Digibash Request

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Digibash Request

Postby DecepticonFinishline » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:10 pm

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Hey friends. I am requesting a Digibash, since I lack the art skills to do so.

Anyone willing, I would be eternally grateful to have a Digibash of Unite Warriors Blast Off in Hasbro colors and HasbroG2 colors.

I have been actively trying to get a specific Digimon in the new game by being unrelenting in retweets. I am hoping to do the same to get these two figures in Power Of The Primes. (Thusly, Galvatronus can have a proper fourth limb.)

Unlikely to work... But, don't lose anything by trying.

Thanks in advance.
Looking for: Combiner Wars Prowl 100% (new or used) at a reasonable price.

PotP Cards: Looking for Nexus Versions of all of the following:

Skrapnel (Alpha Trion for trade)
Slash (Micronus for trade)
Slug (Micronus for trade)
Swoop (Prima for trade)
Dreadwind (Prime for trade)
Grimlock (Solus for trade)
Starscream (Vector for trade)
Rodimus (Alchemist for trade)
Optimus (Alpha Trion for trade)
Elita-1 (Alchemist for trade)
Hun-Gurrr (Amalgamous for trade)
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