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Weapon: Energo-Sword
Name: Airachnid
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Hunter
Alt. mode: Cybertronian Helicopter
Weapons: Palm mounted blasters, palm mounted ‘web’ shooters, claws
Special Abilities: additional limbs, third ‘hybrid’ mode
Height: 28 ft
Quote: “Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game”

Strength: 05
Intelligence: 08
Dexterity: 09
Speed: 06
Endurance: 05
Courage: 07
Firepower: 05
Accuracy: 08
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 07
Charisma: 07
Rank: 07

Appearance: Airachnid is primarily black with purple and gold highlights. Her body shape is dominated by clean lines and sharp angles, including a triangular face ending with a large ‘crown’ topped with horns on her head. Her most striking features are the six ‘limbs’ that are connected from her back. Each of these limbs is long, thing and possessing two joints. They are very long and each end with pincer-like claws on the end. Her alternate mode is a black, angular and featureless helicopter.


Profile: When the war was on Cybertron Airachnid was a loyal and versatile member of the Decepticons. She served in numerous functions including scout, interrogator, technician and even spy. Her multiple limbs gave her increased dexterity and coupled with a cruel, cunning mind made her an invaluable asset. She relished any opportunities to get up close and personal with the enemy, taking great pleasure in inflicting pain and eventually snuffing out Autobots.

Unfortunately for the Decepticons Airachnid was not a perfect soldier. She preferred working alone and chafed under too much authority. She hungered for the power to be out from under anyone’s thumb, but saw the Decepticon’s as largely a ‘boy’s club’ with no room for her to go up. This and her penchant for getting bored easy as the war drug on led to her striking out on her own.

Covertly stealing a small shuttle Airachnid left Cybertron and the war behind. With a whole galaxy at her disposal she became a hunter. She would land on a planet and hunt the dominant species (which was usually a sentient one), claiming heads as trophies. This lasted until she grew bored and moved to another planet. As rumors of her spread a group of Autobots was dispatched to track her down and bring her in, as her actions only damaged their relations with other species.

After killing one Autobot and maiming another, the Decepticon was taken into custody. She was placed in Garrus 9 where an inhibitor claw was placed on her back, deactivating her weapon systems, extra limbs and her ability to transform.

Personality wise Airachnid is highly confident, to the point of being arrogant. She feels that she is superior to nearly everyone else and carries herself like she is, with an almost regal bearing. She chafes under authority and does not trust others easily. When forced under the circumstances Airachnid is willing to work with others as long as it benefits her, although a doublecross is almost assured.

A sadist in the purest sense of the word, Airachnid takes sick and twisted pleasure and enjoyment out of inflicting pain upon others; whether it's physical, mental, or emotional. Having studied and practiced the arts of torture to horrifying degrees, she is able to measure one's strength of will by how much they resist the agony she inflicts upon them.

A 'con of sport, Airachnid enjoys hunting (mostly sentient beings), as well as collecting endangered species (and if they're not endangered, she'll make it so). Her penchant for growing bored easily often leads her into creating games or additional challenges in hunting down her enemies and prey. She likes to toy with her victims, prolonging their suffering for as long as possible. A vengeful and conspiring femme, Airachnid will always settle scores.

Abilities: Airachnid possesses several unique abilities, most obvious of which are her extra limbs. These spiderlike limbs can be stored folded up on her back or fully deployed behind her. While they appear fragile each one is quite strong, with any pair able to support her full body weight. When used together she can jump impressive heights and distances. Each limb ends in clawed pincers that can be used to stab into materials like rock, steel or other Transformers. Each is capable of simple grasping, allowing her to pick up objects out of reach of her standard limbs. They are not, however, capable of anything more then simple grasping and pushing and pulling. Operating a gun for instance would be too complicated for these simple limbs. She can use them to lift herself completely off the ground and as stabbing weapons in close combat. Each limb has an extremely long reach, able to reach out much greater lengths then her standard limbs. By folding up and combining her legs Airachnid can take on a hybrid mode, moving swiftly like a spider with her extra limbs. The extra limbs make her highly skilled at climbing nearly any surface.

Additionally Airachnid is equipped with a built in weapons system consisting of a pair of blasters located in her palms and ‘web’ shooters also mounted in her palms. The web shooters fire a synthetic polymer adhesive that has spider-web like abilities. Upon release, the webbing dries into an extremely tough, flexible, adhesive fiber. Airachnid will typically fire a ‘burst’ of webbing to immobilize her prey. The adhesive is extremely strong, taking some effort from the stronger Transformers to break. Alternatively a bladed weapon can slice through it without significant effort. Of course the prey may find it difficult to do once they are immobilized. Additionally each of her standard hands are topped with talons sharp enough to scratch into armor, although not penetrate it.

Airachnid’s alternate mode is a relatively small, sleek black helicopter and travels at speeds of 500 miles per hour for more than 1500 miles.

Weaknesses: Airachnid’s loner style and penchant for toying with her prey can allow enemy reinforcements to arrive and force her to retreat. Her ranged combat abilities are limited and her alternate mode possesses no weapons.
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