The Decepticons at their finest

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The Decepticons at their finest
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TheBritishFan writes: I wonder where the cameraman was looking...
Decepticon Stryker writes: M: Starscream, if you lose your contact ONE MORE TIME after this, I will DESTROY you.
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Shockwave: I told you it was not logical to eat the 'super-spice tacos' with your tub full of tequila, Decepticons.
Ravage XK writes: DECEPTICONS, poop!
SillyMcGilly writes: When Decepticons need their diapers changed.
KickBack84 writes: T is for TWERK,
Black Hat writes: Heads, shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes!
REGI ICE writes: Soundwave: You have to bend a little to see it...


Optimus Prime: *Squint* What do you think, Ultra Magnus?
UM: Oh, I'm not sure. Could be...
OP: A new kind of superweapon!!! Autobots! Kidnap the Stuntacons and roll out!!
REGI ICE writes: Starscream: I'm staying up! I'm staying up!
Soundwave: Can we ride the waves now?
Megatron: Oh all right...
seminole1 writes: Megatron: Starscream, Soundwave, we must get to the doctor quickly for so Preparation-H, and rid ourselves of these accursed hemorrhoids forever!
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Superion_007 writes: Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant...
*think Pink Panther*
Paynerâ„¢ writes: "Come on guys, we can find the mini-cons quicker than those jokers in Armada can"
Roadshadow writes: Seems some Decepticons had laxatives in their warm milk...
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Megatron: i swear, the best piece of @$$ is just around this corner.
Soundwave and Starscream: sure that is what you said eight hours ago.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Soundwave (a la Bender): Bite my shiny metal ass.
Alphatron writes: I like big butts and I can not lie, you pimpies can't den---
Megatron: Shut up, fat-ass!
Alphatron writes: Soundwave: Soundwave guesses slutty girls aren't the only ones with big booties.
Megatron: Just shut up and destroy the Auto-Bots!
Kal-Seth writes: The Autobots play a cruel joke on the decepticons involving warm milk, Laxetive and the theft of toilet paper
Kal-Seth writes: The Trio of Decepticon warriros elarns the hard way that mexican food and a night of hard whiskey just dont mix
Kal-Seth writes: "Sound Wave Star Scream Find My Contact Lens Now!"
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Tiedye writes: We are going to moon every human that comes along this dirt.
Tiedye writes: this is what happens when Decepticon drink Hard whiskey and you give them the simple task of following a dirt trail.
Unknown writes: NO! BAD Decepticons! We do that outside! OUTSIDE!
Dark Cyclone writes: Do the Idiot Squat! Everybody!
Shadow Fox writes: Megatron- Dammit you idiots! Keep searching, I know my contact fell out around here somewhere!!
Arkhaon writes: ya can kiss our smelly metal asses optimus
gir writes: "damm where's my contact! alright guys spread out"
Autobotcity writes: I HATE moles in my garden... First one to find finish off the mole gets an energon goody!
Unknown writes: ??????...What?
Asheron writes: damn bug problem , we dont have cash to pay the exterminator so we have to do it ourselves...
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Unknown writes: Megatron, "We have to find that toilet paper dammit!"
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: The flesh creatures have hidden colorful hard shelled chicken embryos...we must find them.
Unknown writes: Seems some Decepticons had laxatives in their warm milk...
Unknown writes: megatron: damn, this gravity manipulation device worked in dragonball z!
Unknown writes: decepticon sumos!!!!!!
SilverStar writes: Do the monkey or else no stripers for you tonight guys.
Unknown writes: *Megatron* Dammit soundwave! What have I told you about playing "Rumpshaker" While we're on a mission?!
Unknown writes: Megatron:"All right Decepticons, get ready to attack! Ready, Turn around and pull your pants down!! hehe those autobots will get a mooning of their life!"
micah writes: boom its the big grose atowbots. ops i farted
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omega icecream writes: oh gross!
Unknown writes: uhhhhhhhhhhh....!
Unknown writes: Starscream: We are the Cheeky-cons, we are the Cheeky-cons, you are the cheeky-bots, you are the cheeky-bots, touch our bums!
Arkhaon writes: Megatron: come on it out.. and bend and stretch and wiggle your ass
Unknown writes: Millions of years into the future, we see that the Decepticons who didn't keep up on a regular vitamin intake are now afflicted with advanced osteoparosis . . .
Laserbot writes: the Decepticons moon the autobots...
Optimus Prime:"Retreat!!"
Unknown writes: oh... by the inferno, that feels good...
BlItZeR writes: Scene in the morning after a typical decepticon kegger.
All:*heave* *barf*
Minicle writes: Starscream: This is stupid.
Megatron: SILENCE. Continue the exercise, we'll show those Maximals who the real masters of the Farting noise are.
Minicle writes: Whats the time Mr wolf...
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Minicle writes: Megatron: we are in desperate need of a plot device. Leave no stone unturned.
Soundwave: Ow my back.
Starscream: Does my Exhaust look big in this shot.
parkwood writes: Sheesh quiet! Megatron will hear us! Your goin to blow it man! -Sound Wave-
He he he man this is going to be the best prank ever! those silly Autobots wont even know what hit them! HA HA HA! -Starscream-
Would you too knock it off!!! there is work to be
Alphatron2k3 writes: The G1 Decepticons getting up after fainting upon seeing what their Armada counterparts do.
K-nonFodder writes: Megatron" where did you say you dropped it" Starscream over here" Soundwave " i told you the acuvue contcts don't fall out soo much" Starscream" Tu madre Soundwave"
Unknown writes: Too much energon! Thanks "Oops I Crapped my Pants"...
Daniel writes: Is this supposed to be a sick version of the three graces?
Unknown writes: Obviously, gravity is not being so kind to the deceptigoons.
Unknown writes: jkldfhalsdjdjkbvkaljsdvnladgyhkjdvhkljadhafhklafhlajfhakldjfhalkjsfhlkdjfhlkajdh!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Decepticons, transform. All three: Farrtttttttttt!!!!
REEK-ON writes: My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!
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TetraReris writes: *all landing at once*
Starscream: Ow my foot!
Soundwave: Linkages overtaxed. Suggestion: Follow the leader over a cliff bad idea.
Megatron: It didn't look that far before we jumped!
thexfile writes: all : (transforming noises) auw (cracking noises)
Starscreem : auw mity megatron my back hurts
megatron : you sniveling idiote , you are right for the 1st time , als this transforming has aged us quite a bit...
Soundwave : megatron , i suspect artrites
thexfile writes: starscreem : Ow look now mity meagtron , totaly at my mersy , totaly helples bow down befor your leader...

megatron : you sniveling idiot just keep sershing for my contactlens...

soudwave : megatron i've foud someting..!!

(large breaking
DestronPride writes: they all went and saw Matrix Reloaded and are trying to do the Neo takeoff
DestronPride writes: Ok well we found the ground... what do we do now?
Unknown writes: Megatron:"Starscream, you fool! I told you, no BEANS in the Energon!" Soundwave:"Gas eruption... imminent!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Come on Decepticons, squeeze those turds out!"
Unknown writes: the theme song "I like Big Butts" starts to play in the back ground
Unknown writes: Crocadile hunter: "here we see the natives of this island doing there ritual of marking their territory isn't i amazing by cri-coy!"
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bot writes: i dont even want to know.. -_-'
Unknown writes: Megs: Let's play monkeys!!
Chrono writes: GGRRRRR, here it comes NMMMMMAHHHH *splosh*
yoyo writes: monkey see, monkey do
Unknown writes: megatron; keep looking i know i drop my transformers watch.
starscream: but megatron i would like to fight autobots.
megatron:quiet iam looking
Fallengaiden writes: Megatron: Damn EX-lax energon cubes!!!
Unknown writes: Who put us in status lock.
Unknown writes: What Reflector does in his spare time... Can you say "Blackmail"?
Unknown writes: Ss: So, did you find 'em yet, Soundwave? Sw: Negative. Ravage: Eject! Operation: Find missing Easter eggs. M: (disgusted) Jeez, Easter's been over for almost a month, and they still haven't found those eggs from the company par
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n8lessone writes: Tour Guide:And to your left, you'll see the terrible Decepticons acting completely wasted. Watch out, folks, they might actually do something dangerous eventually.
Bruticus writes: Megatron: "OK--now, fifteen squats! Begin!"
Starscream: "I'm beginning to think that this mandatory morning workout wasn't such a great idea. What do you think, Soundwave?"
Soundwave: "Ope
Unknown writes: "Careful...don't step on my contacts!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: Okay everyone, let's do the Oliver Kahn-Gorilla-ballet... Soundwave: As you cammand, Megatron.
Unknown writes: "SPLAT, SPLAT" peskie humans!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Good one leader, let's make energon from that Taco Bell you say...
Suzuki writes: Starscream: I TOLD you they would end up kicking our-!!
Megatron: Just shut up, and waddle back to the base!!
Soundwave: Oh my aching skidplates . . .
Unknown writes: bottoms up and bend over... jazz and blaster are going to give to them up the azz!
Zu Darkness writes: Megatron, Soundwave, and Starcream at their finest, drunk and stoned
Unknown writes: Buk buk buk buk... BuKAAAAW!!
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Unknown writes: (reflector, offscrean) I knew my alt. mode was good for something. Now thundercracker will have to trade me his g1 prime!
Ricochet writes: Megatron: We need to find those keys, otherwise there will be no way to get in our base.
Unknown writes: megatron;this proves thatIam abetterleader than you `scarscreem`
Unknown writes: I've bet the're looking for trash, making energon cubes of it...better not disturb them...
Unknown writes: Megatron to writers: "10 more minutes of this nonsense and I'll tell you exactly what you can do with that minicon-script."
Unknown writes: SimonBot says: "You are a chicken."
Jade writes: Were to old for this crap!
Unknown writes: ss and sw:GGGGGAAAAASSSSS#1!#1!#1!meg:You suck....
zach writes: ha were mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooning you
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Get back here traider!" robot thats is running:"Never, besides I got pictures of u losing all power, I Have your recharger plug!!!"
Airplanedude: Eat missiles! then he fires two heat seekers at robot!
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Unknown writes: Megatron:"Starscream, why did I let you talk us into that radium drinking game?" Starscream:"You must of lost all mighty Megatron, for I am fell after the 10th round, you fell at the 2nd or was it the 11th?".
Unknown writes: Megatron: As long as we can fire one up, we'll be able to get back in the air!!! Starscream: In that case, I'll cover up my nose!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Hey guys, did ya know that Oliver Kahn, Germany's National goalie, is called "the Gorilla"?
Soundwave: Affirmative, Megatron.
Snake writes: starscream: Meagtron ,we've got to stop this maddness any lower and we'll be liberal
Unknown writes: Megatron: "You Fools!!! We will never be ready for the balet recital if can't get it right!!!!"
Unknown writes: The Decepticons make a cameo in the new Gorillaz video.
Unknown writes: Hey look we are republicans!
Unknown writes: damn you bugs bunny and your underground magnet!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Everyone do the monkey
Starscream: Why?
Megatron: DO AS I COMMAND!!
Soundwave: As you command Megatron
Metroplex writes: Soundwave: Can we pleeease stop playing bunnies? Meg: SILENCE!
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Unknown writes: Megatron we almost got them decepticons!!!!! destroy them all!
Soundwave: All this drama for picnic ants!?!?
Starscream: Quiet this one smells like my last sandwhich that was stolen!!!
Unknown writes: War protestors limping home after Prime ran over them in the NYC streets.
Unknown writes: Starscream: More like our worst! If only I was in charge!
Unknown writes: The Decepticons are ready to dance like Looney Tunes. Auargh!!!
Unknown writes: Ss: Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that we're being watched? Sw: I think it's just you.
Unknown writes: Meg: We lost the advantage in the war!
SC: Yeah, this sucks
SW: Why is that?
SC: Go ahead, try to fly, I dare ya......
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Laserbeak, eject. Operation- find us a toilet.
dan writes: Squat and take cover!
Unknown writes: Megatron:"Hurry, you fools! The sooner we find the quarter, the sooner we can leave!"
Unknown writes: Ss and Sw: Help, we've crouched down, and we can't get up.
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Unknown writes: Megatron: And plie', plie', plie'...
Starscream: (to Soundwave) You just had to make that bet with him, didn't you? Now look, we're stuck here, learning ballet.
Beast Simpson writes: Starscream: I TOLD you we shouldnt eat gas station sushi!!!
Unknown writes: "and one and two and one and two..."
Unknown writes: Soundwave: (C-3PO impression) Sir, it's quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.
Starscream: MEGATRON! He's doing it again!
Unknown writes: constapation seems to be a real problem the decepticons lately
Unknown writes: not all the transformers hate blaster and jazz's music....the decepticons seem to enjoy it too.
Unknown writes: not all the transformers hate blaster ans jazz's music....the decepticons seem to enjoy it too.
Unknown writes: megatron: sh sh quiet, guys old man alpha trion is really gonna fall for this one!
Unknown writes: Soundwave and Starscream: Uhugh! Uhugh!Uhugh!Uhugh!Uhugh!Uhugh!!
Megatron: What on Cyberton is this place, an ape house?
little_fly writes: megatron disaprovs of starscream and soundwave as fools, megatron: i wish i could stand but my head is down i think its energon. i dont know
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Unknown writes: Megatron:"All together now...MOON EM!!!"
Unknown writes: M: I can't believe you lost the keys to Astrotrain!
Ss: Well, it's not my fault Soundwave has such bad memory.
Sw: Hey look! I found a quarter!
Unknown writes: The Decepticons try to fart.
Unknown writes: The Decepticons do their
Metal Gear Solid play.
Dee-Kal writes: The results were obvious, but the question remained: bad energon or chicken vindaloo?
Dee-Kal writes: The results were obvious, but the question remained: bad energon or chicken vindaloo?
Unknown writes: Megatron: now when we train under ten times earths gravity then we'll be ten times stronger.
Starscream: u fool megatron, uve been watching to much DBZ now declare me Leader of the decepticons or i throw this rock at u
Unknown writes: Megatron's plan to freak the Autobots out by doing the Chiken Dance was actually succeeding.
Sideswipe writes: MEGS:Damnit soundwave How the hell do you expect us to defeat the autobots if your ------- partner rumble dont stop putting the exlax in the energon!
Starscream: AHHHH! My Ass is on Fire!
Devastator: (standing over them all) "Prepare for excrem
Galvatron writes: MEGATRON & STARSCREAM: Wow Soundwave!! I'm going to puke!! SOUNDWAVE: I need a litter box for Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ratbat. Eject..Eject..Crap please Eject out of my butt!!!
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Unknown writes: Megatron: On the count of three everyone let her rip! 1..........2.........., wait for it..........3, all together now, GO!!! (Add the sound of wind braking here).
Unknown writes: The end results of the Autobots terrifying new "Wedgie" assault.
Pokejedservo writes: Alright boys & girls whose being stealthier, the Decepticons or this scene's cameraman.
Unknown writes: And Siebertron's server crashed as thousands of "lost contact lens" submissions were made.
Unknown writes: M: I told you, we're not leaving 'til we find my contact lens.
Unknown writes: M: Decepticons! Retreat! Ss+Sw: Yes sir! (crouch, ready to fly, pause) Ss: Uh, sir? I think we're stuck.
Unknown writes: STEP ON THE ANTS !!
Unknown writes: Somehow the brain patterns of Rumble and Frenzy got mixed up with Soundwave and Starscream. Megatron: I-i-i-i-d-d-d-i-iots!
Unknown writes: Ooog, Ooog...Me Tarzan!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Ooh! Look at the fire ants! Quick, who's got a magnifying glass?! Mehatron: No, you fool! We'll use these fire ants against the Autobots! Bwahahaha! Soundwave: *sigh* Oh dear Primus...
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Unknown writes: fell the rath of the decepticon's fart attack,mohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Unknown writes: Megaton: Let's pay the Colonel a visit, boys Decepticons: I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight!!!
jory writes: Starscream: damn it megatron stop loosing your damn contacts and get that surgery. Megatron: shut up starscream im going to kill you in the movie anyway so jsut shut up. SOundwave: opps i farted
Firestorm writes: For absolutely no reason at all, gravity tripled its own force without warning.
interceptor writes: Megatron: "Decepticon Final Attack! Ultimate Gas!"
Unknown writes: If you keep searching were bound to find that screw or megatron won't be walking much longer
Unknown writes: Keep stamping your feet on the ground. Those worms are bound to come up any second now....
Unknown writes: Megatron: Starscream, it is times like this that I wish you could transform into a toilet.
Starscream: Yeah, I know..HEY!
Soundwave: Haw-Haw!
Unknown writes: Full moon over Cybertron
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Unknown writes: the unfortunate fate of all transformers: loose joints
Unknown writes: Don't you just hate it, when you've had your Energon....and can't get rid of it!?
Unknown writes: The decepticons resort to chemical warfare to defeat the autobots
Wingnut writes: Shake it up baby! (Shake it up baby)
Twist and shout! (Twist and shout)
Come on come on come on baby now! (Come on baby)
Come on and worke it all out! (Work it all out)...
Unknown writes: Decepticons, you ARE the Weakest Links! Goodbye!
Unknown writes: After watching WWE just a bit too long, the Decepticons practise their Rikishi Stinky Face
Unknown writes: After another embarrassing defeat, the Decepticons resorted to mooning the Autobots.
Unknown writes: Another "Ladies" night in Decepticon land......
Unknown writes: Soundwave "That's right Megatron, leave you loser!!"
Unknown writes: Must take a dump.... badly
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Rodimus Primal writes: megatron:o man if i new that ten times was so hard i'd would never dot hat
Unknown writes: Megatron looked down in shame as his troop was suddenly stricken with a stomach virus...
Unknown writes: Megatron looked down in shame as his troop was suddenly stricken with a stomach virus...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Being Optimus Prime **** (1999) Megatron,Starscream,Soundwave Dir.Nelson Shin.Decepticons discover a space bridge that leads directly to Autobot Leader Optimus Prime's brain.Mostly for hardcore Transformers fans only.
Unknown writes: "Do a little dance,make a little love get down tonight....Yeah....get down tonight." Starscream,"Boy I'm glad Soundwave's a radio Decepticon parties rock!!!" Megatron,"DAMN IT Soundwave I said
EDIMUS PRIME writes: Old Transformers never die they just retire after their knee joints go bad.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: " Push Starscream, push."

Starscream: "Arrrrghhh...It won't come out."

Soundwave: "Damn Mexican food!"
Firestorm writes: Meg: So tell me, whose idea was it to insult Metallica?

Starscream: I don't think that I'll ever walk straight again. Who knew their fans were so loyal?
TheRo-Man writes: The ground begins to shake...the Decepticons ear receptors begin to shatter...their optical sensors overload...this can mean only one thing. Finally, Earth's greatest threat faces the Transformers. ANNA NICOLE SMITH!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Ow...Backpains...
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Skyfire the Artist writes: The decision not to cover chiropractors with the Decepticon medical plan came back to haunt Megatron.
Unknown writes: Hearing how Optimus hated his Armada counterpart;the Decepticons just bust their guts laughing!
Unknown writes: (two days earlier...)Megs:Dammit! I lost my contact lens! Someone help me find it!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: It wasn't until they found themselves stomping Phantom Babies for hours on end that Starscream realized his virtual reality version of "Devil May Cry" had too steep a difficulty level.
Chrono writes: Ah sir, i think one us stepped in spike...
Unknown writes: Damn spicy energon...goes in like heaven comes out like fires from hell.
Unknown writes: Damn spicy energon...goes in like heaven comes out like fires from hell.
Chrono writes: Ah sir, i think one us stepped in spike...
Unknown writes: The Decepticons waddle home after facing Red Alert and his killer deck of cards. Megatron: Where did that little twerp learn that?! Star: A deck of playing cards?! Soundwave says nothing as he tries to pick the four of hearts out of his butt crack.
Unknown writes: --- After a fierce battle ---
Megatron: I didn't realize that Optmius cut it off until we returned to the base.
Soundwave: Megatron, I will search until it is found!
Starscream: So, "mighty" leader... doesn't decep
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TheRo-Man writes: Suddenly, the Decepticons begin to lose power as they realize that at $2.59 a gallon for energon...10 bucks worth just doesn't get you as far in battle as it did before this whole Iraq mess!
Strscrm3000 writes: "I knew there was something about that partywe were at"
Starwarpcracker writes: things like this reallyDO make u wounder about their sexuailty.... always knew Screamer was camp!
raijinald writes: These Destrons suffers Ultra Severe Constipation.
Unknown writes: The Decepticon's mosh pit!
Firestorm writes: The new Deccpticon 'Jump 'em from Above' strategy almost worked until they realized that physics wasn't with them on it.
UNICRON-WMD writes: This isn't Armada, we don't need to be looking for Minicons!!!
Unknown writes: As the Decepticons would always remember forever,never ride the Tilt A Whirl after two carival hot dogs and cotton candy.
Unknown writes: At last! This weapon will drain this planet Krypton of all it's...hold it! Why is the ground shaking???
Unknown writes: What the... Hey! Soundwave! I thought Ravage was housebroken!
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Unknown writes: Three of the most powerful Decepticon warriors limp home after getting whipped by the new Autobot leader...Wheelimus Prime!
Unknown writes: Starscream 5 minutes ago "Hey guys, help me find my brain!"
Unknown writes: Megatron:..:hiccup:.. so i says, i says to him, PRime...i says.. Wheel Jack... oh who cares, what i said, the i,, i said it.. right soundwave!?.. Soundwave:.. #!$#!%# lightweight, thats the second time this week you puked on my feet! What the h
Unicron writes: Shockwave: *fart*
Starscream: *fart*
Megatron: At least I'm not doing it. *fart*
jet convoy writes: M: Quick!! get the Preperation 'H' out. SS: IT BURNS IT BURNS!!!! SW:Quit your damn whining Starscream!!
jet convoy writes: I like steel butts and i cannot lie! No other ther brudda can deny, when Meg. walks in with his cold steel plate that round thing gets in your face you get SPRUNG.
jet convoy writes: Starscream: I think the ball went over here. Meg: We're looking for a golfball?? I thought it was Soundwave's contact.
Unknown writes: Starscream: *retch* Alright! Who put sugar in the energon tank again!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Quick, everyone look, Thundercracker lost a contact lens! Starscream: If *I* were the decepticon commander, oh mighty Megatron, we would have found it by now! Soundwave: Observation, Starscream is annoying. Solution, shut-up or I'll bl
Unknown writes: When the Decepticons break dance, they really break dance! Starscream: Smashy smashy!
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Unknown writes: Ape 1: Oh my, what's that coming out of her nose? Ape 2: Decepticons!Ape 1: There goes the planet...
Unknown writes: Megatron SoundWave and Starscream create a new dance sensation
Unknown writes: Megs: Time for us to monkey around!

Starscream: Yeah, baby, yeah!
Unknown writes: Megatron to Starscream and Soundwave: Its around here somewhere.. keep looking!
Unknown writes: Starscream to Megatron and Soundwave : What the hell was that!
Unknown writes: I need to take a huge dump
FortMax writes: Optimus:Wait the planet of the apes was our planet, noooooo!
FortMax writes: I like big bots I cannot lie no other brudda can deny!!!!
The Matrix writes: This is going to be a painful one...
Ravage writes: The Decepticons go adopt the 'convict in the shower' position
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tony writes: "The mighty Megatron is falling! I will be the new Decepticon leader!" "You fool Starscream! Soundwave's just playing Simon Says, now do as he says!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: 12-42! Hut! Hut! HIIIIKE!!!
Unknown writes: Starscream -- "See, if you don't STRETCH before exercising, this can happen !!"
Unknown writes: Shockwave glued the Decepticon's feet to the ground as a cruel joke....
Unknown writes: "I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight!"
Slappyfrog writes: It wasn't long after this particular episode that Megatron finally decided to get rid of his contacts and have laser eye surgery.
overdrive writes: thats the last time i have a curry with you soundwave.
Unknown writes: LETS DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron to Starscream:
" You fool, what do you mean you lost the keys to the base, now we'll never get back to Cybertron."
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Firebird writes: Starscream: Don't I have the smoothest, pale cheeks? Soundwave: Negative. Soundwave's cheeks superior. Megatron: SHUT UP!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Megatron: If we all fart at the same time we can bring down the mountain!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Quiet, Starscream! We've got to pants him or we'll never get into Alpha Omega Pothead!
Unknown writes: M:I think we lost them
SS: I told u we shouldn't have stolen that T.V
davewelttf writes: Starscream: Megatron we can't find your stupid contact any wher..(KKKK)uh I think I found it Megatron:Ooooohhhhhh!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Oops! Looks like that Ex-lax has kicked in!
Chee-toy writes: Soundwave: Ooooooh... we shouldn't have eaten those ultra-beefy-mega-meaty-arse-busting berritos from Taco Hell. Starscream: You said it! My skidplates burn from the mega fire sauce!
Unknown writes: The Decepticons hit an all new low as they resort to mooning the Autobots
MindWipe writes: cant touch this na na na na cant touch this! BREAK IT DOWN DUDES!
Broadside writes: Eeeny meeny minny mo where will my rubber glove go?
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Firebird writes: After indulging in large quantities of low grade energon, the decepticons were striken with excruciating cramps and constipation. Poor 'Cons.
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Walk this way" *walks few steps* *snap* "Arrgh! My back!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Tell me again, Soundwave. Why did you turn up the gravity in here?". "To train for special powers! Saw this on Dragon Ball Z" Starscream: "You idiot! I told you, Megatron! You shouldn't have
Unknown writes: Three mimes hitting their heads on a invisible roof...
Unknown writes: After Mindwipe got shafted with a mere three-parter episode appearance (US) he uses his powers of subjection on his fellow 'cons. Mindwipe: "You will cluck like chickens... You feel powerless to resist!"
Unknown writes: Caption: Decepticon get ill after learning what happens to the Transformers after The Original Series.
Unknown writes: Caption: It's not easy carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders as a Decepticon
Brawl writes: This is just wrong
Unknown writes: (megatron) decepticons, make stinky.
Unknown writes: The Decepticons hope to win next time by doing Optimus Primal impressions
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Unknown writes: Watch out for *waaagh* all these *whoop* gopher holes! *dammit*
Unknown writes: Wow! That oat bran was a killer.
Shermtron writes: Megatron:Decepticons walk this way...Literally
Shermtron writes: Soundwave:Megatron we can't find your conact lense
Unknown writes: "Soundwave, I need a chiropractor !"
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Takara Tomy Transformers Cybertron Con 2013 Exclusive Henkei Jetfire Figure - Time Remaining: 2 days 12 hours 4 minutes 8 seconds
Transformers Prime Cyberverse Star Hammer with Wheeljack Action Figure - Time Remaining: 5 days 12 hours 5 minutes 55 seconds
Transformers Prime Cyberverse Energon Driller with Knock Out Action Figure - Time Remaining: 5 days 12 hours 6 minutes 44 seconds
New Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Shockwave Figure Laserwave Japan - Time Remaining: 2 days 10 hours 7 minutes 40 seconds
Transformers Generations Dreadwing Deluxe Comic Series 30th Anniversary MOC - Time Remaining: 4 days 5 hours 9 minutes 31 seconds
Takara Tomy Transformers Go! Samurai Team : G02 G-02 'JINBU' - Time Remaining: 6 days 16 hours 18 minutes 30 seconds
Takara Tomy Transformers Go! Samurai Team : G03 G-03 'GANOH' - Time Remaining: 6 days 17 hours 19 minutes 45 seconds
Takara Tomy Transformers Go! : G17 G-17 Hunter Starscream - Time Remaining: 6 days 16 hours 20 minutes 35 seconds
Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #186 - NYCC 2017
Twincast / Podcast #186:
"NYCC 2017"
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Posted: Monday, October 16th, 2017
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