Digibash Request

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Digibash Request

Postby DecepticonFinishline » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:10 pm

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Hey friends. I am requesting a Digibash, since I lack the art skills to do so.

Anyone willing, I would be eternally grateful to have a Digibash of Unite Warriors Blast Off in Hasbro colors and HasbroG2 colors.

I have been actively trying to get a specific Digimon in the new game by being unrelenting in retweets. I am hoping to do the same to get these two figures in Power Of The Primes. (Thusly, Galvatronus can have a proper fourth limb.)

Unlikely to work... But, don't lose anything by trying.

Thanks in advance.
PotP Cards: Looking for Nexus Versions of all of the following:

Skrapnel (Alpha Trion for trade)
Slash (Micronus for trade)
Slug (Micronus for trade)
Swoop (Prima for trade)
Dreadwind (Prime for trade)
Optimus (Alpha Trion for trade)
Elita-1 (Alchemist for trade)
Hun-Gurrr (Amalgamous for trade)
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