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A spinoff series of the 2019 Transformers relaunch, Transformers: Galaxies features side-stories in short arcs that tie into the main series while not (as of this writing in March of 2020) requiring deep knowledge of its events. The series is similar in nature to the previous continuity's Spotlight series, albeit with multi-part stories being the norm rather than the exception.

Based on currently published stories and known information, the story arcs of Galaxies break down as follows:

  1. Issues 1-4: "Constructicons Rising" featuring the Constructicons and Insecticons. Written by Tyler Bleszinski with art by Livio Ramondelli.

  2. Issues 5-6: "Wannabee" featuring Cliffjumper and Deathsaurus (yes, really!) Written by Kate Leth and Cohen Edenfield with art by Alex Milne and colors by Josh Perez.

  3. Issues 7-10: "Gauging the Truth" featuring Arcee, Greenlight and a new character, Gauge. Written by Sam Maggs with art by Bethany McGuire-Smith and Umi Miyao.

  4. Issues 11-12: A two-part story featuring Ultra Magnus. Written by Transformers: Deviations and M.A.S.K. writer Brandon Easton.

Note that these issues are not collected in traditional "trade paperback" format, but are rather being reprinted with Transformers (2019) in a series of collected hardcovers. Please see the Transformers (2019) series page for information on these hardcover editions.

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