Beast Hunter voyager Optimus Prime minor mod/paint

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Beast Hunter voyager Optimus Prime minor mod/paint

Postby itscramtastic » Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:29 pm

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So, after years of wondering when I'd get around to it, I finally decided to add some detail to BH voyager Optimus Prime.

If you weren't familiar, his Hasbro release doesn't really match up with the character model. Even the box art doesn't match the toy! Obviously there are 3D renders of the toy on the box but still.

Checked the box for a little inspiration..

And now I'm here.

So, I used some wire snips to get the spikes off of the bumper and chest and then used an Xacto and some model sand paper to smooth out the chest area.

Used black electrical tape on the front windows.

Used a red Sharpie to touch up the chest area after snipping.

And then I used Testors acrylic model paints with a brush. Lots of areas don't look as great as I'd hoped. Metallic silver on the knee caps, fists, wheels, wrist guards, cheeks, ears, pelvis.

Flat black on the inner leg tires, inner knee cap and shin guards, and side truck windows.

I need to figure out how to make the eyes blue and then maybe add some black to his forearms. I think some copper or gold may be needed somewhere.. I'll have to check renders again.

So, after tightening things up with floor polish, not a bad few hours of winging it!
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