A New LIfe

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A New LIfe

Postby sumowrestler » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:07 pm

Weapon: Saber Blade
"Where are we? What happen to us?"

"I do not know, brother. Last I knew, you and I were manning our stations and the ship was pulled into a very odd ion radiation storm. It was messing with our sensors so much we were flying blind."

"Can you move, brother? I think I can reach over to you but not sure if I can stand up."

A large bulky black and green mech lifts up his head enough to see two skinny mechs only a few inches apart chatting. There isn't much difference between the two mechs except with some very minor detail in their paint job. It is hard to tell the difference unless someone knew what they were looking for.

"Will you two shut up for once, Shaft and Topper? It was your talking which got us into this mess. At least you two aren't finishing each other sentences yet."

"We...are...sorry...Big Horn."

"I had to open my big mouth, didn't I. Talking with your twin mind can be annoying at times. At least you two seem half way operational. Aerial Ace and Deep Diver, how are you two fairing?"

A voice comes from the roof section. This mech is white and silver with black accents.

"Ace here on top, Big Horn. There was a malfunction with my seat and feels like I got smashed quite well into the ceiling."

Creeaaakkkk. Pop.


THUMP!!! Aerial Ace falls from the roof onto the floor.

"Okay, I am not laying face plate into the floor. I still can't seem to move on my own though."

"You think that is bad, Ace, try being buried in cargo and having some of our oil supplies all over me. I enjoy the liquid environment as much as you like the high air but I didn't ask for an oil bath yet."

Ace tries to lift his head to see where Deep Diver is at. The movement hurts his neck and lower back joints. His arms aren't responding. He barely sees his girlfriend mech due to his angle and her being covered.

"I think you look good in whatever you are covered in, Diver. I do admit, it is hard to see much of you do to our current predicament. I'm barely able to move my head and guessing none of us are in any better shape. Does anyone know how Beta Scion or Gargantuan is doing?"

"You are ever sweet, Ace, but I haven't heard a sound from either of them."


All of a sudden, multiple beams came from the ship hitting the five mechs. The Twins found themselves mushed together into a car with a set of machine guns springing out of the top and both door panels with one gun in each location. Big Horn was modified into a fusion of a heavily shield four door car with missile placements and a small cannon turret on this top. He has six wheels with small treads wrapped around them. Aerial Ace became a jetcopter with wings like a small jet and body of a slender helicopter and propeller on top. A small jet engine is at the end of the tail. Deep Diver finds herself out from the crates but in a speed boat with a heavy cannon in the middle, depth charge compartments, and two rifles one on each side. She is also heavily plated along with having a pair of jet engine in her aft. Then a voice comes from the ship.

"I am so very sorry, my fellow shipmates. The reason you didn't hear my voice is I'm now one with the ship. My body was shoved into the wall like Ace was but with greater force. It was so much of an impact some of my circuits fused into the ship circuits. My spark is still in my body but my programming got shoved into the main computer core. I was trying to find appropriate alt modes for each of you but due to the radiation in the immediate area and the damaged ship sensors, it picked up several different alt modes. Six of the them were merged into pairs which were then used on Big Horn, Deep Diver, and Aerial Ace. The Twins, Shaft and Topper, were so damaged the ship decided to make them into a single alt mode in order to repair them fully. I believe they can separate when they modify back into their robot modes. The rest of you, I sadly admit will be stuck in your mixed alt modes. Big Horn, you are a very heavily armored six wheeled all terrain land vehicle. It is a mixture of a tank and one of the large four door vehicles the ship found. Aerial Ace, you are a mixture of a sleek high speed helicopter and a jet. Deep Diver, you are a speed boat with the armor and weapons of a small cruiser. I tried to stop the computer from applying the corrupted scans but it thought all of you needed immediate repair. It believes it was trying to save each of you because it identified one of our crew mates as permanent stasis lock due to the severity of the damage. Gargantuan lost all of his limbs and torso region is in severe disrepair. Somehow his spark chamber survived along with his head but that is about it. There isn't much left of this ship nor do I know where we are. The data tracks are screwed up. We are lucky to be alive, at least most of us."

The mechs modify themselves back into their new robot modes. The Twins are able to come apart and then look over each other. Shaft has the four wheels while Topper has the top half of the car. Big Horn looks down at his slightly larger size. Aerial Ace stretches a little and then sees Deep Diver. Her smaller frame isn't smaller anymore. She looks like she gained a couple of tons and to Ace, looks very good with the additional weight and firepower. As he walks over to her she looks over herself with slight disgust. Before she could say anything, Ace wraps his arms around her and kisses her on the lips. Then he pulls away from her.

"I'm guessing it was your way of saying you like my new look. I did gain a couple of tons with all of this extra armor and shoulder cannon. It looks like Big Horn also gained some armor to his already bulky look. You, on the other hand Ace, look as wiry as you used to. The Twins don't look like twins anymore though but I guess it happens when you are only half an alt mode. Beta, why didn't the computer try to fix your body?"

"Because my body is so much apart of it the ship decided it would be easier for my program to stay in it. The other problem is parts and energy. It took almost everything it had to find alt modes and fix you five. You will have to be the team for now until my body gets fixed or a new one is built as well as Gargantuan. I'm glad he was in the deep stasis to start because the shock of losing over 65% of your body would be enough to drive any mech over the edge. Now we need information, energy, and parts. You are the new Modifiers. This, for the time being, is our new home."
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Re: A New LIfe

Postby sumowrestler » Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:45 am

Weapon: Saber Blade
After a few cycles of scavenging the remains of the ship, the crew gathers back into bridge section.

"I probably don't need to tell you this, Beta, but there was very little for us to use from the scraps of the ship. It seems this light cruiser wasn't design for the ion radiation storm let alone the hard crash landing we had. We are very lucky the ship didn't blow when it landed. From what Diver could tell, the engines are shot. Defense systems might be salvageable. You wanted to get away from the conflict back home. Well, I think you succeeded but doubt we will be going back any orn soon. If the sensor banks are correct about the ion radiation storm we passed through, any signal we try to send will be jumbled so in all essence, we are alone on this rock."

"Don't be so down and dramatic, Big Horn. You are right about me knowing most of the condition of the ship. There are several pieces which has broken off as we came down and then more after we landed. From the damage and sensor logs, we skidded about a mile from our original impact. As for being completely alone, it is too early to tell since none of us have been outside of this hull. We will need to do some scouting and scavenging outside the ship. Due to the possible radiation, I would suggest staying in alt mode for the time being. Shaft and Topper, you two will head back down the trail we left. Ace, I want you to do a 360 search about a half mile out from our current position. I don't totally trust what little information the ship's sensors has of the environment. Diver and Big Horn, you two will stay and try to repair what little you can and be ready to defend us if we aren't alone on this planet."
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