. We scrounge for whatever we can find to power ourselves, Our Nebulan 'friends' have quarantined themselves away from us, planning against us likely; And Galvatron slips further into madness.” Scourge flinched. “Keep your voice down Cyclonus. You never know who's listening on this ship.” Cyclonus turned his attention to Scourge. “Where is Galvatron now?” Scourge hesitated before responding. “Well actually that's why I was looking for you. He had us scan this sector for any inhabited planets or vessels. When the scan came back with no results he began destroying the control panel.” Cyclonus cringed sourly.“WHY DID'NT YOU SAY THAT SOONER!!” Cyclonus ran out of the room and down the corridor. Turning a corner at a quickened pace Cyclonus tripped over the unconscious body of Apeface. Angrily Cyclonus picked himself up “What mis-construct takes a nap in the middle of a corridor?!” Weirdwolf stepped out from a nearby doorway. “Oh him, he thought he'd try drinking some of that purple liquid in barrels we took from that freighter a month ago. The big lug was desperate. I told him it was a bad idea, not knowing what it was and all.” Cyclonus was growing angrier as Weirdwolf talked. Then he had an epiphany. “How much did he consume and how quickly did it affect him?” Weirdwolf cocked his wolf head back to the open barrel in the cargo bay, “Not much, and well you see how far he got. Ha! heh-” Weirdwolf cut his laughter short. By this time Scourge caught up to Cyclonus. “Intoxicated fool he's out cold.” “This is it Scourge. This is the answer we've been looking for.” Scourge quizzically looked at Cyclonus. “How does this help us?” Cyclonus put a hand on Scourges shoulder. “The two of you. Gather all of the Decepticons aboard except Galvatron, to cargo bay four. We need to discuss the future of the Decepticons.

At Cybertrons space-port preparations neared completion. Rodimus accompanied Prime to the bridge of the carrier form of Broadside, questioning Prime all the while. “What makes you think you can find them. You still have no idea where Galvatron even went.” Perceptor having overheard Rodimus from the console he stood at, interrupted. “That's not entirely true. Scorponok is from Nebulos. The fuel they use to generate thrust leaves a very different residue signature then that of Cybertronian design. Given that. I was able to calibrate the sensors to home in on traces of that residue. We have a ninety seven point four percent chance of finding them.” Rodimus looked dumbfounded at Optimus. “You knew where to go all along.” Optimus placed a hand on Rodimus' shoulder. “You need to have more faith in Vector Sigma. And your friends.” Silverbolt swiveled in his seat. “All prepped Optimus. We're ready for takeoff.” Optimus responded. “Very good.” He turned back to Rodimus. “We'll return with Galvatron and the Decepticons.” Rodimus nodded and stepped out onto the tarmac where Kup was waiting. The bay door closed. Broadside turned skyward shooting off into space. Rodimus sighed. “I hope so Prime. I hope so.”

In a darkly lit cargo bay aboard the Decepticon Titan, a crowd began to form. Cyclonus entered. “Good. Are all Decepticons aboard accounted for?” Cyclonus scanned the room; Misfire, Slugslinger, Skullcruncher, Mindwipe, Triggerhappy, Weirdwolf, Snapdragon, the Combaticons, the Terrorcons, Scourge and his few remaining sweeps, and the still unconscious Apeface left slumped in a corner. This was everybody. Cyclonus stood in the middle of the crowd. “We have an important decision to make as Decepticons today. We have followed the command of Galvatron for the last five years. During that time we have only known failure, starvation, and uncertainty. Years ago we attempted to bring our great commander back to the fold, hoping it would revitalize the Decepticon cause. However the defeat at the hands of Unicron and the Autobot Matrix left Galvatron a crazed and volatile lunatic, incapable of making sound decisions. We now find ourselves floating through unrecognized space aboard a Titan that is quickly running out of fuel, partnered with organics that deem themselves superior to the likes of us. And what does Galvatron do? He destroys a vital piece of the ship because it gives him an unfavorable answer. We can not afford to be idle as he leads us further into self-destruction.” Swindle stepped forward. “You plan to mutiny and what- take him out. Didn't ya try check-n him into to a psych-ward before. As I remember right, that didn't end so well.” Cyclonus affirmed him. “No it did not. The organics of that planet tried to reform him. The misguided fools. I have a different tactic. I plan to leave him incapacitated and unable to retaliate.” Cyclonus turned to Weirdwolf. “Tell them about Apefaces predicament.” Weirdwolf was caught off-guard. “Uh ya. The big guy was starving and remembered those barrels we had stolen from that freighter a while back. Being the only headmaster with hands in alt-mode he popped it open and drank some. He said it didn't taste to bad neither. He was going to find Snapdragon when he collapsed outside the door. That's when Cyclonus found him.” Cyclonus spoke up once more. “If we decide to do this, I will administer Galvatron the intoxicant myself. After Galvatron is subdued we shall turn our attention to our Nebulan 'allies'. For this I will require your help Mindwipe.” The large bat with folded wings smoothly responded. “And you shall have it.” Cyclonus raised his arm high. “Decepticons. Are you with me?!” The crowd erupted in cheers of agreement.

Chapter Two

Silverbolt turned in his seat to address everyone on the bridge. “We are now leaving charted space.” Perceptor added “The sensors have acquired the residual signature left by Scorponok and all systems are functioning at peak proficiency.” Optimus stood up from his seat on the bridge. “Well done. Springer, you have the bridge.” The green bot responded. “Yes sir.” Optimus exited the bridge walking down the port-side corridor, stopping to look out a view-port. It was no wonder this was the edge of charted space. This region of space seemed near void of anything. The recognizable constellations were long behind them. In there stead the few stars of the unfamiliar solar system shone.

Crash!! A monitor shattered from the impact of a torn free panel being hurled at it. “Wretched piece of malfunctioning hardware! Does nothing work around here?” The door to the bridge slid open and Cyclonus entered. “Mighty Galvatron what has happened here? Where has everyone gone?” Galvatron kicked a chair over. “Useless...all useless! This hardware is useless! Those cowards are useless!” He calmed and turned to Cyclonus. “They all ran when I destroyed that piece of Nebulan scrap metal they call a console. I must find better soldiers. Some with some sterner ball bearings.” Cyclonus approached Galvatron raising a glass to offer the angered despot. “Our energon is in short supply, but I've brought you the finest we have. Please drink. It will ease your tensions.” Galvatron reached for the glass. “Ah. Cyclonus you understand me. I can always trust you.” Those words stung. For a moment Cyclonus regretted what was about to happen. He maintained stoic, as to not portray any odd behavior. Galvatron trusted him sure, but ultimately he was paranoid and would not hesitate to kill anyone he even suspected of treason. Galvatron finished downing the container. “That's not bad. Cyclonus bring me more-” Galvatron started to slump over the wrecked console he stood at. Cyclonus steadied the wobbling leader. “Mighty Galvatron what's wrong?” Galvatron tried to respond but lost consciousness and Cyclonus lowered him to the floor and detached the plasma cannon from Galvatron's arm. It was done. The other Decepticons entered the room. Swindle incredulously approached the slain tyrant “You've actually done it.” Onslaught walked over to Cyclonus to shake his hand. “Congratulations.- Commander.” All the Decepticons turned to face Cyclonus and raised an arm. “HAIL CYCLONUS! HAIL CYCLONUS! HAIL CYCLONUS!”

On Cybertron Rodimus was reviewing the weeks reports. Optimus was off saving the universe. The Headmasters and Targetmasters were on Nebulos, helping take back the planet regions at a time. Arcee, Daniel, Wheelie, and Blur were also there, helping the relief effort for newly freed slaves. And the Earth Defense Force was cracking down on Cybertronian traffic to the planet. He sighed heavily. The duties of being a Prime were not as glamorous as he had imagined it when he was just Hotrod. He finished reading the culminated reports and signing the necessary documents. Deciding to clear his head and relax he exited his office to the streets of Cybertron. Transforming, he drove off. Cybertron seemed so peaceful now, if not barren. They won the war, restored Cybertron with the energy from the Plasma Chamber, and even had an influx of population in the form of Paradron Immigrants. But victory still seemed hollow without the majority of its inhabitants. Nothing Optimus or Perceptor could do would change that. Nothing could.

“There we go that should hold him”. Hun-grrr knotted off the excessive amount of cable he tied the incapacitated Galvatron within. Cyclonus inspected the knots. “Very good. Swindle what progress have you to report?” Swindle turned to present the device he kludged together to Cyclonus. “This should do the trick. I attached a pump to a vitals monitoring device. It should pump just enough uh...'Purple' into Galvatron to keep him under.” Cyclonus nodded. “Very good Decepticons. Mindwipe are you ready for your part?” Mindwipe glided down before him. “What am I to do?”

In a separate nicer area of Scorponok, inaccessible to the Decepticons, the Nebulan Hive members gathered in a nicely decorated conference room. The bickering and complaining among each other continued until Zarak entered the room. “SILENCE! Why have I been summoned here?” Everyone stopped and looked at Zarak quizzically. Blowpipe broke the silence. “But Zarak, We were told by Vorath that you wished to see us about urgent matters.” Zarak felt a cold sweat. Vorath had been a very brilliant individual, but he was now literally a brainwashed slave to that hideous bat. “Fools. You accursed FOOLS! It's a trap!” Gas began to fill the room. Everyone rushed for the doors. Once powerful Nebulan tyrants, kingpins, politicians, nobles, and thugs now desperately clawed at the doors, trying to escape the effects of the gas. “The doors are locked. We're trapped! We're- tra-” Zarak, ever prepared for treachery from outsiders like the Decepticons as well as those among his collective, frantically typed a code into his command chair. A hidden door opened. “If this how the Decepticons want it, so be it. They shall face the fury of Scorponok.” Without concern for the others, Zarak started off to the interface.
Having dismantled the several walls that kept them from accessing the Nebulan areas, the Decepticons now waited outside the conference room. Scourge turned to Cyclonus. “They've succumb to the gas.” Cyclonus acknowledged and turned to address the group. Decepticons we will detain the Nebulans. Do not kill them. They are far more valuable to us alive. Zarak is highest priority. Is everyone ready.” All nodded in acknowledgment. The giant hands of Bruticus tore the room open. Cyclonus peered in. The Nebulans laid sprawled unconscious along the conference-room floor. Zarak, where was he. Then Cyclonus saw it. The escape doorway they didn't know about. “Zarak's not here! He must be heading for the control interface.” Mindwipe, now merged with Vorath in robot mode, stepped forward. “Shall I send Vorath to stop him?” Cyclonus had a short time to act. “No. He won't be enough to stop him. Bruticus, Abominus, You must stop Zarak at any cost. Destroy anything in your way, just don't let him access the interface. If he gets control of Scorponok, we are all doomed.”
The Terrorcons merged into Abominus to join Bruticus. The two behemoths began tearing their way through walls. Scourge was growing anxious. “We can't stop him if he interfaces. What do we do?” Cyclonus turned to Misfire and Slugslinger. “The master power control. It's at the far end of the ship in the engine room. If we cut power, Zarak will be unable to transform the ship. Go now.” The two Decepticons started sprinting down the hall before transforming into their Cybertronian jet modes. Their engines screamed as they blazed down the hallway.
Zarak finally reached the interface room. A monitor along one side showed a collage of the ships areas from the view of cameras around the ship. Zarak noticed the two Decepticons hurdling towards the aft of the ship. “They're trying to disable the power to Scorponok.” Zarak typed a command into the console. The ships lights dimmed and red flashing lights accompanied by a whirling alarm began. Every door began to close as the ship was going into lock-down. The doors along the corridor were quickly closing. Triggerhappy was trailing closely behind Misfire. Misfire was putting everything he had into thrust. “We're not going to make it.” Triggerhappy responded. “Yes we ar-” SHLOOM! Triggerhappy clipped a closing door with his wing and skidded injured but alive to the ground. “Go!” Misfire hurled onward. Zarak stood at the console. Trying to ignore the sounds of the two behemoths tearing their way closer and closer to him. He typed a new command into the console. Misfire wasn't far now. “Ha! I'm going to make it. I'm going to-” Panels along the walls opened and the ships countermeasure automated defenses started raining Misfire with volley after volley of gunfire. Misfire careened to the ground dead. Zarak snickered. “Not today.” Zarak's small victory was cut short by a large metal hand ripping the entryway wide open. Another hand from the other side widened the hole. Zarak ran to where the cerebral interface cradled. “You're to late! Now you face the might of Scorpon-” BOOM! Bruticus turned to Abominus. “We weren't suppose to kill him.” Abominus lowered his discharged rifle. “He can't use the interface if he's dead.”

Darkness. Then light. Blinding light. Then both somehow simultaneously. The light seemed to be spreading smaller glimmers of light. The darkness on the other hand was expanding outwards, increasing its size. The dark and the light were two opposing sides that seemed to be related in some way. Optimus watched as the darkness swept further outward becoming bigger and bigger, then began consuming the small glimmers. The light enraged shown brighter and brighter until the darkness was all but gone. The light flooded the emptiness. A wave of peace hit Optimus. Then the small remaining dot of darkness screamed. The peace Optimus had felt dissolved to dread as he watched the darkness spawn five more dots of pure blackness. They floated over to the small glimmers and began corrupting them. “No. NO!” Optimus could do nothing but watch.
“Optimus. Optimus this is Springer.” Optimus came-to and answered his com. “Yes, Springer, what is it?” “We've picked up Scorponok on long range sensors, They don't seem to be moving. We'll be at their position in two hours.” “Understood, prime out.” Optimus took a moment to ponder the relevance of his vision. Despite what his Autobots thought, he'd never cared for the weird visions and riddles they offered. But he'd been doing this a long time and knew the importance they held.

Cyclonus entered the room. “Where is he?” The crowd of Combaticons and Terrorcons made way for him. The charred remains of Zarak lied still smoldering on the floor. Swindle looked up at Cyclonus. “Look at it this way. They can call him Black Zarak now.” Cyclonus turned to Onslaught. “What happened?” Onslaught calmly replied. “He was about to Interface. We had no choice commander.” The gathered Decepticons winced expecting Cyclonus to scold them. Cyclonus sighed. “This is a set back. However it was unavoidable. Good work my brothers.” Scourge frantically made his way in through the gaping hole in the door left by the combiners. “The Autobots. It's the Autobots. They've found us.” Cyclonus maintained a calm composure. “How long until they're in transmission range?” “An hour at the most.” Cyclonus reached to scoop up the remains of Zarak. “We must ready for them.” Scourge was hysterical. “But we don't have enough munitions or energon.” “We're not fighting anyone today Scourge. Prep the Nebulans in the bridge. It's time we end this.”

Broadside approached the Decepticon Titan at a cautious pace. Aboard the Autobots anxiously awaited for something to happened. Beep! Perceptor looked down at his console. “Optimus we're being hailed.” Optimus replied. “On screen Perceptor.” The Autobots gasped at what they saw. Cyclonus stood holding Galvatrons Plasma Cannon. Their Nebulan counterparts, now conscious, restrained and kneeling behind him. “Optimus we have much to discuss.”

Chapter Three

The door locked hissed. There was air aboard Scorponok, the Nebulans needed it, however the Autobots ship or rather Broadside didn't. It was finally decided that Optimus accompanied by Superion would negotiate terms with Cyclonus. The door opened and the two stepped forward. Decepticons waited on either side of the cargo bay. Cyclonus walked out to greet them. “This war has continued for far too long Optimus. Galvatron was a mad tyrant leading us to oblivion. My loyalty to him blinded me of my actions. I and all my brethren miss our shared home, Cybertron. I wish to bridge our factions and end this conflict once and for all.” Cyclonus raised Galvatrons Plasma Cannon, offering it to the Autobot Commander. Optimus accepted it. “What you have done here today shows your dedication to achieving peace.” Prime Turned to address all the Decepticons. “On this day we are neither Autobots nor Decepticons. We are Cybertronians. If you lay down your arms, you and your allies still on Chaar, will be welcomed back to Cybertron.” Hesitantly they each dropped their guns, rifles, and cannons.
Aboard Broadside the Autobots waited with anticipation. The com buzzed to life. Optimus spoke. “Springer, Our war is over. Galvatron and the Nebulan war criminals have been detained. Scorponok is in need of repair. Send Perceptor and the Technobots over to help begin repairs.” Perceptor stood up. “On our way now Optimus.” Optimus continued. “I want you and Sandstorm to start unloading all our provisions onto the cargo bay we're docked to. I'm sending the Aerialbots to help you. We'll all be returning aboard Scorponok.” Springer cringed but managed a 'Yes sir'. Just hours ago they were expecting a firefight, now they were suddenly 'buddies'. Springer wasn't buying it. Sure the Decepticons weren't going to attack now. They needed the Autobots help to get back to Cybertron. But eventually they would betray them.

Optimus walked with Cyclonus, looking over the signs of the days earlier conflict. Several thick metal doorways had been peeled back. The indentations of combiners hands were apparent. In the interface room they walked up to a scorch-mark. This was were it had ended for Zarak. Cyclonus spoke solemnly. “We tried to subdue Zarak with the others. He escaped. And my men had no choice. Had he interfaced with Scorponok, he would have destroyed us all.” Optimus knelt down to touch the scorch-mark. “Where's his body now.”

In the cargo bay Springer, Sandstorm, and the Aerialbots unloaded crates and containers. The door to the bay opened, Scourge, Triggerhappy, and Slugslinger entered. The other two Decepticons followed Scourge to where Springer was. Scourge raised his hand in a helping gesture. “May we be of assistance?” Springer turned and was about to speak when Sandstorm spoke first. “That would be greatly appreciated.” The three Decepticons turned and each picked up a crate, carrying it down the ramp and into Scorponok's bay. As Slingshot passed Skydive he paused. “I don't trust them. They're going to turn on us. Just you see.” Silverbolt overheard and walked over. In a lowered voice he scolded Slingshot. “We have a very rare opportunity at peace here. The last thing we need is some hot-head agitating the situation. You have two options, shut-up or I make you shut-up.” Slingshot sighed heavily. “Fine. I'll pretend we're all one big happy family.” Silverbolt grinned at his teammates sarcasm. “That's more like it.”
Scourge placed the crate he was carrying next to a stack. Turning to head back for another crate he saw Sandstorm heading his direction with a crate. Scourge frowned. A year ago he, along with other Decepticons, had been responsible for the destruction of Sandstorms colony and planet, Paradron. As the Autobot approached he spoke. “I want to apologize for Paradron. I mean it's destruction. You helped us. Treated us well. And in turn we destroyed your planet. I'm- Sorry.” Sandstorm placed his crate on top of the one Scourge had carried in moments ago. Sandstorm smiled and placed his hand on Scourges shoulder, catching him off guard. “Thank you. That means a lot to me. I miss Paradron, but Cybertron is my- is all our home now.” Scourge returned the smile. “Yes, I guess it is.”

Cyclonus pulled back a small sheet. “This all that remains of Zarak.” Prime looked over the corpse. “Any death is unfortunate. However I doubt his death will be mourned by the people of Nebulos.” Perceptor entered the room where Cyclonus and Optimus were. “We've finished repairs in the bridge section for the vital ships systems. Navigation and scanners are functional once again. The structurally damaged areas however will need to be repaired when we return to Cybertron.” Optimus' com cracked to life. The voice of Springer came through. “Optimus. This is Springer. We've finished unloading our provisions to the cargo bay. Broadside was cleared and is now aboard.” Optimus responded to both Autobots. “Very good. Springer meet Cyclonus and I on the bridge.” Cyclonus covered the charred body. “Your Autobots are very proficient. It speaks well of your leadership.” Optimus replied. “I cannot take credit. They are motivated by the notion of peace on Cybertron.” Cyclonus nodded in agreement “As are we.”

Nearby, on an assumed vacant planet, a mono-eyed bot sat up startled at the tweeting noise of the console before him. “What the frag! Wha- Oh! Oh my.” Stumbling with the controls for the com-link he radioed base. “Bumper, It's Whirl, I need to speak to Bigs. Dammit it Bumper it's important.” At a facility elsewhere on the planet a large behemoth of a bot walked into the room. The small yellow bot tapped a button on his console. “All right Whirl. Maximus is here now.” The large hulking bot leaned down towards the console. “What is it Whirl?” Whirls voice was still stirred. “The scanners picked up a ship. The ship itself isn't Cybertronian, but it's crew is. Thirty or more on board.” The large bot responded. “Good work Whirl. If anything develops let me know?” The large bot turned to Bumper. “Summon Leo and Prodotis. Cybertron has found its way to us.”

Chapter Four

Scorponok's navigation systems whirled to life. Springer poured over the data presented to him on the screens. Optimus joined him at the helm control. “What's our estimated time of arrival to Cybertron Springer?” The green bot grimaced. “Well if we had sufficient fuel it would be just over three weeks. However fuel is very low. Even if we could modify the ships engines to be compatible with the fuel we brought along we're talking substantial time. The ship- I mean Scorponok, has three engines, side by side, that produce thrust. If we consolidate the remaining fuel to the center engine we should be able to make it to Cybertron in about two months.” Optimus stepped back from the console. “How long will it take to reroute all fuel to only one engine?” Cyclonus spoke up. “Not long Optimus. Scorponok's fuel distribution system can be manually adjusted at the engines terminal. I'll have my men see to it right away”. Blip! A signal appeared on the scanner. Silverbolt looked down at the screen before him. “I don't know how or where it came from but there's a vessel. A Cybertronian vessel.” Ping! “And they're hailing us.” Optimus signaled to Silverbolt and he opened transmissions. “This is co-captain Optimus. Please identify yourself?” A relaxed and suave voice returned an answer. “My Name is Hub-cap, I'm a local merchant, may I come aboard?” Cyclonus walked closer to where Optimus stood. “You may. Docking bay three is cleared for your arrival.” The transmission ended. Optimus turned to Cyclonus. “You think it might be a trap?” Cyclonus keyed the controls to open bay three. “I hope it's not, but I prefer to er on the side of caution. Shall we say hello.”

On Nebulos Arcee, accompanied by her codependent friend, Daniel, sat atop a hill watching the sky. A shipment of supplies was inbound any moment. In light of Nebulos' rebellion against the Hive hierarchy, Earth and Cybertron had started sending medical supplies, food, clothing, and weapons. Arcee wasn't sure she liked the idea of supplying them with arms. She trusted the Nebulan rebels completely and wanted to see them take back their planet, but Daniel and her were there strictly to help the refuges who lived under Zarak's tyranny, not continue fighting. No, her role as a fighter now only extended to protecting Daniel and the refuges. The other Headmasters, Targetmasters, and their Nebulan counterparts were Nebulos' heroes. She was just fine with that. In the distance of the dusk orange tinted sky appeared Sky-Lynx. “Ah! Arcee, in addition of supplies I also bring news from Cybertron.” The large Griffin shuttle landed and opened his bay door. Arcee ascended the ramp. “How's everything back home. Has Galvatron returned?” Sky-Lynx enthusiastically responded. “No, quite the opposite. None of the Decepticons that left with Galvatron aboard Scorponok have been seen. And the Decepticons that remained on Char have been silent or at least as silent as can be expected of such miscreants. Anyhow, Optimus, Springer, and a handful of Autobots left to Pursue Galvatron.” Arcee paused for moment before picking up a crate. “Is everything alright Arcee?” The voice came from Daniel within her head. “Ye-yeah, I was just- caught off guard by that.” Daniel spoke softly. “Your worried about Springer aren't you.” He was dead-on. Of course he was. The Headmaster bonding allowed them to feel every emotion and experience every thought the other felt or had. “Yes, I've known Springer a very long time. We've been through so much. I guess you could say-” Daniel finished her thought. “You love him.” Arcee gave a lite laugh. “There's no hiding anything from you is there.” Blur and Wheelie arrived. After transforming they began helping Arcee unload the supplies.

After the small ship landed in bay three, Optimus and Cyclonus approached unarmed. If it was a trap, Autobots and Decepticons alike would swarm the room ready to fight. The small ships doorway opened and a small yellow bot made his way out. “Ba-weep Ninny- ah- Oh! I forget how it goes! I'm Hubcap it's a pleasure to meet ya.” At the sight of Optimus the small bot stopped in shocked disbelief. Cyclonus spoke first. “I am Cyclonus and this is Optimus Prime.” Optimus interjected. “It's just Optimus now.” Noticing the stranger was till in shock, Cyclonus asked the small bot 'What's Wrong?' The small bot gained composure and continued forward down the ramp. “I'm sorry, how rude of me. It's just, Optimus reminds me of some bots I know. I'm a local merchant. Are you in need of anything by chance. Fuel, weapons, medical provisions. This part of space is vast and treacherous.” Optimus responded. “Your arrival is most fortunate. We are in need of additional fuel to return to Cybertron. However this ship is of Nebulan design and requires a particular fuel.” Cyclonus glared at Hub-cap. “You said your a local merchant. Odd our long-range scanners never picked up any signs of life. Only barren moons and uninhabited planets. Even your ship, which appears to be a short range vessel, seemed to appear out of nowhere. Who are you really!?” Hub-cap ignored Cyclonus' inquisition and asked his own question. “I noticed Optimus wears the Autobots crest. However you, Cyclonus, wear the crest of the Decepticons. That sounds like there's an interesting story behind that. Tell you what. You tell me your story and if I believe you I'll tell you mine.” Cyclonus was annoyed yet impressed. None of his Decepticons would dream of speaking to him in such a manner, and yet here was this puny Autobot stranger who wasn't concerned in the least. Optimus answered the small bot. “Very well. As you probably know the Cybertronian civil war has continued for several millennia. I was once a Prime of the Autobots. The wars tole on the planet was significant. Attrition drove us to search for energon on other planets. The Decepticons, lead by Megatron, followed us. After fighting our ships crashed onto a planet called Earth, leaving us in stasis-lock. After substantial time we awoke. The war continued on Earth, Cybertron, and most recently a planet called Nebulos. The Matrix of Leadership is now in the charge of Rodimus Prime on Cybertron. Megatron who later became Galvatron has been apprehended. As of yesterday Cybertrons civil war has ended.” Hub-cap stood there processing what he just heard. “Alright, I believe you. My name is Hub-cap, but I am not a merchant. I am an envoy for Omicron. My job is to gauge whether or not to reveal outsiders to our planet. During the early days of the war Cybertrons civilians, politicians, artist, and the like built a vessel under the guide of Alpha-Trion and Prodotis. Megatron was quickly proving himself to be dangerous. Wishing to remain behind to help the war effort, and uncertain Cybertronians would follow Prodotis, an outsider; Alpha-Trion rebuilt two critically injured Cybertronians to shepherd the civilian ship. They carried the title of Convoy. I've been sent here on their request.”

Chapter Five

The world around him buzzed. Slowly dissipating, focus returned to Apeface. “Arhh! What the slag did I drink!?” Perceptor leaned over the still lying Decepticon. “Ah! Yes. Welcome back to consciousness.” The sight of Perceptor caught Apeface off-guard. “Gahh! Autobot!” He sprang up off the exam table reaching for an absent gun. “Calm down big guy. The wars over and we're heading back to Cybertron. All of us.” The voice was that of Weirdwolf. Apeface pointed credulously at Perceptor. “Why is he here? What did he do to me? And where is my slagging gun?!” Weirdwolf raised a finger to his own head. “I'm guessing you haven't noticed you're in robot-mode.” The implications hit him. “My- head- I'm fixed? No more filthy organics in my head.” Weirdwolf chuckled. “Perceptor and those Technobots fixed all of us Headmasters.” Apeface turned and glared at Perceptor. “Don't expect my thanks Autobot.” He pushed past Perceptor knocking him back a step and exited the infirmary. Weirdwolf followed after Apeface. Pausing before exiting he turned to Perceptor. “The big guy's really stubborn. The rest of us can't think you enough. Having an alien, that wants nothing to do with you, for a head was a pain in the servos. It's been several months since most of us could transform.” Perceptor smiled. “Any chance to improve someones living conditions is a worthwhile endeavor.”

After all cards were laid to bear. Hub-cap contacted his superiors. The decision was made to escort Optimus and Cyclonus to the planet aboard Hub-caps ship. The small ship departed for the planet surface. As they drew near the lush planet it seemed to radiate. Cyclonus took in the view before them. “How is it our scanners don't register any Cybertronian life-signs?” Hub-cap answered while watching his console. “That would be Omicrons greatest achievement. We call it a Deterrence-field. It mask our life-signs, but it also acts as an EMP. Any ship that stumbles through is left immobilized.” Optimus interjected. “Would that not leave the ship to crash on the planet.” Hub-cap chuckled. “Nah. The field is high enough in orbit to leave a ship safely inert until we can decern it's intent. That's where I usually come into play. In the first years of our colonies life we had several less than friendly stragglers, some Decepticon, some foreign, and some from within.” Hub-cap flipped the com switch on his console. “Omicron gate control this is Hub-cap requesting entry? Whirl buddy are you there?” Whirl awakened by Hub-caps transmissions stumbled with the controls before him. “Bullocks- Gah! Blast it all!” He frantically flipped the com's switch. “Hub-cap this is gate control you are cleared for entry.” The small ship started its decent to the planets surface. Tall trees and vegetation covered the planets surfaced only broken by high ridged stone peaks. Waterfalls and rivers span to the horizon. Optimus and Cyclonus were amazed by all of it. Optimus broke the silence. “In all my life I have never seen a more beautiful planet than this.” Hub-cap kept his attention ahead and responded “I suppose so, but I'd give anything to see Cybertron again. We're approaching our destination now.” The ship approached what at first looked like a rounded plateau with what appeared to be jagged rock ridges along the backside. “This is, or at least was, the star-ship Exodus. It serves as the capitol of Omicron. Most of the outlined structures were created from salvaged parts that no longer served a purpose.” The ship landed on a platform jutting from the backside of the large inert vessel. Hub-cap tapped a com on his arm. “Bumper we're here. Hey, did you remember to get a photographer?” A petulant voice responded over the com. “Of course I did. Why?” Hub-cap smiled and looked over at Optimus. “Oh when the ramp lowers your going to want pictures of first contact. Trust me.” The ramp slowly lowered. Hub-cap accompanied by Cyclonus and Optimus exited. “Welcome to Omicro-” The large hulking bots words cut short. Click! Click! Click! Cyclonus and Optimus now stood in shock, face to face with two bots bearing and uncanny resemblance to Optimus. Alongside them was a Quintesson. The two equally shocked doppelgangers stood speechless staring back. The moment of awkward silence was broken. “Decepticon!” “A quintesson!” “Why- do you- look like me?!” Click! Click! Click! The Quintesson raised his tentacles. “I can explain everything.”
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Six

Hub-cap stepped forward to address his superiors. “Prodotis, Convoys Leonidas and Maximus, may I introduce Optimus, commander of the Autobot forces. And Cyclonus, the newly appointed commander of the Decepticons.” The two doppelgangers shook Optimus and Cyclonus' hands. The Quintesson made a bowing gesture. “Welcome to Omicron, please join us in the citadel. I have much to explain and even more to ask you.” Prodotis noticed Cyclonus was intensely glaring at him. He sighed. “Your reaction to me suggest I am not the first Quintesson you have encountered. For that I am greatly sorry. My race deems themselves superior to all other life, and by justification that all other life is disposable. I assure you. I am not like them.” Optimus reached to shake Prodotis' tentacle. “Hub-cap mentioned you knew Alpha-Trion.” Prodotis returned the gesture shaking Optimus' hand. “I did. We've readied the citadel for your arrival. I shall tell you everything from the beginning.” The group turned to head inside. Bumper walked up beside Hub-cap. “You could've given us a heads up or a 'by the way dear Bumper one of our guest looks like the long lost relative of the convoys, Oh! and the others a Decepticon!' But no. You let the reuniting, an historical moment mind you, be an awkward mess!” Hub-cap grinned as he continued following the group. “Lighten up Bumper. That was amazing. Did you see Leo and Bigs faces. Well I guess if you didn't you could always refer to the photos. Spot on with the photographer by the way.” Bumper shook his head. “Your hopeless.” The group entered a long hall. Statues adorned each side. Large stone carved depictions of semi-cybernetic semi-biologic beings numbering twelve in all. Cyclonus was awestruck. “Most impressive.” Leonidas spoke. “Thank you, most of Cybertrons artist and architects left Cybertron in the early days of the war aboard the Exodus. This is one of there achievements, 'The Hall of Primes'.” The group came to the end of the hallway and entered a large rounded room with a glassed dome top. In the middle of the room was a round table and chairs. They each walked over and sat down. Prodotis started his story.
“In the days before the golden age of Cybertron the Quintessons were ruthless and conniving. They subjugated any race they could. My role was that of an envoy. I was to find new beings to be used in service of our empire. Most times than not, we'd find beings best categorized as animals, with little intelligence. On my third expedition my crew found techno-organics on a planet the inhabitants called 'Primus'. These beings were intelligent, strong but still gentle, and had an unique ability to mimic the biological creatures of their planet. I was fascinated by them. When the time came to report back to my superiors, I falsified my reports. One of my crew informed the council of my deception. I was re-leaved of my command and kept in the brig. My predecessor captured twelve individuals, or prime specimens, to be brought before the Quintesson Council. He murdered all the rest, or at least he thought he had. As punishment they stripped me of my name an title, branded me with the words 'Prodotis', meaning traitor, and left me stranded on a planet full of death. I buried the bodies of the murdered, until I came across a survivor barely clinging to life. I cared for him until his health returned. The inhabitants had no use for names or designations. I named the Survivor Alpha-Tyronic, which means 'the first leader in a new beginning'. Upset at the loss of his kin he wished to set out to free his people, however we had no ship, no means of leaving the planet. That's when something amazing happened. Mimicking aspects of my own biology his body adapted things like thrust propulsion. Over the next cycles he studied ship schematics I created. Having finally mastered his new form we left for Quintessa. We arrived undetected and found the twelve 'Prime Specimens'. Though kept in suspended animation their bodies were dissected and broken. The Quintessons had used the knowledge of their anatomy to create a race of replicated beings made of metals and alloys. They referred to their creations as Cybertronians. Unable to save their bodies we created a quickly fashioned vessel to hold the life-essence of the twelve. This vessel was called the Matrix. Instead of seeing the Cybertronians as abominations, Alpha-Tyronic saw them as his natural 'descendants'. We stayed on Quintessa and freed as many as we could. Our revolution was not without penalty however. During a revolt I was captured and judged by those I'd called my peers. They removed two of my faces 'Judgment' and 'Death'. After weeks of imprisonment I accepted my fate and was ready to die. That's when Alpha-Tyronic, now calling himself Alpha-Trion, along with a fighting force of Cybertronians, rescued me from my captors. Over the next century all of the Cybertronians were liberated. The Quintesson Empire was delivered an unprecedented blow. For the first time the galaxy realized they could be beaten. Alpha-Trion led the Cybertronians to his home world. We finally had peace. Alpha-Trion decided to keep the origins of their ancestors secret. There was too much pain and loss to burden the Cybertronians with. The planet Primus was re-titled Cybertron. Having served the Quintesson Empire primarily as construction laborers, the Cybertronians did what they were familiar with and forged Cybertron into a metal world. Elsewhere the ruling circle on Quintessa devised a plan to create a perfect soldier. A cybertronian who would be completely loyal and deadly. They taught him how to manipulate those around him. They had a prized master swordsman teach him how to use a blade. Their weapon, Banzai-Tron, was created for the sole purpose of fracturing the peace of the Cybertronians. Once among us, Banzai-Tron began spreading propaganda among the Cybertronians who served as soldiers on Quintessa. Quickly gaining support he named his faction Decepticons. Alpha-Trion tried to resolve the conflict without any death. However after tremendous Cybertronian causalities, Alpha-Trion formed the Autobots, protectors of Cybertrons people. The two factions waged battles ultimately fulfilling the Quintessons spiteful intentions. Banzai-Tron was an unstoppable killing machine. Every attempt to eradicate him was thwarted. A colleague from my time in service to the Quintesson Empire reached out to me. He was starting to have a crisis of conscience. He told me of a Self-terminate command phrase the Quintessons had incorporated into Banzai-Tron, should he ever turn against them. Come the next battle, Alpha-Trion spoke the words 'More than meets the eye'. To the horror of his soldiers, Banzai-Tron turned his blade on himself, running himself through. The Decepticons retreated leaderless. That should have been the end of it. However unbeknownst to us at the time the Decepticons were creating a new leader. Megatron. He quickly picked up where his predecessor left off. Over the next couple of years Megatron had wreaked destruction on Cybertron. Together Alpha-Trion and I devised of a plan to save as many of Cybertrons people as possible. We secretly started constructing this vessel, 'the Exodus'. One day while searching for components, Alpha-Trion came across two battered Autobots who were left for dead after holding Decepticon forces back while civilians fled. He saw the potential for leadership in them. He rebuilt and renamed them Leonidas and Maximus. Fearing the Matrix would be lost during conflict he split it into two parts. Maximus holds one within in his chest. The other Alpha-Trion kept with himself. When the vessel was completed and Cybertron's civilian population loaded, Alpha-Trion gave the pair the title of Convoy, meaning 'protector'. To our dismay, Alpha-Trion wished to stay behind. He told us 'as long as you have the Matrix, you will be close to Cybertron'.We reluctantly obeyed his wishes and left Cybertron. After several years drifting through space we found Omicron. It took time, but we adjusted to life in this organic paradise. However there were some unforeseen problems we had to face. Energy conversion, resource mining, and Decepticon infiltrators. But that can wait. Please tell me? What happened in the days after we left Cybertron?”
Optimus stood up and opened his chest revealing the receptacle where his Matrix had resided. “I was originally Orion Pax. A brash and arrogant adolescent bot. I was badly wounded by Megatron. Alpha-Trion rebuilt and renamed me Optimus Prime. He fitted the Matrix in my chest and charged me with leadership of the Autobots. For a time I led the Autobots against Megatrons forces. Five years ago the Matrix and leadership of the Autobots was passed onto Rodimus-Prime, at the event of my death.”
At that revelation the three were caught off guard. Maximus shifted in his seat. “You returned from death? Not stasis-lock, but death?” Optimus closed his chest. “After a final devastating fight against Megatron and his forces, I and Megatron succumbed to our injuries. My spark joined the Matrix. Four years after my death I was reanimated and restored to stop a man-made virus that effected every creature it came into contact with. The knowledge granted to me when I joined the Matrix faded after I stopped the plague. I am now as I was before.” Prodotis gestured to Cyclonus. “And how did you come to lead the Decepticons?”
Cyclonus continued the narrative where Optimus ended. “After the skirmish that left Optimus and Megatron broken and dying, Megatron was discarded in space, left to die. The planet eater, Unicron, found and rebuilt him and a hand full of dying Decepticons into his heralds. Megatron was reformed as Galvatron. I am also one of the discarded Decepticons that was reformatted. Unicron tasked us with finding and destroying the Matrix. Galvatron played along for a time. When at last we had stolen the Matrix, Galvatron tried to use it against Unicron to regain our freedom. He underestimated Unicron's abilities. Transforming into a being much large than Cybertron itself, Unicron rained destruction down on the planet. Rodimus-Prime fought Galvatron for possession of the Matrix. Upon winning Rodimus opened the Matrix. The power within it destroyed Unicron's body. Galvatron was driven mad. For longer than I care to admit, we Decepticons continued to follow him. After countless failures and pointless pursuits of grandeur, we over-through him. As the leader of the Decepticons, I negotiated for peace with Optimus. It was only yesterday when we made contact with Hub-cap.”
Leonidas was tense. “Unicron is real. The 'Covenant of Primus' tells of Unicron, The Devour of Worlds. We never believed it to be so literal.” Maximus joined in. “And you've defeated him? He's no longer a threat?” Optimus answered. “Unicron was reduced to nothing more than a severed head the size a small moon. A fallen rogue Decepticon tried to revitalize Unicron in return for a new body. After we thwarted Unicron's revival, we towed the head to a now uninhabited part of space. We have a team monitoring the head at all times from a moon that once circled the planet Optera, a victim of the planet eater.” Leonidas and Maximus continued conversing with Cyclonus. Optimus turned to address Prodotis. “If you don't mind I'd like to contact my crew.” Prodotis nodded. “By all means, my friend.” Optimus rose from his seat and headed over by the entrance. “Springer, we've made contact with the colonies leaders. They are Cybertronians who left Cybertron in the early days of the war. Much of our planets history was revealed by the elder among them. How is everything fairing? Has peace and order been maintained?” Aboard Scorponok, Springer turned in his command Chair to see the Combaticons and the Aerialbots playing a card game. “The closest thing to a skirmish was when Slingshot caught Swindle cheating at cards, but that was resolved. Everything is fine. By any chance can they synthesize the fuel we'll need?” Optimus looked back at the others at the table. “I will tell them of our need.” Optimus rejoined the others. Maximus was in the midst of telling Cyclonus about his pets. Two large wholly creatures with long snouts. Prodotis asked Optimus. “How is your crew fairing in your absences?” Optimus replied. “The are well. Nothing other than a friendly fight about cheating at a card-game.” Cyclonus interjected. “Swindle, no doubt.” Optimus continued. “We did have one thing we wanted to ask you. Our vessel lacks the necessary fuel to return to Cybertron. Would you be willing to synthesize the fuel for us?” Prodotis smiled. “It would be our pleasure. This planet is rich with resources. I have no doubt Drench will be able to create a suitable fuel.”

Chapter Seven

In a remote area of Scorponok, Apeface riled his comrades. “I can't believe what I'm seeing. Decepticons doing what those Autobots tells us. Have you all lost your spines. They're our enemies. We don't pal around with them. We destroy them.” Skullcruncher spoke up. “They did repair us so we could transform.” Mindwipe added. “And we do not blindly do as they say. Cyclonus leads us now.”
Apeface grumbled. “Cyclonus! Who appointed him leader.” The gathered Decepticons fidgeted. Weirdwolf spoke. “Actually we all voted. Galvatron was leading us further into null space. We've been trapped in beast-form on this slagging ship because of him. We've all seen him freak out. He ain't right in the processor. So after finding you wasted on whatever that stuff was, Cyclonus came up with a plan to remove Galvatron and the Nebulans.” Apeface turned to his friend Snapdragon. “And you went along with this?” Snapdragon responded. “I- We lost our own heads because of him. He's the one that partnered us with those disgusting Nebulans. He had to go. He would have thrown us into the Pitt if it furthered his mad plans. Besides, we don't have to stick around. I say we play along until we get to Cybertron. Then we join the others on Chaar, under new and better leadership.” Apeface thought it over. Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher, and Mindwipe turned to walk out the door. Apeface snapped at them. “Where are you all going? We're not done here.” Weirdwolf spoke for the three of them. “You can do as you please. But we want give this 'peace' thing a try.” Apeface dismissed them and turned his questioning to the Terrorcons. “And how about all of you?” The group looked at each other then Hun-gurrr spoke. “We are undecided.” Apeface snarled. “So of all the slagging Decepticons on this ship, only two of us are true Decepticons.”

On Omicron Optimus was led by Prodotis down a hall into a large room at the far end of the capital. “This is the lab of Drench. He is the brightest scientific mind on Omicron. If anyone could replicate your fuel it would be him.” At a table welding stood a golden bot. Optimus gasped. “Is that electrum?”
Prodotis called to the golden bot. “Electro, this is Optimus. We've come to speak with Drench. Is he around?” Electro raised the goggles he was wearing. “He's in the ba- How? What? ” Optimus chuckled at the stunned bot. “I suppose you could say the Convoys and I had the same creator. Is that electrum your coated with?” Electro broke from his stunned trance and smiled. “Sure is. Drench and I developed a way to stabilize electrum. Comes in handy when your crawling around in a foul acting engine. I would have been off-lined several times if not for this coating.” A green Cybertronian with a youthful demeanor walked out from a side room. “Hey, Electro have you seen that blasted wrench of mine” The three turned to him. Drench gasped when he saw the Autobot commander. Optimus answered before he could ask. “I am Optimus. I was rebuilt by Alpha-Trion as well.” Prodotis moved forward. “We have a favor to ask you. As you probably know. We've made contact with the Cybertronians in the vessel just out of orbit. Optimus is one of their leaders. They require a unique fuel to return to Cybertron. Could you replicate the fuel?” Drench gleamed with pride. “That should be simple enough. I'll need a sample of the fuel. Shouldn't take more than a day or so.” Optimus thanked Drench. “We appreciate this greatly Drench. I'll have Perceptor bring a sample to you at once.”

As daylight faded on Nebulos, Arcee, Blur, and wheelie rushed to prep the infirmary on Fortress-Maximus. Cerebros voice came over the speakers. “Brainstorm and Highbrow are landing now. Bring a med-slab.” Blur grabbed the cart and the three rushed down the hall to the landing platform. Brainstorm was kneeling in the middle of the platform over the non-responding body of Gort. “Arcana. He's not responding!” Arcana disengaged from Brainstorm. “Bring me that defibrillator?” Arcee quickly set the defibrillator up next to Gort. Arcana grabbed the paddles. “Come on boy. You don't get to quit.” Zap! No response. “Dammit Gort!” Zap! No response. Daniel welled up. Via connection Arcee shared in Daniels grief. Arcana turned the defibrillators settings higher. “You're too young to die boy!” Zapp! Gorts body jumped. He gasped for air. Everyone sighed in relief. Gort grabbed his throbbing head. “What happened? My head feels like it was used as a punching bag.” Arcana helped Gort lean up. “Your not too far off. Highbrow and you took a shot to the head.” Gort looked around. “Where are the others?” Arcana and Arcee moved Gort to the med-slab. “After you were hit you weren't responding. We knew we had to get you out of there quick. Hardhead and Chromedome supplied cover-fire while Highbrow, Brainstorm, and I retreated. They should be returning soon enough.” Blur and wheelie glanced and nodded to each other. “Wheelie say we make sure friends come home today.” The pair transformed and peeled down the hall. Cerebros stepped out from a doorway nearly being clipped by Blur. “Whoa! Hey be careful Blur!” Blur fishtailed but gained control and continued on. “SorryCerebrosDidn'tSeeYaThere. Can'tTalkOnAMission.” Cerebros shook his head. He met the others in the hallway. “Brainstorm, Arcana, What happened? Our Intel said there was lite resistance.” Brainstorm lowered his voice to convey he was serious. “It's not good. The remaining Hive rulers in the north have started hiring Decepticon mercenaries. We were ambushed by a Decepticon called Double-Dealer and his crew. They're Targetmasters, but they have two guns. We fought hard, but we were quickly outmatched.” Reaching the infirmary. Arcee carefully moved Gort to a hospital bed set-up for human sized persons. “Your probably hungry. Daniel and I will bring you something to eat.” Gort smiled. “Thanks that would be great.” Brainstorm opened and retrieved a round object from a closet. “Arcana and I developed this in advance. In case an occasion like this occurred.” Cerebros looked at the round object quizzically. “What is it?” Brainstorm turned the object around showing its mono-eye. “This is an emergency Headmaster spare head.”

A chatty Perceptor entered Drench's lab accompanied by Hub-cap. The small yellow bot interrupted Perceptors inquiries. “Well all those questions you have about the Deterrence-field, the energy conversion, and well everything else, can be answered by my buddy Drench here. I'm sure you'll get along just fine. I gotta go.” Perceptor approached the others. Optimus gestured to the green bot to his side. “Perceptor this is Drench. He's Omicrons chief engineer. He and Electro are responsible for all of Omicrons scientific marvels.” Perceptor and Drench shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Perceptor opened the case he was carrying and handed a slender tube to Drench. The two began conversing about projects, breakthroughs, and hypothesis. Prodotis chuckled turning to Optimus. “I surmise it won't take them long at all.” Prime chuckled as well. “No. I don't think it will.” The two turned to leave and rejoin Cyclonus and the Convoys.

Chapter Eight

On Nebulos, Arcee followed after Cerebros down the halls of Fortress-Maximus. “I don't get why we can't move the refuges into Fort-Max. This place is big enough to house-” Cerebros stopped abruptly turning back to her. “A quarter of them. I've done the math Arcee. I know your worried about all the inhabitants safety, I am too. But remember this place is a military target.” Arcee hated it, but she realized he was right. Cerebros sighed. “I'm about to give my report to Rodimus and Ultra-Magnus, care to join me?” Feeling slightly better she nodded and they entered the communications room. Already in the room at the console was Brainstorm and Arcana. The large screens on the wall came to life. Rodimus, on Cybertron, appeared on one screen. The other was Ultra-Magnus, stationed on Earth aboard the Titan, Metroplex. Rodimus started first. “So if either of you can give me good news you win.” Cerebros sighed. Ultra-Magnus maintained a poker-face. Rodimus continued. “Well then, it was worth a try. What's the big development on Nebulos?” Brainstorm began his debriefing. “A week ago we started our campaign north. The resistance at first was minimal. However as we continued on we entered the region of a high ranking Hive nobleman. Learning of our fight to liberate those they subjugate, the remaining members of Hive have banned together and hired Decepticon mercenaries. Our first encounter with them left us on the losing end. Gort was injured in combat. I along with Arcana and Highbrow rushed him to Fort-Max for medical aid. Our adversaries are well trained and heavily armed. They're led by a Decepticon named Double-Dealer. Oddly enough, he wears the insignia of both Autobots and Decepticons. He and three of his men are duel-wielding target-masters, the other two combined with each other and with what one referred to as Powermaster Nebulans. Without reinforcements this liberation is doomed.” Rodimus demeanor turned serious. “Where are Crosshairs, Pointblank, and Sureshot?” Cerebros brought up a map of Nebulos on the screen. “Pointblank and his team have been deployed to the west. They've had nominal success. I've maintained contact with them on a scheduled basis.” Rodimus mulled it over. “Kup is currently en route with six recruits. 'A few hot-heads but good bots'. Kup's words not mine. If it comes to it, we can also hire mercenaries of our own.” Ultra-Magnus scoffed. “You can't seriously be thinking of hiring Repugnus and his cohorts!?” Rodimus smiled at Magnus' response. “Well. Let's wait and see.”

Optimus and Prodotis joined Cyclonus and Maximus in a clearing outside of the ship. Cyclonus was petting a large tusked creature. Optimus stared at the beast as he approached. “I've seen these before. In a documentary on earths prehistoric creatures. They referred to them as Mammoths as I recall.” Maximus introduced his pets. “Optimus, These two are Boom and Bang. When we first landed here they were orphaned by natural predators. They started hanging around. The planets predators learned quickly that we were not to be messed with, so staying close meant protection. I started feeding them and caring for them.” Optimus reached to pet the large lumbering beast closest to him. “Amazing creatures.” Leonidas drove up in a large land vehicle. “Care for the tour of Omicron. Optimus and Cyclonus answered in the affirmative. The group boarded the vehicle. Along the way Cyclonus noticed a cleared trail leading into the jungle. “Where does that lead?” Maximus pointed to a small outpost atop a ridge. “Oh. That way leads to gate command. The Deterrence-field is controlled from there. And thirty clicks past there is Omicrons mining camp.” Optimus was intrigued. “What do you mine?” Leonidas answered while staying focused driving. “The planet produces crystal like stalagmites that can be rendered into a suitable source of energon. Impactor and his crew mine the caverns and make monthly deliveries.” Maximus laughed. “Drench and Electro nicknamed Impactors crew 'the Wreckers' on account of the how brutal they are on their drilling equipment.” They continued on through the streets of Omicron. Sculptures, fountains, and architectural buildings. Omicron truly was a Cybertronian marvel in an Eden paradise. Optimus turned to Prodotis sitting next to him. “When Drench and Perceptor have completed the fuel, I'd like for all of you to come with us to Cybertron?” Leonidas sighed. “Are place is here. We need to-” Prodotis interrupted. “Nonsense. Omicron will be fine without us for awhile. We could all use a respite. Blowout and his team can manage in our absence.” Leonidas sighed in relief. He wanted to go. Staying was the responsible thing to do, but the task as Omicrons leadership was becoming daunting. A trip to Cybertron would be a welcomed reprieve.

Blur and Wheelie followed by a battered Chromedome and Hardhead neared the plateau Fortress-Maximus was stationed on. The humming noise of a ships engines in the nights sky caught them by surprise. Blur slowed. “Decepticon?” Wheelie responded. “If enemy they were shots from Fort-Max would occur.” As they ascended the entry ramp of Fortress-Maximus, the lights of the landing platform revealed the mystery craft as non-other than Sky-Lynx. As they continued on, six bots accompanied by Kup exited Sky-Lynx. Cerebros was heading to greet the new recruits when Blur and company drove up. “Welcome back.” The four bots transformed. Chromedome and Hardhead were rough for ware, but there was only one place they want to go. “Where's Gort?” Cerebros told the two where and continued out to the landing platform. Kup was there giving one of his drill sergeant 'pep talks' to his recruits. “Alright. Listen up. This is it. The real thing. For the last six months I've had to train you sorry piece of rust punks. It hasn't been easy. But I can truly say you are some of the finest bots I would be proud to serve with.” The recruits stood at attention and saluted. Kup returned the gesture. “At ease. I'd like to introduce you to your new commander, Cerebros. Whatever he tells you to do you will follow.” Cerebros stood next to Kup. “Greetings and welcome to Nebulos. Like Kup said, I am the acting commander. I am also a pacifist.” One of the recruits snickered. Kup snapped at the bot. “That kind of behavior will not be tolerated Joyride. You just earned yourself a week of cleaning detail.” The bot cringed and nodded. “Sir. Yes sir.” Cerebros continued on. “As the commander and a pacifist my role is to keep the Nebulan civilians and my men safe as much as possible. Your team leader will make most decisions on the battlefield as he sees fit. However if I give an order it's because the risk of collateral casualties. Remember are objective here is the liberation of the Nebulan civilians enslaved by a hierarchy class. As you have been told, you will each be paired with a Nebulan freedom fighter. You'll be bonded for the duration of your stay, so please show some decorum.” Cerebros gestured to Brainstorm. He stepped forward. “Welcome I'm Brainstorm and-” His head detached and transformed, landing in-front of him. “And I'm Arcana. I'm the creator of the Headmaster bonding process. Like yourselves, we Nebulans have selected six of our finer warriors to be paired with each of you. Shall we get started?”

Gort was watching a movie Daniel had loaned him from the comfort of his hospital bed, when Chromedome and Hardhead walked in. “Hey kid. How are you doing?” Gort stopped the movie. “I'm fine. My necks a little stiff, but nothing serious. What about you guys? You look terrible.” They both laughed. “Oh. Welcome back.” the voice was that of Highbrow, but the face wasn't fully Highbrow. His head was round and mono-eyed like one giant lens. Chromedome looked him over teasingly. “You look different. Did you get some work done. I just can't place it.” Hardhead humored him “Maybe some new servos and actuators?” Chromedome snapped his fingers. “That's it. Your applying for Shockwaves old position and you wanted to look the part.” Highbrow crossed his arms. “You can't tell but I'm scowling.” Everybody laughed. Chromedome put a hand on Highbrows shoulder. “It's good to see you both again. How's the temporary head working for ya?” Highbrow produced a small rubber ball. “Surprisingly well. Watch this.” Highbrow hurled the ball behind him. It struck the wall, then the floor, then shot back towards him. He stuck his hand out behind him, precisely catching the ball. Chromedome and Hardhead were amused. Chromedome waved his hand behind Highbrows head. “So you see behind yourself with this head?” Highbrow set the ball down. “No. The audio receptors are so finely tuned I can pin-point the impact points of the ball and triangulate its trajectory.” Gort chuckled. “Down side is he can hear the constant hum of Fort-Max's reactors.” Highbrow put his hands to his head playfully. “And it's driving me mad!” They shared another laugh.

After finishing their tour through the streets of Omicron they returned to 'the Exodus'. Leonidas drove in through a side entrance and turned to the far end. They approached a well lit area with two guards stationed outside a wide doorway. Prodotis sighed. “We've shown you all of Omicrons achievements, but this place houses are greatest failures.” The group exited the vehicle. Cyclonus recognized what it was immediately. “A prison.” Prodotis nodded. “As I eluded to earlier. Omicron faced it's share of problems. This is where some of those 'problems' reside.” They made their way to the entrance. Prodotis greeted the guards. “Firecracker, Motormouth, these are our new allies Optimus and Cyclonus. We need to speak to Blowout.” The large blue bot looked oddly at Cyclonus then leaned close to whisper to Prodotis. “I don't know if you noticed sir but he's a Decepticon. Should we be letting him in and all.” Prodotis smiled. “Your concern is noted, but the war is over and Cyclonus is our ally.” The large blue bot acknowledged and signaled to his red colleague. Firecracker keyed in the code. The doorway opened and the group entered. Motormouth tapped his com to call his Superior. “Blowout this is Motormouth. Prodotis, Leo, Bigs, and two ah- visitors, are here to see you.” The com crackled then Blowout responded. “Alright. I'll be right down.” As the group headed down the hallway Leonidas explained the prisons necessity.
“Before we left Cybertron, there was a Cybertronian 'entrepreneur' who sold weapons to both sides. Privately. He considered himself clever. When he learned of plans to create 'the Exodus', he approached Alpha-Trion as a friend and offered to fund and supply a large part of its construction. When 'the Exodus' launched, Plexus and a large number of his enforcers were aboard. At first he was selling extra rations of energon at overpriced amounts. As our time in space grew longer, buyers had nothing to trade but their allegiance. We recognized the situation was growing sever and intervened. In the process we uncovered evidence of his collusion with the Decepticons. We exiled Plexus and his thugs on a smaller vessel. We found Omicron a month later. We thought we'd heard the last of Plexus. But he found us. With the help of a group of Insecticons, Plexus, now calling himself Mega-Plexus, took 'the Exodus' by force. Unprepared for a battle, we retreated into the thick of the forest. Many of our friends died trying to take the ship back. Drench developed the first version of the Deterrence-field while in the wild with very little to work with. However it's original use wasn't defensive but offensive. Knowing we didn't have enough attrition for a direct fight, Drench created beacons that create a barrier that resonate an EMP. We sneaked beacons around the perimeter of the ship, then taunted Mega-Plexus. When he and his thugs rushed into battle, they were knocked into stasis-lock. We created this place to keep him and the others securely locked away kept in stasis.”
As they neared a large doorway, Blowout stepped out to greet them. “Welcome. I'm Blowout. I'm commander of the Guardians of Omicron commission, or GO-Bots for short. We serve as the policing force on Omicron.” Optimus and Cyclonus introduced themselves and shook his hand. Prodotis floated forward. “Leonidas, Maximus, and myself will be visiting Cybertron for an undetermined time. We're leaving you in command of Omicron until we return.” Blowout gleamed. “Yes sir. We'll take good care of the castle while you're away.”

On the desolate planet of Chaar the remnants of a once formidable Decepticon force sat around in the dirty barren landscape. Runamuck kicked a piece of scrap. Runabout followed suit. “This sucks! We're here rusting away while Galvatron and the rest cruise around the universe.” A Decepticon appearing to be a smaller version of Bruticus approached them. “Who needs them. I say we elect a new leader.” Runabout laughed. “And I suppose you think you're the best candidate. Bother someone else MakeShift.” The irritated Decepticon turned and walked away grumbling. Runabout laughed. Runamuck, however, did not. “That guy weirds me out. Pretending to be Bruticus and all. But he's got a point. We can't sit around here waiting for the others to return. If they ever even return. I think us remaining Decepticons have two options. One: We surrender to the Autobots like Blitzwing, Astrotrain, and Octane; Or two: We appoint a new leader.” Just then the booming sound of Predaking landing down rang out. Decepticons congregated around the combiner and the stash of previsions he acquired. “Predaking returns. I bring energon.” The starved Decepticons crowded grabbing at the stash. Runabout and Runamuck approached for their share. Runamuck turned to Runabout. “Predaking should lead us. He's the biggest and best among us.” Runabout sighed and nodded his head, having seceded to his friend. The two stood tall and started chanting. “Predaking!” The other Decepticons followed suit. Counterpunch watched from afar. The rein of Predaking had begun.

Chapter Nine

Hub-caps vessel approached Scorponoks third bay. The voice of Springer cracked to life over the com. “Welcome back. We weren't sure you'd want to come back. That place looks amazing even from up here.” Hub-cap grinned. “Well you know. Jungle paradises get kinda old. And well where else am I gonna vacation.” The small ship landed and it's crew exited; Optimus, Cyclonus, Prodotis, Leonidas, Maximus, and Perceptor. Waiting in the bay, Silverbolt and others welcomed the new-comers. However they were startled to find a disfigured Quintesson and two Optimus doppelgangers. After politely greeting everyone in the bay, Maximus turned to help Perceptor detach the container on the underside of Hub-caps ship. Perceptor retrieved a dolly-cart to assist moving the large container to the engine bay. When he turned back with the cart, Maximus had picked the entire container up. “Where to?” Perceptor gasped and wheeled the cart over quickly. “How are able to lift that?” Maximus realized carrying the container of volatile fuel was making Perceptor uneasy. “Sorry. I was in construction before the war began. I was built for heavy labor.”
Optimus and the others made their way to the bridge. Optimus addressed Springer. “Is there anything to report?” Springer swiveled in his command chair. “Nothing aboard. It's been quiet. Hup-cap is prepping for departure now.” Scourge walked over to Cyclonus. “So what is it like on the planet?” Cyclonus looked up at the view screen. “It's a lush jungle planet with beauty I have never seen in all my life. I have learned much Scourge. Much about Cybertrons past. About the Decepticons. More than ever I believe our decision to end the war is the best course of action.”
The Technobots met Maximus and Perceptor in the engine room. Perceptor turned to Scattershot. “Is the pump ready?” Scattershot grimaced. “So the ships reservoir fuel pump was the pump Swindle modified to keep Galvatron sedated. Which means we'll have to do this manually.” Maximus looked up at the top of the fuel reservoir. “No problem. You have a ladder?” Scattershot and his Technobots grinned to each other. “No no. We got this.” They merged to form Computron, picking the container up effortlessly. Maximus watched in amazement. Perceptor grinned and mused to himself. Just minutes earlier the situation was ironically similar. Having completed fueling up the reservoir Perceptor called the bridge. “This is Perceptor. I'm delighted to say we are fueled and ready.” Optimus walked over and took a seat by Springer. “Understood Perceptor. Good work.” He turned to Springer. “Let's go home.”

On Nebulos the new recruits were in the heat of battle. On route to the front lines they had been ambushed in a small village previously freed by Brainstorm & Arcanas crew. They were now pinned down by Double-Dealer and his forces. Freshly repaired, Chromedome and Hardhead along with mono-eyed Highbrow, were sent out to assist the rookies. Gun fire rained down on the besieged Autobot team. Nearing the battle, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Highbrow engaged the Decepticon force. A volley struck the wing of Dreadwing. The two counterparts separated falling to the ground. Double-Dealer sneered, ordering his men to withdrawal. “It's been fun Autobots! We'll play again I'm sure.” He laughed callously, transforming into his land assault form, then drove off. Spinister and Needlenose collected their fallen comrades and retreated into the horizon. Joyride pointed at the fleeing Decepticons. “Quick they're getting away.” He transformed and started off after them. A hand reached down and grabbed him by the spoiler. Hardhead peered down at the brash recruit. “You're not going anywhere.” Siren looked over the wrecked village. Small dwellings and structures burned. He turned back to his platoon. “Hosehead, Slapdash, extinguish those fires. Getaway, Joyride, encompass the area to look for survivors. Nightbeat, see what you can find that might explain what happened to the inhabitants.” They each complied and started their assignments. Chromedome greeted Siren. “Very well handled. I see why Cerebros made you field commander.” Siren looked uncertain. “I think I was picked more because of my booming authoritative voice, then my leadership skills. I've never lead before. I've always been content to follow orders. I never wanted to give them.” Chromedome turned to point to sirens team-mates. “You saw everything the situation required and gave orders to your men to address each need. That is 'leadership material'. We all have doubts, that's normal. However remember your men will be looking to you. Appearance of certainty and complete resolve is crucial.” Siren smiled. “Thanks. I'll remember that.” Nightbeat signaled to Siren and Chromedome. Siren approached mustering as much bravado as he could. “What have you found?” Nightbeat pointed to track marks. “Here. These weren't from any of us, or Double-Dealers men. Unless the villagers have vehicles, such as tractors, I'd surmise they've been collected by Hive machinations.” Chromedome sighed. “This is not good news. Siren, I'm going to return to base. Hardhead and High-brow will accompany your men here. I need to debrief Cerebros and Rodimus of our situation. This is now the front-line.”

On Chaar, the Decepticons, now reinvigorated with purpose, wait beside the subdued body of Trypticon. The ginormous stubborn Decepticon was not thrilled when asked to serve as the Decepticons flagship. After a brief altercation Rat-bat was able to infiltrate the behemoth and access Trypticon's manual controls, forcing transformation into his mobile battle station. Soundwave and his cassettes then entered through a hatch and made their way to the bridge. Trypticon growled in protest. Reaching the controls, Soundwave sent Trypticon into stasis-lock. Rumble fidgeted. “Isn't this, I don't know- wrong?” Soundwave ignored Rumble and continued working at the console. The outer bays and entryways opened and the Decepticons wasted no time. Trypticon's mobile battle station was to be refitted into a Decepticon battle cruiser.
Among the ruins Counterpunch retrieved a hidden long-range encoded communicator. “Agent C-111 to Command. High priority alert. Decepticon threat level has escalated to level 8. I repeat level 8. Predaking now leads the Decepticon forces on Chaar. Trypticon is being retrofitted into a battle cruiser. Send instructions.” The Autobot spy placed the com back in its spot and covered it with debris.

On Cybertron, Rodimus sat at a long table rubbing his temple. The door opened and Kup entered. “You look like I feel.” Rodimus looked up at his old friend. “Wanna trade jobs.” Kup chuckled. “Not on your life kid.” Rodimus shrugged. “Worth a shot.” The screen in front of them came to life. The familiar sight of Ultra-Magnus on one side and Cerebros on the other. Rodimus spoke first. “I've been informed you both have urgent news. Cerebros lets start with you.” Cerebros spoke solemnly. “The Hive have retaken three sectors. A total of eight villages. Evidence leads us to believe the inhabitants have been captured. To the west, Pointblank reports that he and his crew have encountered heavier resistance and their campaign has come to a stand still.” Rodimus groaned. “And what did you have to report Magnus?” Ultra-Magnus maintained his calm composure. “I've received a coded message from my spy among the Decepticons on Chaar.” Rodimus interrupted. “We have our own spy. Who?” Ultra-Magnus was caught off-guard and grimaced. “For the agents safety their name is confidential. The agents report states that Predaking has taken leadership of the remaining Decepticon forces on Chaar and is retrofitting Trypticon into a battle cruiser.” Rodimus and Kup both groaned this time. Rodimus let out a heavy sigh. “Alright. Kup I want you to contact Repugnus. We're going to need their help along with Carnivacs crew as well.” Ultra-Magnus voiced his disapproval. “Repugnus and his cohorts are bad, but Carnivac and his band are nothing but psychotic murderous thugs.” Rodimus retorted. “That's right. And for a price they'll be our psychotic murderous thugs! If I had an army to send I would, but I'm fresh out, seeing as how Optimus took all of them to chase Galvatron through the galaxy!” The room fell silent. Rodimus continued. “Is their any chance your agent can delay the Decepticon's progress?” Ultra-Magnus responded calmly. “That's risky, but given the circumstances we don't have much choice. I will relay commands right away.” With the reports concluded the screen went blank. Rodimus slumped over resting his head on his arms atop the table. Kup stood and before exiting the room turned back to Rodimus. “Get some rest kid. I'll contact Repugnus and Carnivac. You can tackle this tomorrow.” Rodimus gave a weary smile. “Ya. I think I'll do that.” Kup exited, the door closing behind him. Rodimus turned, looking out the window. “Dammit Optimus. Where are you?!”

Chapter Ten

Aboard Scorponok, Springer tapped his com. His voice sounded through the vessel. “We've just re-entered charted space. We'll be back on Cybertron within three days.” Autobots and Decepticons alike cheered. That is, all except for Apeface and Snapdragon. Wanting no part of this 'Unified Cybertron' Optimus and Cyclonus were spouting, they had locked themselves in one of the many rooms. Apeface growled in disgust to the audible shared cheers. “Damn fools. We don't needs them.” He turned back to Snapdragon. “Alright. Remember our plans. After theys drop off all the Autobots and traitors on Cybertron, they're gonna go ta Chaar and try ta gets the rest to stop fight'n. That's when we make our move and take the ship. We'll shoot Cyclonus and any others traitors along with him and take the ship. The Decepticons on Chaar will take notice of our brilliant plan and we'll leads the Decepticons.” Snapdragon scratched his head. “What if theirs too many of them when we try and take the ship?” Apeface gnarled his gorilla face. “I don't care how many. I'll destroy them all if I have to!”
Elsewhere on the ship Prodotis was introducing the gathered crowd of Autobots and Decepticons to the ancient record 'The Covenant of Primus', the collected history and beliefs of the progenitors of Cybertron. As Prodotis carried on Optimus appeared troubled. Leonidas noticed and approached. “What's wrong? Is it something he's said?” Optimus sighed. “No. No. Nothing's wrong with what he's said. It's just- after Alpha-Trion had rebuilt me. He gave me a 'Covenant of Primus'. He told me I would do well to read it, however leading the Autobot forces during the early days of the war, I never got a chance to. When we left Cybertron in search for energon, I brought it with me, planning to read it during our voyage through space. However we were attacked immediately after launching and crashed. When we awoke aboard the wreckage of our ship several millennia later, I looked everywhere but couldn't find it.”

Back on Chaar Counterpunch nonchalantly made his way aboard Trypticon among the working Decepticons. Alterations were nearing completion. The Autobot operative had received his orders to 'delay' or sabotage the progress. As he neared the bridge he heard the familiar voice of Frenzy and Rumble. They were arguing about the duplicity of using Trypticon in such a state. Punch didn't care much for Trypticon. After all he was responsible for so much destruction on Earth. But he was a sentient life, all be it simpleminded. Even he didn't deserve this. He noticed a small room to the side and entered. Along the wall stood two drones. An averaged sized purple bot with red optics and a smaller black bot. They seemed to be charging. Punch mused to himself. “This should work nicely.” As the two cassette bots aired their complaints aloud the door opened. Counterpunch entered, displaying obvious disdain. The two smaller bots stopped talking and turned to Counterpunch. Rumble spoke first. “What crawled up your tailpipe? Did ya get cleaning duty or something?” Counterpunch slammed his fist against the wall. “This isn't right. Trypticon is one of us. We shouldn't be forcing this on him.” Frenzy spoke up. “That's what we were just say'n.” Rumble added. “It's Trypticon today, but who's ta say might be next.” Counterpunch enacted his gambit. “There's got to be something we can do. We can't stop the others from this, but maybe we can free Trypticon from this body.” The two smaller bots looked at each other then back to Counterpunch. “You mean like a body swap. But where are we gonna find a spare body around here?” Counterpunch opened the door and pointed towards the small room. “Trypticon has two maintenance drones. We could transfer his spark to the larger one. He would at least be free.” The two smaller bots gleamed. “Let's do it.”

In the night sky a ship approached, landing on the landing platform of Fortress-Maximus. Cerebros waited, arms folded in protest. Repugnus, Grotusque, and Double-cross made their way from their ship to where Cerebros was. Repugnus spoke for the group. “So I hear your in need of certified weapons-grade bad-asses.” Cerebros grumbled at Repugnus display of bravado then lead them to a conference room within the fortress. The door opened revealing Carnivac and his men already seated at the table. Repugnus reached for his gun. “What the frag is he doing here!?” Carnivac started for his gun, but Cerebros intervened. “Calm down. You've both been summoned here because we are desperate. I don't know what kind of history you two have, and frankly I don't care.” Repugnus holstered his gun and they sat down at the table. Cerebros continued. “The planets ruling faction known as 'The Hive' have hired mercenaries of their own lead by Double-Dealer. Previously liberated sectors have been retaken. Your teams are here to deliver a blow to 'The Hive'. There is no tolerance for civilian casualties. Make certain your attacks don't endanger innocent lives. Is that absolutely clear?” They both nodded. Cerebros tapped away at a console. A screen along the wall lit up showing a map. “Carnivacs group will rendezvous with Pointblank in the west just south of the Ejsu pass. Repugnus' crew will head north. There's a large 'Hive' stronghold situated in the Furman valley. Coordinate with Siren, the field commander, before you start your attack. Sirens men will lure the mercenaries away, leaving the stronghold weakened. Chromedome will accompany you. Any questions?” They both shook their heads. Cerebros stood up and gave everyone one last hard look. “No Collateral Casualties.” As the two mercenary teams exited the room, Repugnus taunted Carnivac. “I bet you twenty thousand shanix my team completes our mission parameters before yours does.” Carnivac growled. “I'll take that bet. We're gonna finish first. And when we do I'm gonna use that money to have a mural of your crying mug on the ass-end of ma ship.” They glared at each for a moment then departed to their vessels. Chromedome was already waiting by Repugnus' ship. “So I'll be tagging along with you.” Repugnus looked at him and continued up the ramp. “You must be Chrome-top.” Chromedome followed after him. “Actually it's Chromedome.” Repugnus sat in the commanders seat. “Sure. Well you might want to sit down. I'm not about to lose a bet to that mongrel.” Chromedome stared quizzically. “A bet. Mongrel. What are you..” He fell back onto the cabin floor as the ship rocketed off, nearly grazing Carnivacs ship. Carnivac growled angrily. “Ga! that spawn of a glitch!” Carnivac quickly readied his ship for departure. He looked over at Snarler, Chainclaw, and Catilla. “Are we good to go?” They acknowledged the ships readings. Their ship lifted off departing to the west. Cerebros and Brainstorm, along with Arcana watched from Cerebros' office atop Fortress-Maximus. Brainstorm sighed. “Let's just hope they complete their missions quickly.” Cerebros stood arms folded once more. “I can't help but think we've just poured gasoline over a powder keg.”

Everything around him felt murky. Like a fog or haze. Rodimus could recognize he was on Cybertron, but it was different. A crowd of friends stood around him. He turned to look at each one of their silhouetted forms, until he came to one he couldn't quite recognize. He focused on this familiar stranger. He pointed and asked. “Who are you?” His voice echoed. The strangers form gaped it's mouth. Green glowing ooze dripped from their mouth. In a deep guttural voice the stranger spoke. “I am death reborn!” It presented a jagged sword and skewered several nearby silhouettes. They dropped lifeless to the ground. Rodimus screamed. “No! Stop!” He found himself unable to move. He was panicking now. “No! Spare my friends! It's me you want!” The foul specter laughed mockingly at him. “Everybody and everything you love will burn!” The stranger now started resonating green, brighter and brighter. Rodimus shot awake. He touched his chest and addressed the pulsing matrix within. “What was that suppose to mean? Or do you just enjoy tormenting me?” His com crackled to life. “Rodimus. It's Kup you're going to want to see this. Their back.” Rodimus sprang to his feet and hurried off to the space-port.
As Scorponok approached, Leonidas, Maximus, and Prodotis reveled at the sight of Cybertron from orbit. Maximus pointed to a tear along the surface. “What could cause that level of damage? It looks like Kaon was struck with something.” Cyclonus somberly answered. “That is where Cybertron was assaulted by Unicron. Kaon was destroyed after Galvatrons confrontation with Unicron. In retaliation for Galvatrons treachery, Unicron targeted and destroyed the Decepticons stronghold first. Many lives were lost.”
Rodimus met up with Kup, already waiting at the space-port. Rodimus watched in amazement as Scorponok started its landing procedure. “Optimus did it. He really did it. The Decepticons must have been defeated.” Kup chuckled. “I never doubted him a second.” The two bots approached. The ramps extended and the doors opened. Optimus exited followed by Cyclonus, Maximus, Leonidas, and Prodotis. Kup and Rodimus stood in shock. Optimus addressed the pair. “Rodimus. Our war is over. Peace has been brokered. Galvatron and the Nebulan war-criminals have been detained. In addition we've made contact with a colony of Cybertronians that left Cybertron in the early days of the war, taking refuge on a distant planet.” Flabbergasted and twitching, Rodimus finally responded. “Oh! COME ON!”
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Eleven

Back at Iacon the assembled group continued conversing. As it turned out, Maximus knew Kup from their time at Autobot combat training in the zenith of Megatrons rise. Leonidas was asking Cyclonus about Maximus and himself accompanying Cyclonus back to Chaar. Optimus and Prodotis were discussing the formation of some galaxy wide Cybertronian pact. And Rodimus sat at the end of the table feeling out of place. He wasn't sure he trusted Cyclonus or these new-comers. Peace between Autobots and Decepticons never lasted. Anybody could make themselves look like Optimus. And Quintessons were renown for their treacherous deceit. Not to mention that nightmare of a vision he experienced. The door opened and Goldbug stepped in and addressed Rodimus. “Spike's on hold. I thought you might want to take this in the other room.” Rodimus stood up, glad to have an excuse to leave. “Yes. Thank you Bumblebee- I'm sorry Goldbug.” The small Autobot laughed. “Don't worry about it. Everybody's called me Bumblebee for so long it's hard to break the habit.” Rodimus entered the next room. On the screen Spike stood dressed in a suit and tie. Rodimus chuckled. “What's with the suit? I don't think I've ever seen you wear one.” Spike loosened the tie. “Trust me. I don't want to wear this monkey-suit longer than I have to. The U.N. summit has concluded talks about intergalactic relations; Mainly Cybertronian relations. After the epidemic of the hate-plague some officials are calling for the complete withdrawal and exile of all Cybertronians on Earth.” Rodimus shot back a response. “But that plague was the results of human tampering and manipulation!” Spike raised his hands in a calming gesture. “I know. Carly and I have explained this point countless times. The Congressman leading the charge is Roberts. He's managed to rile several nations leaders to his cause. The EDC has been ordered to stop any Cybertronian traffic to Earth while talks continue. Any progress would help. Has there been any developments on Cybertron or Nebulos?” Rodimus smirked. “Funny you should ask. Optimus has returned. He and Cyclonus overthrew Galvatron and Zarak, and ended the war. They're in the next room as we speak. Oh! And they also found a planet of Cybertronians lead by two Optimus doppelgangers and a Quintesson. Does that qualify?” Spike frowned. “Rodimus I'm being serious.” Rodimus held his finger up, motioning for a moment, then entered the other room, turning the com screen on. Everybody in the conference room turned to the screen. Rodimus gestured to Spike on the screen. “Everyone. If I could have a moment of your time. This is Spike Witwicky. He and his family have been our friends and allies for several years.” Spike was trying to contain his shock. Optimus spoke up. “Spike, It's good to see you. This is Leonidas, Maximus, and Prodotis.” Spike managed a “Nice to meet you.” Prime continued. “We were just discussing a possible galactic summit. Would Earth be interested in attending?” Rodimus whispered under his breath. “Unbelievable.” Kup placed his hand on Rodimus shoulder. “Remember, you wanted a break. You don't have to make all those decisions alone know.” That didn't reassure him much. Rodimus was still unsure about these new faces. Spike, on the other hand, was thrilled with the turn of luck. He and Carly would relay Optimus' desire for a galactic summit to the U.N. With any luck, this Anti-Cybertronian movement would be dissolved in light of new developments.

On Chaar, Rumble and Frenzy assisted Counterpunch as they carted the immobile purple drone to the inner confines of Trypticon. They came to a large reinforced door. Frenzy grumbled. “Well now what do we do. Trypticons spark chamber is heavily fortified.” Counterpunch looked around. He spotted a ventilation shaft. “There. One of you can traverse to the other side and open the door.” The two small Decepticons squabbled among themselves about who would have to. Rumble lost and made his way through. The sounds of footsteps approaching from down the hall caught the pair off-guard. Frenzy fidgeted. “What do we do?” Counterpunch held his finger up to his face, signing to be quiet. The steps got closer. The door to the spark chamber opened. Counterpunch and Frenzy quickly stepped inside closing the door behind them. Runabout paused. Runamuck continued on, talking and walking down the hall. Runabout asked “Did you here that. Runamuck stopped. Until now, he hadn't noticed his friend had stopped. “Hear what? It's just the two of us. You probably just heard an echo.” Runabout agreed and the two continued on. Inside the chamber Counterpunch and the twins pushed the cart over to a wall panel with what looked like a furnace. Conterpunch opened the panel. “This is it. Trypticons spark.” The two cassette bots stood in awe. Counterpunch opened the chest-plate of the purple drone. In place of a spark was the Remote Automation Drone Module. Counterpunch began removing it from its placing. Rumble scratched his head. “How are we going to move his spark?” Counterpunch finished prepping the body. “That's where you two come in. I'm going to hold the body up. You two will pry the spark from it's harness and into the chest.” The two nodded and found utensils to leverage the spark out with. On the count of three they pried the spark free. It shot back into the drones body, knocking Counterpunch along with the drone, to the ground. The two smaller bots ran over to investigate. Rumble stood over the drone. “Did it work. Hey! Trypticon! Wake up!” The drones eyes began to glow. The drone began a low growl. “Gah! No! No one tells Trypticon what to do anymore! Trypticon is own master.” The purple drone rose slowly, towering menacingly over the two pint-size Decepticons. “Trypticon doesn't want to be ship. Trypticon smash puny-” The Titan found himself in an unfamiliar setting. “Where is Trypticon? Why everything big?” Counterpunch got up off the floor. “Everything is its normal size. You on the other hand. Well your the size of everybody else, these two excluded of course.” Trypticon studied his arms and hands. “Why you do this to me?” Rumble replied. “We didn't have any other choice. The others didn't care if you stayed in stasis-lock. We couldn't let that happen, but there was too many of them, so we improvised.” Counterpunch attached the Remote Automation Drone Module to the now empty cavity in Trypticon. “We can't stay here forever. Eventually the others will find that Trypticons spark is no longer in his body.” Counterpunch looked at the purple bot. “We can't call you Trypticon anymore. Any suggestions?” Rumble and Frenzy studied the new form of Trypticon. So used to his old form, Trypticon stood hunched over, like a person pretending to be a dinosaur. Frenzy pointed out his weird stance. “Well he hunches so maybe Slant. No.” Rumble interjected. “How about Tilter?” Counterpunch thought for a moment. “How about Full-Tilt?” Rumble and Frenzy exuberantly agreed. Trypticon weighed in. “Full Tilt. My name is Full-Tilt. Me like that.”

On Nebulos. Repugnus' crew was approaching Sirens group. Chromedome pointed to a clearing. “Land right there. I'll debrief Sirens team on our plan of attack.” Repugnus smirked. “Tell you what. We'll get real close and you can jump out. Inform your friends of 'the plan' and come join the fight.” Chromedome stumbled over his words. “But that Isn't- That's not- We're suppose to synchronize our attack.” The ship came in real low. Double-cross opened the hatch from the controls before him. “We'll see you guys there, yeah.” Repugnus jerked back on the ships yoke. Chromedome went flying back, right out the opened hatchway. The three Monsterbots laughed. Repugnus aimed the ship skyward and blasted off. “Let's go kick some ass.”

Chapter Twelve

Double-Dealer entered the palace through a doorway just big enough for him to clear. A large Nebulan man sat at the throne glaring at Double-Dealer. “We paid you a substantial amount to be rid of these nuisances. Why do they still function?” Double-Dealer grimaced. “Lord Barbossa. While it is true progress is slow. We have managed to kill one of them.” Lord Barbossa interrupted. “You fool. You've killed no one. The one named Highbrow still functions! Why should I continue to pay you?” Double-Dealer tighten his fist and took a step forward. Knok and Skar, his two Powermasters, detached from him and held guns pointed at him. Lord Barbossa laughed. “Everything you do seems to fail. Remember your in my world now. I control the narrative. If I say the universe will burn then it will burn!” Blamm! Something outside was hit with a blast. Alarms started to sound. The feud was over for now. Double-Dealer turned and took off to engage the attackers. Lord Barbossa activated a com at his side. “Commander Ryal what in blazes is happening out there?” The commander responded. “Sire. Our scouts on the outer perimeter are not responding. They've likely been neutralized. We had no warning. There's a single vessel approaching from the south. Hold on- Is that a cybertronian with a gun atop that vess- SNAPP!” The line went dead. Lord Barbossa keyed a command into his throne. It started lowering into the bunker below.
Chromedome and Sirens teams raced to the enemy stronghold. Repugnus had completely jeopardized the plans they originally were to follow. They had to strike now if there was any chance of victory.
Repugnus' small ship made several strafing runs, launching missiles at each large gun emplacement. Grotusque laid on his stomach strapped to the top of the ship, picking guards off with the sniper-rifle he clutched.
Double-Dealer reached the outside and transformed into his condor mode and took to the sky. The rest of Double-Dealers team had shown up and was starting to join the skirmish. Double-Dealer climbed high into the sky and began to dive bomb the small ship just barely missing it. Repugnus addressed his comrades. “Right. It's about time we take this fight to the ground. You all ready?” Grotusque unclipped himself from the roof. Standing up, he dropped the rifle into the ship. “Not yet. Wait until that flying turkeys in range. I wanna piece of 'em.” Repugnus responded. “Sure thing. Have fun.” Double-Dealer turned about and started his second assault on the small vessel. “It's time you all die Autobots!” He rocketed towards the ship. Before he could react, Grotusque lunged at him in gargoyle form. Repugnus smiled. “That's our cue.” He typed a command into the counsel and then proceeded to follow Double-cross out the hatchway. Their ship turned skyward and shot off into the stratosphere as they hurdled towards the ground.
Grotusque clung onto the larger Decepticon, viciously tearing at him. Double-Dealer desperately tried to stay airborne whilst trying to claw the Autobot off with his talons. “Accursed Autobot mutt! Get off of me!” He finally managed to tear the Monsterbot free, but that was not the end of it. Grotusques wings spread out and he pursued the fleeing Decepticon.
On the ground, Chromedome and Sirens teams had engaged the rest of Double-Dealers forces. Nightbeat and Joyride were sent off to locate and free the abducted civilians.
Repugnus and Double-cross waited until they were close to the ground before spreading their wings in their monster form, softening their landing. Automated security machinations at the entrance of the palace started attacking. Double-cross' two dragon heads laughed. “Look, an appetizer.” Repugnus made a chittering noise. “In that case. Let's dig in.” The two launched themselves into battle, tearing and mashing the machinery to bits.
Lord Barbossa sat in the bunker, listening to the carnage atop. If only he had an escape tunnel. He never thought he'd need it. He cursed his shortsightedness. The noise of battle slowed to a stop. A metal claw tore through the bunkers hatch. “Look Double-cross, there's a prize inside.” Lord Barbossa fell to his knees with his hands in the air. “Please don't kill me. I surrender. Please, I have treasures and wealth. You can have it all, just don't kill me.” Double-cross decided to have some fun. “I don't know. My left head is feeling really hungry and your looking quite plump and tasty.” Barbossa cried harder. Repugnus transformed and addressed the weeping tyrant. “If you tell your men to stand down, I'll find something else to feed my friend here.” Barbossa adamantly agreed. “Yes, of course. Thank you. Thank you.” Repugnus called Chomedome.
In the heat of battle Chromedome answered the transmission. “Yes, Repugnus, what's your status?” Repugnus smiled as he responded. “We've subdued the Nebulan Lord. He's ordering the surrender to his men now. How are things on your end Crometop.” Chromedome ignored the insult. “We're engaged in combat with the Decepticon mercenaries. We need assistance.” Repugnus signaled to Double-cross to watch Barbossa. “On my way.”
Grotusque followed after Double-Dealer, quickly gaining on him. The large Decepticon curiously swooped low over a large building. Grotusque followed, immediately realizing his mistake. Quake was kneeling ready with high powered rifle trained on his position. Schlack! The blast caught him dead center. He careened to the ground. Double-Dealer landed and transformed. He approached Quake. “Good work. I assume you've finished loading our 'severance package'. Have you informed the others?” Quake followed Double-Dealer to their ship, hidden under a canopy. “Yes. Barbossa's riches are ours. I relayed the orders to Needlenose. They're engaged in battle at the southern entrance.” Double-Dealer started the ship. “The quicker we retrieve them the better. I'm sick of this planet.”
Nightbeat and Joyride crept about. They came upon a large domed structure and forced the door open. Inside hundreds of fatigued and starving Nebulan slaves sat staring at them. Nightbeat spoke first. “We're Autobots. We're here to rescue you. Follow us.” A Nebulan man rose to his feet. “What of Lord Barbossa? Has he been slain?” Repugnus surprised the Autobots as he approached answering the mans question. “Well if by 'slain' you mean dead. No. But he is currently wetting himself in the confines of a busted bunker under the careful eyes of my colleague.” The man sighed in relief. The Nebulan slaves began exiting the domed structure. Repugnus addressed the two Autobots. “If you excuse me. I gotta go teach 'Bust'n Decepticons 101'.” His com buzzed. The rough voice of Grotusque could be heard. “Boss. I'm afraid this is my last fight. One of those Cons got me good. It's been a pleasure.” Repugnus held his head in his hands for a moment. He responded back. “It's been an honor. I'll be sure to settle the score. You have my word on that.”
At the southern entrance Chomedome and Sirens team were engaged in combat with the Decepticon mercenaries. Both sides exchanged fire and took cover behind walls and debris. Needlenose fired a round. “Were clearing out. The boss is bringing the ship around now.” Blam! Needlenose took a fatal hit from behind and dropped. The startled Decepticons turned to see a vengeful Repugnus, gun pointed, walking their way. They turned their weapons on him. Blam! Blam! Before they could respond in time he shot Darkwing and Dreadwind in their heads. They slumped over. A mortar round struck the ground at Repugnus' feet, blowing off his right leg and sending him hurling through the air. Doubledealers ship engaged the Autobots, allowing Spinister to escape. Double-Dealer turned around to see only Spinister climb aboard. “Where are the others?” Spinister pointed in the direction of Repugnus. “That crazed Autobot killed them!” Double-Dealer grumbled angrily. The ship ceased it's barrage on the Autobots and flew off. Chromedome and the rest ran over to Repugnus. “We're going to get you help.” Slapdash pointed to the dead Decepticons. “That was amazing marksmanship.” Repugnus tapped away at a transponder on his left-arm. “If you liked that, then your gonna wanna see this.” He pointed to Double-Dealers ship as it fled the planet. A smaller vessel rocketed straight down from above, colliding with Double-Dealers ship. The Autobots watched in horror at the resulting explosion. Chromedome looked down at Repugnus. “Why? They were retreating. We've already won.” Repugnus looked up at Cromedome. “You'll never finish anything unless you have resolve. If I let them go. Who's to say he doesn't come around again working for the next slag sucking tyrant. Besides he killed my friend. Nobody gets away with that.”

Chapter Thirteen

On Cybertron, the Decepticons under Cyclonus' command enjoyed their return to their home planet. After years of living on Chaar and then floating through space in Scorponok, Cybertron was like an utopia. While Cyclonus was busy with the politics, Blitzwing and Astrotrain met up with their Decepticon brethren to show them what a new lively Cybertron had to offer. The Combaticons lingered at the back of the group as they toured Iacon. They didn't mind the peace, but they were soldiers through and through. They craved action. Onslaught walked up beside Swindle. “Have you found anything yet?” Swindle smirked. “Ya. I think I just might a' found our best option.” Onslaught turned to face the smaller bot typing away at the computer he held. “What is it.” Swindle smiled “You remember that guy on Earth we brokered weapons for?” Onslaught confirmed. “Yes. Snake Commander or something to that extent.” Swindle snapped his finger. “Cobra Commander. That's the guy. Do you remember the offer he proposed?” Onslaught huffed. “Your not seriously considering taking him up on his offer? He's on Earth. If you haven't been paying attention, getting there is a little difficult at the time being.” Swindle grinned wider. “No problem boss. I've got that part covered. And Megatron's not around to forbid us this time.” Onslaught sighed heavily. “Alright. We'll put it to a vote.” Onslaught motioned to the other Combaticons. They broke-off from the group and headed to a darkly lit bar.

Absent from the 'Welcome back party' Autobots and Decepticons alike were having, was Perceptor. He sat in his lab pouring over any information the Autobots had on the Decepticon's Space-bridge tech used during the early days of the war on Earth. Shockwave had been the brains behind that feat of engineering. Shockwave was a cold callus dullard, but even Perceptor had to acknowledge his genius. Perceptor's research lead him to one conclusion. Any and all data pertaining to the Space-bridge tech would have been kept with Shockwave at Kaon. If he wanted the Space-bridge schematics, he'd have to find them himself there among the ruins of Kaon.

After a couple days stay on Cybertron, Cyclonus prepared for his return to Chaar. He was not looking forward to this endeavor. Not only would he have to tell the others of his coup, but of the end of hostilities with the Autobots. Leonidas elected to stay on Cybertron with Prodotis. Maximus, however was still interested in accompanying Cyclonus back to Chaar. The door opened and Scourge stepped in. “It's time.” Cyclonus sighed and rose to his feet. “Have you notified Maximus of our departure?” Scourge laughed. “No need to. He showed up six hours ago. Last I saw, he was assisting the Aerialbots with pre-launch prep.” The two made their way to the door. When it opened Rodimus met the pair. “I wanted to wish you well on your trip back to Chaar. I can only imagine the stress you must feel about now. You and I have never had the greatest of history, but I'd like to change that.” Rodimus held out his hand. Stunned Cyclonus hesitated for a moment before shaking Rodimus' hand. “I too would like to change that.” Rodimus accompanied the two to Scorponok, stopping short of the ramp. “I feel I should mention the latest intel regarding Chaar. Predaking has usurped power of the Decepticons on Chaar. Last we heard they were planning to reconfigure Trypticon into a battle cruiser.” Cyclonus thanked Rodimus for the warning and prepared for take-off.

Optimus and Kup were concluding showing Prodotis and Leonidas around Cybertron, when Optimus got the call from Goldbug. Spike, Carly, and an appointed ambassador had just landed. The group made their way to the spaceport to greet them. Goldbug was already there catching up with Spike. They arrived and Optimus formally introduced Prodotis and Leonidas to their human friends. In the last eight years Carly had become a Congresswoman. After marrying Spike and giving birth to her son Daniel, she turned to politics as her way to help the Autobots. The ambassador accompanying Spike and Carly was a woman of Asian decent dressed nicely in a mauve suit-dress with shoulder length brunette hair. She bowed and introduced herself. “I am United Nations ambassador Alexis Thi Dang. I am honored to meet your acquaintance. I look forward to our Peace Summit.” Optimus, Leonidas, and Prodotis returned the gesture.

On Nebulos, Chromedome and Sirens team were returning along with Repugnus and Double-cross. Cerebros met them at the entrance of Fort-Max. “What happened?” Chromedome pointed in Repugnus direction. “He threw me out of his ship and 'stormed the castle' before we could create a plan of attack. We were unprepared.” Cerebros was furious. “Were you successful?” Chromedome sighed. “Yes. Repugnus and his team made quick work of the guards and engaged Double-Dealer head-on. In the process one of his crew-mates was killed. The Nebulan civilians were freed and the Hive commander has been subdued.” Cerebros sighed in relief. “Well that's good. I suppose. What about Double-Dealer and his mercenaries?” Chromedome looked over in Repugnus' direction once more. “We had won. It was over. They were escaping, and he killed them. He rammed his ship, by remote, straight down on them as they fled. We checked the crash-site, there were no survivors.” Cerebros concluded his debriefing with Chromedome and walked over to an injured Repugnus. “Do you remember that part about coordinating with our ground force before attacking.” Repugnus interrupted. “Pfft! Please. Like they were much help. They were scared. You could see it in their optics. Besides We did exactly as you wanted. You have the Nebulan Tyrant. You have the Refuges unharmed and freed. And Double-Dealer and his goons can't bother you anymore. That sounds like a win in my book.” Cerebros countered. “Really. I think you underestimate Chromedome and Sirens team. If there was a proper plan and they were adequately readied, they could have done more. Your friend might still be around, and Double-Dealer and his crew might've been detained, not killed.” The mention of Grotusque death angered Repugnus, but Cerebros did have a point.

Rodimus was returning to his office when Optimus and Spike approached. “Rodimus. Spike and I will be traveling to Nebulos aboard Sky-Lynx. We should be back in two days time.” Rodimus was relieved to hear this. “Oh. That's perfect. I'll inform Cerebros your coming. I just heard our teams were able to take the northern sector. The only casualty was one of the mercenaries we hired.” Spike spoke up. “Mercenaries? You employed Cybertronian mercenaries on a foreign planet?” Rodimus held his hand up. “Let me explain. The remaining Hive governing leaders employed a Decepticon mercenary team lead by Double-Dealer, and implemented with Nebulan modifications. Not only were we not making progress with the liberation of Nebulos, we were losing villages and cities. Thousands of civilians collected and enslaved once again. Given our predicament we had little choice.” Optimus put his hand on Rodimus' shoulder. “You made the right call. You were in a tough situation. I'm sure Ultra-Magnus aired his disapproval.” Rodimus humored. “You know him well. We heard from our team in the west. They're preparing to start their attack tomorrow.” Optimus and Spike looked at each other. “We'll depart at once. We'll see to the completion of the mission.” The pair departed for the spaceport. Sky-Lynx was parked waiting for them. “Ah! About time. I've been waiting here for what seems like forever. Shall we get a move on?” The two greeted Sky-Lynx and boarded. At the helm seat sat Springer. “What? You two were going to go play hero and didn't think to ask me.” Spike laughed. “It's great to see you Springer. I wondered where you were.” Springer motioned to the human-sized seat next to him. “So I hear you've been helping Carly with her work in the bureaucratic sector. That sounds- Excruciating.” Spike was enjoying his time away from mind-numbing politics. “Springer. You have no idea.” Optimus checked over the supplies in the cargo hold and returned to the bridge with the others. “All right Sk-Lynx we're ready for departure.” Sky-Lynx started the engines and began lift-off. “No worries. I'll have us there in no time.”

Rodimus felt out of place doing mundane paperwork while everyone around him seemed to be off on some adventure. He paused for a moment when he heard something. There again. Something was making noise in the next room. He got up and pulled his gun. Maybe he would get some adventure after all. He keyed the door open and entered gun drawn. Perceptor turned to see Rodimus gun in hand. “Don't shoot. It's just me. I just needed to grab a few supplies.” Rodimus lowered the gun. “Supplies for what exactly?” Perceptor laid out his plan. “I plan to retrieve the Space-bridge schematics from Shockwave's lab in Kaon. A series of Space-bridges located near say Earth, Nebulos, or Omicron would allow for faster travel. Especially in emergencies.” Rodimus was intrigued. “So you're going to the unstable ruins of Kaon alone to find the schematics?” Perceptor looked offended. “Alone. Of course not. That would be suicide. The Technobots will be accompanying me.” Rodimus smiled. “Well I guess you know what your doing. I'll let you get back to it.”

In the dimly lit bar the Combaticons sat at a table. They had just voted. Swindles plan was approved by all but Onslaught. However the Combaticon commander honored the collective decision. Swindle was revealing how he planned to get past the Earth Defense Force. Blastoff scratched his head. “A Rockeroid. What's that?” Swindle turned his computer around. “This, my friends, is a Rockeroid. Lead-lined stealth shielding. We'll appear to be nothing but a lifeless meteor.” Brawl chugged down his engex. “Ya. But won't they blow a meteor to pieces to prevent it from touching down?” Swindle held a finger up. “Good question my large foreboding friend. Not if our trajectory is miles away from land. So we aim it towards the southern pole and slide by. No EDF pilot would fire on a meteor that's going to land hundreds of miles away from the populous. The ordnance alone would be pricey and not worth it.” Onslaught leaned back in his seat. “I assume you have a seller of this 'Rockeroid' in mind?” Swindle grinned. “Of course. There's always a market for these ships. There great for smuggling.” Onslaught thought it over for a moment. “Make the call.”

Chapter Fourteen

Scorponok started it's landing procedure on Chaar. Apeface and Snapdragon readied their weapons. Apeface chuckled. “Time to do what we do best.” The two headed down the hall towards the bridge. A shadow followed from far behind them. The Aerialbots were occupied with the ships controls and didn't notice the two large Decepticons sneaking up on them. Apeface started to raise his rifle. Cyclonus voice boomed behind them. “And what do you think you're doing?” The pair turned in shock. Cyclonus, Scourge, and a Sweep stood guns fixed on the 'would be' mutineers. Apeface held his gun pointed at Cyclonus. “We don't take orders from Autobot lapdogs. We're taking this ship.” Snapdragon hesitantly followed suit and targeted Cyclonus. Cyclonus only smirked. He was looking at something behind the two. The building hum of an enormous cannon charging up, caught Apeface and Snapdragon by surprise. Maximus stood holding his cannon under slung with both hands. “You know. Leo told me 'I should've left 'Big Cannon' on Omicron'. That 'I wouldn't need it'. But you see, I just love this thing. I take it with me everywhere. And on occasions like this it helps negotiations. So, hears my offer. You drop your weapons, we land, you leave, everybody lives. Or- you two try something and 'Big Cannon' turns you to space-dust, but then we'd have to repair several walls and the hull of the ship. Very exhausting. So, what's it going to be?” The two dropped their weapons. Cyclonus turned to Scourge. “Cuff them.”
The Decepticons on Chaar were congregating around Scorponok. The hatch opened and Cyclonus stepped out followed by Scourge and his few Sweeps. “Decepticons. We have returned. After the constant failures of Galvatron, I have taken command of the Decepticons. Under my command, and with the support of your Decepticon brethren, I have brokered peace with the Autobots.” The crowd reacted partly in stunned amazement and angered rabble. Cyclonus waited for the noise to diminish before he continued. “If you wish to return to Cybertron and live in peace, then join me. But if you wish to stay and wallow in your hate and stubborn ways on this dead planet, then you may do so as well.” Razorclaw stepped out from the crowd. “I lead the Decepticons. Not you Cyclonus. Any Decepticons true to the cause should remain with me.” Cyclonus snickered. “And what is the 'true cause of the Decepticons'. On our journey through the depths of space we've learned the 'True Cause of the Decepticons'. Nothing more than a ruse concocted by the Quintessons to start an endless civil war among ourselves. I, for one, refuse to be a puppet any longer. I implore you my brothers; Join me and end this pointless conflict.” Razorclaw signaled to the other predacons and began to merge into Predaking. Superion and Maximus stepped out making their presence known. Predaking halted his advance towards Cyclonus and drove the tip of his sword into the ground. Each and every Decepticon was now tasked with choosing their own path. Cybertron and peace or continued aggression stuck on a husk of a planet.
Counterpunch took this opening. He turned to Frenzy and Rumble. “We need to get 'Full-Tilt' on that ship. He'll be safe on Cybertron.” The two nodded.
Maximus took the handcuffs off Apeface and Snapdragon. “Your free to go. I think you're making a mistake, but that's just my opinion.” The two took off down the ramp. Apeface snickered as he passed Cyclonus. “Traitor!”
Counterpunch stopped short of the ramp. He addressed Full-Tilt in whispered tone. “When you were Trypticon you were able to control your drones. Do you remember how?” Full-Tilt scratched his head. “Me kinda remember.” Counterpunch continued. “Good. I placed the Remote Automation Drone Module from the drone you now occupy, into Trypticons spark-chamber. You should be able to control it remotely.” Full-Tilt tried sending a command. “No good. Everything different. Old body not taking commands. Only see new code.” Counterpunch' interest peaked. “You can see the new coding? Can you edit it?” Full-Tilt paused. “me think so.” Counterpunch was ecstatic. “You have been given the gift of karma. They wanted to control you. Make you into a ship. Delete all the code and they won't be able to do anything with your body.” This amused Full-Tilt. He laughed in delight. “They going to regret making me into ship.” After a quick moment Full-Tilt chuckled. “All gone. No more code.” Counterpunch turned to Rumble and Frenzy. “This is where I part ways. Take Full-Tilt and return to Cybertron.” Frenzy frowned. “You're not coming with us?” Counterpunch placed a hand on his shoulder. “I believe in peace on Cybertron, but I have things I need to do here. Now go.” The three ascended up the ramp. Rumble stopped and turned around. “Hey, Counterpunch. Thanks.”
The last couple Decepticons made their way aboard. Predaking called Soundwave over the com. “Soundwave. Initiate Trypticons weapon systems and target Scorponok. Destroy the traitors!” The com was silent. Moments later Soundwave emerged from Trypticon and walked towards Predaking. Predaking was irritated. “What's wrong? Why has the weapon system not been initiated?” Soundwave answered in his usual monotone way as he approached. “Trypticon systems framework missing. Ship unresponsive. Framework rebuild unlikely. New mission, return home.” Soundwave walked pass the infuriated combiner. Predaking pulled his sword from the ground and took two steps towards Soundwave. “You followed Megatron since the beginning. And now your just going to return to Cybertron and live among the Autobots just like that!” Soundwave ascended Scorponoks ramp. “Affirmative.” He paused for a moment. Ravage and Buzzsaw popped out of his chest. The two seemed upset. Ravaged growled and spoke in his raspy voice. “We're staying.” Soundwave stood motionless for a moment. Emotionless he responded. “Understood.” Soundwave continued to the entry, leaving his former cassettes and colleagues.

Sky-Lynx entered Nebulos' atmosphere. Optimus contacted Cerebros over the com to let them know of their arrival. Arcee, Daniel, Blur, and Wheelie were just returning from dispensing provisions to the newly freed Nebulans when the call came in. Sky-Lynx landed on Fort-Max landing platform. Arcee and crew stood by waiting. Optimus stepped out, followed by Springer and Spike. Daniel detached from Arcee and ran to his father. “Dad!” They hugged and began conversing. Arcee, left headless, transformed to vehicle mode an approached Springer. “Springer. I wasn't expecting to see you. I'd hug you, but I've seemed to loose my head.” The two shared a laugh. Springer smiled at Arcee. “You have no idea how nice it is to see you. So much has happened. Everything's about to change for the better.”
Optimus made his way inside where he was greeted by Cerebros. “Welcome Optimus. I've managed to contact Pointblanks group in the west. From what info his team has gathered, the fortress located in the high terrain of the Ejsu pass, served as the research and development facilities that created the Hives machinations. Any attempts of assault on the facility has failed. Carnivac and his mercenary team have managed to intercept three shipments heading to the facility. The transports were carrying a type of metal found here on Nebulos deep in the mountains, different from the metals used in their usual machines.” Optimus put his hand on Cerebros shoulder. “Good work Cerebros. You've proven to be an exceptional leader.” Cerebros turned to look out the window. “Thanks. But I only took this position because I wanted to save lives not fight a war. As long as Hive still operates, Nebulans will be oppressed.” Chromedome, followed by the rest of the Headmasters and Sirens group entered the room to greet Optimus.
Outside, Blur and wheelie unloaded the new provisions from aboard Sky-Lynx. As they did so, the large Autobot shuttle told the two about Cyclonus coup, the new visitors, and the peace made between Autobots and Decepticons.
In Brainstorm and Arcana's lab the two worked to complete their most recent project. They had been working the last two weeks straight. Repugnus, now sporting a new unpainted leg, walked over. “What do you got going here. Looks- Lethal. I like it.” The two shook their head in unison. From within Brainstorm, Arcana responded. “This is a power-suit. It enables the wearer with extra strength and shielding. This power is too much for just anyone to wear. Which is why I designed it to work exclusively for the noblest of Autobots.” Repugnus jokingly interrupted. “Right, so when do I get fitted.” Brainstorm and Arcana scoffed. “Hardly. I would not trust you with a wielding torch.” Repugnus chuckled. “Fair enough. So, I assume this is for Optimus then?” The two finished the last touches and stood back. “Yes. This shall be Optimus' Powermaster armor.”

Chapter Fifteen

Perceptor and the Technobots neared the wrecked remains of Kaon. They each transformed and waited for Perceptors orders. Perceptor held a device that showed an emulation of that sector before its destruction by Unicron's hand. “If we follow the route I've mapped out, we should locate Shockwave's lab within the cycle, permitting no obstacles or delays, of course.” The group walked over and looked down the canyon carved right out of Cybertrons surface. Perceptor sighed. “Perhaps two cycles.” Lightspeed hushed the others. “Do any of you hear that?” They all listened but heard nothing. Perceptor waited a moment before responding. “I doubt there's anyone around for miles. This place is abandoned and highly unsta-” Vrrmm! A vessel buzzed pass the group, flying low to the ground. They were all caught off guard. The Technobots pulled their guns. Scattershot pointed in the direction of the vessel. “Technobots investigate. Stay concealed until we have confirmation about the intentions of the occupants.” They silently approached the cliff edge and carefully peered down at the now landed ship. It appeared to look like an asteroid, except where the landing gear protruded along the bottom. The bay door opened and a short rounded Skuxxoid waddled out. All five of the Combaticons emerged from where they were waiting among the ruins. Nosecone started to raise his gun. “We can take them.” Scattershot signaled to Nosecone to lower his weapon. “No. As far as we can see, they haven't done anything wrong.” Afterburner wasn't so sure. “They're in the middle of nowhere meeting with a Skuxxoid. Known assassins. Everything about this screams shady.” Perceptor now weighed in on the matter. “Scattershot is correct. Thus far they have broken no law. The only course of action is to let them be. We'll report what we can see to Rodimus when we've completed our mission.” The Combaticons finished conversing with the Skuxxoid and followed him aboard the strange vessel. It lifted into the air and shot off. Perceptor and the Technobots stood up. Perceptor held his device up once more. “Well now that that's over, shall we continue our mission?”

On Chaar, Predaking was taking stock of his remaining loyal troops. Apeface, Snapdragon, Pounce, Wingspan, Ravage, Buzzsaw, Flywheels, Battletrap, Makeshift, and Counterpunch. He raised his right hand pointing to each one. “You my loyal troops. You have the honor of being true Decepticons. No! Not Decepticons. Their time is over. We are all Predacons. Our reign will come. Maybe not today or even tomorrow, but when the time presents itself we shall claim our victory and rule Cybertron.” Apeface and Snapdragon cheered and hollered. The others followed suit. Predaking separated into his five members. Razorclaw motioned to the altered form of Trypticon. “Our first order of business will be readying that ship. Our traitorous brethren have sabotaged our ship. Which among you know how to write code?” Everyone looked sheepishly to each other. Razorclaws voice grew somber. “Does no one among us?” Counterpunch stood at the back of the group. He maintained his poker-face, but inside he was giddy with satisfaction.

After a long retelling of the recent events, including the end of the Cybertronian civil war, contact with Omicron, and most important to the Nebulans, the death of Zarak and capture of his Cabal; Optimus was approached by Brainstorm. “Before you leave for your assault tomorrow, We have something to show you.”

As Scorponok made its way through space the Decepticons that were on Chaar waited anxiously in anticipation of their welcomed return to Cybertron. Cyclonus sat peering out into the dark nothingness. Scourge walked over. “Well that went better than I expected. Only a few stubborn fools stayed. What's wrong?” Cyclonus looked over at Scourge. “Why didn't they fire? Trypticon's weapons system signature was picked up by our sensors when we landed. However when we departed our sensors showed no weapons, or any any other systems for that matter.” Soundwave, having overheard, somberly walked over. “Explanation. Weapon systems and all essential systems were completed and operational. Redundancy systems were near complete. Error. Unknown access to ships mainframe. Assumption. The deletion and there by sabotage of Trypticon. Update. Unknown assailant was cause.” Cyclonus grinned. “The Autobots have a mole.” He addressed Scourge. “Remind me to thank Ultra-Magnus.” Scourge puzzled by Cyclonus statement questioned him. “Ultra-Magnus? Why him?” Cyclonus explained. “Rodimus would never think of implementing a spy. That's more Ultra-Magnus' thing. If Trypticon's systems were left operational they would have attacked, resulting in substantial casualties, and possibly our destruction.” Soundwave confirmed. “Assessment of situation is accurate. Predaking ordered attack on this vessel. Gratitude to Ultra-Magnus is appropriate.”

Perceptor and the Technbots were closing in on Shockwave's lab. A few times they had ran into a collapsed hallway or unstable footing. Perceptor tried not to imagine what it would have been like when the assault on Kaon occurred. More than a few times they had found the remains of crushed Decepticons. They were now heading down a dark blackened hallway. The lights each of them shone darted back and forth. Lightspeed caught sight of a face in some rubble. “Hey. Over here.” The others approached. Perceptor knelt down before the figure lying partially covered by debris. He noticed a dust covered insignia. He wiped the dust away. Autobot. The others cleared the debris. It was a female Autobot. Her left leg was crushed and in bad shape. Perceptor scanned her with a piece of equipment from his pack. He gasped. “Her spark hasn't extinguished. She's alive. Just in stasis-lock.” Scattershot turned to strafe. “She needs medical attention. Do you think you can fly her back to Iacon?” Strafe wasted no time and transformed. “Like you have to ask.” The others lifted her and sat her within a rescue sling. They attached the sling to Strafe. Strafe gentle lifted off and made his way back down the dark unstable hallway. Nosecone asked what everyone was thinking. “What was a female Autobot doing in Kaon?” Perceptor informed his colleagues. “After the mass-exodus of Cybertron's civilians, a few Autobot splinter cells remained. One particular group was lead by Elita-One. Her team consisted completely of female Autobots. Their smaller physique allowed them to be stealthy and agile. They were the last remaining Autobots left on Cybertron. It would appear they were either captured or in the middle of a mission.” Scattershot's lights shone on a large sign 'Detention Center'. “I think it's fair to assume they were captured. Perceptor scanned the area. “Well, if there are any Autobots in there, they're dead. There's no life signs.” He brought up the mapping emulator. “Just ahead. We're nearly there.”

Rodimus finished his transmission with Cyclonus and joined the others in the next room. Carly and Ambassador Alexis Thi Dang were discussing with Leonidas and Prodotis about renewable energy methods used on Omicron. They turned to acknowledge Rodimus. Carly asked first. “Any news from Spike and Optimus?” Rodimus shook his head. “That was Cyclonus. He's returning now. All but the Predacons and a hand-full of Decepticons remained on Chaar.” Carly gasped. “I never dreamed we'd see the day.” Alexis smiled kindly. “This will certainly help ease anti-Cybertronian sentiment on Earth.”

Strafe reached the city limits. Once within com range he called Iacon's medical facility. He approached the landing platform. A green female Autobot was waiting with a med-slab. He slowly and gently lowered the female Autobot he was carrying onto the med-lab. The green medic unhooked the sling. “Thank you. We have it from here.” Strafe bowed the nose of his jet mode and took off back towards Kaon. The green medic from Paradron rushed her patient inside. “What's your story.”
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Chapter Sixteen

The weather around Ejsu pass was turning unpleasant. Hive automatons scanned the outer perimeters the best they could, but the mix of snow and rain diminished their line of sight. From the dark wall of gray fog ahead, a hum rose louder and louder. The automatons focused on the direction of the sound. A red truck barreled out from the gray; A convoy of Autobots behind him. The automatons opened fire, but were quickly destroyed by gunfire. Carnivac addressed everybody. “That was the outer perimeter watch. They know we're here. Get ready.”
The Nebulan general in command issued his commands. Men and tanks began to mobilize. From within the lab that served as his prison, Dr. Sumdac observed the commotion. He fanatically tapped into the perimeter cams. He cycled through them until he found who he was looking for. He welled up with tears. He turned and placed his hand on the pod next to him. “Everything's going to be all right. Daddy's going to fix this.”
Outside, the fight was underway. Large overbearing tanks that eerily resembled Hardhead engaged them on the ground while aerial attack ships reigned fire down on them. Optimus transformed, merging with his new Powermaster armor. The targeting system of the armor locked on to the nearest aerial attack ship and fired a volley of shots. The shots connected with its target and the gunship careened out of the sky and into mountain side below. Carnivac and his crew were engaged in a firefight with spider legged automatons descending in mass from the cliff above.
The second wave was approaching. Optimus lead the charge onward. One of the approaching tanks broke formation and fell behind turning its cannon and shooting the three nearest tanks. The charging Autobots watched quizzically as the tank drone flashed its lights. Arcana gasped. “It can't be.” Optimus fired off three shots, destroying three tanks and crashing another. “What is it Arcana? What does it mean?” Brainstorm flashed his lights, replicating the sequence from the tank. The tanks turret swiveled and aimed at a far cliff side. Arcana called over to Optimus. “The command headquarters is there in the cliff-side. We need to take it carefully. My friend and colleague is in there.”
The Hive general was enraged to see one of his tanks seemingly malfunction and destroy three others. He threw a chair against the large screen, cracking it were it struck. “Damn these obsolete tinker toys!” The moment the malfunctioning tank turned and pointed its cannon directly at their location he knew exactly what had happened. “Sumdac! Guards retrieve the doctor and bring him to me.” Two men saluted and departed.
Sumdac was copying schematics and strategic data to an external device. The door to his lab started to open but quickly halted. Sumdac knew his captors would know of his betrayal and had shoved a rod into the door mechanism. The two guardsmen hollered from outside the door. “Let us in doctor. Your only making things worse for yourself; As well as for your daughter.” Sumdac tried to ignore them. He was frantically setting up a battery to attach to the pod. Any moment they would likely cut the power to his lab. The lights cut out. The pod was functioning on battery power. He sighed in relief and sat grasping the pod.
Carnivac and his crew were now preparing to scale the cliff to the facility above. More spider drones attacked from above. Double-cross and Repugnus flew in from above knocking the spider drones off the cliff face. Chainclaw dodged a falling spider drone and shot another that had survived the fall. Repugnus hovered above Carnivac. “Need a lift.” Carnivac smirked. “You're still a slag eating son of a glitch.”
Optimus and the others continued onward. They would have to follow the trail winding up the mountainside. Pointblank and his crew took point next to Optimus. Chromedome, Hardhead, and Sirens team followed behind. Brainstorm and Highbrow hovered above spotting and marking enemy positions. It was now a race to the summit.
Repugnus and Double-cross reached the hanger the spider drones were deployed from. Carnivac, Snarler, Chainclaw, and Catilla wasted no time shooting, smashing, and destroying anything that came at them. Repugnus transformed and pulled a pulse rifle off his back. Double-cross stayed in dragon mode and lunged at the attacking automatons.
The Hive general watched his monitor in horror. The battles were getting to close for comfort. These Autobots particularly were far more brutal than the others. He picked up a phone and called his superiors. “Lord Giga, we're under attack. We need reinforcements immediately.” A cold callus voice calmly answered. “General Barex, You have some of the best tech and weaponry at your disposable. If you're incapable of defending your own base, why should I waste my time on you.” The general countered. “But- But this facility is important. Your project-” Giga cut him off. “Has been continued under closer care. Sumdac has served his purpose. He thinks he can drag out his research to keep us from our goals. But we already have what we need. Before you're captured or killed general, do be sure to kill the doctor.” Click! General Barex dropped the phone and made his escape.
Optimus and crew arrived just as the last automatons were destroyed in visceral manner by Carnivac and Repugnus' teams. Brainstorm transformed and ran into the facility. Optimus transformed, leaving the bulky armor remaining in trailer mode and followed after Brainstorm. The two trekked down a narrow hallway. The tips of Brainstorms wings scraped the side walls. Optimus broke the silence. “So this friend of yours. He was abducted. I assume he's a scientist as well?” Arcana stayed focused on combing the facility as he spoke of his friend. “Before civil war broke out among our people, he and I attended schooling together. We both shared an interest in robotics, however Nebulan understanding of such technologies was antiquated at best. Sumdac and I pushed each other in friendly competition to perfect robotic and technological advancements. Unbeknownst to us at the time, our research and technological knowledge made us highly valuable to powerful wealthy groups looking to use our knowledge to create a metal army to overthrow our government. We were to blind to the wonders of technological advancements to see it's potential for destruction by those in positions of power. In a way I am responsible for the 'Hives' rise to power.” Optimus countered. “The good men do will always be twisted by those who yearn for power. The true test of a man is how he response to such offenses. You lead your people through the darkest years of war. You are one of the most honorable persons I've had the pleasure of knowing.” Brainstorm interjected. “I second that.” At the end of the hall was a doorway slightly gaped. Arcana disengaged and ran over. “Sumdac. Are you in there? It's me, Arcana.” There was some stirring from within. The metal clang of the rod holding the door close rang out as it was pulled away. The door slid open. A disheveled man was on his knees sobbing next to Nebulan sized medical-pod. “Arcana. I'm so grateful to see you. I- I'm so sorry. I had no choice. They're- they're gone. She's all I have left. I had to. I had to.” He broke down into a sobbing mess. Arcana walked forward and knelt down placing a hand on Sumdacs shoulder. “Who's gone?” Sumdac was still too emotional to answer. Arcana got up and walked over to the med-pod. Pressing his hand to the glass he wiped the condensation away. He gasped and turned back to Sumdac who was collecting himself on the lab floor. “My wife & Lita are dead. I refused to work for 'Hive' and they bombed our home! Sari was in the far side of the house. She suffered internal injuries to several vital organs. She's been in a coma since the attack. I was told that if I complied with them I would be given the necessities to keep her alive while I created her a new body. However I realized by developing a synthetic body I would be giving the 'Hive' exactly what they wanted. Limitless power of the Cybertronian bodies with no reliance of Decepticons or suits.” He began to tear up once more. “For four months I've had the ability to save Sari, but at the cost of Nebulos. Every day has been a hell of conscience wondering if I made the right choice.” Arcana helped Sumdac off the floor. “A good friend told me 'The good men do will always be twisted by those who yearn for power. The true test of a man is how he responds to such offenses.' You are a damn good man and even better father.”

Chapter Seventeen

The world slowly came into focus around her. She looked to her side. A green bot was working at a console. She didn't recognize the figure. She tried to remember what had happened. The memories hit her like a train. She lurched up in shock. The green medic noticed her startled patient and rushed over. “Lye back down. You're still too damaged to be moving around.” She complied. “Where- Where am I?” The medic walked over to the window raising the metal blinds. “Your in Iacon, at Cybertrons medical facility.” She was in shock and disbelief. “Iacon.” The medic sat next to her patient. “The Cybertronian civil war is over. Cybertron is becoming more populated every day. I myself came from a colonized planet called Paradron. My name is Ariel. Do you remember yours?” She thought for a moment. “Chromia- My name is Chromia.”

Perceptor and the Technobots reached their destination. Shockwave's lab was in dire disrepair. At a large console was the lifeless body of Shockwave himself. His body was crushed and missing his lower half. A cord ran from his chest to the large console. Perceptor grumbled. The information he was after would be in the computer Shockwave's corpse was laying across. He walked over and powered the computer on. Scattershot was impressed. “I can't believe it still works. Everything else down here is thrashed and powerless.” Perceptor smirked. “I sometimes forget you and the Technobots weren't alive then. Shockwave was one of Cybertron's most brilliant scientific minds. He created many technological marvels in his day. Unfortunately most of them were in the service of the Decepticons. He wouldn't chance losing his work to Autobot sabotage. This computer is reinforced with a meter thick of the strongest metal in the known universe and is powered by two quantum power generators. I helped him design it. -Before the war of course.” The screen hissed as it crackled to life. On the screen a progress bar showed a transfer was completing. The screen jumped for a moment. The lights in the lab flickered for a moment. Nosecone looked around. “What was that about.” Perceptor ignored the question and wasted no time tapping away at the controls. He navigated his way through until he came to files under the heading 'Research & Development'. Lightspeed readied the portable data storage they brought. Perceptor was stunned. He was expected hundreds of project files, but instead found tens of thousands of project files. Most serving military applications. A sound approached quickly from down the hall. They all quickly swiveled to see what was coming their way. Strafe called out. “It's just me. I'm back.” Perceptor turned his attention back to the computer. He scrolled down until he found 'Space Bridge -Project 10684'. Success. Their journey wasn't pleasant but was proving to be worthwhile. Perceptor copied the the space bridge file first then started combing through. A deep grumble roared from the ground below them. Scattershot motioned to everyone to stay still. “We need to leave now. This place is going to collapse in on us.” Perceptor was frantically moving whatever project files he could to their portable data storage pack. “If I could just get these last-” Bam! The ground below them began to give way. The Technobots reacted instantaneously, merging into Computron and grabbing Perceptor. He unhooked the cable just in time to watch the ground and computer he was working at fall away, quickly replaced by a cloud of dust. “Thank you. I suppose it's time we left.

Scorponok began it's landing procedure and slowly set down at Cybertrons spaceport. Kup, Sandstorm, and Blitzwing walked out on to the tarmac to greet the new arrivals. Scorponoks ramp extended and hatch opened. Decepticons exited marveling at Cyberton in disbelief. For so long they had been wallowing in the wreckage of chaar. Even when the Decepticons ruled Cybertron it was a dark empty lifeless husk. Now It beamed brightly and renewed from the power of the Plasma Energy Chamber. Sandstorm stepped forward to address the crowd. “Welcome friends. Please, allow us to show you around Cybertron. If you have any questions, by all means ask.” The gathered Decepticons were startled by Sandstorm's immediate acceptance of them. Kup could read the hesitations from the Decepticons. He stepped forward to stand next to Sandstorm. “Our war is over. Anything you did during the war is pardoned. From this point forward you are not defined by your past, but by your actions here today. You have all the same rights as every other Cybertronian on the planet. So let's make the best of tomorrow, cuz I don't know about all ah' you, but I'm getting to old ta keep fight'n.” His speech eased the crowd and even got a few laughs. Cyclonus exited after the rest followed by Scourge, Soundwave, and Maximus. Kup addressed Cyclonus as he stepped onto the tarmac. “quite the turn out. Any of them stay?” Cyclonus grimaced. “Unfortunately. But most were ready and willing to stop aggression if it meant they could return to Cybertron. What has transpired in our absents?” Kup informed them as they made their way back to headquarters.

On Nebulos, at the captured Ejsu base, a garrison was created composed of the Targetmasters and Sirens team, excluding Nightbeat. He had seen enough action and was ready to turn his attention to his true interest, Investigations. With the base at Ejsu pass now under their control and serving as their base command, they could now focus on liberating the Nebulans on the western side of the mountains, in due time. Dr. Sumdac and his daughters med-pod were flown back to Fort-Max by Highbrow. Having won their bet, Repugnus presented a counter offer to Canivac; A merging of their teams. Canivac accepted. They were escorting Highbrow back to Fort-Max, mainly because they had to return to collect payment from Cerebros anyways. Optimus and the Headmasters remained to search through stock rooms looking for the precious metals Dr. Sumdac had described, during which they found and captured the 'Hive' base commander hiding behind the metals they were looking for. Sky-lynx was called and en-route to retrieve them and the large store of metals.

Perceptor, held by the combined form of Computron set down outside of Iacon command. Perceptor Scatttershot, and Lightspeed were eager to give their report. Strafe was more interested in checking in on the female Autobot he had rescued earlier. And Nosecone was ready to sit back and enjoy some engex at his favorite bar. Perceptor thanked them all before Strafe and Nosecone departed. Kup, Cyclonus, Maximus, Scourge, and Soundwave approached, having arrived themselves. Kup waved to Perceptor. “Where did you get off to?” Perceptor pulled the pack from his back. “We've just returned from Kaon.” Cyclonus was curious. “Why Kaon. The place is detroyed. There's nothing of value.” Before Perceptor could respond, the monotone voice of Soundwave answered. “Shockwave's project files.” Perceptor confirmed. “More pointedly Space-bridge schematics.” Maximus mused. “I assume you're thinking of creating a means of 'quick travel' between Omicron and Cybertron.” Perceptor continued the thought. “Not just Omicron and Cybertron, but other planets as well, like Earth and Nebulos. A network of systems linked.” Kup chuckled. “You never cease to amaze.”

Ariel knocked before entering the room Chromia was recovering in. “I hope I'm not disturbing you, but there's someone here to see you.” Strafe entered the room. “Hi. I'm Strafe. My team found you. I was the one who flew you here. How are you doing?” She smiled. “Better. They've rebuilt my damaged leg. It's taking sometime to get used to but I'll fare. I was hoping I'd get the chance to thank my rescuers. I owe you my life. When the place fell in I didn't know what was happening. I've spent my waking hours pouring over news from the last three or so years.” Her demeanor became somber then she asked. “When I was at Kaon. I wasn't alone. My fellow team-mates. Did any of them survive as well?” Strafe shook his head. “I'm sorry. When we found you we scanned the area for any other survivors, but there were none.” Her gaze fell to her lap. “I see.” Strafe walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I'm sorry for your lost.” She looked up at him through sadden eyes. “Thank you.”

Two days later the Cybertronian Peace Summit was convened. Representing Earth was ambassador Alexis Thi Dang, Carly Witwicky, and Marissa Fairborne. Representing Omicron was Prodotis, Leonidas, and Maximus. Representing the Autobots was Rodimus, Optimus, and Ultra-Magnus. Representing the Decepticons was Cyclonus, Scourge, and Soundwave. And Finally representing his homeworld of Nebulos was Arcana. After introductions and formalities were concluded the real issues were addressed. The rules and guides of disarmament. The registration of all Cybertronians, Autobots and Decepticons alike, on Earth. The possible opening of trade between planets. Perceptors proposed idea of a Space-bridge network. And finally the release of any war prisoners. Ultra-Magnus knew that would be addressed. Over the last couple years his teams had subdued and imprisoned several rogue Decepticons on Earth. He would never admit it, but he was proud of it, and of his men. After the summit finished, Ultra-Magnus stood and prepared to leave, unsure of how he felt about releasing his Decepticon prisoners. Cyclonus walked over offering his hand to Magnus. “I believe I and my Decepticon brothers owe you our lives.” Magnus was puzzled, but shook Cyclonus hand. “How so?” Cyclonus elaborated. “We believe an Autobot Saboteur intervened when we returned to Chaar. The only way we made it out of there without conflict was because Trypticon's systems were erased by someone.” Magnus lightly smirked. “I can not confirm nor deny any involvement of the Autobots. But your welcome.”

on Earth at Metroplex, Sideswipe, Hound, and Military Liaison Sergeant Hauser; made their way to the brig. Sideswipe checked his gun nervously. “This doesn't sit right with me. We finally caught these dirt-bags. Just because their allies laid down their guns doesn't mean they're going to be as respondent.” Sergeant Hauser spoke sternly. “I don't like this anymore than you do Sideswipe, but we have our orders. Besides if they get out of line I know a few good bots who can take'm down.” The door opened and the group stepped in. Both sides were lined with jail cells with laser gridded walls. Within them paired two to a cell were the Stunticons, Constructicons, and the Cone-heads Dirge and Ramjet. Sergeant Hauser stepped forward raising a megaphone. “As you may have heard the Cybertronian war is over. Your leader, Cyclonus, has met with and brokered peace with the Autobots. As such all prisoners of war have been pardoned. However because of the current political climate concerning Cybertronians on Earth, If you choose to remain on Earth you will have to be registered and fitted with a transponder, as well as have monthly check-ups by Hound and myself.” Dirge and Ramjet hollered from their cell. “What about you Autobots. Are you registered?” Hound reached back pulling a license plate sized registration card and held it out for them to see. “Yes. Each of us stationed here on Earth has been registered. Remember this is the humans planet. We are visitors here and subject to their laws.” Sideswipe still clutching his gun stepped forward. “Are there any of you who wish to not be registered. If so transit back to Cybertron can be arranged.” Murmured chatter within the cells continued until Scrapper spoke up. “As for the Constructicons. We wish to stay and will abide by conditions and laws.” Motormaster followed suit. “Same for the Stunticons. We'll do as you've said.” Hound replied. “That includes obeying the speed limit as well.” Motormaster grumbled but acknowledged. Attention now turned to Dirge and Ramjet. They didn't like the notion of registering or monthly check ups but they liked it here on Earth. They begrudgingly agreed to the terms. Sergeant Hauser turned to Hound. “So far this is going better than I assumed it would've.” Hound smiled. “Let's hope it stays that way.”

Chapter Eighteen

One month later. On Nebulos, Autobot and Decepticon leadership gathered to sign into affect what would become known as 'The Fort-Max Accord'. The accord served as the official acknowledgment, by both sides, of the end of the Cybertronian Civil War. Moving forward Cybertron and its colonies would stand together under the 'Pax Cybertronia Accord'. Under its guidelines faction terminology like Autobot and Decepticon would slowly be phased out and replaced with the basic term Cybertronian. Any aggressors or rogue actions would be the responsibility of their preexisting associated faction. In this way no prejudice or bias could be claimed by the offender.
The Planet Nebulos was also experiencing a new golden age. In the wake of their freedom from tyrannical rule, the planet had experienced a great economical rise. Zaraks cabal was returned, tried, and executed by a collected group of Nebulan civilians. The last remnants of 'Hive' now resided on the other side of the planet, separated by Mountains or Ocean. In light of this, in the last couple months the area around Fort-Max was quickly being developed by the Nubulans. There was no longer a need for Nebulos people to keep a distance from the titan for fear of collateral damage. Within a year Fortress-Maximus would be in the middle of a bustling and thriving Nebulan city. In the vacuum of Nebulan leadership, elections were held. Arcana was favored by most as the best candidate for leadership, however he declined their nomination and suggested Gort in his stead. Over the last year, Arcana witnessed Gorts maturation and development into a proven leader; Well liked by all those around him. Leading his people was not something someone of Arcana's age wanted. Gort was young and came from humble beginnings as a 'Hive' slave forced to work in the stables. He evoked the common Nebulan. Arcana would offer advise if needed.

On Cyberton, a meeting of another kind was taking place. The scientific minds began to arrive. Sky-Lynx set down outside of Iacon Command. The Hatch opened. Drench and Electro exited, thanking Sky-Lynx before making their way inside. Perceptor met them at the door. “Ah, Yes! Perfect timing. Please come in.” Inside seated or standing around a table was Brainstorm and Arcana, Soundwave, Scrapper, and the Technobots. After proper introductions they turned their attentions back to the schematics lying on the table. Perceptor had summoned this 'meeting of the minds' to review his Space-bridge network project. Permission was given by all governing parties to construct the Space-bridges. Four bridges would be constructed over four planets. Each would be constructed by a different team, simultaneously. For diplomatic reasons, the space bridges would need to be created orbiting its planet, should there ever be complications. Soundwave, Scrapper, and his Constructicons were to build Earths; With the assistance and ever watching eye of the EDF (Earth Defense Force). Drench, Electro, and a few enlisted Omicron civilian craftsmen would create Omicrons Bridge. Brainstorm, Arcana, and the Headmasters would construct the bridge over Nebulos. And Perceptor and the Technobots would construct Cybertrons bridge. Each group was given a copy of the schematics and the coding algorithms for alignment.

Elsewhere, at the Unicron observation outpost stationed on Optera's now orphaned moon, Cromar was yelling at his two subordinates. “How many times do I gotta tell you? It's me, guitar rift, drums start, me again, then guitar and drums.” Aragon and Zetar grumbled. Cromar raised his mic. “Okay let's try it again.” As they began playing again a blinking light on the control panel went unnoticed.
Over the last couple years Unicrons head was rotating at a very slight degree. The shadows along the back of the world devourer's head crept away as the light from the systems sun revealed a field of solar panels. Life flickered back slowly. Loads of data from recent events flooded the behemoths mind. It was all sickening. Life. The universe was teaming with it, like a plague or infection. One particular news feed stuck out. “End of War brings Peace to Cybertron”. As if from the depths of hell he screamed. His hollers echoing throughout the cavities of his head.
On Cybertron, at Iacons medical facility, Ariel ran over to a console at the nurses station. She gasped raising a hand to her mouth. “Oh Dear!” Fixit walked over whilst covering his audio receptors. “What's going on? What's that noise?” Ariel couldn't speak but just pointed at the screen. Galvatron was conscious. Fixit's optics widened. “Oh No!”

Chapter Nineteen

It was nighttime over Iacon, though it hardly mattered. Iacon never slept. The streets and entertainment establishments stayed busy all throughout the night. Scourge sat at the bar enjoying an engex drink at his new favored place for relaxing, 'Maccadams'. A few Decepticon patrons sitting at a booth in the back started to get noticeably vocal. A seated Autobot got up and approached the group. Scourge grumbled. He just wanted to enjoy his drink, not be forced into breaking up a rivals spat about nothing at all. He waited for something to break or some signs of trouble. To his surprise he heard laughter. He turned and saw the Autobot sitting among the group of Decepticons, carrying on a conversation. A voice from behind the bar caught his attention. “I wouldn't worry about anything in here. 'Maccadams' is a relaxing place for all. Concerns and troubles of the outside melt away here.” The bar tender was a very plain looking bot. No distinguishable faction insignia. Average build and Bronze plating. Scourge knew exactly what he meant. That was, after all, what had appealed to him. He smiled and took a drink. His com rang. He answered. Goldbug was in hysterics. “Bumble- Gah. I mean Goldbug. Slow down. What's wrong?” Goldbug collected himself. “Galvatron is awake! Well he's not quite conscious, but he's flailing around and screaming! Cyclonus and Rodimus are still on Nebulos. We need your help?” Scourge downed the last of his beverage and stood up. “I'm on my way.”

In the depths of Unicron's floating head, servos and gearing were grinding and screeching to life. In the deepest cavity of Unicron, his tainted spark beamed vibrantly green. It rose from it's emplacement, at the center of his head, and floated outward to the superstructures mouth. Dead Cybertronians of every allegiance adorned every nook and cranny, like plaque. The green glowing essence of Unicron stopped above five mostly intact bodies. A ribbon of energy connected each body to his spark. Their bodies floated upwards as life returned to them. Unicrons spark seemingly dissolved as it filled their bodies with life. Each of the five looked at each other. Without saying a word they began untangling a vessel from the gullet of Unicron.

Back on Cybertron, at Iacon Medical Facility, Scourge had just arrived. Goldbug accompanied him inside. They entered through a guarded security checkpoint and continued to Galvatrons cell. Fixit and Ariel were already there waiting. Scourge peered into the cell that now housed his former commander. Goldbug was spot on in his description. Galvatron was flailing around, as if in great pain. “Isn't he kept sedated?” Fixit responded. “He was. We even filled the room with enough gas to send him into stasis-lock. I've scanned him. There's an immense amount of brain activity but nothing we do has worked to sedate him.” Scourge grimaced. “Let me in. I'll try to ascertain the problem directly.” The group was hesitant but finally agreed. Ariel lowered the first shield. Scourge stepped forward. The shield behind him raised, moments later the shield ahead lowered. Scourge walked forward, the shield raising behind him. He was now in the cage with the beast. He approached the now writhing form of Galvatron laying on the cell floor. “Galvatron. It is I, Scourge.” He flinched as Galvatron's hand grabbed a hold of his right leg. “Scourge! Help! I!- Ahhh! I've failed! I- I've Failed! Please! I've Failed! -Kill Me! Please Kill Me!” Scourge was in shear terror. Galvatrons eyes radiated vibrantly red with heat distortions. He was literally burning up from the inside. Scourge tried to reason with him. “Mighty Galvatron, you are indestructible. Nothing I could do would ever give the release you desire. How can we fix this? What do we do?” Galvatron pleaded once more. “Kill-Me! Failed! I've Failed. -Ahhhh!” Scourge looked over at the others outside. “What is talking about?” They each shrugged. Ariel spoke through the intercom. “When his vitals spiked, triggering an alarm, we found him writhing in pain screaming 'I've failed him'. We don't know who he's talk about.” Scourge got a sinking feeling. He realized exactly what was happening. Galvatron raised himself up off the floor to his knees, grasping his head between both of his hands, Scourge watched in absolute horror as Galvatron applied pressure crushing his own head. Fire burned from his eyes while smoke billowed from his mouth. The life in Galvatron faded, giving him the release he desired. His body went limp falling to one side. Scourge stood still in shock. Goldbug lowered the shields and ran over to Scourge. “Were you harmed? Why would he do that to himself?” Scourge collected himself. “We need to contact Rodimus and Cyclonus immediately.” Goldbug looked at the dead gruesome remains of Galvatron. “I hope your not thinking what I think you're thinking.” Scourge looked down at the small Autobot. “We need to contact the observation outpost on Opteras moon. I fear we have a huge problem.”

Rodimus shot awake. Once again the stress of leadership plagued him with crazy nightmares of foul specters. He got up and exited his quarters, heading to the bridge of the ship. Springer sat at the controls. He turned to address Rodimus. “What. Couldn't log-off? Rodimus took a seat and sighed. “No. I keep having the same vivid nightmare. It's got to be the stress of the job.” Springer playfully chuckled. “You could imagine a bigger badder version of yourself to fight your nightmares away. It worked for Daniel didn't it.” Rodimus grinned and shook his head. They laughed. Cyclonus walked over. “What's going on?” Rodimus turned. “I'm sorry. I couldn't rest. I had a- nightmare of sorts.” Cyclonus gaze widened. “About dark shadowy specters oozing green vile from their mouths.” Rodimus was stunned. No words were needed Cyclonus could read from Rodimus expression he was on the mark. Optimus joined the others. “Is something a matter. Why are you two awake?” Rodimus looked over at Cyclonus, then back to Optimus. “Have you experienced any nightmares of dark specters leaking green ooze?” Optimus looked quizically at Rodimus. “No.” Rodimus exhaled in relief. Optimus Added. “However the nightmares, like the one I just experienced, are of a blackness consuming light and I'm helpless to do anything to stop it.” Rodimus grumbled. “Well that's not reassuring.” Cyclonus stared out the window. “We need to get back as quickly as possible. Something is wrong.”

At the Unicron observation outpost, band practice was finishing up. Cromar was still scolding Aragon and Zetar. “If we don't improve we'll never make it big. I mean, am I the only one taking this serious. I don't know about you two but I want the galaxy to know the name 'The PowerDashers'. I'm talking fans from across the galaxy.” Aragon pointed to something behind Cromar. “What is that? It looks like space debris.” Cromar turned and looked at the object. The blinking light on the console caught his attention at last. He cursed aloud. The three scrambled to their post. Zetar tried radioing Cybertron. A squawking shrill tone blared back. “They're jamming our transmissions.” Cromar was trying to raise shields. His workspace was cluttered and messy, making the task harder than it should've been. Aragon was prepping their one defense turret. Before he could get a fix on the approaching vessel, a barrage of cannon fire reigned down obliterating him and the turret. Cromar cursed aloud again. The vessel set down on the outpost landing platform. Cromar and Zetar armed themselves with the standard issue rifles from the gun locker. The hatch was being pried open. Cromar waited until he had a clear shot. Bamm! The shot connected with the assailants head. To his horror, his attacker didn't react, even with his lower jaw blown off. The hatch gave way and the attackers rushed their way inside, shoving jagged edges of metal spikes through Cromars torso. He gasped as life faded from his eyes. Zetar screamed throwing his rifle to the ground. “Please, don't kill me. Take whatever you want, just leave me be.” The lead attacker looked at Zetar with eyes of a predator. A calm methodical voice unfitting of such a gruesome appearance came from the leader. “Kill you. Oh, we would never kill you.” Zetar was stunned by the voice and the words. The group laughed collectively in a haunting manner. The leader took a step towards him opening his chest by tearing the plating away. “No I'm afraid you will not receive the mercy of death.” Zetar screamed.

Chapter Twenty

Perceptor and Soundwave made their way inside Iacon Command. Kup had informed them of Galvatrons extreme self-termination. Perceptor was trying to hide his irritation. He was anxious to begin building his Space-bridge. Inside Scourge, Kup, and Goldbug were waiting. Scourges face portrayed uneasiness and fear. Soundwave approached the console were Goldbug readied and played video from Galvatrons cell security. The group watched in horror as the event unfolded before them. Scourge excused himself from the room, unable to relive it again. Soundwave studied Galvatrons actions. He paused the video and ran it back through several filters. The room gasped when he played it again with spectral analysis. An emaciated green horned entity was standing behind Galvatron, his long thin arms were outstretched reaching into the back of Galvatrons head. As the video played the figure never lost his grip, holding tightly. Only when Galvatron crushed his own head did the entity let go, dissolving away to nothingness. The room was silent until Kup spoke. “Scourge doesn't need to see this. He's been through more than enough.” The two Autobots nodded. Soundwave responded in his usual mono-tone fashion. “Affirmative.”

Cybertron was not the only place seeing an incline in population. Though not nearly to the same degree, Chaar had become the denizen for Decepticons returning from the far reaches of the universe, still filled with anger and resentment for their treacherous treasonous brethren. The 'Predacon Alliance', as they were now calling themselves, consisted of a small armada of Decepticon vessels and captured ships. Punch maintained his act, keeping tabs and reporting back to Ultra-Magnus. Trypticon, still inactive, served simply as Predaking's keep. While all of the Predacons served as commanders, Razorclaw was the grand commander. As long as his forces were kept well supplied with energon, his followers were loyal and driven to fight for Lord Predaking.

Contact with Cybertron was established. If the shared 'nightmares' weren't enough of a concern, the events that unfolded on Cybertron were deafening. Because of their proximity, it was decided that the vessel returning from the diplomatic treaty signing on Nebulos would check-in at Optera observation outpost. Rodimus was busy readying what weapons they had onboard. Their vessel approached at cautious speed. Springer was hailing the outpost, but getting static back. The severed monolithic head of Unicron lifelessly stared them down, intensifying the situation further. Optimus and Cyclonus grabbed one of the rifles Rodimus prepared. Optimus turned to Springer. “Keep the engines warm. If you see anything report it to us immediately.” Springer confirmed. The ship landed on the platform and the trio made their way to observation control. Cyclonus noticed the tears first. “The hatch. It looks as though it was peeled back.” The three of them managed to pry it open and slowly make their way inside. Power was out. A fight, or at least a struggle, had occurred. They found Cromars body, still skewered to the control panel, first. Rodimus heard a noise to his left. He spun, rifle trained. Light from the weapon illuminated a terrifyingly decayed corpse missing it's lower jaw. “What the pitt is that!?” Optimus and Cyclonus joined Rodimus and inspected the body. Cyclonus knelt down to study it. “It looks as though he's been dead for some time.” A noise caught their attention. The three of them pointed up were the noise was coming from. A small terrified Cybertronian was crouched grasping his gun tightly. “Who are you? Are you with them? Your here to kill me! Aren't you!” Optimus disengaged the light from his rifle and turned it on himself. “Easy friend. We're here to help. My name is Optimus. What's yours?” The small hysterical bot processed his words and began to calm down. “Optimus. You mean Optimus Prime?” Optimus approached slowly. “It's just Optimus these days. What happened here?” The small bot lowered his gun and began sobbing. “I don't know. They came from nowhere and attacked us. The others tried to fight them off and were killed. I thought I was next. I pleaded for my life. Four of the attackers left on their ship. The fifth stayed to toy with me. I was tossed about. I landed by the assault rifle Cromar had been holding and managed a couple shots at that- thing.” Cyclonus poked at the attackers gruesome remains. A green ooze leaked from the maw of the jaw-less corpse. Rodimus radioed Springer. “We're returning now. We have a survivor.” Springer responded back. “It's happening again. Isn't it?” Rodimus stared down at the green vile now puddling on the ground. “I- I think so.”
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Chapter Twenty One

Reaching the end of his recharge cycle, Nightbeat awoke. He sat up and stretched his arms, his servos creaking and popping. Though he had served under Siren, he was the eldest among their squad on Nebulos. He rose to his feet and walked over to admire the constellations from his window. He knew enough astronomy to recognize an unfamiliar constellation shone in place of the expected one. Outside his quarters he could hear talking. The voices were too low and muffled by the door to make out. He got up and exited his room. Optimus, Rodimus, and Cyclonus sat in the commons area along with a small black and yellow bot holding a mug of energon. Optimus noticed him first. “Nightbeat, I hope we haven't wakened you?” Nightbeat approached. “No sir. My recharge cycle finished. I assume our voyage required a detour. Might I ask where we are?” Cyclonus looked quizzically at Nightbeat. “What makes you think that we took a detour?” Nightbeat walked over and took a seat. “The constellation is wrong. Given that and the traumatized bot sitting there by you I assume an impromptu rescue mission occurred while I was resting.” Cyclonus grinned. “Impressive deduction. We were- 'warned' by nightmares of Unicrons possible revival. Well, that, and the death of Galvatron by the hand of a specter with horns. Fearing the worst, we elected to check on the observation outpost stationed on Opteras moon monitoring Unicron. And well.” He motioned to the small bot. Nightbeat was disturbed but intrigued. Optimus sat talking and comforting the small trembling bot. Rodimus was sitting on the edge of his seat holding his chin in contemplation. He could hear the others but was deep in thought. Unicron was the biggest thing on his mind at the moment. They had to find and defeat; No they had to hunt and destroy these Unicron spawn before they destroyed the peace they'd all worked so hard for. Finding them was not going to be easy. As he looked up at where Nightbeat sat, it hit him. The solution to at least part of the problem sat across from him. “Nightbeat. How would like to be lead investigator of this case? Of Cybertron?” Nightbeat was caught off guard. “I- I'd be honored.” Rodimus clapped his hands. “Good. Starting immediately you are now deputized as Cybertrons lead detective. Anything you need to further your investigation will be provided. I'll have Kup draw up your contract when we get back. Your priority in this case is finding the culprits responsible for the attack on Opteras outpost.” Nightbeat was enthusiastic but hesitant. “Yes sir. I'll stop at nothing to find them.” Cyclonus stared at the ground for a moment before standing up. He turned to nightbeat shaking his hand. “Congratulations.” He shot a disapproving look at Rodimus and walked down the hall to look out into the black emptiness of space from a view port. Rodimus got up, following Cyclonus to the hall. “So. You care to tell me what that was back there.” Cyclonus didn't turn, just continued looking out into the darkness. “There are few things in this universe that scare me. Galvatron and Unicron are two of them. And Galvatron was driven to kill himself by Unicron. The biggest threat is before us once again, and you try to pawn it off to your subordinate, like it's an assault and robbery case. 'We' need to do this. 'We' need to be the ones to end this, before anyone is hurt or killed.” Rodimus wanted to yell back but knew he was right. He grimaced and sighed aloud. “Your right. I'm going to keep Nightbeat on the case, but he will report his findings back to us. From there, we will deal with it.” Cyclonus hummed in approval. The two of them stood in silence, staring out into the dark wondering where their enemy was and what they were planning.

On Nebulos, Dr. Sumdac was nearing the proving point of all his work. If all went well, his daughter would have a new lease on life. Before that though, trials needed to be done. A large pod sat in the middle of his makeshift work space. He finished the last few calculations and began the upload to the pod. 'Project Saber' uploaded with no problem. The silver liquid within the pod solidified. A bot with a blue torso, white limbs, and red lower legs laid motionless. He cheered in success. Next he uploaded the programming. Essentially, a personality devoid of individuality, but instead consisting of every noble trait needed for leadership; As well as an array of fighting skills. Saber would be Dr. Sumdac's gift to Nebulos. A fearless fighter who would lead the charge against the the last members of 'Hive'. The upload completed. Saber rose from his pod. Dr. Sumdac greeted him. “Welcome. I am Dr. Sumdac. Do you know who you are?” The bot looked curiously around, then back to Sumdac. “I am Saber.” Sumdac was giddy. “What is your mission?” The bot stood up out of the pod. “The protection and liberation of Nebulos and its people.” Sumdac called Cerebros over the com. “This is Dr. Sumdac. I'm in Arcanas lab. I have something here I need to show you.” Cerebros responded. “I'm on my way doctor.” After a few minutes Cerebros walked into Brainstorm and Arcanas lab. Dr. Sumdac stood beside a Cybertronian he didn't recognize. “What is it doctor? You said there was something you wanted to show me? Who's your friend? I don't think we've met.” Cerebros offered his hand to the curios bot. Saber stared oddly for a moment before shaking his hand. “You are Cerebros. Base and mission commander for Cybertron Nebulos joint liberation front. I am Saber. I was created by Dr. Sumdac for the sole purpose of liberating and protecting Nebulos and it's people.” Cerebros looked over to Sumdac. “Can we talk. Privately.”

A merchant ship neared the small vessel that looked heavily damaged. If there were survivors then perhaps they would feel inclined to reward their rescuer, but if not then fairs game to scavenge the vessel. The captain of the merchant ship hailed the vessel to no response. “Thus far it looks good. I ain't getting any response and thermos showing no heat signatures. Begin salvage operations Kleeg.” A raspy voice of lizard like alien responded. “Beginning sssalvage operation now.” Kleeg was floating towards the vessel from within a space suit tethered to their vessel. They had salvaged countless ships, but something felt off about this one. Kleeg was trying to ignore any misgivings he was starting to feel. He reassured himself. “Nothing we haven't done before. Focusss.” Unnoticed by Kleeg or the captain was the four figures clung to the underside of the ship now hurling themselves to the opened bay Kleegs tether was attached to. Kleeg finally managed to open the hatch. Inside, dead cybertronians were scattered around. They had long since been dead. Something wasn't right though. Some of them seemed to be desecrated after their death. One particular had the eye holes widened out and two wires pushed through the back of it's head twisted to resemble horns. Kleeg began to panic. This was too much. Something was terribly wrong. He radioed the captain. “Thisss isss Kleeg. I have a bad feeling about thisss one captain. We need to go. Now!” He waited for a response, but none came. Panic set in. He crawled his way out of the death filled ship. To his horror the captain was floating lifelessly in space. From the opened bay door of their ship stood an eerie figure that looked like a dead cybertronian, like those aboard the death ship. It gleamed with satisfaction. As if it enjoyed the torment Kleeg was dealt. The figure reached over grabbing the tether. Kleeg pulled his plasma torch and frantically started cutting the tether he was attached to. The line was cut before the specter could pull him in. It glared at him one last time then closed the bay door. The familiar sounds of the merchant vessel roared to life. The vessel flew away, leaving Kleeg to his doom. This was the end, he knew that, but he'd be damned if he was going out without someway of getting back at his murderers. He pulled a small device from the suits belt. He pressed a button on the side and began recording his message. Revenge would have to come posthumously.

Chapter Twenty Two

The streets of Cybertron were lined with Cybertronians celebrating the return of Rodimus, Cyclonus, and Optimus, from the peace signing at Fort-Max on Nebulos. The ship landed and the bay door opened. Inside everyone was trying to manage a smile and act normal. In actuality they were all uneasy with the recent developments. They exited, waving and smiling to the gathered crowd. Springer called back to Nightbeat and Zetar. “We'll wait a little longer before exiting.” Nightbeat quickly agreed. He never cared for crowds or parties. Zetar was looking out a window in awe. “It's been awhile since I've seen Cybertron. It's progressed tremendously.”
Rodimus, Cyclonus, and Optimus took to the stage set-up for their return. Optimus started his monologue. “We stand here today, gathered in peace, because of our actions. Let our actions from here on forward continue on into Cybertron's next golden age. Not only for us, but for those who've yet to come. Let Cybertron and it's allies shine as a beacon of hope and prosperity. Let all Cybertronians, Humans, Nubulons, and every other species stand as equals. Till all are one.” The crowd erupted in cheering. Among the crowd, Ariel and Chromia watched. Ariel was cheering and enjoying the event. However Chromia felt out of place. She was still unsure about being around Decepticons. Her life was spent hiding from, and fighting, them just to survive. She tried to ignore her misgivings and focus on the speaker. Elita had occasionally mentioned Optimus, so a degree of comfort set in. The cheering died down and Optimus yielded the floor to Rodimus and Cyclonus. Each gave a short speech then shook hands, holding for pictures to be taken. Springer, Zetar, and Nightbeat took this opportunity to exit. All optics were on the stage. That was, except Chromias. The three bots caught her attention. She turned to Ariel. “Who are they? Those three there?” Ariel looked over were Chomia pointed. “I don't know who the smaller bot is, but the green one is Springer. He's part of Rodimus inner circle. He's also spoken for. And the blue bot is Nightbeat. I've only met him once. He's a bit odd, that one. Prefers mysteries and conspiracies over social interaction.” Chromia thanked her friend and made her way through the crowd. She enjoyed a good conspiracy or two.

The screen lit up. Ultra-Magnus sat at his desk mid work. “Yes, Cerebros. What is it?” Cerebros sighed. “I have an issue here I require guidance on. Have you read the mission reports of the Ejsu pass?” Ultra-Magnus maintained his poise. “Of course. I read all the reports.” Cerebros affirmed and continued. “Dr. Sumdac started his test trials, working with the rare-metals to create- well to create a Cybertronian.” Ultra-Magnus raised a hand to his chin. “I see. Believe it or not, I've read about several occurrences like this before. Do you know who Wheeljack was?” Cerebros shook his head. “No. I vaguely recall Spike mentioning him in one of his stories.” Ultra-Magnus turned his attention to the computer to his right. “I'm sending you the dossier on Wheeljack. He created several questionable lifeforms over his career. For all intensive purpose he was a mad scientist.” Moments later Cerebros received a notification that the files were received. He quickly glanced through. “The Dinobots! Autobot Spike! How could Optimus approve any of this?” Ultra-Magnus got up and walked closer, leaning against the front of his desk. “Optimus was stationed on a foreign planet, outgunned, and low on options, much like yourself. He questioned Wheeljack's methods, even told him as much, but he allowed it because it was necessary. The Dinobots are the strongest fighters the Autobots have ever had. Without their creation Optimus and his Autobots would likely have been defeated. They're not the the brightest bunch, but they get the job done. My advice is this. Review the files on Wheeljack's projects. If Dr. Sumdac's creation is like the Dinobots, great. However if it starts to turn like Autobot Spike, then we might need to intervene. Remember Nebulos is their planet. If they have the means to protect it, they will no matter what. I hope that helps.” Cerebros nodded. “Yes. That was quite insightful. I'll keep you apprised of the situation.” Ultra-Magnus nodded and the screen went black. Cerebros looked through the dossier. Pure madness, but necessary.

The stolen merchant vessel slowed it's speed as it approached a small spherical space station. A voice came over the com. “Leave here. You have no business here. This station is property of Primacron.” The vessel continued on, ignoring the warning. In the depths of the station, Primacron activated his defenses, but to his horror nothing happened. He started to panic. He tried calling for help using the com, but a shrill metallic scream emanated from it. The vessel was now landing. He frantically looked around for anything to defend himself with. His lab was nearly rebuilt after that dim-witted oaf, Grimlock, had destroyed it, but it was still a mess. He spotted a rivet gun and a wrench. He grabbed them and hid under machinery along a wall. The doorway opened. Four robotic figures entered. They stepped closer and closer, slowly making their way through his lab, until finally they were upon him. He waited with bated breath, hoping they didn't spot him. A metal arm reached under, grabbing him. He pressed the rivet gun against his attackers arm and pulled the trigger. The bot let out a metallic scream, pulling viciously now on Primacron. In full view, Primacron observed his attackers. Four decrepit un-dead Cybertronians. He screamed in terror. “What do want from me!” The one who held him in place leaned closer. “We require your lab. We are born of Unicron. You are no longer needed.” Primacron pleaded. “Wait! I created Unicron. I can be of use. Please don't kill me!” The four specters laughed. The bot tightened his grip. “You did not create Unicron. He is eternal. He merely whispered in your mind. No. You created the vessel that our master occupied. But plans have changed, so your time is at an end.” Snap!

Chapter Twenty Three

The doors of 'Maccadams' opened. Springer accompanied by two other bots stepped inside. He looked back at Nightbeat and Zetar. “Drinks are on me.” Nightbeat looked around the busy establishment. “There's a spot.” They made their way to the booth and sat down. A copper colored bot made his way over. “What can I get you?” Zetar winced as in sudden pain. The bartender looked over his way. “You okay buddy?” Nightbeat and Springer looked at him quizzically. Springer turned back to the server and ordered for the group. Nightbeat asked Zetar what was bothering him. Zetar shook it off as just a passing glitch.
Chromia entered the bar an peered around, looking for Nightbeat and crew. There in the back. She hesitated and sighed. “You've never been scared in your life, don't start now.” She found her resolve and made a B-line to their booth. Springer noticed her first. “Can we help you?” She introduced herself. “I'm Chromia. Up until just over a month ago I've been in stasis-lock. I was the lone survivor of Unicrons assault on Kaon. May I join you?” Springer motioned to the empty seat. “Sure.” The question was to good not to ask. Nightbeat pointed to her Autobot crest. “How did an Autobot end up in Kaon during that attack. From all reports, Cybertron was conquered by the Decepticons at the time.” She smirked. “You researched Cybertron's history. Very nice. I assume you've read about Elita-One and her all female freedom fighters.” Nightbeat enthusiastically finished the description. “Who remained on Cybertron to free captive Cybertronians and wage guerrilla warfare on the Decepticons led by Shockwave. Oh my! It's a huge honor to meet you!” She reached out to shake his hand. “Likewise.” Springer sat back. “So Chromia, what do you do now a days? As a soldier myself, I know I find I'm anxious. Like I'm waiting for something to happen, so I can respond.” The bartender delivered the drinks, plus one for Chromia. She looked around the bar. “I know exactly what you mean. Cybertron. All of this. It's nice, but it's so foreign to me. I wanted peace so badly. But know that we have it. It's like part of me doesn't trust that it's real. If when I was reactivated, I was told I had joined the All-spark, I would have believed them. What about you? What's your story?” She gestured to Nightbeat. He took a drink and sighed. “I wanted to be an Investigator. However when war on Cybertron broke out. I was still too young and inexperienced to offer any help. I found myself on a refuge vessel abandoning Cybertron. The planet we eventually settled on was named Paradron. I brought literature, from across the galaxy, about tracking, observational diagnosis, and general investigative skills. Problem was Paradron was a peaceful planet with no crime. So, I then turned my focus to Cybertron's past. Piecing together what was known with what I believed. This led to me being labeled as a 'crackpot theorist'. After the events that led to the destruction of Paradron, I found myself back on Cybertron. Dirty, gritty, crime ridden Cybertron. I was finally needed. However to serve as an appointed investigator you are required to serve as police or military, for at least one year. I enlisted as soon as possible and was trained and deployed to Nebulos to fight a threat to our nebulan allies called the 'Hive'. I've only just now returned from active duty.” Springer looked over at Zetar. “I think a billiards table just opened up. Why don't you join me.” Zetar understood what he was playing at, and agreed. “Sure, but what's billiards?” Springer explained the earth game to Zetar as they walked away, leaving Chromia and Nightbeat to converse.

Ultra-Magnus was returning to his office when Blaster stopped him. Blaster apprised him of Cybertron's new threat. He sighed, taking the report Blaster presented him. As if he didn't have enough to deal with. The release of his Decepticon prisoners, A possible new threat on Earth, A mad scientist on Nebulos, Predaking's ever-expanding band of pirates causing trouble in the galaxy, and now word that Unicron might be back in some form. It was times like this that made him long for the good ol' days of war. Nice simple straight forward warfare. He stepped into his office and peered over the report Blaster had given him.

On Cybertron in a boardroom at Iacon command, the video of Galvatrons demise was played for Optimus, Cyclonus, and Rodimus. The video was difficult to watch. Cyclonus was visibly upset. He excused himself and exited the room. He opened his com. “Scourge. This is Cyclonus. What is your location?” A moment later Scourge responded. “Maccadams.” Something was off with his tone of voice. Cyclonus spotted Goldbug. “Goldbug. Could you let the others know I've left to find Scourge?” Goldbug agreed. Cyclonus exited Iacon Command and transformed shooting off into the night sky.

On Nebulos Cerebros was waiting for Brainstorm and Arcana to respond to his hails. A moment later the screen lit-up with the face of Brainstorm. “Yes commander.” Cerebros explained the situation concerning Dr. Sumdac. Arcana was Impressed. Brainstorm was morally conflicted. “What can we do to help?” Cerebros picked up a folder from his desk. “I've already relayed the situation to Magnus. He's given me authority over deciding what to do. Apparently situations like this have occurred before. After you've finished work on Nebulos Space-bridge I want you to oversee Dr. Sumdac's work. As part Cybertronian and part Nebulan, you have a better, non-bias outlook on his work.” Arcana spoke up. “We would be honored.” Cerebros thanked them and ended the transmission.
Meanwhile in Brainstorms lab, Dr. Sumdac was standing over his daughters Stasis-pod. Saber walked over, kneeling before the pod. He scanned the girl within. Severe injuries were apparent. He turned and observed Dr. Sumdac, noting similar facial structure. A tear ran down the doctors face. Saber looked back down at the girl. “She is your off-spring? How was she damaged?” Dr. Sumdac wiped the tears from his eyes. “Yes. She is my daughter. Her name is Sari. She was badly injured in an attack by members of 'Hive'. I refused to work for them. This is the price of telling them no.” Saber processed the information. “This 'Hive' is a threat to Nebulos?” Dr. Sumdac confirmed. “The biggest threat.” Sabers eyes beamed bright. He rose to his feet. “They must be eradicated.”

Chapter Twenty Four

Sky-lynx neared the planet of Omicron. The large griffin Cybertronian called Gate Control over his com. “Whirl, my pragmatic friend, It is I, Sky-lynx. Please lower the Deterrence-field?” Whirl startled awake. “Yah. Uh- Copy that Sky- lion?” Sky-lynx groaned. “It's Sky-Lynx.” Drench and Electro chuckled. Whirl fiddled with the controls. “Pain in my arse is who it is”. He called back the griffin shuttle. “Apologies Sky-Lynx. Deterrence-field is down. You are cleared for approach.” Sky-lynx acknowledged and made his decent. Whirl radioed Omicron Command. “Hey Bigs. Drench and Electro are back. That talkative griffin bot should be setting down shortly.” Maximus thanked Whirl and ended the transmission. Leonidas walked into where Maximus was seated. “Any word from Cybertron or Prodotis?” Maximus stood up. “No. However Drench and Electro have returned. I'm going to meet them at the platform. I've been wanting to see the designs for the Space-bridge for awhile now. Care to join me?” Sky-lynx set down on the platform jutting from Omicron Command. Leonidas and Maximus greeted Sky-lynx, and welcomed the two back home. In no time the group was peering over the schematics of Omicrons Space-bridge. Maximus offered his help constructing the bridge. The two graciously accepted and began contacting others among Omicron to help with the building process.

At Primacrons lab, three of the Unicron spawn laid on tables, while the fourth reconstructed their decaying bodies. With newly constructed bodies they would appear to be normal Cybertronians. With these new bodies also came personal designations and doctored aliases. The first was Ram Horn known as Wrath among the group. The second was Cicadacon known as Malice. And Sea-Clamp known as Spite. The fourth finished his work on the three, standing back as they rose from their slabs. Ram Horn spoke for the group. “With these new bodies, we shall enact our mission. We shall meet with these Predacons, and build trust with them. With our superior knowledge, we will rise to leadership of the Predacons, and sow the seeds of conflict.” The fourth now spoke. “I will remain and carry out the masters plan from here.” The others nodded in unison. They stood and made their way back to the captured merchant ship. The fourth watched the vessel leave, then looked down at his decaying hands riddled with holes and rust. An eight legged repair drone finished cleaning up the mess of debris cut away, or removed, from the repaired Unicron spawn and powered down. The fourth cackled, grabbing the drone in one hand and pulling the panel on his chest open with the other. “you shall serve as my assistant and apprentice.”A green ribbon of energy shot from the fourth to the drone. It glowed for a moment. It gasped as it received life and consciousness. The fourth peered down at his creation. “Greetings. I am Deluge, your master. We serve Unicron and his will. Identify yourself.” It transformed and fell to its knees. “So much information. So much pain, So much torment.” It began to laugh manically. “I am Tarantulas. I serve our master, Unicron.” Deluge grinned. “Perfect. I require your assistance Tarantulas?”

Cyclonus transformed and touched down outside 'Maccadams'. He entered and peered around looking for Scourge. There at the far side of the bar sat the slumped figure of Scourge. Cyclonus made his way over to him. Patrons of the bar recognized him and read the serious expression on his face, quickly piecing together the nature of his visit. The bar slowly emptied leaving Cyclonus and Scourge to converse alone, excluding the proprietor of the bar. Cyclonus spoke first. “I watched the video. You were placed in a horrible position. For that I am sorry.” Scourge took a gulp of his engex. “I watched him die. Galvatron. The most powerful Decepticon reduced to groveling for a mercy killing. I'm terrified. Unicron tormented Galvatron because he rebuilt him. We were also rebuilt by Unicron. Are we next? Will we be forced to serve Unicron, Killing and destroying our friends and allies?” Cyclonus waited a moment to take in what Scourge was saying. He slammed his fist down on the bar. “I refuse to be a puppet! I make my own decisions! As do you! We are warriors not scared sheep! If we must face the greatest evil in the galaxy then so be it! At least I'll be standing with my brothers, and allies, facing this threat with pride and dignity!” Scourge downed the last of his engex and stood up. “Your right. We are not puppets or pawns. We are not destined for 'the Pitt'.” Cyclonus stood and raised his hand chest high. “Together my brother.” Scourge reciprocated the action. “Together.” As the two left reassured in themselves, the proprietor behind the bar finished sweeping the floor and chuckled to himself. “That's the spirit.”

Chapter Twenty Five

Morning was setting over Iacon. From the other room Ariel was talking aloud to Chromia about the lecture she attended the previous night. Prodotis, a Quintesson ally to Cybertron, and historian, was recounting Cybertron's history to it's people at Cybertron's performing arts theater in Iacon. Chromia finished polishing her armor and stepped out from the room. Ariel stopped her monologue mid sentence. “Your looking rather shiny today. You meeting someone?” Chromia smiled. “Nightbeat is being deputized as Cybertronian Lead Investigator today. I'm going, for moral support.” Ariel Teased her. “I think your going for more than moral support. I think you have a thing for Mr. Conspiracy. Am I right?” Chromia stumbled over her words. “What! No! I mean it's- It's not like that.” Ariel starred smiling and nodding at her. Chromia finally conceded, blurting out. “Okay. Yes. I like him. He's quirky but highly intelligent. He see's things from perspectives most don't even think of.” Ariel got up and grabbed her Nursing ID badge. “Well, I'm happy for you. I've got to get going or I'll be late for my shift. Hey, let Nightbeat know his theory about a biological Cybertron core was corroborated by Prodotis. In fact, a lot of his theories were on the mark.” Chromia thanked her friend and the two parted ways to start their day.

At Iacon Command, Cybertron's leadership was convened to address the problem they now faced. Rodimus summarized what they knew. Unicron's body is dead. However some part of himself revived in the form of 'zombie' Cybertronians. At the time of the 'zombie attack' at Optera observation, Galvatron was also attacked by an invisible- No. Otherworldly specter. After the 'zombies' terrorized the observation post, most of them left and disappeared into the dark. Surely this would not be the last they would hear from them. Cyclonus asked the others. “Has any neighboring systems reported anything unusual or strange?” Rodimus directed the question to Goldbug. Caught off-guard Goldbug snapped to. “Sorry. No. I've contacted the authorities of the neighboring sectors around Optera. Currently they haven't found anything other than the typical smugglers and scavenger vessels.” Optimus rose to his feet. “I must commune with Vector sigma. Perhaps it can shed some light on these shadows that now plague us.” He turned and left the room. Scourge sat contemplating their dilemma. “What information do we have about the ship the Zombies- eh Unicronians, were using?” Rodimus shrugged. “Our only description of the vessel was what Zetar told us. A desolate ship that looked barely operational. Cybertronian in design.” Cyclonus turned to Rodimus. “How soon will Nightbeat be able to begin his investigation?” Rodimus looked down at his chronometer. “Actually he should be meeting with Kup right about now.”

Sectors away at a facility stationed along the rim of Iacon, Kup was overseeing the training exercise of his new recruits. The group was running non-lethal apprehension drills. Composed completely of previously associated Decepticons, the drill was absolutely necessary. Blitzwing and Slugslinger performed their apprehensions by the book. Triggerhappy less so, shooting the drone in the leg dropping it to the ground. Sixshot now started his run. The drone made it's run trying to flee. Sixshot called aloud. “Cybertron Police! Halt!” Sixshot transformed into wolf form and pursued the fleeing drone. Slugslinger and Triggerhappy cheered. “Oh yeah! Your in for it now! Ha ha!” Kup watched, expecting to lose yet another test drone. Sixshot gained on the drone in quick fashion. “I said Halt!” Kup grimaced. The large wolf-bot lunged at the drone knocking it down and pinning it. “As Cybertron Police I'm placing you under arrest for fleeing and disregarding a command from an officer.” Slugslinger and Triggerhappy were still hollering in support. “Yeah! That's why you don't cross Sixshot.” Blitzwing turned to Kup. “Wow, that actually wasn't too bad.” Kup chuckled. “No. Not bad at all. That drone is far more frail than him. He showed a great deal of restraint.” Sixshot, still hovering over the subdued drone looked back to Kup. “How's that sir?” Kup yelled back. “That was great kid. I wish I had a thousand of ya.” Having been complimented, Sixshots wolf tail wagged back and fourth. Kup's chronometer chimed at him. He mustered his cadets. Walking up and down the line, he graded their performance. He stopped at Triggerhappy. “Cadet. I want to see you here at 2:00 hours, to try that again. Without discharging your weapon.” Triggerhappy groaned but snapped back. “Sir, Yes Sir!” Kup dismissed them and the group walked back to the barracks. In the distance, Nightbeat was approaching. Kup smirked. “Right on time.” Nightbeat spotted the old bot and drove over to where he was. Transforming he greeted Kup. “Commander. I hope you weren't waiting long.” Kup waved his arm. “Not at all kid. I only just finished running my current recruits through drills. Your timing couldn't be more perfect.” In the distance, a royal blue Cybertronian cycle screamed towards them. Kup pointed in the direction of the stranger. “Someone you know?” Nightbeat turned to look. “Wow. I- I mean yes Sir,” Chromia slowed and tranformed. “Sorry. I didn't miss it did I?” Kup chuckled. “Not at all. So are you two together?” They turned to each other then quickly looked away. Chromia blurted, “Um I don't know if- well- I” Nightbeat was staggering over his words as well. “I certainly enjoy her company but I'm unsure if you'd say that-” Kup smiled and raised a hand. “Okay. I'm sure you'll both figure it out. Nightbeat. You're here today to be charged with the duty as Cybertron's Lead Investigator. You've completed your mandatory year of service, and on your own time honed your investigation skills. Are you prepared for the responsibilities this position requires?” Nightbeat somberly answered. “Sir. Yes Sir.” Kup continued. “Do you swear to uphold Cybertron's laws and conduct yourself and your investigations in a lawful and appropriate manner.?” Nightbeat responded again. “Sir. Yes Sir.” Kup paused for a moment. An idea hit him. “As an Investigator, you are required to have a partner, should your investigations turn dangerous. Do you have a partner, with at least one year of service, picked out?” That question caught him off-guard. “Sir. That's not in the book.” Kup grinned. “Yeah. It's a recently new law. Safety in numbers and all. You know anybody you could ask?” Nightbeat was trying to stay calm but was panicking. Chromia raised her hand. “Commander. I've served several years in the war. If he'll have me, I will join him as his partner.” Kup smiled brightly. “Great. Nightbeat, do you accept her as your partner?” Nightbeat smiled nervously. “Sir. I do Sir.” Kup looked at the two. “Raise your right hands.” They followed his command. “I hereby appoint Nightbeat and-” He pointed to her. “It's Chromia, Sir.” Kup continued. “I hereby appoint Nightbeat and Chromia as Cybertron Lead Investigators. Congratulations. -You may now kiss your partner.” Caught by surprise they both blushed. Kup chuckled. “I'm joking with ya. However you two make a cute couple.” Nightbeat composed himself and looked over at Chromia. She was so beautiful in this moment. He offered his hand to Chromia. Still blushing she looked up to see his hand. She smiled softly and took his hand in hers. Kup would have to remember to let Rodimus and Cyclonus know of his impromptu bylaw.

The small merchant vessel approached the planet of Chaar. Several smaller vessels of different makes intercepted the ship. Over the com they requested the purpose of their presence. Ram-horn spoke on their behalf. “We are ancient Cybertronian strategist. We've come to offer our service to Predaking and the Preadacon Alliance.” There was a long pause before the voice on the com replied. “Proceed.” They set down on the planet, landing on a makeshift platform cobbled from junk. A group of bots watched the visitors exit their craft. Pounce and Wingspan met the trio and led them to Predaking. Seated in a large throne within the lifeless shell of Trypticon was Predaking. “Who are you? And why have you come here?” Ram-horn took lead again. “I am Ram-horn. These are my associates, Cicadacon and Sea-clamp. We are master strategist. We've come to serve you and your rising empire as advisers or consultants.” Predaking began to laugh. Everybody else except the visitors followed suit. Predaking raised his hand to silence his men. “Very well. You may serve the Predacon cause as my personal advisers, but I warn you. Do not test my patience.” The trio bowed their heads. “But of course my king.” Predaking rose to his feet grabbing his huge sword. “I have one final thing to ask you?” The trio tensed, thinking they were discovered. Predaking pointed the tip of his sword towards the bridge of Trypticon. “Are any among you familiar with writing code?” They relaxed their posture. They were undiscovered. Ram-horn grinned. “Sire. None among us are. However I know someone who is.” Predaking Laughed in approval. The gathered group followed suit once more. In the back of the crowd Counterpunch faded away unnoticed. This was not good news. This was the worst kind of news, and Ultra-Magnus needed to know immediately.
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Twenty Six

Prodotis was finishing his lecture on Cybertronian history. He'd given the same lecture the last six days. He was exhausted. However he saw it as his responsibility to inform as many of Cybertron's inhabitants as would listen. He owed Cybertron as much. Climbing in the back of a private transport his chauffeur asked. “Will you be returning to your suite?” Prodotis smiled softly. “Not right away. I would like to make a stop by Iacon Command.” The chauffeur nodded. “Yes sir.”

Orbiting Cybertron, Perceptor and the Technobots were finishing the last few touches on the Space-bridge. Over Perceptors personal com was the familiar voice of Jazz. “Hey Perceptor. That Space-bridge is looking good. Any chance I'll be able to use it when I return to Earth?” Perceptor stopped working on the panel he was at to look up at the approaching vessel. “I suppose it would depend on when you plan to return? We will need test subjects.” Jazz laughed. “Ha Ha! You mean to say you need someone crazy and fearless. Grimlock and I are your bots. I have business on Cybertron. I'll be around for a day or so, before heading over to Nebulos.” Perceptor waved at the vessel as it passed. “Perfect. Work here will be completed within the day, and Cerebros informed us earlier that Brainstorms team is nearly completed as well.” Nearing Cybertron the vessel flown by Jazz approached Cybertrons space-port and set down. The doors opened and Jazz and Grimlock exited. Jazz was now sporting rainbow striping and a number one decal. “Remember Grim. The war is over. If you see a Decepticon stay calm. And if someone tries to start something, you got to cool your jets. We can't afford sparking conflict right now.” Grimlock chuckled. “You worry too much. Me Grimlock most calmest.” Jazz smirked. “Sure. Just stay out of trouble. I'll see you back here in the morning.” Jazz transformed and headed for Iacon Command.

Prodotis' private transport pulled up in front of Iacon Command. He exited and thanked the Chauffeur. Entering the structure he met Goldbug at a receptionist area. “Pardon me. Might I speak with the council?” Goldbug snapped to. “Of course. I'll let them know your here. Go on ahead.” He thanked Goldbug and continued onward. Inside the council room was Rodimus, Cyclonus, Scourge, Kup, Two blue bots, and a small yellow bot. Everybody paused when he entered. “My humble apologies. I hope I wasn't interrupting?” Rodimus smiled. “Not at all. We were just bringing our new investigators up to speed on our 'Unicron problem'. Prodotis these are our new investigators, NightBeat, and Chromia. And this is Zetar, the lone survivor of Optera outpost.” They each exchanged pleasantries before continuing. Rodimus and Cyclonus continued their account of the nightmarish visions and what they found at Optera observation outpost. Then Zetar gave his gruesome account of events. Lastly Scourge recounted the details of Galvatron's self-termination. The situation was dire. The last thing Cybertron needed right now was a threat to peace. Nightbeat finished taking his notes. “I'll start at Optera observation outpost. There might be something there that was overlooked. I'll also need to survey the closes surrounding planets and inhabitants. Any intel on the 'going ons' of neighboring systems will be of help. I suspect they will try to secure a different vessel. If this is the case, we might be able to find a clue about where they're heading from the discarded vessel. Chromia and I will depart immediately.” Rodimus and Cyclonus thanked the pair. Prodotis was still processing all that was accounted. Rodimus noticed Prodotis sitting in a daze. “I know that's a lot to process. Are you alright?” Prodotis broke from his contemplation. “Yes. I'm fine. Tell me. Where's Optimus?”

Jazz arrived at Iacon Command and entered. Goldbug looked up from his desk. “Jazz! It is you! It's nice to see you. What brings you here to Cybertron?” Jazz smiled. “Nice to see you too, Bee. I need to speak with Rodimus and Cyclonus. Top secret stuff.” Goldbug started to call over the com, but stopped when he heard Rodimus voice approaching from down the hall. He was accompanied by a disfigured Quintesson. Rodimus finished giving directions to Vector Sigma. Prodotis thanked him and left. Rodimus turned his attention to Jazz. “You back on Cybertron for business or pleasure?” Jazz smirked. “I wish it was a vacation, but I'm afraid it's business. Seriously bad business.” Rodimus cursed under his breath. “Of course it is. Goldbug, could you com Cyclonus and let him know we have word from Ultra-Magnus?” Goldbug obliged and Jazz followed Rodimus into the council room.

Arriving at Cybertron's space-port, Kup lead Nightbeat and Chromia over to a hanger. The sound of whirring engines were loud as they entered. Springer noticed the group enter and powered the engines down. The ship was a smaller vessel than the standard Autobot transports. It was far more sportier than any Cybertronian ships. With swept back wings and an impressive paint scheme. Black with blue striping running down the wings, and gold highlights here and there. Nightbeat and Chromia were quite impressed. Springer exited the ship. “Just in time. I finished checking all systems. The ships ready to go.” Kup turned to the two gobsmacked Autobots. “A few years back we stopped a smuggler. Everything he had on him was ceased. Including his ship. It's yours now kid. We don't have a name for it on the registry yet. Any suggestions?” Nightbeat walked closer and touched the outside of the hull. “ The Inquisitor.” Kup chuckled. “Not bad. Not bad at all.”

Chapter Twenty Seven

Grimlock was making his way through Cybertron, all be it in Dino mode. Cybertronians of all types stopped and stared. Former Decepticons were actively avoiding him, sometimes walking across the street or even turning down alley ways to hide. Grimlock didn't care. He relished the fear he imposed on those around him, especially the Decepticons. After all, Grimlock was king; At least in his mind he was. A voice behind him called out. “Grimlock. Hey!” The large lumbering Dinobot swung around. A large bot with a purple, white,and green color scheme was walking his way. Though he wore a face-plate, it was obvious by his optics that he was smiling. Grimlock itched his head. “Sorry. Me no know who you are.” The bot stopped to introduce himself. “I'm Sixshot. I was a Decepticon. Me and the guys were all Decepticons.” He gestured over to a group of bots who looked uneasy about this interaction. “I just wanted to tell you I'm a fan. Hey. Would you like to join us? Me and fellas are heading to 'Maccadams'. Kup's told us some impressive stories about you.” Grimlock smiled. “Okay. Me Grimlock join you new friends.” Sixshot waved his colleagues over. Slugslinger shook his head. “He's either severely dumb or has chrome-plated bearings.” Triggerhappy laughed. “Does it matter. Grimlock didn't instantly attack him, and we get to hang out with the most feared Autobot of all time.” Blitzwing was still nervous. “Yeah. Well you haven't been on the wrong side of those jaws.” The three approached the two larger bots and the group continued on their way to 'Maccadams'.

After saying their farewells to NightBeat and Chromia, Kup and Springer were returning to Iacon Command. Goldbug informed the duo of the current meeting taking place, and called Rodimus over the com. They were given the go ahead, and the pair entered the council room. Rodimus, Cylonus, Scourge, and Jazz sat at the table. Kup groaned. “I can only imagine what kind of news it is if Magnus sends a messenger in person.” Rodimus gestured to Jazz to continue. Using the monitor, Jazz showed several pictures taken by the covert agent. “Our inside bot on Chaar reported a massive swell of activity. The Predacons will soon be capable of restoring Trypticon.” Cyclonus interrupted. “That's not likely. There's something I've been meaning to tell you, but haven't.” Jazz smirked. “Trypticons spark was placed in a smaller bot, who goes by Full-Tilt. Who is currently on Cybertron.” Cyclonus was surprised, and impressed. “So how could he be brought back. Even if they replaced the coding, a spark strong enough to wield the mental strain of such a large body would be needed.” Jazz frowned. “I don't know where they found one, but what the agent reports is 'they have'. A coder is all that's needed and they'll soon have that as well.”

Optimus stood touching Vector Sigma. To the outside world he would appear to be frozen, a statue; However his consciousness was communing directly with the accumulated knowledge of those before him. In this state of consciousness he was weightless. He called out. “I've come seeking answers to Cybertrons greatest threat.” Voices responded from all around him. “Your enemies have become friends, but friends shall become enemies!” “Even the brightest lights cast shadows.” “The seeds of the future lie buried in the past.” Optimus pleaded. “Please, tell me what all of that means. Alpha-Trion. Are you there?” The familiar form of Alpha-Trion took form before him. “Ah. Optimus you've returned.” Optimus floated closer. “Yes. I've returned seeking answers about Unicron.” Alpha Trion smiled. “I know. Tell me. Have you read 'the Covenant of Primus' I gave you?” Optimus sighed. “When I awoke on Earth it was nowhere to be found.” Alpha Trion laughed. “Perhaps it was misplaced in time. That's always so troublesome.” Optimus was confused. He could feel himself being sucked back to his physical body. “Alpha-Trion. Wait. There so much more I need to ask you!” Alpha-Trion's voice faded with his final words. “You have that of which you seek.”
Prodotis was just entering the chamber that housed Vector Sigma. He stopped and gasped at the sight of Optimus before Vector Sigma. It was far more than a computer. This place was sacred. The atmosphere was intensely strong. As he looked on in amazement, something to his right caught his attention. A figure stood smiling at him from across the chamber. It was Alpha-Trion. He called out to him “Alpha-Tyronic.” The specter faded away still smiling. In his mind Prodotis heard the voice of his dear friend. “Thank you, for everything.” Prodotis was overcome with emotions.
Optimus came to. He pulled his hand away from Vector Sigma and noticed he was holding something in his other hand. 'The Covenant of Primus'. He turned to see the Quintesson weeping. “Prodotis. Are you Okay? What are doing here?” Prodotis collected himself. “I am fine Optimus. I just saw an old friend, that's all. For whatever reason I felt like I needed to speak to you. I think I understand why now.” The two took one last look at the spherical Vector Sigma before departing together.
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Twenty Eight

The establishment was loud. It was prime-time and 'Maccadams' was the place to be on Cybertron. Grimlock was enjoying the company of his new friends. Slugslinger was recounting Sixshot's take-down of the drone the day before. Blitzwing was thoroughly intoxicated. He placed a hand on Sixshot's shoulder, trying to keep from losing it. “The moment you took off after that drone in wolf mode, the commander thought you were going to tear it to pieces! Ha ha!”
In the back corner of the bar was Rumble, Frenzy, and Full-Tilt. Frenzy turned to glare at the loud party towards the middle of the bar. “Some bots just don't know how to hold their engex.” Rumble was to busy contemplating and didn't respond. Frenzy grew annoyed. “Hey. Did you hear me?” Rumble ignored the question and asked his own. “What are we going to do with him?” He pointed in the direction of Full-Tilt, who was enthralled with the arcade game he stood at. Rumble continued. “We saved him and that's all good and fine, but I ain't looking to be his guardian forever. Frenzy sighed. “We can't just ditch him. If we abandon him, what was the point of saving him?”
The door opened and Jazz strolled in. He peered around the bar. To his surprise he saw Grimlock accompanied by ex-Decepticons. “Well alright Grim.” He continued surveying the bar until he spotted his quarry. The two cassette bots were in the middle of arguing when Jazz walked up. “So. I hear you two have been kept quite busy. Can't be easy, taking care of a bot with 'issues'.” Frenzy nervously laughed. “What do mean by that?” Full-Tilt's game ended. He shuffled back to the table where the two sat. “Game over. Need more tokens.” Rumble sighed aloud. “Buddy, you have the worst timing ever.” Jazz smirked. “So here's the thing. I know you two were involved with saving Trypticon from being kept catatonic. It's noble. However you have to know by now, your in over your heads. 'Full-Tilt' is a primitive minded bot. I'm offering to take him to Dinobot Island. He'll be safe there. You could visit him whenever you want.” The two smaller bots looked over to Full-Tilt, who was once again enthralled in the arcade game he stood at.

The stolen merchant ship made it's landing outside Primacron's seized laboratory. Deluge met Ramhorn at the entrance. “Your return is unexpected.” Ramhorn recognized the voice of Deluge, but not his newly constructed body. “We have met the Predacon's leader. He requires someone who has the knowledge and expertise to create system coding. You will return with us and complete the system coding. This is a deviation of the original plan, but it will further our ultimate goal none the less.” Deluge acknowledged. “Understood brother. I need only grab some equipment and my new apprentice.” Ramhorn was intrigued. “Apprentice? What have you done?” Deluge motioned to him to follow. Inside the lab a small human sized robot was working on a device at a workstation. “Master. I'm nearly finished with my task.” Deluge spoke up. “Very good, my apprentice. The time for us to leave is upon us. Gather my tools and load them in the vessel outside.” Tarantulus complied and walked away to gather them. Ramhorn addressed Deluge in cold fashion. “He may prove of use to us. However if he jeopardizes our mission, I will personally crush him like a bug. This- 'solitary decision' can not be overlooked.” Deluge lowered his head. “My apologize, brother. If he does jeopardize our mission I will terminate him myself.”

Perceptor finished the last few touches on the Space-bridge's relay before attaching the panel cover. “I'm all done over here. I'm ready to return to Iacon when your ready, Computron.” The combiner acknowledged, picking him up and flying back to Cybertron's surface.
It was now morning on Cybertron. Jazz was returning to his ship along with Full-Tilt. Rumble and Frenzy accepted his offer and had said their goodbyes. Jazz settled Full-Tilt in and peered out the cockpit window to see the slowly lumbering Dinobot returning. Grimlock appeared to be in a good mood from a long night of partying with his new friends. The engines were priming. In the distance Jazz noticed Computron setting down on the far side of the tarmac. Jazz smirked. “Perfect timing.” He called Perceptor over his com. “Jazz to Perceptor. I'm preparing my departure now. You still looking for test dummies?” Perceptor laughed and responded back. “We certainly would appreciate it. I just need to contact Brainstorm and Arcana. It will only be a moment.” Jazz Leaned back in his captains chair. “No problem.” He turned to greet Grimlock who was now aboard. “Hey Grim. I saw you made some new friends last night. I got someone I want you to meet. His name is Full-Tilt. He's going to be staying with you and the Dinobots on Dinobot Island.” Grim turned to the purple bot. “Me Grimlock.” The bot looked back at him. “Me know. We meet before. You were smaller then.” Grimlock was puzzled. He itched his head in confusion. “Grimlock always stay same size.” Jazz chuckled.

On Nebulos, Dr. Sumdac was frantically trying to call Cerebros. The base commander finally answered. Sumdac was to hysterical for Cerebros to understand. “Calm down doctor. Please, tell me what's wrong once more.” Sumdac took a moment to catch his breath. “Saber. He's gone. While I was with my daughter, he stepped out. I didn't think he would take-off. Civilians saw him fly off to the west. I think he might be heading into 'Hive' territory.” Cerebros rubbed his head. “Understood doctor. I'll contact Brainstorm immediately.” Sumdac apologized and thanked him. Cerebros called Brainstorm. “Arcana answered on the behalf of both of them. “Yes, commander?” Cerbros laid out the situation. “Brainstorm responded back. “I caught all of that commander. Chromedome is on the com with Perceptor. They're ready on their end. Jazz is readied to test the Space-bridge. He has a vessel better suited for an interception mission. Should I relay our dilemma to him commander.” Cerebros had to make a snap decision. “Yes. Inform him. We've got intercept Saber before he pokes the hornets nest.” The message was relayed to Jazz. He smirked. “All right. Let's get this party started.” The two Space-bridges whirled to life. Jazz's ship hung above the inner perimeter. The bridge over Cybertron flashed. In an instant, Jazz's ship and crew were transported to the Space-bridge over Nebulos. Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm cheered. “Jazz opened coms to all parties. “This is Jazz. We've successfully made our jump. Congrats everybody. I'd stick around but I have a bot to catch.” He turned the ship towards Nebulos surface and rocketed off.

Chapter Twenty Nine

A golden mobile suit walked over to a group of identical gray colored mobile suits. “Why have you called me here?” They saluted. The closest one of the group reported. “Commander Roritichi. Telemetry personnel have spotted an approaching target on radar. Bogie is fifty miles out, approaching at 1,550 mph.” The gold suit commander looked over the data presented to him. He then ordered his men to take defensive positions. Battalions of identical mobile suits took up formations, readying for an approaching enemy. Positioned at the back, Commander Roritchi relayed the news back to his superiors.
At a palace stronghold, Hives two remaining members sat comfortably listening to the commanders report. Giga grinned. Eventually he knew this day would come. Those pesky Autobots would try to push their advance into their territory. However, he and his beloved were far more prepared then other Hive members like that clumsy oaf, Lord Barbossa, or any of Zarack's cabal. They were cunning master strategist. Giga looked over to Mega. “My love. I believe we should welcome our 'guest' properly.” She took a sip from her chalice. “And excellent idea, dearest husband.” A large shadowy figure emerged and knelt before their thrown. “Lords Giga and Mega, please allow me and my men to subdue the intruder?” Giga raised his hand. “You will get your chance to prove yourself in the future Clouder, However we intend to crush any foolish ideas in quick and brutal fashion.” Mega activated her com. “Saurus. The time has come. Ready yourself and wait for further instructions.” Clouder grimaced. The honors of combat should be his, not that commoners.
Miles away in the countryside Saurus was preparing. His wife Esmeral entered the room. “Do you really have to leave? Please don't leave me and the children.” He stopped and held her hands. “You know I have to. I made a deal and intend on keeping it. I'll be fine. I love you.” His two daughters ran into the room and hugged his legs. He said his goodbyes and walked out to a large silo that looked highly out of place in the countryside. An elevator brought him to scaffolding leading to the cockpit of his suit. He climbed in and began ignition prep. “Saurus reporting in. DeathSaurus is activated and standing by.”

Saber was flying over a shimmering ocean. He was quickly approaching the coastline of Hive controlled territory. The battalions of gray mobile suits waited anxiously. Commander Roritchi gave the order. “Guardminder units, fire at will. Take the intruder down!” A barrage of ordinance filled the sky. Saber tracked the trajectory of each shot and maneuvered, dodging every shot. Commander Roritchi was becoming irate. “Take him down!” Saber transformed and landed. He carried a shield on his left arm and wielded a sword with his right. Panic ensued as he began cutting down guardminder units left and right. All units focused their firepower on the Autobot. They were having difficulty keeping up with his movements, and often hitting their own comrades instead. Commander Roritchi called his superiors. “Lord Giga. We're engaged in combat with the Autobot. We're experiencing major casualties here.” Giga's voice calmly replied back. “Pull your men back Commander. We have reinforcements inbound.” Commander Roritchi confirmed. “Yes Sir.” He relayed the message to his remaining men. They quickly obeyed, retreating from combat. Saber finished slaying one of the gaurdminder units and surveyed the area. A deafening roar rang out. Commander Roritchi watched from a safe distance. He figured Clouder, Buster, and Hydra were the reinforcements Lord Giga mentioned. Not DeathSaurus. His own men feared DeathSaurus. The large blue metal dragon flew overhead spreading dread among the guardminder units. Saber took a defensive stance as the dragon landed before him. “So, this is what an Autobot can do. Impressive.” Saber replied in monotone. “Negative. I am not an Autobot. I am Saber. I was created by Dr. Sumdac to protect and liberate Nebulos from Hive.” DeathSaurus laughed. “And you think you can do it alone? Foolish little tinker-toy.” Saber jumped at the far larger dragon, Sword bared. DeathSaurus brought his tail up, swiping him away like a fly. Saber landed hard. Damaged, but far from out, he got up and assessed his foe. DeathSaurus mused. “Seriously, this can't be the plan. Send over one measly little drone to attack us on our own land.” Saber scanned DeathSaurus. At the core of this dragon was a Nebulan. He grabbed the rifle from a slain guardminder and targeted the pilots position. Three shots rang out. DeathSaurus was scorched where the weapon-fire struck but undamaged. However Saurus was enraged. “You know where I am! You want me? Very well. I'll make this quick. I much rather be with my family anyhow!” The large imposing dragon spread it's wings and with a flap, propelled itself at Saber. He tried to dodge, but was knocked down and pinned. The dragon opened it's mouth. A blue energy was building up. Saber was severely damaged. A leg was severed from the brunt force of impact, and optics were glitching in and out. “Time to die Saber!” Bamm! The side of DeathSaurus' dragon head was struck, diverting the blast just short of Saber. Jazz fired off more shots at the imposing dragon. “I thank we have his attention. Grim, you want to show this guy who's king?” Grimlock growled. “Me always ready for fight.” Jazz brought their vessel in low. “All yours big guy. Have fun.” Grimlock jumped from the vessel to the ground. DeathSaurus lost interest in the crippled Saber and approached the metal tyrannosaurus rex. “And who are you. Another simple minded drone, pathetic.” Grimlock charged and rammed into DeathSaurus' side. “Me no drone. Me king.” DeathSaurus staggered back. He collected himself and chuckled. Not a drone, but definitely simple minded. “Well 'King' let's see if you can slay the dragon.” The two threw themselves at each other in fierce savage combat.
While they fought, Jazz brought the ship in close to where Saber lied. He turned to Full-Tilt. “Help me get this guy onboard.” The purple bot complied. Saber was in bad ware. He scanned Jazz. “Autobot. Jazz. Special Operations.” Jazz and Full-Tilt picked him up and returned to the ship.
Grimlock and DeathSaurus bit, clawed, and tore at each other. Jazz called Grimlock back. He was unable to respond, DeathSaurus had gained the upper hand, pinning Grimlock to the ground like he had with Saber. Energy once again began building up. Grimlock chuckled. DeathSaurus was confused. “What is so funny?!” Grimlock responded. “Me can do that too!” Grimlock opened his mouth and shot flames at the face of his attacker. Blinded and caught off-guard, DeathSaurus stumbled back, releasing his energized weapon skywards. “Gahh! Retched Autobot.” Jazz seized the moment and brought the ship in close to collect Grimlock. “It's time for us to bug out of here.” Grim stepped on board. Jazz wasted no time and took off. DeathSaurus recovered, having wiped his scorched optics, and shot into the sky after them. Jazz watched his monitor. “That's not good.” Chromedome's voice sounded over the com. “Look's like we got here just in time. DeathSaurus was struck by several shot's from above. “Grrr. More Autobots. I'll-” Mega was calling. “Saurus. You've completed your mission. Let them escape. Return to your wife and children.” Saurus took a deep breath. “Yes Mam. I'm pulling back now.”
At Mega and Giga's palace Clouder was questioning their decision of using DeathSaurus. “Sire's. I don't understand why I and my men weren't sent into combat. We would've finished the intruders off, unlike Saurus.” Giga was growing annoyed of Clouder's jealousy. “Precisely why you weren't sent. We want the Autobots and 'freed Nebulans' to know and fear our power. The dead can't tell tales.” Clouder grimaced. “I understand, my liege. Forgive me.”
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Thirty

Nighbeat's ship, 'the Inquisitor', set down on the landing platform at Optera Outpost. Chromia was prepping a large rifle. “I know there's a slim chance this is necessary, but I prefer to er on the side of caution.” Nightbeat was gathering his equipment. “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Are you ready?” She confirmed, and they made their way to the doorway of the outpost. The scene was just as Optimus, Rodimus, and Cyclonus had depicted. Nightbeat walked over to the fried generator along the right wall. Gunfire was apparent. He set-up a temporary power-supply module. Lights flickered back to life. Chromia walked around, clutching the rifle in her hand, surveying the small outpost. It was messy. Less because of the conflict that occurred, but more so because of the deplorable tendencies of one or more of the residents. She walked into a small room that had three recharge slabs. She walked closer. A data-pad set atop a desk along a wall. She picked it up and turned it on. In the other room, Nightbeat was taking pictures of Cromar and the slain Unicronian spawn. It was every bit terrifying as they had all described. Nightbeat felt sympathy for what Zetar had gone through. He finished taking the last necessary pictures and stood back. In his mind he tried to imagine how it all went down. Chromia walked back in the room. “I found a personal log of one of the crew members. How's everything coming along out here?” He stared intently at the scene. “Zetar has to be one of the luckiest bots I know. Look here.” He pointed at the Unicronian spawn's corpse. The chest-plate was pealed back. “Zetar said after the assailants killed Cromar, one of the attackers stayed to terrorize him. Taunting him to try and kill him. Even going as far as to peal his chest armor back. Zetar was struck several times, eventually landing him by Cromar's body, and the rifle Cromar had been holding. Zetar reacted quickly, grabbed the rifle and fired two shots directly into the exposed chest, killing the attacker instantly.” Chromia walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. “So we have a clearer picture now of what happened. What I don't understand is why they would chance toying with a survivor. Why not just kill him and be done with it.” He smiled at her. “Exactly.”

Jazz's vessel landed on the platform at Fort-Max. Chromedome's ship and crew landed shortly after. Arcee and Blurr met Jazz at the hatch with a stretcher. Saber was thoroughly damaged, desperately clinging to life. With care they placed him on to the stretcher and brought him into the lab. Brainstorm followed quickly after. Sumdac watched as his beaten and dying creation was placed on a medical examination table. “Saber. What have they done to him?!” Brainstorm scanned Saber. The equipment chimed, noting something wrong. Brainstorm winced. “He's not quite like a Cybertronian. We'll do what we can to save him.” Sumdac welled up with anger and pain. Once more 'Hive' had tried to kill something precious to him.

On Cybertron, Perceptor was reporting their success to Rodimus and Cyclonus, in person. Perceptor's dream of a network of Space-bridges was becoming a reality.
Above Earth, Soundwave and the Constructicons were nearing the completion of their bridge.
In orbit around Omicron, Drench, Electro, Maximus, and a couple of Omicron's artisans worked to complete their Space-bridge. Soon the galaxy would be far more accessible for everyone.

On a dusty dirty planet, Astrotrain broke orbit and landed at a junk filled sector of the planet. Astrotrain's door hatch opened and Octane emerged pushing a crate atop a dolly-cart. An old four-armed bi-pedal humanoid met them out front of his shop. “Ah yes. My engine. Good timing.” Octane handed a data-pad to the alien shop owner. Astrotrain took this free time to transform and stretch. Something odd caught his eye. Among all the junk and trash was a Cybertronian vessel. Octane was concluding his business with the shop owner when Astrotrain approached. “What's the story with that Cybertronian ship? I don't recall seeing it here before.” The shop-owner shuttered. “We hauled it in two weeks ago. The whole crew is dead. But the real sick part is what was done to their bodies after their death. My work crew won't go anywhere near it. They think it's cursed. I wasn't sure what to do with it. Are you perhaps interested in it?” Astrotrain shook his head. “No, but I think I might know who is.”

Chapter Thirty One

The stolen merchant vessel landed on the crudely made landing platform. Pounce and Wingspan met the visitors outside their ship. Ramhorn and the others exited the ship. Pounce greeted the group. “Welcome back. Lord Predaking has been waiting. Follow us.” Deluge looked around. This planet was little more than a garbage scow for the neighboring planets. Predaking stood from his throne and approached. “I see you've brought someone who can create code.” Deluge stepped forward and bowed. “I am Deluge. My- Colleagues told me of your great empire. I too, wish to serve the great Predaking and his Predacon cause.” Predaking chuckled. “Very good. My men are at your disposal. Finish my ship. My brethren have been stranded on this filthy planet for far too long.” Deluge bowed once more. “I shall begin immediately.

Sumdac sat staring at his daughters med-pod. His trance was broken by Arcana's hand on his shoulder. “We've stabilized Saber. He'll recover. Cerebros informed us of his creation. I'm quite impressed. His internal systems are closer to a biological life-form's, than a Cybertronian's.” Sumdac spoke softly. “I figured if I could prove my work with Saber, then Cerebros would approve my daughters operation.” Arcana smiled. “I've been given the authority of overseeing your projects. I would count Saber as a great success. He did just as you said, he proved your idea works. You can begin your daughters operation as soon as you-” Arcana was caught off-guard by the sudden hug from his friend. “Thank you, my friend. Thank you.”

Upstairs, Cerebros was being introduced to Grimlock and Full-Tilt. Ultramagnus was skilled at making a point. After introductions, Jazz pulled Cerebros to the side to converse, while Grimlock and Full-Tilt carried on about who had the best story. Cerebros looked at the pair. “They act and behave so alike. Like they could be related.” Jazz smirked. “Yeah. Not much difference. Except one key thing. Full-Tilt has a spark. This is precisely why Magnus had me bring Grim along. He doesn't have a spark, but does that make him any less alive. Living on Earth my human friends don't have Sparks, but they are very much alive and self-aware. Most of them believe in the existence of a soul, which is in essence like our sparks, but cannot be seen.” Cerebros was quizzical. “Then how can they be sure?” Jazz looked over at the two bots still bickering. “Somethings you got to take on faith.”

On Cybertron, Perceptor was back in his lab peering through Shockwave's projects. Something was off. He remembered exactly how many project folders were contained on the drive. Two were missing. He found both absent project numbers. 96422 and 96423. He sat, trying to figure out what had happened to the missing folders and the data they each contained. A knock came from the door. Perceptor broke from his concentration and answered. Zetar stood outside. “You probably don't remember me, but I'm a fan of your work.” Perceptor motioned him to come in. “You're the survivor of Optera Outpost. Zetar, if I'm not mistaken.” Zetar slumped over. “Everyone remembers me as 'that poor little bot'. I want to change that. I want to learn to do what you do. I want to change the world.” Perceptor was flattered. “Well, thank you. However, the knowledge I obtained took a very long time to learn. I'm not sure if you really understand how much-” Zetar looked defeated slumped over in the chair he sat in. Perceptor rephrased his response. “How about this. I will teach you the basics and progress our lessons at your speed. If you decide you've changed your mind, then you are free to opt out at anytime.” Zetar perked up. “Thanks. That'd be great. You don't know how much this means to me.”

Arcee stood in the doorway of Brainstorm's lab, staring at the unconscious bot. Brainstorm's voice came from behind her. “Arcee, what are you and Daniel doing here? It's well past Daniel's normal rest cycle.” She motioned to Saber. “Do you plan to restore him?” Arcana answered. “Yes and no. We plan to rebuild him. Sturdier, larger, and faster. Sumdac's Saber will be protected by an armor, much like the one we built Optimus. 'Hive' might be able to beat one genius.” Brainstorm finished the thought. “But we are two.”

Chapter Thirty Two

Cybertron Investigator Nightbeat Personal Log 01-17-09
Over the last month, Chromia and I have scoured the neighboring planets. During this time we've found nothing substantial. I've learned to be careful about what I ask. The mention of Unicron to locals of this system is met with panic and fear. Optera was a hub to all the surrounding planets, It's annihilation impacted the system greatly. Chromia has proven to be a great partner and companion. I found myself in a bit of a situation on Balk, after asking the wrong people about information. Turns out they were mobsters. My luck, I suppose. Three large Balkian mobsters came at me with every intent of terminating me. Chromia dispatched all three, without firing, in no time flat. No fatalities, but at least one of them will not be procreating again. Unrelated, the log Chromia found at Optera outpost belonged to the now deceased Cromar. I've studied every file, log, and 'questionable material' on the device. Cromar was a less than impressive bot with ambitious dreams of becoming a galactic singing sensation. His colleagues, Aragon, and Zetar were roped into furthering this fantasy. I believe he is the culprit of the outpost' deplorably messy state. Doesn't matter now. We are currently on route to Drok. Apparently while delivering parts to a client, two Cybertronians stumbled upon what I believe is the ship that Zetar spoke of. With luck, I hope to find a clue that will guide us to our quarry.

A month had passed since Saber's assault on 'Hive'. Within this time the Space-bridge over Omicron was completed. The Space-bridge Network was quickly becoming a very useful service. Use was originally restricted to government bodies for official use only; However talks of opening the use of the Space-bridge Network for civilians and commercial use were being discussed. A council comprised of several species from across the galaxy convened on Earth at the 'United Galactic Coalition' in DC Washington. After concerns of possible miss-use of the network were voiced by several parties, it was decided a governing body would be needed to monitor and secure transit. This governing entity would be called the 'Galactic Defense Force'. After talks of the Space-bridge Network completed, Alexis Thi Dang, now the UGC house representative took to the house floor, accompanied by Arcana. “While the Space-bridge Network is surely a remarkable achievement, it is not the only reason we are here today.” She stepped back, letting Arcana step forward to the mic. “Thank you madam representative. I'd like to introduce my colleague and dear friend, Dr. Sumdac & his daughter Sari.” The crowd clapped as a dark skinned Nebulan man and teenage girl stepped out onto the speaking platform. Arcana relinquished the mic to Dr. Sumdac. He took a moment before he spoke. “For those that I haven't met, I am Dr. Sumdac. I and Arcana have been good friends and scientific competitors for many years. Several years ago, our home-world of Nebulos was conquered by a tyrannical hierarchy called 'Hive'. I was accosted by 'Hive' members to work for them. I refused. In return they attacked my home, killing my beloved wife and youngest daughter, and severely injured my daughter, Sari, leaving her in a coma. Once again they approached me, this time offering to keep Sari alive in turn for my services. I reluctantly agreed and began working for those I despised. 'Hive' ultimately wanted to have giant metal bodies like those of the Cybertronians. I began my work right away. Not for them, but for my daughters sake. By manipulating a rare-metal found deep in the mountains of my home-world I found I could rapidly create any object. Essentially programming the metal to take form. What exactly does this mean.” He gestured to his daughter. Sari took two steps forward and transformed into a small hovering craft. The auditorium gasped in astonishment. Some were surprised, while others were disgusted. Dr. Sumdac spoke again. “How many of you have family that have life impeding injuries? Maybe they lost and appendage, perhaps they were born with deformities, Or perhaps their body is failing them. Given the opportunity, would you do nothing, or would you improve their lives. We are still sure-testing this new technology, but we plan to share this with all the galaxy; so no one will know the pain of watching there loved ones suffer. Thank you for time. I concede the floor back to madam speaker.” The crowd clapped as the two exited the stage. Arcana met the two off-stage. “That went well.” Dr. Sumdac smiled. “Thank you, but something tells me not everybody likes the notion of cybernetic prosthetic limbs and bodies.”

On Chaar, Deluge and his minion, Tarantulus, were completing the last systems on the behemoth ship comprised from Trypticon. Predacons of all kind were working intently, prepping the vessel for it's departure. None of them cared to remain on the planet any longer than necessary. In another part of the ship, Overkill and Slugfest approached Predaking's throne. The imposing combiner stood and disengaged into his five members. Razorclaw stepped forward to address the two cassette bots. “Are you ready to serve your king and your brethren?” They growled. “We are, our king.” Razorclaw chuckled. “Very good. Then let's begin.” He led the two down a long hallway to the spark chamber room. Pounce and Wingspan stood waiting in the room. Wingspan was holding a spark extraction device. Pounce walked over to the two, placing them into stasis-lock. Using the extraction device, Overkill and Slugfest's sparks were removed and placed into Trypticon's spark chamber. The two sparks whirled around within their new housing. Razorclaw motioned to Wingspan. “Let the doctor know we're ready on our end.” Wingspan understood who he meant. 'The doctor' was Razorclaw's, and by proxy, Predaking's term for Deluge. He radioed the bridge. “Deluge. This is Wingspan. We're done on our end. Lord Razorclaw wants to know how much longer?” Deluge groaned before radioing Wingspan back. “My assistant is connecting the last few hard-lines. Inform our lord we should be ready to proceed in a few minutes.”
Elsewhere on Chaar, Counterpunch finished his update on the Predacon's and hid the equipment. The galaxy had a new problem rearing it's head.
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Thirty Three

The Space-bridge over Cybertron whirled to life. In an instant a Cybertronian shuttle appeared. Hubcap hooted. “Got to say, that's damn impressive.” Completing it's shunt, the ship piloted by Hubcap continued to Cybertron's Space-port. Prodotis was returning with an impressive collection of Cybertronian relics aboard. Since their venture into space millions of years ago, he had stored and preserved them for Cybertron's people, aboard 'the Exodus'.
At Perceptor's lab, Zetar was prepping the necessary provisions and tools for their visit to Nebulos. Brainstorm and Arcana had invited them to assist with further developing Sumdac's 'Proto-matter'. Perceptor was more than delighted. Zetar was more focused on the trip aspect of their journey. “I've never been to Nebulos. I've heard they have humid jungles and sandy beaches.” Perceptor smirked. “They do. However, I'm afraid the majority of our time will be spent in a lab aboard Fort-Max.” Zetar deflated. “Oh. Well seeing Fort-Max will still be nice.” Perceptor laughed. “I'm sure I could arrange for Wheelie and Blurr to show you the sights.” Zetar perked up again.

'The Inquisitor' set down on the dusty surface of Drok. The proprietor of the shipyard approached. Nightbeat and Chromia met him outside. “You must be Grex. I'm Nightbeat and this is my partner, Chromia. The large Drokian wiped his face with a dirty cloth. “So I hear that old cybertonian wreck might be important. You can take a look, but if you find anything you want to take, as evidence or such, it's gonna cost you.” Chromia cringed. Nightbeat offered his hand. “Understood. If we find anything worth taking as evidence, I'll let you know.” Grex shook his hand. “Actually I'm going to have my boy, Frakk, keep and eye on ya.” Grex turned and motioned to a scrawny Drokian in a dirty mechanics jumpsuit. The young Drokian quickly made his way over. Grex put his hand on Frakk's shoulder. “These two are going to take a look in that Cybertronian wreck we hauled in awhile back.” Frakk twitched. “You mean that 'death ship'. I ain't go' n anywhere near that.” Grex tighten his grip on the boys shoulder. “You don't have to go in that flarking ship, just show them where it is and make sure they don't take anything without paying for it. Got it?” Frakk was still fidgety. Grex sighed. “You do this and I'll give you the rest of the day off and twenty draks.” Frakk thought it over and mustered some courage. “Okay. I'll do it.”

Standing outside the eminence ship, the Predacons watched from afar. The engines whirled to life. The vessels running lights illuminated. The vessel rose from it's position, hovering in place over the ground. Landing gear extended and the behemoth ship set down gently. Predacons cheered in triumphant success. Standing tall above them, Predaking held his large sword in the air, catching the attention of his men. “Brothers. We have lingered here for far too long. Through our gathered efforts, we have built a means to escape our purgatory. No longer will we be bound to this planet of refuse and rubble. No longer will we fight among ourselves for scraps. No more will we be silent. The galaxy will learn of the Predacons, and they will tremble in fear!” The crowd cheered and hollered loudly. Predaking pointed his sword to the vessl. “To the ship. We leave immediately.”
On board in a private room, Ramhorn was messaging someone on Cybertron through an encrypted channel.
Ramhorn: Phase three is completed.
B: Very good. Await further instructions.
Ramhorn: Understood. Hail Unicron.
B: Hail Unicron.

Optimus stood peering out the window of his quarters on Earth. Rodimus, Cyclonus, and himself had attended the UGC summit and were sticking around as a favor for Carly Witwicky. Tensions on the planet were escalating. Not everyone was happy about Decepticons roaming freely, and pardoned, on their planet. For the most part, peace and order was kept. However the Combaticons did not adhere to the conditions. Somehow they had left Cybertron after returning in Scorponok from deep space, and fled to Earth. Siding with a madman, the Combaticons now became Senator Grant Roberts silver bullet. An example of why Decepticons, why Cybertronians in general, had no right on their planet. Optimus' contemplation was interrupted by a door chime. He turned to face the door. “Enter.” Ultramagnus stepped in with a stout expression. “I just heard from my spy- From Punch. The Predacons have completed their ship. We have to act now.” Optimus thought for a moment. “I will return to Cybertron to deal with this. Rodimus and Cyclonus are the face of Cybertron's new beginning. Their place is here.”

Back on Drok, Nightbeat and Chromia were slowly making their way through the desolate vessel. Frakk stood nervously a hundred yards away, jumping at any slight shift or rumble the rusty vessel made from the two Cybertronian investigators. Inside Chromia and Nightbeat shined wrist mounted lights around the cabin. The reason for the shipyard scavenger crew's fear was understandable. Dead and defiled Cybertronian bodies were scattered about. Chromia spotted writing along the far wall. “I don't think I've ever seen this dialect before.” Nightbeat shone his light over to the wall. “It's ancient Cybertronian. 'Dark shall rise and light shall fall. Hail the destroyer. He lives eternal.'” Chromia shook her head. “Occultist make terrible poets.” Nightbeat chuckled. Turning his light back to the end of the ship he noticed a small blue lump strangely out of place under a console. He studied it closer. It was a reptilian life-form in a space-suit. A severed tether was attached at his waist. “I think I've found what we're looking for.” Chromia walked over. Nighbeat turned the body over onto it's back. A device fell from the dead reptilians grasp. Nightbeat grabbed his evidence collecting case and bagged the dead body along with the device. “Let's pay our host and return to our ship. We've found what we're looking for.”
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Thirty Four

Jazz was returning to Metroplex. He had just finished dropping Grimlock and Full-Tlt off on Dinobot Island. His Com buzzed to life. The familiar voice of Ultramagnus asked “What's your ETA?” Jazz responded. “Just dropped the kids off at the daycare. I'm four miles out.” Ultramagnus wasted no time. “Are you up for another mission?” Jazz smirked. “Of course. What's the mission?”
Optimus stepped out onto the landing platform just as Jazz appeared and began landing. The side hatch opened. Jazz was standing in the open doorway. “Ready when you are prime- Optimus. Force of habit.” Optimus chuckled as he quickly boarded. “Don't worry about it old friend.” Jazz returned to his seat and piloted the ship skyward, towards Earth's Space-bridge.

The Space-bridge over Nebulos completed it's shunt. Sky-lynx sighed. “That always feels weird.” Perceptor was curious. “How so?” Sky-lynx took a moment before replying. "Like being sucked down a drain.” Perceptor smiled to himself and shook his head. “I suppose it does. But in actuality, we are being deconstructed and reconstructed on the other side.” Sky-lynx shuttered at that realization as he entered Nebulos atmosphere. Brainstorms voice came from their coms. “Welcome. We're all prepped and ready on our end. We'll see you two soon.” Perceptor replied back. “Understood.”

On Cybertron, The relics aboard Hubcap's vessel were finally unloaded. Prodotis had much work ahead for him. Sorting and cataloging relics would be no light task. The flash of light from the space-bridge caught his attention. The shuttle seemed to be in a hurry as it quickly traveled towards to the spaceport.
Kup had just finished running his recruits through drills, when Optimus' voice spoke to him over his com. “Kup. We've just learned the Predacons have managed to repair and use Trypticon as a dreadnought class ship. Gather the Aerialbots and Technobots and meet Jazz and I at Scorponok as soon as possible. I fear we haven't much time.” Kup sighed. He feared it would come to blows again. It always did. He commed Optimus back. “Understood, Optimus. We'll be there in twenty minutes.”

On 'the Inquisitor' Nightbeat was looking Gleek's body over. No stabs or breaks. He had died in a way that was alien to Cybertronians. Suffocation. Gleek had crawled back into the ship in an effort to stay a little warmer before asphyxiation occurred. The patch on his space-suit Read 'T.G.S.U. Ship #452'. His name was embroidered on the other side. The device held a voice recording from Gleek, detailing the events that unfolded. Gleek described the same undead Cybertronians. A quick search revealed the T.G.S.U. to be the Trans Galactic Salvage Union. The two made contact with the salvage group. The Union hadn't heard any word from ship 452, and assumed it had become prey of Predacon piracy, which was starting to spread further into this sector. Unfortunately, because of the morally duplicity of their work, the Union's ships were not fitted with regulation tracking signature. The only lead came from Gleeks description of their projected heading.

On Cybertron, Scorponok was being primed for launch. Both combiner teams had arrived and took their stations. Kup was being brought up to speed by Optimus and Jazz. The Nebulan titan rose from it's spot on the tarmac and turned skyward. It's destination was Chaar.
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Thirty Five

Just beyond Drok, in the deep vast space was Tarix Station. An orbital behemoth circling the gas giant, Vras. It's location was outside of 'Authoritative supervision', but ideally located for traders, thieves, and general underworld activities. Protection was never necessary, every being that stepped foot on the station was either armed or in chains. Any overly aggressive act was quickly quashed by the other deplorable patrons.
The large looming Predacon Dreadnought crept closer. In the station's tower, the operations personnel hailed the large ship. “Welcome to Tarix Station. Please Identify your craft and reduce speed. Docking coordinates will be sent shortly.” The ship lowered it's speed and followed the coordinates it was sent. The head personnel was becoming inpatient. “Unidentified vessel. What is your crafts Identification?” There was a long pause. A loud metallic voice boomed, scaring the tower operations personnel. “I am Gigastorm. And we are Predacons.” Two of the tower personnel cursed aloud. The station shook as the large ship docked itself. Patrons of the station watched in uneasiness. The Docking doors opened. Razorclaw, followed by his four compatriots stepped into the station. All eyes were fixed on the Cybertronians who just strolled in acting like they owned the place. Razorclaw spoke loudly. “We are the Predacons. We claim this station and all its contents in the the name of the Predacon Alliance.” The crowd of beings broke out in laughter. Razorclaw spoke again. “Lay down your arms and maybe I won't crush every one of you.” Laughter turned to anger. A large Lithian charged the slightly shorter Predacon leader. “Whats makes ya think you cans just come' n here and demands we all surrenders to you. You ain't noth' n but Cybertronian vagabonds. Dirt squabblers. Old rust' n relics of a die' n age.” The four Predacon members snickered and laughed. Razorclaw kept eye-contact. “Vagabond you say. I and my my brethren are not vagabonds.” The five merged into the hulking combiner. In a unison voice they said. “We are Predaking.” Predacons flooded out of the dreadnought and into the station. Panic erupted. Some of the patrons stood their ground not backing down, however most recognized the overwhelming dire situation and tried to escape the madness. Predaking slammed his fist into the Lithian. The large being flew backwards hitting the hull with a thud. The tower personnel frantically prepped the station for self-destruct and boarded their ship, making a haste escape. A feminine voice announced a countdown. Predaking turned to Deluge who stood in the hatchway watching the carnage unfold with delight. “Doctor. Take care of that count down.” Deluge and his apprentice quickly made their way to the control tower. An encrypted elevator access panel was keeping them from there objective. Time was quickly depleting. Deluge pointed to a ventilation shaft. “There. You must complete this without me. Go quickly, my apprentice.” The small bot quickly transformed back into his multi-legged drone form and entered the access panel and crawled up the Elevator cables to tower control. Transforming back to his bipedal form he familiarized himself with the stations systems. “Ah. Yes! Self-destruction deactivation.” Below Predacons fled back to the ship, expecting the station to blow at any moment. Predaking stood fearless without flinching. The countdown ceased. Tarantulas released the elevator encryption lock. Predaking chuckled in delight as he approached Deluge. “Well done Doctor.” Deluge bowed. “It was not I who saved us sire, but my apprentice.” Just then the elevator door opened. Predaking looked down at the tiny bot. “What is your name, Predacon?” Tarantulus followed his masters stance and bowed. “I am Tarantulus.” Predaking raised his enormous sword to Tarantulus shoulder. “You have a bright future among the Predacons. What you've done here today has not gone unnoticed.”

On Nebulos, Brainstorm and Arcana were explaining Sumdac's Proto-matter process. Perceptor and Zetar were spellbound. Living metal bodies that could be rendered by programming the alloys to take form. Sumdac's achievement was no small feat. This marked the beginning in a new age. The gap between biological and technological was going to become smaller. Perceptor, Brainstorm, and Arcana conversed about the seemingly unlimited uses for such a process. Zetar looked around the lab before asking. “So where is the doctor?” The three bots paused. Arcana smiled softly. “He's taking some time off to spend with his daughter.” After a moment Brainstorm broke the silence. “While the doctor is not here, there is however, someone here you should both meet.” Preceptor and Zetar followed Brainstorm into a room. Pulling a sheet back they unveiled a large bot. “Dr. Sumdac's first test of his Proto-matter was creating a learning AI guardian for Nebulos. He called his creation Saber. In an attempt to fulfill it's purpose, it pursued it's targets to the other side of the planet. After an impressive display it was finally brought down by the Goliath Hive mechanized warrior, Deathsaurus. We were able to retrieve it before it was destroyed, but the body was thoroughly injured. Accompanying Dr. Sumdac, we developed a method for regenerating the damaged sections using the Proto-matter. We call this process Cryogenic Regeneration. The damaged areas are repaired and seamlessly adapted.” Perceptor and Zetar were impressed by the rather large bot. Zetar spoke first. “I can't believe this guy could lose to anyone. He's really big and menacing.” Arcana spoke for the two of them. “Oh. This isn't Saber. Saber was rebuilt, but we decided to create and armored suit to better enhance him. In this form we call him STAR Saber.” Perceptor looked closer. “Most Impressive. I assume STAR is an acronym?” Brainstorm held a finger up. “Superior Tactical Armored Reinforced. We're also developing a aerial enhancement pack we call V-STAR, or Versatile Sonic Tech Aerial Repulsor.”

Ten miles north of Fort-Max, Arcee and Springer were enjoying the sights on Nebulos together. Waterfalls, Lush green vegetation, and high peak cliffs with amazing views. Per Daniels request Brainstorm had fashioned a spare, but natural in appearance, head for Arcee. She was surprised and amazingly grateful. The two stood at a high peak taking in the view around them. The sun began to set in the distance. Arcee held tightly to Springer. “Isn't this view amazing?” He put his arm around her and pulled her closer. “Yes she is.” He gazed down at her. She playfully slapped him. “You're going to miss it if you're looking at me.” They shared a laugh and held each other as the sun finally disappeared into the horizon.

After cross referencing the heading Gleek gave with locations of importance cataloged in Teletran II, Nightbeat and Chromia came to Primacron; Unicrons creator. His lab was the Unicronian Spawn's likely destination. As they neared the laboratory space station 'The Inquisitor' slowed its approach. Nightbeat hailed the small fortified laboratory. No response. Before continuing to land, the pair left a message with Goldbug on Cybertron, letting command know where they were and what they had found on Drok. Chromia prepped their weapons. The assailants would likely not still be around, but just in case they were, she was ready to fight. They entered, guns drawn. To their surprise, the lights were left on. Nothing seemed out of place, until they came to master control. Blood stained the single chair surrounded by consoles and monitors. Nightbeat sighed. “I think it's safe to assume this is Primacron's blood. They've killed him.” Chromia grunted. “Is this it. A literal dead end. I was really hoping I could shoot something.” Nighbeat grinned. “No. You may not be able to shoot something, but this is not a dead end. I'm going to need my kit.” She sighed. “We're going to be here a while aren't we?” Nightbeat smiled at her. “Yep. But at least we're here together.” She smiled. If she were human she would've blushed. Unbeknownst to the two, a security measure had been triggered. Three sentry robots activated and proceeded to their location.

Ramhorn, Cicadacon, and Sea Clamp boarded the station. They knelt before Razorclaw. Cicadacon spoke for the group. “My Liege. We honor your victory. This triumph is the first of many. With us as your advisers, the Predacon Alliance will be feared and respected across the universe.” Razorclaw chuckled. “You three have definitely proven your worth. Everything went as you said it would.” They rose to their feet. Sea-Clamp spoke on the trios behalf. “Now that you've taken the station, claimed everything within, and taken hostages; the next phase can begin. It's time to contact the authorities.”

Chapter Thirty Six

On route to Chaar, Optimus received a transmission from Ultramagnus. Punch had updated him on the current situation. Given their new knowledge, Scorponok was now heading to Tarix Station. Kup was getting an uneasy filling about this. Tarix Station was not the closest of places the Predacons could raid. There were several locations between Chaar and Tarix Station that would be prime locations. This felt planned. As the large vessel neared the station, they were hailed by a smaller ship. The Captain identified himself as Commander Vax of the Tiresian Union Galactic Force. Per his superiors orders he was not to let anybody approach. For the moment they would comply.

Aboard Tarix Station, Ramhorn listed the twenty-five terrorist, weapons dealers, and murders they had taken prisoner. And the forty five slaves that were to be sold. The four beings, each from a different planet in the Tiresian Union, looked very pleased. The Admiral from Fantoma affirmed his colleagues decision before speaking. “We admit, We're surprised by this offer. Deceptons- Sorry. Predacons have a bad reputation in these outskirt regions. Why the change?” Cicadacon spoke up. “The Predacons you dealt with before only resorted to raids out of necessity. With this station serving as our new base of operations, we will become far more than we were before. We only ask for the opportunity to prove our commitment to change.” The Admiral from Fantoma checked with his colleagues once more before signing the papers. Tarix Station was now legally sanctioned Predacon Alliance property. In Exchange, the twenty five wanted criminals in the Predacon's custody, as well as the forty five enslaved beings would be surrendered to the Tiresian Union Galactic Force. No mention of the vast armaments or weapons were mentioned. As long as the Predacon Alliance didn't attack any planet, station, or settlement under the Unions protection, they could do as they pleased.

After what felt like a day, Commander Vax hailed the Autobots aboard Scorponok back to let them know of the agreement. Optimus thanked the Commander and ended the transmission. Kup grumbled under his breath. Silverbolt swiveled in his chair at helm control. “What do we do now, Commander?” Optimus stared at the the screen displaying the station. “For now- We return to Cyberton. They've won today.” Kup added his thoughts. “I don't like this. This is far beyond anything they've been capable of before.” Optimus walked over to a view port to look directly at the station. “Perhaps.”

Cybertron Investigator Nightbeat Personal Log 04-25-09
Chromia and I have traced the 'Unicronian Spawn' to Primacron's laboratory. While they are long gone, I believe my next clue is somewhere here. Not long after finding Primacron's discarded corpse in the trash compactor, we were attacked by sentry mechanisms. While I personally do not like to be shot at or attacked in any manner, I was happy to see Chromia got her opportunity to shoot something. She is an amazing shot and skilled fighter. Without her, I would have likely met my end. We've begun our detailed inspection and dissection of Primacron's laboratory. With luck we should find the clue we're looking for.

On Tarix Station the Predacons were hard at work. Under the guide of Predaking's advisers the station was being refitted to better serve the Predacon Alliance. In a shielded hidden room was every weapon, device, or chemical that was seized from the traders on Tarix Station. The door opened and Razorclaw and Ramhorn walked to the far end. Against the far wall were three large warheads. Ramhorn ran his hand across the back end, clearing the dust from the label. “These will do nicely my liege. We need only to wait for the perfect time to strike.”

Chapter Thirty Seven

Four months later. Everything felt like it was starting to fall into place. Peace on Cybertron was becoming the norm. Anti-Cybertronian sentiment seemed to die down on Earth. Ultramagnus was keeping an ever vigilante eye on the 'New Decepticons' threat to make sure it stayed that way. Liscenced use of the space-bridge network was enacted. Trade between far reaching systems was booming. Sumdac's research into the use of Proto-matter was being further developed by Perceptor and Zetar back on Cybertron. As it turned out, Omicrons mines were rich with the alloy used to create Proto-matter. Because of this, shipments between Cybertron and Omicron were becoming more frequent. Prodotis was nearing completion of his work on a museum to display pieces of Cybertron's history in Iacon. On Nebulos, STAR Saber was re-activated and stationed with Pointblank, Crosshairs, and Sureshot in the forward command base captured from 'Hive' the previous year. The Predacons were laying low for the time being. Nightbeat and Chromia had found shards of metal. After studying the fragments, Nightbeat believed they were the 'Unicronian Spawns' old outer structures. They had rebuilt themselves. Kup returned to training a fresh batch of cadets. After their two weeks together Springer returned to Cybertron, and Arcee returned to work among Nebulons people. Rodimus and Cyclonus were becoming used to working in tandem for the betterment of Cybertron. The fears of the threat of Unicron were diminishing. But nothing last forever.

After a long days work, Rodimus was walking back to his quarters at Iacon Command. Approaching from down the haul was a bot- or was it. It was the size of a Cybertronian but he had a human face, a Cybertronian sized human face. Rodimus cringed. “What in the-” The being walked up to him. “Oh wow! I didn't think I'd ever get to meet you. This day keeps getting better and better. I'm Cloudburst. It's a pleasure to meet you.” Still not sure what was going on, Rodimus shook his hand. “So are you from Cybertron or are you just visiting?” Cloudburst pulled a data-pad out. “I was from Paradron. My body was always too small and feeble to be of much use. I heard of experimental trials in which you could get a new body. I came down right away. I plan to move to Earth and fly it's skies.” Rodimus looked at the ad for test candidates and nodded. “And that's why you decided to have a human facial appearance?” Cloudburst smiled. “I know some humans don't like us Cybertronians, so you know- I figured they might like a more recognizable face.” Rodimus managed a grin. “Well I wish you well Cloudburst. I have to be going. I suggest being careful which skies you fly over on Earth. Some humans are more hostile than others.”

The target buoy shot skyward and zigzagged back and forth. Blam! An energy blast struck the buoy, dropping it back to the ground. Kup smirked. “Great shot kid. Camshaft, you're up next.” Override handed the rifle over to his gray compatriot. “Let's see what you got.” Camshaft scoffed. “Please. I know my way around a rifle.” The buoy reset and climbed skyward once again. Blam! The shot nicked the buoy. Camshaft cursed under his breath. He lined his shot up and fired again. Blam! The shot caught the buoy dead center. It fell to the ground. Kup nodded. “Not bad. Downshift, you're next.” The quiet white bot stood up and took position. Camshaft tried to hand him the rifle. He shook his head. “I won't be needing that.” Override laughed. “What. You planning to use that pea-shooter you carry with you everywhere?” Downshift nodded. Override looked to Kup. “Can he do that?” Kup was intrigued. “Let's find out.” The buoy reset and flew skyward. It zigzagged back and forth, fading into the distance. Override scoffed. “So much for-” Pop! The blast from the handgun streaked across the distance and caught the buoy dead center, dropping it. Kup chuckled. “Let's try that again. I'm going to send up three targets. Can you handle three?” Downshift looked over to Kup. “Only three.” The buoys shot skyward. They each began zigzagging back and forth. Three shots fired off in rapid procession. All three buoys fell to the ground. Kup laughed in delight. “Damn nice shooting.” Downshift holstered his gun and bowed in appreciation. Override was fuming. “Were not graded on a curve, are We?”

With the need for an envoy no longer required. Hubcap was putting his skills as a pilot to use making runs from Omicron to Cybertron via Space-bridge, transporting shipments of the alloy used to create proto-matter, minded by Impactor's crew. He enjoyed his work. Although he did miss teasing his friend Bumper on the occasional basis. His vessel was one of three used to transport the raw alloy back to Cybertron. These vessels were scheduled for regular deliveries. To and from, day in and a day out.
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Thirty Eight

January 5th 2010.
Trials on proto-matter were completed. The technological and medical applications were endless. At Iacon Command, Zetar emerged from a darken room and made his way down the hall. He slowed as he heard the familiar voice of Kup. He was talking to someone. He stepped in the open doorway. Prodotis was showing Kup a long blade. Zetar recognized it from reading Prodotis memoirs. This was the blade of Banzaitron. He approached. The two turned to greet him. He nodded and walked over to where the blade was resting. Kup spoke up. “Careful with that blade kid. That things even older than me.” Zetar ignored him and picked the large blade up. “I read about Banzaitron in your book. So tragic to think it was so easy to manipulate half of the populous into a war that claimed so many lives and decimated the planet. And all it took was one bot. An enemy within.” Prodotis approached. “Cybertron will never again see his evil.”Zetar gripped the blade. “Oh. I wouldn't be sure about that.” He spun around, plunging it through the quintessons mid-section. Prodotis let out a yell and fell to the floor dead. Kup reached for his side-arm. Zetar rushed the older bot. Kup raised the gun. In quick motion Zetar swung the blade, cutting his hand off. Kup screamed in pain. “Why! Why do this? We're all Cybertronians.” Zetar's eyes began to pulsate green. “No. I serve the master. My Master. Unicron.” Kup activated his com. “This is Kup. I'm requ-” Zetar skewered him on a downward angle. “You don't get to spoil the surprise just yet.” Zetar walked over to a console. He typed a message to an outside source.

B: It has begun. Enact the plan.
Ramhorn: Yes Sir. Hail Unicron.
B: Hail Unicron.

At Tarix Station, now designated as Command Outpost One, Predacons were readying for their assault. Gigastorm was prepped and en route to the the nearest Space-bridge, over Nebulos. Onboard Ramhorn was briefing Snapdragon and Apeface on their missions. The two large bots listened with little attention. Their focus was on their roles to be played. Because of their alt-modes they carried the honor of delivering the warheads to their intended targets.

Back on Cybertron, Zetar walked with purpose, blade in hand, to Perceptor's lab. Iacon Command was near empty. Prodotis' Museum was opening today, and most of the staff, Rodimus and Cyclonus included, were in attendance. Reaching his destination, Zetar entered the Lab. Perceptor continued working without turning to face him. “Zetar. Is that you? I thought you'd be at the Museum with the others for it's inaugural opening.” Zetar slowing approached raising the blade. “Oh my. I guess I didn't notice what time it was. I better get going.” Perceptor chuckled. “Yes. I better stop to join the others as well. It would only be ri-” Perceptor caught Zetar in the reflection on the screen in front of him. Zetar realized he was spotted and swung the blade. Perceptor dodged, catching just the end of the blade across his chest. He stumbled over to a lab table. Zetar was coming at him with lethal intent. Quickly thinking, Perceptor grabbed a vile of acid and threw it at Zetar. It hit him shattering in his face. Zetar shrieked in pain at an audible level Perceptor thought impossible. Perceptor frantically grabbed the small gun he kept in a drawer to defend himself. He tapped his com. “Kup! It's Perceptor. I need immediate help! Kup, are you there?!” Zetar rose from the ground laughing. “You called the wrong person. I'm afraid he's unable to help anyone ever again.” Green gobs of ooze dripped from the maw that was once his face. Zetar looked like the epitome of death. Perceptor realized this was his end. Letting Cybertron's worst enemy take Shockwave's research was not an option. He turned the small fire-arm on the drive that held Shockwave's research, and fired twice. Shling!! He looked down to see the metallic blade protruding from his chest. Everything grew dark. He fell to the ground. Zetar pulled the blade from Perceptor's back. He cursed. “Fool. I learned what I needed from you. Though Shockwave's research would've been a very nice bonus.” He inspected the drive. Perhaps it still worked, or at least partly. Any chance it did was worth trying. He picked it up and turned back to the dead body of his mentor. “Thanks for the lessons. I'll put what I've learned to use.” He stepped over Perceptor and proceeded to his next destination, Cybertron's Space-port. In Perceptor's lab, the lights flickered. A screen twitched for a moment, before going black.

Optimus was taking time off on Earth. After lengthy convincing he was finally taking Hound and Sgt. Hausers advice, relaxing in the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies. Constantly fighting to protect his friends, allies, and their planets and keep the peace, meant he never had time to enjoy his surroundings. This feeling of peace and joy felt so foreign to him. He was so naive as Orion, but as Optimus he understood his role, his necessity. War was never something he wanted, but it was his obligation to protect the lives of all the sentient beings from those that would oppress them.

Rodimus and Cyclonus finished their speech outside Cybertron's newly constructed museum. Rodimus looked down at his chronometer. “Prodotis should've been here by now. Kup was planning to escort him personally.” Cyclonus tapped his com. “Kup. This is Cyclonus. What is your ETA?” No response. Rodimus tapped his com. “Perceptor. It's Rodimus. Is Kup and Prodotis with you?” No Response. They both were getting a bad feeling. Cyclonus commed Scourge. “Scourge. I need you to return to Iacon Command and check on Prodotis.” Scourge responded. “Right away.”

The hulking Predacon dreadnought was approaching Nebulos' space-bridge. At Fort Max, long range proximity alerts were going off. Cerebros was prepping the base for an attack, but civilians in the perimeter around Fort Max were making it a much more difficult and tedious of a task. Arcee, Daniel, Blurr, and Wheelie were doing their best to evacuate the populous. GigaStorm held position over the space-bridge. Aboard the titan, Razorclaw placed an arm on Apeface and Snapdragon's shoulder. “You know the plan. Deliver your payloads and return to us as Predacon heroes.” The pair growled in approval. Transforming into their jet-forms, the warheads were attached to their undercarriage. They launched out into space. Razorclaw turned back to his advisers. “This had better work.” Cicadacon spoke on the trios behalf. “It shall my Liege.” Razorclaw directed his attention to Deluge. “Doctor. Are the codes your contact gave us working?” Deluge quickly responded, chuckling in a sinister manner. “Yes my Liege. We can jump whenever you're ready.” Razorclaw was very amused. “Then the time has come for us to see our new home. Bring us to Omicron dear doctor.”

Chapter Thirty Nine

Tragedy is never seen. It is experienced in the moment and has lasting effects.
How one responds to such terrible occurrences is the true test of ones character.

In an instant Gigastorm and all the Predacons aboard were shunted to the space-bridge over Omicron. Snapdragon activated the space-bridge and took his position above. “I bet I can finish my run before you can.” Apeface growled. “Like slag you can. I'll be done before you even break Earth's orbit.” Snapdragon laughed. “We'll see.” the space-bridge begun it's shunt. Apeface began his decent to Nebulos.
Planet-side, the civilians were evacuating to a bunker. Cerebros merged with Fort Max, Waiting for the Predacon attack. Brainstorm's voice came over Cerebros' com. “They've shunted. They're gone.” Cerebros wasn't sure what to think. “why here? How'd they managed to get the codes? Where were they going?” A new alarm was sounding. One bogie was inbound. Cerebros hailed the approaching Predacon. “Approaching Cybertronian. Cease your attack this is your only warning. I don't want to have to kill you. Cease your approach now.” Apeface was bearing down on Fort Max at terminal velocity. “I don't think so's Autobot scum.” Apeface launched the warhead. Cerebros had only a moment to react. He reached Fort Max's hand out to stop the warhead from touching down on the city below. He missed. The warhead brushed past his fingers, setting down and exploding on impact on the civilian emergency bunker below. Fort Max was blown over to his left, falling to the ground. Apeface laughed in torturous delight and returned to the space-bridge in orbit.

Over Earth, the space-bridge came to life. Snapdragon gleamed with delight as he made his approach to the surface. A voice over coms caught him off-guard. “This is EDF Gate patrol officer Jonas Jeffries. Our scans show you are armed. Hold your position and take no action or we will fire.” Snapdragon laughed. “Like you could catch me human.” He shot off, entering Earth's atmosphere. Officer Jonas called back to HQ. “Command I have a hostile Cybertronian with warheads entering orbit. Requesting permission to terminate?” The voice of a woman responded back. “Confirmed. Ghost, you have permission to terminate. Happy hunting.” Officer Jonas turned the nose of his X-19 stealth fighter towards his fleeing prey. “Time for this human to show you what we're capable of.” Snapdragon was so enthralled with the thought of dropping his payload on Metroplex, to notice the vessel closing in on him. A voice over his com said one last thing. “You had your chance.” Snapdragon noticed too late to react. A well place shot struck the warhead detonating it along with Snapdragon. Below at Metroplex, Ultramagnus was watching it unfold via long-range scanner. He commed Blaster. “I hate to have to do this, but I need Optimus back here ASAP. The Predacons have mobilized. And they have our Space-bridge codes.”

Hub-cap had just finished his shift and was sitting back, enjoying himself at 'Maccadams'. The work was dull but if it meant he could have a few while not on duty, then it was well worth it. Scourge was sitting on the other side of the bar along with two identical bots. He watched the trio enjoy themselves. A call halted their enjoyment. Scourge rose to his feet and exited accompanied by his two men. A voice startled Hub-cap. “Can I get ya another round my boy?” Hub-cap smiled. “Sure. That'd be great. How long's this place been open?” The old bronze colored bot smiled. “Oh. It's always been here. But it was reopened several years back when Cybertron was rejuvenated. 'Maccadams' is a place for everybody. Those celebrating, those in mourning. Those who just need to be heard, and maybe can listen to what an old bot has to say.” He poured another round of engex into Hub-cap's mug. “I always enjoy listening to others.” Hub-cap thanked the bar keep and took a drink.

Zetar reached the Space-port with Banzaitron's sword in one hand and the drive with Shockewave's project files in the other. Hub-cap's vessel was right where he knew it was going to be. He entered and scoured the ship for Hub-cap. The little debonair bot wasn't aboard. He started the vessel. The engines roared to life. It rose from the space-port and made it's way to the Space-bridge in orbit.

Scourge and his sweeps arrived at Iacon Command. To their dismay, they found the carnage that unfolded only an hour or two ago. The bodies of Prodotis, Kup, and Perceptor laid dead on the ground. Clear evidence of a bladed weapon was apparent. Scourge radioed Cyclonus with the unfortunate news. Rodimus and Cyclonus were dismayed, making their way back to Iacon Command in a panicked rush.

Cerebros came to. Brainstorm was kneeling beside him. “Commander. Thank goodness you're alive. We had to manually disconnect you from Fortress Maximus.” Cerebros was still in a daze. Like a nightmare remembered, it came back to him. “The warhead. I failed to stop it. Are the civilians okay?” Brainstorm looked down. Cerebros looked over at Hardhead and Highbrow. Something was horribly wrong. “The civilians, Brainstorm. Where are they?” Brainstorm waited a moment. “They were all in the bunker, along with Arcee, Daniel, Blurr, and Wheelie. The warhead hit it directly on. There- there were no survivors." Cerebros was in shock and horror. He couldn't protect them. He had a titan at his control, and he still couldn't save them. He screamed in agony of his failure.

Over Omicron the Predacon dreadnought appeared in a flash. On the surface Whirl was freaking out. He contacted Blowout in a frantic tone. Leo and Bigs were on Cybertron for the opening of Prodotis' Cybertronian Historical Museum. A second flash from the space-bridge brought Hub-caps vessel. Whirl cursed. “Get the bloody hell out of there mate. I can't lower the shields.” An unfamiliar voice came back over the com. “Oh don't worry about it. I'll open the gate myself.” The deterrence-field deactivated. Both vessels made there decent. Whirl updated blowout on their doomed scenario. Blowout sound the alarm. “Whirl. I need you to contact Impactor's team and let them kno-” SCRREEE! The coms were filled with a deafening screech. Omicron's civilians had little time to act. Whirl was unable to raise Impactor's team on coms. They were to far and deep in the mountainside to pick up a signal. Blowout and his GO-Bots prepared for battle. The odds were greatly stacked against them. With one last acknowledging look at each of his men they headed out, expecting this fight to be their last.
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Forty

Ultramagnus and his men were reacting quickly to the news that was coming in from all around. Zetar's deception, the murder of Kup, Perceptor, and Prodotis, the assault and massacre on Nebulos, and deducing the current position of the Predacon dreadnought crafted from Trypticon's body. Optimus was apprised of the situation, but was still several hours out. Jazz was prepping his ship for departure. Before Optimus returned, he had one stop on Earth, before leaving for Cybertron; Dinobot Island.

Back on Cybertron, the tensions were high. Anger, fear, and sorrow were felt by all. For Cyclonus, it was immense anger. These once enemies had become colleagues and friends. He wanted revenge. Cold, blunt, and just revenge. Springer shared that sentiment. They needed to pay. Rodimus was mourning over the lost of Perceptor, Prodotis, but most of all Kup. He had been a close friend and mentor for many years. Leonidas and Maximus were also in shock by the lost of their own mentor, Prodotis. The silence was broken when Goldbug entered the conference room where the group sat collecting themselves. Rodimus gathered enough composure to address him. “What is it? Is there word from Ultramagnus or Optimus?” Goldbug tried to speak and staggered before managing to speak. “We weren't the only targets. Ultramagnus is tracking the situation currently. The Predacons have our Space-bridge codes. An attack on Metroplex was thwarted by EDF, however a bombing run on Nebulos resulted in mass casualties. Among the casualties were Blurr, Wheelie-” He paused unable to get his words out. Springer was on edge. Rodimus got a deeper sinking feeling. “Arcee and Daniel! Please tell me they're okay? They have to be-” Goldbug welled up. “They're gone.” Springer shot from his chair, grabbing it and hurling it at the screen on the wall. He screamed in torment and rage. “Who was it?” Goldbug wasn't sure what he meant. “The Predacons.” Springer shook his head. “No. I want to know who exactly I need to kill.” Maximus nodded in agreement. “I agree. There must be justice for our friends.” Cyclonus grumbled and rose to his feet. “We've all just been delivered a huge blow. Our enemy has us right were they want us. Emotional, irrational, and unfocused. We need to try and keep our composure.” Rodimus snickered. “Easy for you to say. You turned on your mentor, Galvatron on a moments notice.” Leonidas shouted. “Enough! Cyclonus is right. We are the leadership. We owe it to our people to give our best. We have no time to squabble, bicker, and say things that we will regret saying.” Rodimus sighed. “You're right. I shouldn't have said that.” Springer stormed out of the room. “You can all do what you want. I'm going to prep Scorponok for battle.” Leonidas rose from his seat. “The Space-bridge. They're using the Space-bridge Network?” Goldbug confirmed. Cyclonus understood Leonidas fear. “Omicron. But why?” Maximus rose to his feet. “We can work on the why later. If they did. We need to get back right away.”

Word of their sons death reached Spike and Carly. In an instant normalcy was ripped from them. Optimus was barreling down the highway. From the distance a vessel approached and landed just off the road in a clearing. Optimus slowed and approached the familiar ship, transforming. Jazz offered no jokes. This was a serious situation. Optimus quickly boarded the vessel. Inside, the Dinobots sat quieter than normal. Optimus took a seat at the helm next to Jazz. “I assume the Dinobots were Ultramagnus' idea?” Jazz nodded. “I've had to do a lot of things I wasn't proud of during our war back on Cybertron, but this- This is something else.” Optimus looked back at the unusually acting Dinobots. “How so?” The ship broke orbit and approached Earth's Space-bridge. Jazz sighed. “Ultramagnus had me tell them of everybody's death, including Kup. You know how they were with him. He wanted them angered and ready to fight. I followed his orders, but I don't agree with this one, Optimus.” The Space-bridge activated, shunting them to Cybertron. Optimus placed his hand on Jazz's shoulder. “A good soldier follows orders without question. An honorable soldier questions every action he takes. This situation is far from anything we've dealt with before. In our current predicament, the Dinobots are a valuable asset.” Jazz set the vessel down on at Cybertron Space-port. Jazz spoke in a lowered tone. “I get all that, but it's manipulation of bots that have a lower cognitive ability. It's wrong. Added with their raw power, it's like shaking a bee-hive.” Before Optimus could speak, a transmission from Springer came from the com. “If you're done wasting time, I and the Technobots have Scorponok prepped and waiting.” Jazz rose from his seat and addressed the Dinobots. “I need all of you to follow my orders to the letter. You dig? You want to avenge Kup, and I want to help you, but to do so you need to do as I say. Understood?” They each grumbled and nodded in response. While Jazz was busy with them, Optimus was being debriefed on the current situation over coms with Rodimus. Omicron was assumed to be liable for an attack. Nobody was responding. The Predacon dreadnought was likely there, but why? Leonidas and Maximus were on their way. In the distance several flying bots approached. Optimus exited Jazz's vessel and waited for the unfamiliar bots. Blitzwing, Triggerhappy, Slugslinger, and the looming Sixshot set down on the tarmac, transforming and landing with a thud. Sixshot held two large rifles. Jazz was getting a bad feeling. Sixshot spoke on the groups behalf. “We want to accompany you. Kup was our instructor and commanding officer. We owe it to him.” In the distance three cars quickly approached and joined them. Override and his two colleagues were armed and ready for a fight. “Were going with you.” Optimus addressed them all. “I understand your frustrations. However you are Cybertron's guardians and protectors. Your place is here. Consider it a command.” They each reluctantly snapped to. Sixshot spoke up. “If I need to resign to accompany you on this mission, then I will. You need someone like me, sir.” Optimus reluctantly agreed. Leonidas and Maximus were approaching. From the sky Scourge and his remaining sweeps set down. “We witnessed the onslaught first hand. We are going with you. Don't try and stop us.” Optimus nodded in acknowledgment. Arriving, Leonidas and Maximus hurriedly boarded the ship. Waiting for them within was a large group. Familiar and unfamiliar. All gathered for one purpose. With everybody aboard, Scorponok blasted off and took position over Cybertron's Space-bridge. The Technobots entered the codes to no response. Omicrons Space-bridge was not responding. They had no choice but to make the trip the long way. A two week journey.
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Re: Transformers Continuum : Resurgence [Pt.1]

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Chapter Forty One

The animal life on Omicron went about their day as they always had. Though there were Cybertronians less than a mile away, they'd never offered to harm them. The trees among the jungle forest began to sway harder and harder. A loud hum intensified. The crashing of trees scattered the wildlife. The immense form of Gigastorm was setting down. Aboard Razorclaw and his Predacons were ready to storm the city. They were expecting resistance, but so far there was none. Razorclaw picked up his sword and raised it high, turning to his men. “We have risen from the ashes of defeat. We are conquers. We are Predacons!” His men cheered holding there weapons high. “Today we have accomplished more than Galvatron or Megatron ever could. Today we claim this planet as our own. Go forward and take the city. If you face opposition, crush them. If they surrender, take them prisoner. We will need hostages. Now go my Predacons and terrorize!”
Deluge received a transmission from the smaller vessel. He was being summoned. Zetar's body was extensively damaged and Deluges 'help' was needed. He grabbed a few items and approached Razorclaw. “My liege. My contact, our ally, was damaged in the process of obtaining the Space-bridge codes.” Razorclaw continued his thought. “And you wish to lend medical attention. Very well. I look forward to meeting this 'ally'.” Deluged bowed. “And you shall, my liege.”

Blowout and his GO-bots were taking strategic positions. Their knowledge of the landscape was the greatest advantage they had. The city was quiet. The civilians were successfully evacuated to the safest, securest place on Omicron; The prison that held Plexus and his Neo-Decepticons. They now waited for the inevitable fight that was to come. Firecracker clicked his com to signal the others he had spotted an approaching enemy. They readied their weapons. Doubleclutch spotted the target down the scope of his rifle. A yellow bird Cybertronian. It was scouting. It was quickly approaching. He lined up a shot and fired. The shot struck it's wing. Buzzsaw squawked in pain and fell to the ground. Multiple targets were now enclosing. Their comrades cries only angered them more. Ravage, Squawktalk, Beastbox, Pounce, and Wingspan were quickly rushing Doubleclutch's position. Motormouth and Gearhead were getting antsy. They broke cover and laid down fire on their enemy. The Predacons leapt for cover. A shot from above caught the two GO-bots by surprise blowing them back. A large Predacon landed hard with a thud. The Predacons were embolden by Apefaces return. They pressed their attack. Doubleclutch targeted the large predacon. Ravage tackled him to the ground before he could fire. Ravage had snuck up on him without any sound. Firecracker fired several shots at Ravage. The metal jaguar finally succumbed and fell badly damaged. Highbeam was laying fire down while Blowout was checking the severity of Gearhead and Motormouth's injuries. They were rough for ware but alive. He joined Highbeam and opened fire on the Predacons. Firecracker and Doubleclutch joined in. The ground began to shake. More and more. Something big was coming. The trees on the forest line broke way to reveal Predaking. All the predcons cheered. Predaking and Predacon reinforcements were here. Laser fire rained down on the GO-bots. Before Blowout knew it, they were pinned down with no chance of retreat. Predaking spoke aloud. “Lay down your arms and I will spare you. Continued opposition will not be tolerated.” Blowout was stuck in a bad spot. He didn't want to leave his men, but being captured along with them wouldn't help them in the long run. He looked over at Highbeam. He waved his hand in front of his face. Highbeam understood what his commander was planning and nodded. Blowout reluctantly carried out his plan. He activated his optical camouflage. A trick he and Mirage shared. Highbeam raised his gun and threw it to the ground. Doubleclutch and Firecracker followed suit. The three conscious GO-bots raised to their feet, arms held up in surrender. Predacons approached to take them prisoner. Apeface found the damaged Buzzsaw. He was muttering something. “Ravage. They got Ravage.” Apeface spotted Ravage and checked him over. He was still alive but not doing well. Apeface growled and approached the prisoners. “Which one of ya's shot Buzzsaw and Ravage?” Before Doubleclutch could admit to shooting Buzzsaw, Firecracker shouted. “All me you damn stinking ape. That's right. I did it.” Apeface grabbed the red and yellow bot by the face and held him off the ground. The other GO-bots protest to no use. Apeface crushed Firecrackers head within his grip. Their friend and team-member fell to the ground dead. Blowout watched everything from his position, wanting so badly to intervene, knowing to do so would blow his cover and the only hope they now had.

Aboard the smaller vessel Deluge and Tarantulus had received a quick lesson on how Proto-matter could be used to create new bodies or fabricate weapons or devices. Zetar, or rather the Unicronian essence residing in the broken shell of Zetar required a new body. Deluge and Tarantulus worked diligently, using a Stasis-pod that was originally to be delivered to Drench for study purposes. The essence within Zetar left his body. Zetar's corpse fell to the ground like a discarded puppet. The green pulsing spark hovered over the Stasis-pod, before absorbing into the structure within. The silver liquid body took shape. Rendering into the true reflection of it's occupant. The process completed. The hatch opened and gas from within puffed out in a cloud. The figure rose. Large and menacing. Deluge cackled. “welcome back brother. How do you feel?” He reached over and grabbed the blade of Banziatron, staring at his reflection from the blade. “At last. I am whole.”

Predaking and his men were relishing their victory. The city was theirs. Apeface was gloating about his victory at Nebulos, with wild exaggeration. He looked around. Where was his friend Snapdragon? No one had heard from him. Apeface left the gathering to find what happened to his friend.
Deluge contacted Predaking over coms. Their mutual Ally was now repaired and wanted an audience with the mighty Razorclaw. The combiner disassembled. Razorclaw sat at a crudely made throne while they all waited for their ally in the 'throne room' that was once the ordinate conference hall of Omicrons leadership. The figure emerged from the far end of 'the Hall of Primes'. All Predacons gasped as the stranger entered their view. He was large and menacing. He bore a striking resemblance to Banzaitron from historical records. His face was unlike anything any of them had seen. Like a skull. He stopped before Razorclaw, but didn't kneel or bow. Razorclaw was unsure what to make of that. “So. You are whom we have to thank for the Space-bridge access codes. Tell me? What is your name?” The stranger spoke with a soothing but confident voice. “I am Bludgeon. And I challenge you for leadership of the Predacons.” The tension rose in the room. Razorclaw was furious. How dare this new comer challenge his command. He stood up and grabbed his sword. “How dare you. I accept your challenge, however I alone do not command the Predacons.” He slammed his sword into the floor. The team began to merge into Predaking. Bludgeon rushed the towering behemoth, slashing his legs. Predaking fell to his knees. Predaking swung his massive sword. Bludgeon leaped just barely missing the blade, and cut the hand grasping the sword. Predaking growled in pain, dropping the sword with a thud “I will crush you. You insignificant-” Bludgeon dodged Predking's fist and leaped at his foes head driving his blade straight into Predakings forehead. The glow left Predaking's visor and he crashed backwards to the ground, Bludgeon still atop the slain giant. He pulled the sword out and wiped the energon from it. Everyone was in shock. Ramhorn and the other advisers started a chant. “Hail Bludgeon!” One by one the stunned Predacon force followed suit. Reining in the new leader of the Predacon Alliance.

Chapter Forty Two

Optimus entered the fourth cargo bay aboard Scorponok. Only a year ago this was were their war had ended. The thought offered some comfort. He walked over and pulled a cover off, revealing the Power Master Armor Arcana had created for him. He had hoped to never need to use it again. He ran his hand along it. Scourge entered and approached. “This is the power suit I've been hearing about. With this you can unleash your fury upon them.” Optimus sighed, pulling his hand away. “What has happened is unfortunate. But I'm not looking to take my anger out on anyone. My thoughts are of Omicron's people, my friends son, and the many friends that have lost their lives, and those that might still. If this suit helps me save even one life, it will be worth it.” Scourge was speechless. It was obvious why Optimus was so revered by his men.

At the helm Scattershot was picking up a ships signature approaching them. It was Skylynx. “permission to come aboard?” Springer was fuming. He had no patience to deal with Skylynx. Scattershot directed him to bay three. The large griffin bot landed with a thud. Optimus and Scourged heard the commotion in the neighboring bay and went to investigate. Skylynx spotted Optimus and offered his condolences. “I've heard what has happened. Terrible news. We tried to go straight to Omicron, but Magnus informed us of it's-” Scourge raised his hand. “We? Us? Who did you bring?” Skylynx opened his shuttle door. Wreckgar and six rugged and dirty Junkions exited. “Hell-o Op-ti-mus. Me and me mates have come to offer our services. 'absolutely free no obligations or purchase necessary'.” Optimus had only briefly met wreckgar during the hate-plague years back, but respected him as a capable leader of an otherwise unruly group of bots. “Thank you. You're help is appreciated, but please keep in mind, our goal is to deescalate and end this conflict with as little fighting and loss of life as possible.” Wreckgar grinned. “No worries. The boys've been practicing. Ain't that right boys?” Scourge furrowed his brow. “Practicing? What do you mean?” The short stubby bot among the group turned to his buddies, “All right boys. Time to show these gents what we have to offer!” Two female Junkions walked over, each taking position, grabbing and holding the large robust bots arms. The three merged into the torso, waist, and arms. Two other bots transformed into their bike modes and drove around in a mad spree. The headless torso flipped itself upside down the two bike-bots shot over and latched in place. The headless body flipped right side up. The small stubby bot called to the body. “That's it fellas! Now it's my turn.” The stubby bot flipped in the air, transforming into the head. The headless combiner caught the small bot and attached him with a crunch. The visor illuminated. “Erase even the toughest stains. We are WreckKing.” Wreckgar clapped his hands. “Bravo! Bravo! Spot on, no miss and or fumbles.” Scourge gave Optimus a worrying look. These bots would be a handful to deal with, and they had enough to worry about.

Bludgeon summoned his 'advisers' and secret brethren. Ramhorn, Cicadacon, Seaclamp, Deluge, and even Tarantulus. They entered the throne room. Deluge entered last and looked around to make sure their conversing would not be eavesdropped on, before closing the door. Bludgeon directed them to a round table. They each took their seat. He began his monologue. “Brothers, We have returned from the brink, we have climbed our way to power, we have the means of continued exploitation of 'Primus children'. We will be there, always waiting, biding our time and striking when the moment is right. We now lead the Predacons. Using them we will sow chaos and unrest among the galaxy. Our numbers are less than desirable. I arranged to take this planet because of the alloy deposits used to create proto-matter, as well as it's deterrence-field. With Omicron's Space-bridge deactivated, we have approximately two weeks before the Cybertronians arrive. We will create an army of loyal soldiers.” He turned to Cicadacon. “Have a group look for the mines. We'll need as much alloy as possible. Dispose of the miners” Cicadacon bowed. “Yes, my brother.” Bludgeon turned to Sea-clamp. “Return to Gigastorm. If the Cybertronians are able to deactivate the deterrence-field, you will intervene.” Sea-clamp nodded in acknowledgment. Bludgeon turned now to Ramhorn. “You will stay among the Predacons. Many of them will likely not accept me as leader. You must convince them, without exposing the nature of our relation.” Ramhorn nodded. “Understood brother.” Deluge and Tarantulus awaited their commands. Bludgeon grinned wickedly. “Deluge. I want you and your subordinate to replicate the stasis-pod tech. We will need hundreds. Develop a design and enlist the help of whomever you like. But before you do there is something else I need you to do?” Deluge was puzzled. “And what is that, brother?” Bludgeon ran his finger gently along his sword. “Salvage Predaking. Remake him with a few added alterations. A combiners brute strength would be quite useful. Especially one loyal to Unicron.” Deluge was giddy with this opportunity. “Yes brother. We shall begin immediately.”

Apeface questioned several Predacons. None had word of Snapdragon's mission. He hadn't returned. Did he fail? Had Apeface deactivated the Space-bridge to soon, trapping his friend to Earth's orbit? Why was he the only one who seemed to care?
Counterpunch sneaked away from the others. He found an abandon structure. It was a shop that belonged to one the artisans of Omicron. He looked around for anything he could use or give him clue as to where the civilians might be hiding. It was important he find them before the Predacons did. He came across a map. It was a drawn outline of Omicron's colony and mining routes. He studied it and stashed it away in a container on his waist. He heard commotion outside. Cicadacon was briefing a group of Predacons on their mission. He hid and listened in. They were being sent to find the mine and execute the miners. He cursed under his breath. “Damn it. No time I have to find the civilians first.” A voice caught him by surprise. “The civilians are fine for the time being.” Blowout de-cloaked, weapon in hand pointed at Counterpunch. “Tell me? Why is a Predacon looking for Omicron civilians and hiding from his colleagues? Who are you?” Counterpunch sighed in relief. “I'm lucky you found me. You must be Blowout. I read your dossier. I'm Punch. I work for Ultramagnus. I'm a spy. I've been embedded with the Predacons since they were still Decepticons lead by Galvatron.” Blowout lowered his gun. “What are they doing here?” With the Predacons outside now gone, Punch stood up. “They targeted Omicron because of it's deterrence-field and the mines rich with the proto-matter metal.” Blowout sighed. “About the deterrence-field. Do you happen to know how they were able to disable it?” Punch shook his head. “That was the work of the contact that retrieved the space-bridge codes. He would have needed high-level access codes to allow the space-bridge network to permit an unregistered ship to travel.” Blowout holstered his gun. “Apparently you're not the only spy.” Punch sighed. “I guess not. This is your home. What do we do now?” Blowout motioned to the north. “The 'Wreckers'. Impactor and his mining crew are our best hope. We need to reach them before the Predacons do.” Punch transformed to his Counterpunch alias. “Lead the way.”
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