Simon Furman Tells us more about IDWs G1 Transformers Comic UPDATED

Simon Furman Tells us more about IDWs G1 Transformers Comic UPDATED

Sunday, June 5th, 2005 11:13pm CDT

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At this weekends UK Convention Auto Assembly , Simon Furman gave us all a little further insight into what to expect fron IDW Publishings new take on the G1 Transformers comic book. centurian of The 2005 Boards has kindly put this all into words and you can read his report below:

Once again Simon confirmed that this would very much be Ultimate Transformers - with the continuity being started again from scratch - but more interesting it was hinted that the various other continuities may be refrenced as part of what the human angle see as being the story of the transformers - but that this comic would tell "the true story of the transformers".

Other things confirmed - the transformers Alt modes will be getting a make over - possibly Alternator style - but it will not be an Alternator comic. The robot modes will look like the classic bots we know and love.

The seekers will no longer be f15 - they will be a newer more up-to-date jet fighter (F22 possibly?)

Simon said that megatron will not be a gun - but that they hade big plans for him.

Soundwave will not be a tapedeck - but will have his tapes still (?) - they're still thinking about how to cover that one.

Whilst none of the panel are directly involved in the movie - Andy Wildman did welcome the possibility of george clooney playing optimus prime.

More news when I've re-viewed my camcorder or can remember!!!

Oh - one other thing - Simon Williams has hinted in none other than Death's Head making an appearence in a Marvel UK Spider-man title!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Simon Furman himself in reply to the above report has dopped by to clarify some of the above points. Here is what he said:

"Hi everyone-- some quick responses and clarifications to the AA-feedback.

1) First of all, when I mentioned 'younger age bracket,' what I meant was we're aiming to appeal to an age group under 30! While we definitely want the long-time fans to read and enjoy the book, we also want to make it accessible and resonant with teenagers too.

2) There'll be a range of ages for the human characters, but the youngest will be maybe fifteen/sixteen. We're not going 'junior' here.

3) Character (alt-mode) updates will be by necessity only. If we can get away with using a 'classic' car in the 2005/2006 setting, we will. I have no burning urge to reinvent the wheel here, I just want to make stuff fresh and believable in a modern setting. These guys want to blend in, so they're hardly going to pick a make of car or whatever from 1984.

4) BUT, and I stress this, we are taking pains to update, not reimagine. All of us (me, EJ, Hasbro, Chris and Dan at IDW) are looking for the most natural fits, those that won't require major tweaks to the robot modes. We want you to look at any given vehicle on a page and know right off it's Wheelie (just kidding!).

5) Megatron. Honestly, I always thought the gun was a bad idea. You've got the most powerful, feared being in the known galaxy and he turns into a handgun (and mostly he needs someone else to hold and point him!). Gimme a break. No, when Megatron transforms, it should be epic, grandiose. Hardened battle veterans should feel their exhaust ports loosen.

6) And finally, trust me that I won't take everything you know and love throw it out the window. I won't. Why? Because I know and love it too. It just don't want to tell exactly the same story. Again.

Cheers-- Simon Furman (honest!)"

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Credit(s): TFW2005

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