Kakuryu takes a bath!

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Kakuryu takes a bath!
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Heckfire writes: "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair..."
"You're a lizard-robot. You don't have hair."
Zeedust writes: Kakuryu: "Okay... Explain to me how it started snowing indoors?

Shell: "Don't ask me, I'm just a fleshy suit you wear."
Demonic Femme writes: Kakuryu, "Singin' in the bathtub, watchin all my troubles, go swirlin' down the drain-"
Zeedust writes: The dinosaur, the whipped cream, the hairbrush on the robot's arm... This pic is inexplicable. End of story.
Tiedye writes: Decepticons make extra money on the side by being in the new Herbal Essences commercial
(Dinobots)-OOHHHH Yeahhhh, Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!!!
Zeedust writes: Kakuryu: "Told ya you shook that soda can up too much!"
Zeedust writes: "Hmm, this isn't so bad. Wonder why I put it off for so long... Hey, I'm not a black repaint any more!"
Autobot bubbs writes: Kakuruy: My perverted inuendo detectors are going haywire! Quick, lets whipe ourself off and get out of here before the fanboys get here!
Unknown writes: Kakuryu: Ah, now this is the life! No bossing around from Goryu and the fact that Deszaras gave me the day off is absolutely wonderful! Whee...
Unknown writes: Where's the soap
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Unknown writes: It burns, it burns!
Zu Darkness writes: Kakuryu the biggest S club 7 fan club member.
Unknown writes: wow I love sperm baths!
Beast Simpson writes: Rub a dub dub, a robot and a lizard in a tub.
Unknown writes: that was a lot more than i expected...at least hand me a towel.
Unknown writes: Dinobots"This really bad Playbot!"
ryo777 writes: Again. WHO?!!!!
ryo777 writes: Who?
Unknown writes: I told you b4 you moron use the mr. bubbles!!!!!!!!!!
The Matrix writes: BLAAHHH!!! WE'RE DROWNING!!!! SAVE US!!!
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Heather Prime writes: hey sideburn take a bath again me shower!!!!!!!!!! feel gentle ......... good my relationhip
Unknown writes: When Transformers get Rabies . . .
Unknown writes: iwantsexcumguzzlinsonofabitch
Unknown writes: Thses Car soap can make me look new again
Unknown writes: I really got to stop playing with myself
Unknown writes: FOAM PARTY!!! FOAM PARTY!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Splish splash I was taking a bath...
Unknown writes: Kakuryu:I Love Bubblebaths!!!! OOOH A LITTLE MORE!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Kakuryu was never the same after the Cool Whip incident.
Sheba writes: AHHHHH RABIES RABIES HE GAVE ME RABIES!!!.....I need HOW many shots in the stomach now??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
Unknown writes: GOD! I NEED A GIRLFRIEND!
Unknown writes: both singing:Heads and shoulders knees and toes,knees and toes,knees and toes.
Deathzarus:SHUT UP IN THERE!!!
Unknown writes: EEEEKKKK!!!! Transformers are invading Hot springs!!!!
Unknown writes: Mr. Sparkle! He is disrespectful to dirt and transforming robots!
Unknown writes: NEVER, EVER drop the soap in a cybertronion prison
Unknown writes: help! help! hes probing me aaagghhhhhha!!!
Unknown writes: Take a bath, mofo!
Unknown writes: Only Dinobots let themselves get dirty. Scrub,scrub,scrub.
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Shermtron writes: Dude wont we like rest or something.
Unknown writes: Stop!! Don't put that there!!!
Optimal Optimus writes: Both: WE'VE GOT THE URGE! FOR URBAL!
deceptisquirrel writes: WELL if YOU hadn'd picked up those scraplets from
the neghbors catbot we would'nt have had to do this.
Izzy writes: Spank me harder Godzilla!
X-Brawl writes: Hey! Let go, thats not the soap!
FortMax writes: Rubber ducky, your the one, That makes bath-time so much fun.
FortMax writes: I have lost all faith in the animators of that show
Super Ginrai writes: Before you dress, Caress.
Unknown writes: Got sake(wine)?
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Drake writes: Calgon take me away.
Unknown writes: "... I'm not sure either, but is tastes like Crisco to me."
Jeremy writes: Kakuryu: im taken a bath and .....oh no my units a rusting to fast help help me optimas
Unknown writes: monster:what the hell am i please at least make me a sharktacon
Unknown writes: monster:what the hell am i please at least make me a sharktacon
Stelartron writes: MONSTER: (dragging the unconsious and pie-covered Kakuryu out of a building) I told you this is *NOT* Botcon! It's the "Three Stooges Fans' Convention"! That'll tech you to get involved in a pie fight with 1000
Unknown writes: Um.. it's my internal fire suppression system? No? Uh, okay, I'm cleaning my capacitors?
Unknown writes: No, you really did drop the soap...
Unknown writes: When robo-bukakke goes too far
Unknown writes: When robo-bukakke goes too far
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MarkuS writes: "Glub! Glub! I don't wanna bath! WAAAAH!! There's monster in my bath!" Monster: "Yum! Yum!" "There's the GREMLINS! THERE'S THE REAL GREMLINS IN MY BATH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!
Unknown writes: "Cleanliness is next to godmasterlyness!"
Optimus Primevil writes: Kakuryu: Whoever heard of a robot taking a bath?
Galvatron Z writes: "Ahh save me from the wee turtles, they were too big for me!"
Hot Rodimus writes: (singing)Rubber Robot,you so fun! you make bath time,Lots of fun!
Hot Rodimus writes: God damn it! remind me to never fight in the bird sanctuary
Unknown writes: Monster: Wax On, Wax Off.
Kakuryu: That's the stuff
Thunderstreak writes: Scene from "Godzilla vs. The Bubble Bath Mecha Monster!"
Unknown writes: Monster: DAMN! You haven't washed in this area in eons! Notty, notty boy!
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Shermtron writes: We smell like the french judge at the olympics
PrimeFan writes: come on you arent the least bit curious?
Blitzkrieg writes: Kakuryu:"Ah...this is the life! A hot bath, champagne w/vodka, T.V., and my giant rubber dino. Take that BW Megatron!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Hello my name is Kakuryu, and I like to do drawrings.

Are you looking at my bum? bumlooker!
Unknown writes: "Oh no! I just dropped the soap!"
Sideswipe writes: You said taking a shower together would be good for our relationship!
Percepter writes: Wash my arms, wash my ears, wash my...Hey wait, what the slag IS that!? I have a big armored dinosaur growing out of my skid plate!!
Unknown writes: ..........Rubber ducky your the one. You make bath time lots of fun. Rubber ducky your the only one.........
Unknown writes: Hey, where is BW Megatron's rubber ducky? The only thing I have close to that is this quack behind me.
Hot Rodimus writes: Washie,Wachie,Wachie,dont wanta stink for Dethsarous' Party
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Unknown writes: Wash Wash Wash!
omega writes: Kakuryu: You do know that Robots don't
take baths. So can you please tell me why
we're here.
Beast: You're mom told me u smellled, so
I figured this as the solution.
Stelartron writes: KAKURYU: (in a sing-song voice) Rub-a-dub-dub, I'm a robot in the tub...
Unknown writes: That's it! This is the last time that I let you choose our vacation spots!
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