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Weapon: Plasma Cannon
NAME: Contemptor
ALLEGIANCE: Decepticon
ALT. MODE [Earth]: 1988 Mack Bicentennial Super Liner
ALT. MODE [Cybertron]: Assault ATV
WEAPONS: Twin-Barrel Plasma Cannon, Kaon Pattern Burst Pistol, Energon War Axe, Chain Lash

HEIGHT: 35ft

QUOTE: “There are no prisoners....only trophies!”


PROFILE: Contemptor – originally named Hipshot - was once a pilot for the Cybertron Science Corp. During the time of peace, Contemptor would pilot a various number of ships to deploy a number of probes and scanners in nearby systems or onto any planetoid that raised significant interest. Some Cybertronian’s would say that he was lucky. Others said his luck would run out one day.

Contemptor was originally more lightly armoured than he is now due to his assigned status within the Cybertron Science Corp. His role usually had him and his partner move through dense asteroid belts, gaseous spaces, or amongst sprawling solar systems. However, it was a dead star that would change things for Contemptor.

And it was a dark change.

A scientific mission to an unregistered star system near the Merbus System was where things went drastically wrong. The shuttle carrying the 2-bot team passed calmly through a nebulous gas cloud which began to emit peculiar signals and gaseous eruptions. Contemptor and his comrade braced for impact as the ship began to shudder with the fluctuations of the nebula. Their primary mission was to launch a sensor probe towards a young planet to assess its capabilities and what benefit it would have to Cybertron, however sensing an opportunity at some additionally valuable information, they decided to launch a secondary probe to gather data on the strange readings from the nebula.

Contemptor stabilised the craft as the best his abilities would allow him. His team-mate made towards the rear of the craft to prepare the probe for launch into the nebula before a thunderous impact shook the ship hard.

A surge of intense energy blew the main stabiliser controls on the ship, and Contemptor’s teammate smashed into the side of the cargo hold. He let out a shout of displeasure as Contemptor wrestled with the controls in an attempt to engage the backup stabilisers in the shuttle, but the energy surges from the nebula was making things more difficult. Contemptor shouted through the com to his teammate that they would have to abort launching the probe into the gas cloud, or they would be torn in half. Contemptor’s teammate replied that it would be insane to miss such a valuable opportunity, and they should continue on as greatness was in their immediate future. Giving a growl of frustration Contemptor managed to get the auxiliary stabilisers online, and setting the ship to auto-pilot, moved from the cockpit to the cargo hold to help lower the pod.

Getting to the probe, Contemptor and his comrade manually opened the launch hatch. The jolt from the energy surge had disabled most of the functions of the shuttle, so the launch hatch had to be opened with the manual release lever. Hauling on the lever, the green lock light switched to red, signifying that the hatch was now opening.

Some said Contemptor was lucky. Others said his luck would run out.

His luck ran out.

A bolt of errant energy shot from the nebula and into the cargo hold. Contemptor helplessly watched his teammate’s head explode in a riot of metal and sparks – his brain casing obliterated as his body fell to the ground. The energy struck the probe and it blew, the fuel tank causing an audio-receptor clogging bang as it washed the small space in energon induced fire. It scorched the cargo hold, and the intense heat caused some of the panelling to melt – holes appearing in the interior of the shuttle. Warning klaxons sounded as the integrity of the shuttle began to depressurise against the infinite pull of space. Contemptor scrambled towards the cockpit, clawing his way towards the pilots chair as he pulled himself upright. Another internal explosion in the shuttle rocked the entire ship, and Contemptor fell almost immediately, as smoke billowed from the connecting door. Contemptor made a frenzied attempt to contact Cybertron, but there was no reply to the distress call. After repeated attempts at sending a long wave transmission, a broken reply came through.

++....maintain....research shall.......forgotten...++

A stunned expression came over Contemptor - the voice was familiar, and at once distant memories began to flood back to him.

Contemptor didn’t want to think it, and as he did he punched out a distress beacon that hopefully would bring help. Another two explosions came from the ships engines, the smouldering craters in the portside thrusters left them in ruins.

Contemptor and his dead compatriot were adrift - left to the floating mercy of space.

With a loud bang, a final eruption of energy surged through the shuttle, causing the center control console to explode, the outburst of energy flooded through as the debris and shrapnel of the console bit Contemptor. He managed to turn away from the exploding console, but only barely, as the explosion shredded Contemptor’s left arm, and the left side of his face.

Contemptor fell, his vision blurred with static as the shuttle was thrown from its trajectory, the nebula ejecting the craft as if dismissing an unwanted guest. Contemptor burned all over as his pain receptors and warnings popped up on his HUD. His journey back was broken; his memory banks were cutting out as stasis lock slowly threatened to kick in. Through the pain, Contemptor blacked out periodically as the shuttle was pulled onboard an alien deep space salvage ship. Using his still functioning right arm, he pulled himself up onto his knees to look out the cracked glass at the frigate. Contemptor tried to stand, but his energy levels were too depleted to move more, and – kicking his systems into repair mode – he collapsed onto the deck of the shuttle.

Several days had passed and Contemptor’s systems began to kick in. He had narrowly averted Stasis Lock, but he was still visibly damaged, for below his left optic, his face was marred with scars, and his left arm was a shattered ruin. Anger and rage filled Contemptor as he looked upon the carnage of the shuttle; his comrade lay in ruins, a dead shell of what he once was. Contemptor dragged his body from the shuttle with his good arm onto the frigate, and looked upon the aliens who occupied the frigate. Injured and seething with anger and rage he forced himself to speak as far as he could go with the aliens and robots until his patience ran dry, and in a fit of rage, punched the side of the broken shuttle and further cracked the glass of the cockpit.

His energy levels depleted, Contemptor was tired and in no mood to argue with the assortments of aliens and robots onboard. However, through intensive bartering – and using the broken body of his fallen team-mate, and the salvageable parts of the shuttle as payment – Contemptor effectively bought his way back to Cybertron, and in a double stroke, managed to have paid less than what he had promised the captain of the ship.

Effectively classed as Missing presumed Dead, and making his way into Cybertron’s underbelly, Contemptor – using the parts of his fallen team-mate as trade – managed to barter enough components to modify himself to be more heavily armoured. He had even heard rumour about an underground gladiator pit.

His times in the pits made him focus on his new-found strengths and abilities in combat, and in the rise of the warrior, the skills of a pilot, and research assistant began to fade slowly. The more that he became involved, the more he hungered for combat and the thrill of spilling the life-force of his opponents; the more inconsequential, and irrelevant his previous abilities became.

And all the while his hate and anger grew.

Finally, changing his name from Hipshot to Contemptor, and fighting with the full fury of a berserker, his new-found hate towards all Autobots, and in particular the Autobot Autocracy, solidified his change of personality.

He had found his calling in the ranks of the Deceptions’.

Robot Flight Mode: Allows Contemptor to attain a flight speed of 150mph

Twin Barrelled Plasma Cannon: Contemptor’s primary weapon is a longer barrelled Plasma Cannon that is partly mounted onto Contemptor’s right forearm. It is an assault weapon, capable of two to three bursts at a time, and is dependent on fuel cell flasks, and being hardwired into the coolant capacitor that is mounted across Contemptor’s shoulder. The plasma cannon, is partially mounted because of the coolant fuel lines of the cannon run along Contemptor’s forearm, and up to the dispenser on his back.

Kaon Pattern Burst Pistol: Contemptor’s primary close combat weapon is a repeating plasma pistol that requires the use of fuel cell flasks as well as coolant cell flasks. Because of its portability, it is unable to utilise the coolant systems in use for the Plasma Cannon

Energon War Axe: A cruel looking hook headed axe that can easily be mistaken as a glaive or halberd because of the orientation of the head. The axe is used for the more up close and personal encounters, and the blade slowly glows with the energy inside it.

Chain Lash: A weapon gleaned from the days of the Gladiator Pit fights. It is nothing more than a series of cybertonium chain, ended with a large pounding head, almost like a mace or flail.

WEAKNESSES: Contemptor’s size has a detriment to his speed and agility. He isn’t the most agile of Deceptions' in general, as his broad size has to allow for him to carry around his primary weapon.

Other weaknesses are the coolant mechanism on his Plasma Cannon; the piping and connectors are wunshielded to allow for flexibility in combat. The cannon itself drinks down the fuel cells to empty with just six shots, requiring it to be reloaded constantly. Its other weakness is that the coolant system is mounted onto Contemptor’s back, meaning it is harder to hide behind cover, and that a well placed shot could cripple him.

Contemptor’s close combat pistol has a violent tendency to overheat. The pistol fires a repeater shot of three per burst, but as it is a plasma based weapon – its coolant has to be constantly replaced. At longer ranges, the weapon is increasingly inaccurate.

The Energon Axe is one of the many standard issue close combat weapons that Cybertronian’s use, however due to the depletion of Energon – this weapon currently cannot be used for any length of time.

The Chain Lash is a long and entangling weapon. It requires more concentration to utilise the Chain Lash in combat, making its wielder more prone to sneak attacks, or an ambush
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