Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

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Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby bengear » Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:30 am

Hello all! I don't see a thread for something like this yet so I'll start it out.

Multiplayer can be intimidating (especially if you, like me, didn't get to pick up the game day 1 and are 20 levels behind some of these online fools) and the learning curve can be steep. Here's some meager tips I can provide - and I encourage others to chime in. Feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt, I'm only level 10 in each class.

1. play the campaign before multiplayer - you'll get used to the controls and SOME of the weaponry ahead of time. I've seen a couple of players (unfortunately on my team) that were just fumbling around and got killed quite quickly.

Infiltrator Class - Path blaster all the way! Personally (and it's very likely just me) I stink with the scatter blaster. I'm either too chicken to get up close and personal or just unlucky, but I can't do very well with it. Path blaster on the other hand gives you a nice accurate med-long distance attack with good damage. It works up close in a pinch as well. I've unlocked the sub-machine gun and it's pretty fun for some pray and spray but the damage is pretty low.

Destroyer - Riot Cannon is fun, thermo-rockets do good damage but are slow as all get out. I switch them out for the A4 cannon for short ranged bunny hopping fests as some opponents apparently enjoy. A good tip is to be patient with the detonate button, you don't want to explode your ordinance, ahem, prematurely.

Titan - Ahh, the titan. Slow and big equals something easy to shoot. Be sure to play with your teammates when titaning it up..you've got plenty of health but it goes quick, even in a one-on-one encounter with an infiltrator. Your guns are slow, you are slow, plan appropriately. You can rule a corridor or hallway with the scrapmaker but if you're caught in the open by yourself you might bite it quick. The scrapmaker isn't a long range gun - medium at BEST. You just waste ammo shooting across the map when one out of every 15 shots might actually hit your target. When at range don't forget your tank mode. A quick transform to fire off a tank shell or two might turn the tide. Don't pop your whirlwind too quick....I've looked quite stupid trying to chase someone down and have them blast me to smithereens.

Scientist - Stay mobile and pick your battles. When in jet mode keep an eye out for the missle indicators, transform quickly if you don't think you can jet to safety. As for the weapons, neutron assault rifle and orbital pistol are the defaults. I have tried the gear shredder but was pretty underwhelmed with it's performance. Stay out of the fray and soften up scrums with your jet missles, swoop in and heal some teammates then get the heck out of there. That's the way I play it, and I'll be quite happy when unlock the photon burst rifle for some sniping action!
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby kwanzaabot » Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:37 am

About the Scientist, that's exactly how I play it- I just wish there were some heftier healing exp bonuses. Scientists barely leave a scratch on the enemy, so it can be kind of hard to level them, when all you've got are the occasional 80xp boost.
Because of that, I've often found myself wading into battle with Thundercracker and Optimus Primal (my custom Scientists) just so I can level the hell up already. :D

They're useful in the headhunter mode, though, because you can swoop in and steal a spark, and then fly off to the node before anyone knows what's happened.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby Hiryu02 » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:09 pm

Good to see a thread like this, I was looking for a place to share strats. Keep in mind, everything is based on personal experience and feel, since there is no wiki with damage values and the sort.

I've got a lot of stuff I'd like to share, but oddly enough I will start with the Scientist.

I have two builds, one to heal in Conquest/Objective games and one with the Sentry, for straight up TDM.

MEDIC Loadout:
Heal Beam - Self heal upgrade
Neutron Assault Rifle - Ammo upgrade
Photon Burst Rifle - Ammo upgrade

This build uses the close range automatic assault rifle at close and mid ranges, and the photon rifle for scoped longrange combat. Remember, you CAN HEAL AND FIRE at the same time! Stick close to Titans and destroyers and when the bullets start flying, start your heal beam then concentrate on laying down some fire of your own. The heal beam will keep healing until the teammate dies or you run out of juice.

Done properly, this build heals YOU by about 25% every time you heal a teammate by a certain amount. So in essence, every damaged teammate is a potential "health potion" who can give you health and keep you alive by directly attacking the enemy. You will be surprised how durable you and the teammate you are healing can be with this setup.

Concentrate on finding a group to roll with, and support them at crucial points such as defending or taking a node. Don't be afraid to jet out of there if your meatshield goes down.

HUNTER Loadout:
Sentry Gun - Damage upgrade
Orbital Pistol - Increased Rate of Fire
Photon Burst Rifle - Ammo upgrade

This build utilizes a combination of the Sentry and the debuff from the Orbital Pistol to take out single opponents quickly and effectively. Remember, none of the Scientist's weapons do a TON of damage, compared to most other class weapons. Therefore, to compensate for this, you can use the sentry and the debuff pistol to weaken opponents, and to add firepower to your regular loadout.

The general rule is to have surprise on your side. I usually hang out in jet form, then when I spy a lone opponent who is unaware of my presence I will start off with a couple of rockets, change and immediately drop my sentry. The goal is to land 1-2 hits with the pistol, weakening the enemy and doing some damage myself, before switching to the rifle and finishing off the opponent. All the while, the enemy is also taking significant damage from the deployed sentry. If done right, even Titans drop in less than 6 seconds.

The key is not to miss with the pistol, the debuff and damage is not great, but it really softens up the opponent for your sentry or teammates. You may note that this build has no automatic firing weapon aside from the sentry. This is intentional as the sentry acts as your machinegunner who does not miss.

If you miss with the pistol against a hard target like a Destroyer or Titan, consider jetting out. Definitely leave if you didn't manage to get the opener with the jet rockets before the enemy starts firing back.

The Orbital Pistol is very important for this build as it allows your average damage, to become very good damage, thanks to the stacking debuff.

That's it for now, it's been a bit longer than I expected lol. Comments/Questions welcome.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby craggy » Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:42 pm

tips for playing the tank bot:

don't play the tank bot.

I shouldn't call it a tank bot, he's really more of a Glass Cannon.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby bengear » Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:23 am

lol, I have it tough with the titan as well, very big target and tends to draw fire. The energon harvester has a good punch but you need to be a fair marksman at least to do well with the scrapmaker. I've played around with the EDK technovolt a bit but it's lack of punch really hurts - I hate squaring off with a scout and getting owned while we trade shots. I'm the danged tank for goodness sake! I've given up whirlwind for the shield on my titans...and if you haven't noticed, the melee attack with the shield is quite nice. It does a nice knockback effect that I haven't seen on other normal melee attacks (unless I'm imagining it)

Anyway, other general tips:

Conquest mode - don't stand still while you take over a point - keep on the move. I've unlocked the sniper rifle on my scout and get some pretty easy headshots on static targets just loitering around on a node.

And I've gotten better with the scatter blaster, likely due to the rate of fire upgrade. If you're at the right distance you can chew folks up pretty quick with it so it's back in my rotation, along with the sniper rifle.

Does anyone have any tips for the chaos rift combuster for the destroyers? I don't think i've gotten too many kills with it, just assists.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby Mindmaster » Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:41 am

Motto: "For I have dipped my hands in muddied waters, and, withdrawing them, find 'tis better to be a commander than a common man!"
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Before I shoot off a couple tips, little history on my gameplay; already hit Prime mode AND maxed my classes AGAIN. I'm also in the top 50 for raking up kills, and Scientists are my personal favorite.

Basic Loadout;
Primary: Neutron Assault Rife (with the accuracy upgrade)
Secondary: Photon Burst Rifle (with the less-time-in-between-bursts/autofire upgrade)
Abilty: Sentry (Power Core upgrade)

With this loadout, I take out Titans (occasionally three of them) in about 10 seconds. As mentioned by another user, always pick your fights. If you spot a loner, drop down, spawn the Sentry, and start firing with the NAR. Most of my targets are more concentrated on my Sentry than me, so more often than not I dominate. A different approach is fly up behind said target, spawn the sentry, get some distance between you and the target, and use the PBR as he's taking down the Sentry.

Basic Loadout;
Scatter Blaster (with the increased rate of fire upgrade)
Subsonic Repeater (Increased accuracy upgrade) OR Nucleon Charge Rifle (faster recharge per successful hit). THis depends on whether you're a close quarters fighter or a long-distance shooter.
Ability: Cloak (Shadow Striker upgrade)

My least favorite class. For close-quarters (like a corridor), the SB is pretty scary. Subsonic Repeater is veeeeery scary in any close-quarters situation, no matter what class you are. Like the Scientist, pick your fights. I normally find loners, cloak, sneak up on them, then go Rambo with either the Blaster or the Repeater.

I'll provide more tips later on today.

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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby PrivateRadio » Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:16 pm

Finally made the account just to jump in on this conversation.

Destroyer's my favorite class, and it was the first class where I could jump in and get double digit kills repeatedly. I recently started playing a lot of Infiltrator and Scientist, mostly because I wanted to use these Cliffjumper and Shockwave builds I made, and recently started getting pretty good at both classes.


With my infiltrator I go Subsonic Repeater and Path Blaster. Here's the thing with Infiltrators: You've got a TON of mobility and you have weapons that you can just unload into opponents. I use the stun grenades instead of the cloak for a couple reasons. One is that I suck with the cloak. Beyond that though, the grenade lets you go one on one with any other class you want. Your speed means you can escape from getting teamed up on. If someone decides to chase you, lead them away from their teammates and if you can't find your own, hit him with the grenade and suddenly he done goofed. You're fast enough to dodge a ton of rounds anyway, let alone when someone can't find you.

If you get the first shot with the SSR, you're able to unload a whole lot of damage before they can turn to you and it's very easy to shoot and move. The Path Blaster does decent damage, and is very easy to hit long range with because there's practically no delay. If they're lined up, pull the trigger and you got em. I can't tell you how many planes I've shot down with this thing.

I know this is getting long winded, but here's a big one. Like the scientist, you excel with the infiltrator surrounded by your teammates, providing the extra fire and grenade assists. When this happens, you're bound to find opponents who make a run for it. You're too fast and maneuverable for this. If it's me and any other class getting the advantage on a dude who runs away, so long as I don't mess up and give him time to find teammates or health, that kill is already as good as mine. The vehicle weapon is very easy to aim and hit with. it's not that strong, but you will connect with it.

I hadn't planned on typing so much, so here's just a bit for...


Let's assume being a helpful offensive member of your team is the goal. The difference in loading out with the turret or the heal ray is like a whole new class. Being a healer is a whole different deal. If you have smart teammates and you keep tight with them as a good healer you're blowing the other team out, no question about it. Let's talk turrets. Here's how I've been getting good ratios.

Generally you're not going faceup with anyone getting kills. You're supporting your team and playing smart. If you get stuck in a one on one you gotta cat and mouse your guy and not take much damage. This is where the turret comes in. Make your opponent walk into the turret, personally I use the rust one, and then put yourself in position to safely get yuor shots in depending on how he reacts. With the rust turret, I use the speed advantage and get to his back or sides and just rip him up. The PBR rules, and since the gear shredder got it's boost I've been using it a little more but I still mostly run PBR. Like everyone else has said, the jet missles are wonderful, and they lock onto retreating vehicles. You can assist a battle from afar and clean up a platform sometimes with missles, and with the PBR the support fire possibilities are endless. More than any other class USE cover with the scientist. I've cleaned up deathmatches getting a good vantage point supporting a team mate and unloading headshots with the PBR from afar. Admittedly, I don't know what I'd do without the PBR, because I leveled up to it playing conquest as a healer.

either way, game rules, aside from the fact that I want Wheeljack but y'know, not for money. GT is IWantLunch
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby Shadowblade_DW » Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:22 pm

Still getting back into the multiplayer swing but a few suggestions.

1: Keep out of team deathmatch until at least level 8. The other modes have more ways to xp outside of combat

2: If you got a mic'd up teammate giving directions, follow them. They are telling you wear the enemies are and where teammates should gather.

3: If you are mic'd up, give us direction, tell us that large group of nasties is coming down the hall so we can flank em.

4: Al oldie but goodie from WFC: cloak, surprise melee, scatter gun. Downs most victims out right.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby Absolute Zero » Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:55 am

Weapon: Corrosive Slime Shooter
I don't have any tips other than to say that the destroyer class has been by far the best class. They offer a great balance in speed and health, and can take a pretty decent pounding, and have some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Because of this, they're honestly the best at any game type. Also, a recent trend has been to rush people, drop a sheild with the slow thing equipped, and ruin your opponents day. You think tanks are slow, you should see them when they're hit with this, or the scientists slow beam. It's a terrible tactic, and I think people who use it should be punched in the dick with spiked brass knuckles, but I won't deny that it is effective.

Titans are probably the second best. Yeah, they're big, they're slow, but the whirlwind ability can ruin a couple of opponents day, and the scrapmaker is ridiculously accurate at range.

The scientist class is great for conquest. They're fast so they can get to most points before your enemy knows you're there, and your turret can help take down fools. Their best is hit and run, or support. If you want quick XP with them, play conquest, not TDM or Headhunter. They can be good for CTF because of their speed as well, but they're at their best in Conquest, hopping points for 400 a pop. You can finish with 1-3 kills, and still be among the top three in a match.

Infiltrator is a -terrible- class. Their EMP is their most effective ability, and even then, it's not terribly effective. They are only dangerous enmass. Their speed is not much greater than the destroyer to give them an advantage, and they are the only class not given a heavy weapon. I also think they lost their bonus to damage for attacking while stealthed that they had in wfc. That said, like the scientist, they do well in Conquest. This was the first class I maxed out, and the class I got my first MVP with.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby Psychokoala » Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:57 pm

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:CON: For me really im good with all classes. Made it to the rank 13 on tdm leaderboards.

Titan class is a challenge for most due to the slow movement and large stages are usually a death sentence.

Each class has a purpose for me.

Scientist: Is when I am finally on a team that works together and i use Expert Flanking support.

Titan: My favorite when theres people talking trash on unskilled players. This is my Ultimate Trolling class. I use my goop cannon and whirlwind the crap out of those not paying attention especially in small stages huddled up in a corridor all aiming down the hall and i come up behind hit them with corrosive rust cannon and whirlwind them all.

Infiltrator: when everyone wants to choose Titans and Destroyers. I usually just takem down with a few shots with path blaster/Magma Dampner then finish them off with Scatter Blaster/Fireblast. Yeah Fireblast sucks as a perk but it is so fun to use when players run away on fire and die within a few seconds that it lasts. Other times ill hit them with a fireblast scatter shot then quickly use the SSR and unload before the fire wears off which kills them rather quickly.

Destroyer: Is for when I want people to fear me. I rush Anyone I see with my "Supertron" All gold color for autobot and Black/purple Decepticon. Rocket launcher/Quick lockon and Riot cannon/ion cartridge with Hover/Bugout. I rush in popem once with the rocket and finishem with some melee or a few choice riot cannon rounds. Two well placed rockets kill any class so makem count.

A good tactic to get ur opponent angry is to use the goop cannon close range and either whirlwind or energon them to death. Cancel the whirlwind as soon as you make the kill or get out of range so it can charge up faster to use again.

Scientist class is irritating to fight against nowadays due to the spamming of the homing gear shredder. Best advice is to duck behind cover the second you hear one coming and rush them as soon as that third shot misses and make the kill before they can reload. PBR can ruin someones day in a stage where everyone wants to play with Titans and Destroyers.

My best strategy is Flank...Flank....Flank....and when i think they are good and mad....Flank again.

I love shooting from around the corner and then turn into jet form, zoom around the other side and stand behin the opponent for a few seconds before unloading the sentry gun with slow perk and my NAR with Ion cartridge.

Also Infiltrators may be small and weak, but like ankle biting pomeranians the are fast and vicious. Use that against them especially with path blaster and stay away from lights out...it is garbage. Dampner and sonic blast are much better.

Last but not least.....NEVER EVER attack a Destroyer in jet form....Ive seen too many idiots come at me trying to snipe in jet form when im armed with a rocket launcher with quick lock perk. One guy flew straight at me and the second I locked on him he panicked and did the fastest nosedive into the acid death pit (Abandoned) :CON:
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby CADABARAWIRACANA » Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:02 pm

I can vouch for the fact that Psychokoala is good at all classes, as he has killed me more times than I care to remember. Nice to read some of your tips too, they helped me.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby petpost » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:20 am

just love to use all those techniques in the game especially
Heal Beam - Self heal upgrade
Photon Burst Rifle - Ammo upgrade
these two.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby daveyjohns » Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:17 am

Hi! Thanks for all the tips - my favourite loadouts for each of the classes are:

Path Blaster - Weapon Spread Reduction
Subsonic Repeater - Sped-up reload
Cloaking - Enhanced Cloak Time

Chaos-Rift Combustor - Bigger Explosion Radius :michaelbay:
A4 Pulsar Cannon - Bigger Explosions (again)
Diffraction Barrier - Slow Effect

EDV Techvolt - Longer Beam Range
X18 ScrapMaker - Increased Accuracy
Flak Shield - Health Increase from Damage

Neutron Assualt Rifle - Increased Mag Size
Gear Shredder - Reduced Charge Time
Battle Sentry - Increased Damage

These loadouts just work for me, dunno about anyone else, but I'm on the verge of being a Class 25 Prime in all classes! :D

My Infiltrator works well for mid-to-long range shoot-outs, and can pull of a quick kill when cloaked using a Path Blaster headshot, generally best in DeathMatches.
My Destroyer is best for Conquest, as the CR Combustor can wipe out multiple bots if invading one of your nodes, same for the A4 Cannon, and the barrier slows down others to give you more time when taking a node.
The Titan is probably best for a DeathMatch, but works in the other types too, as the EDV is good for dealing damage around corners, and the X18 just works in most scenarios, with the shield useful when taking and defending nodes in Conquest.
Finally, my Scientist Loadout is another good one for both DeathMatches and Conquest, the Assault Rifle being a general all-rounder, and the Gear Shredder good for charging it up when waiting for baddies to arrive in Conquest, and the drone helping to defend a node as well.
Hope this helps!

The only thing that I wanna know is sometimes I see other characters emitting a shockwave, and I get this weird sparky stuff surrounding me sometimes, know what I'm on about? :???: I don't whether you can do a shockwave if you get the weird sparks, and if so, how???

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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby maroyasha » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:50 am

Motto: ""Sometimes losing is the only way to know how to win""
Weapon: Gamma-Ray Laser Cannons
Tips huh?

Deathmatch Tips:

-Sniping: Make sure you are well clear of any hostiles and after you take at least three shoots, (which should kill them if you aim right) move. Just get out of there and move to a different spot. Make sure to take out any other weapon you can use while traveling though.
-Up Close And Personal: Never go hand to hand with a Titan. If you do though, make sure to have a team. Flank it and take it down from every direction.
-Firefights: Never get caught in the middle. If you are, go to vehicle and drive. You'll evade most bullets and take less damage due to the stronger armor.
-Weak But Deadly: Take caution if there are enemy scientists nearby. They could A: Have a Gear Shredder, B: Have a sentry upgrade, or C: Have both. If you're in this situation, watch what you do. To take down a scientist with a gear shredder, I recommend the Infiltrator, lightweight, agile, and extremely sneaky, it is the best choice. Gear Shredder's take about 3-5 seconds to reload. Take the shot then. Fire at will. Then move immediately.
-Final Rule: This is key to Team Deathmatch, work together!

Conquest Tips:

-Just One: This one tip could save you. When capturing a node, keep moving. You could easily be picked off by enemy snipers if staying in one place.

Capture The Flag Tips:

-Infiltrating: Use Infiltrator if you plan on grabbing the flag. Use cloak to sneak in or an EMP. Cloak is safer cause EMP blast lets them know you're there and will still fire even if they can't see. Remember, silence is key.

-Defense: Just gonna say this- Defense means big guns. Defend the carrier with everything you've got. Down to the last ounce of energon.

Head Hunter Tips:
-Movement and Guns: Just this one tip. Heavy Guns on little weight: Destroyer. They're fast but strong, one of the best choices.

Now that you've read Maroyasha's guide to Multiplayer survival, get moving soldier!
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