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Motto: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
Weapon: Laser Rifle

Allegiance: Autobot :BOT:
Function: Reconnaissance
Alternate Modes: Motorcycle (With an Obsidian and Azure swirling pattern.)
Weapons: Compact Wrist Blades, Tranquilizer Laser Gun
Special Ability: Cloaking Device
Height: 21ft (6.405m)
Quote: "Seeing without being seen, knowing without being known. The art of a shadow is this."

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 6
Dexterity: 7
Speed: 5
Endurance: 5
Courage: 7
Firepower: 3
Accuracy: 5
Melee: 8
Tech Skill: 6
Charisma: 6
Rank: 5


In the early stages of the war, Umbra was forced to choose her side in the war. She was always deeply sympathetic toward the Autobot cause. However, her dearest friend chose to side with the nefarious Decepticons. It is for this reason that she delayed in enlisting with the Autobots. Umbra desperately sought to maintain her neutrality, but as the fall of Cybertron became imminent, she joined the Autobot cause. Umbra was dispatched on a solo assignment and, as fate would have it, she encountered her dear friend. By this time, the Decepticon set of morals had sown the seeds of corruption within him. Umbra pleaded with her former friend, but, in the end, he moved swiftly to extinguish Umbra's spark. In self-defense, Umbra combated her former friend. Umbra had the upper hand in close combat, skilled in diffusion at the time, and brought her friend down without any lethal harm to his systems. However, the terrain they had fought upon was unstable and a section gave way. Umbra immediately sprang to aid her former friend, but with a snarl, he batted her away, obviously thinking that this movement was another attack. As Umbra sprawled backwards, she flew clear of the unstable section and watched with horror as her friend fell to his doom.

The war carried on, however, and Umbra was faced with anguish and guilt with each new day of the war. She blamed herself deeply for what had happened. Several vorns later, Umbra found herself on another reconnaissance mission. It took her to one of the most Primus forsaken, bitterly cold planets that she had ever come across. She completed her task with the utmost efficiency, identifying if any Decepticon activity was present and waited for transport at the specified rendezvous point. The transport never came. Umbra could never be sure of the cause because, in the eons to come, she would be in stasis. As a last desperate resort to prevent total system failure, Umbra put herself into stasis. She was found a few stellar cycles later by an Autobot salvage ship. The Autobots aboard sought to deliver Umbra to a medic that could tend to her, seeing as a salvage ship crew would have little to do with critical cases such as Umbra. It was not to be. The salvage ship was sighted by a Decepticon destroyer. The Autobots on board placed Umbra inside an escape pod and jettisoned her away. The Autobots proceeded to evacuate shortly before their ship was boarded and the Decepticons seized all cargo. Umbra floated aimlessly through the vast expanse of space for eons more until her pod was gripped by the gravity of a particular blue and green planet...

Umbra's personality contrasts sharply with her experiences. She tends to be light-hearted and friendly, accented occasionally by her sarcastic comments. Umbra has a good sense of humor and is easy to get along with. Underneath it all, the pain of her past does cause her to be forlorn at times but never in front of her comrades. Umbra has perfected her technique of diffusion over the years, becoming a true practitioner of the art. She warmly embraces Optimus Prime’s ideals in particular and tends to be as pacifistic as one can be in a war, but this won’t stop her from accomplishing her mission.


As a reconnaissance agent, Umbra is well practiced in the art of seeing without being seen. She can blend into her surroundings as easily as she can melt away within a crowd. She's outfitted with a small cloaking device both breaks up her image, making her seem to melt into the shadows, and masks any signs of heat or life.

In her alternate form, Umbra can reach speeds from 150 mph to 199 mph. She is capable of carrying one or possibly two human passengers if needed.

Umbra's armor is slightly above standard issue, able to take a decent amount of attacks before ultimately failing. Her armor cannot withstand armor piercing rounds however.

Two compact blades are easily hidden slightly beneath Umbra's armor. They fold out from her forearms and can be detached or worn like guards. The blades are curved slightly with a wicked edge and are as long as Umbra's forearm if not as wide. These serve as Umbra's main weapons in close combat, mixing in the practice of diffusion with the blades. Umbra's ability in diffusion is close to that of a master after the long hours spent honing her skills day in and day out.

Umbra's secondary weapon is comprised of a small laser gun. The laser's frequency is adjusted so that, if aimed directly at an opponent at full power, it will stun or incapacitate them depending on their armor's durability and damage. Umbra may also fire it at the ground, which will also provide enough of a blast to upset an opponent's balance or momentarily daze or stun them. Umbra primarily uses this early or late into combat.

Umbra's human avatar is a fair woman in her mid-twenties. The woman has long, flowing black hair and piercing yellow-green eyes. The woman most often wears a full body suit and helmet, so that her face is concealed most of the time.


While a formidable opponent in close combat, Umbra is weak at long range battle. Her only ranged weapon is her laser gun, and it was never meant to deal damage effectively over a long distance. In such cases, Umbra will often employ her speed or stealth to disengage. Her reaction to pitched combat involving heavy weaponry is similar, though she would never desert her post if ordered to maintain it.
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Strength: 5
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 7
Endurance: 6
Courage: 8
Firepower: 3
Skill: 9

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