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Motto: ""One's first duty is to oneself; one's next is to one's comrades.""
Weapon: Automatic Machine Gun
Name: Dustspark
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Medical Engineer
Alt. mode: Armored Transport (something along the lines of a Rheinmetall Yak, for example)
Weapons: Tri-barreled heavy machine gun; Vibro-sword
Height: 28 ft. (8.54 m)
Quote: “Right! What’s yer problem?”

RANK: 06


An Autobot to the core, Dustspark has been serving honorably with his brethren since the very beginning of the conflict. Before the war, Dustspark was a respected engineer, known for dabbling in medical work and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Not much has changed. He’s still an amiable, if grizzled, old ‘Bot, who enjoys his work and is the consummate “make do”-er. You’ll never find him complaining, even when he’s pinned down behind enemy lines with a queue of a half-dozen injured allies waiting to be repaired. He’ll be working away, patching them up as quickly as he can, grinning and joking the whole time. This can sometimes be disconcerting or annoying, but “Dusty” doesn’t mean anything by it. He’s just happy to be doing his part, and whether that means tech work, medical work, or crushing some cranials, he puts a hundred-and-ten percent into it every time.

However, there is a darker side to the generally cheerful and easygoing ‘Bot. He rarely shows it, and its appearance is only extremely seldom triggered. However, those few Autobots who have seen it tend not to feel quite the same way about Dustspark afterwards; those Decepticons who do are often too dead to feel much of anything.


Subject is relatively slow in all forms. Maximum speed in alternate form is 50 mph, with a range of approximately 350 miles. Said alternate form is of an armored transport vehicle, containing enough room to house up to 4 creatures of human size, or one ton of cargo.

Subject has high strength and armor ratings. Armor is resistant to most average attack capabilities, though not impenetrable.

Subject’s main weapon is a heavy machine gun. The weapon has three barrels, which rotate as the weapon is fired. Energy is supplied through cut-resistant wires attached to subject’s back; ammunition is carried in a compartment attached to the weapon. Fires armor-piercing slugs at 300 rounds per minute, with a range of 1.5 miles (2.4 km). Subject is unable to move quickly while firing weapon, which attaches to his back when not in use.

Subject also proficient in the use of hand-weaponry, which he rarely employs, and long-range rifles, which he occasionally carries for longer field missions.

Subject also carries a vibro-tomahawk. The weapon is 9 feet long and the head vibrates very quickly when activated; this, combined with the durable material of the weapon, makes it very effective in close combat. Subject employs very basic, almost debased, forms of Metallikato in combat, though nowhere near to the ability of a true practitioner.

Subject’s avatar is that of a middle-aged male of Scandinavian descent, with short, reddish blonde hair and a medium-length, grizzly beard; it appears wearing combat boots, cargo pants, a black combat vest, a flak jacket, Kevlar gloves, and a brown baseball-style cap. Subject is said to carry a human weapon for the avatar’s use—unconfirmed.


Subject is rather slow and is not agile, especially in alternate form. Armor, while strong, is not impenetrable. Subject is also large, making it an easy target. While the subject carries a powerful weapon and is a skilled marksman, it is not truly a warrior, and is not as well-suited to close combat as many Transformers. It also has no weapons capabilities in its alternate form.
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