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One of the final survivors of a doomed AUTOBOT exploratory mission, GLYPH has spent several hundred years stranded on a world that has become, for her, not unlike an immense science experiment. A natural researcher and forensic scientist, GLYPH's advanced hermeneutic circuitry allows her to analyze and decipher even the most cryptic of patterns and language structures. Exceptionally bright and intellectual, GLYPH maintains a nearly manic attentiveness to detail. Fascinated by the sheer complexity of alien cultures and their histories, GLYPH's eye for even the most obscure of minutiae has become unmatched among her colleagues. While highly skilled and intelligent, GLYPH's robot form is neither particularly strong or durable.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Glypth is the last surving member of an Autobot deep-space exploration team that left Cybertron near the end of the Great War. Originally assigned to the reserach vessel Sojourner's Passage as a specialist in the cataloguing and analysis of alien artifacts, Glypth has since found herself marooned on a planet that was once the very object of her team's study - and which became an unusually ironic final destination for the end of their mission. Now, as several hudnreds of years ahve passed, Glypth has become part of the world she once arrive to study, and irremovable thread in the cultural tapestry of Archa Nine. Glypth appraches her job with an almost boundless enthusiasm for the uniqueness of different cultures and the means by which they record their histories. She is an exceptionally intelligent individual, continually motivated by research taht otehrs might view as needlessly thorough and perhaps overly academic. In short, Glypth is a model researcher - one that views her curent predicament not as a curse, but as prehaps the most unique research opportunity any Cybertronian has ever been allowed.
Abilities: Glypth possesses an impressive intellect, boundess patience and a sincere devotion to her work - valuable assests which make her a natural forensic scientiest. Glypth's core processor is augmented by a complex series of hermeneutic analysis circuitry, allowing her to discern even the most intricate and cryptic of patterns from nearly any array of pictographic data. Overall, however, Glypth's true strength lies in her nearly endles resolve and a seemingly innate ability to see possibilities where none can readily be percieved.
Weaknesses: Though quick-witted and resourceful. Glypth is neither especially strong nor well armed in robot mode, and her vehicular form has frequent difficulties negotiatin thte rough terrain uin which she often counducts her research. In addition, her nearly legendary status among the beings of Archa Nine has perhaps colored her objectivity to some degree, she has live among them for so long that her preence has left an indelible mark on the history of their world.
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