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Postby Rodimus2006 » Mon May 04, 2015 3:12 pm

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I been in the works for the past Year working on my brand new Fan-Fiction creating the History, Lore, Characters is a time consuming Process.

I been doing research & creating something truly special that will appeal both to Old School G1s & also the new Generation.

This has been my pasion project & also I wanted to take Transformers in a Direction that the Franchise has never been before.

Also to give the fans what they want such as Why is it Always Autobots vs. Decepticons, why is it always Megatron & Optimus why not something new.

now thanks to my Fan-Fiction Transformers - Elements of Chaos I have given the fans what they want.

Below is an example of my Project

Transformers - Elements of Chaos

The year is now 3183. Almost 1200 Years after the Auotbot/Decepticon Civil Wars that Ravaged most of the Universe & now has left both Earth & Cybertron empty Destroyed Lifeless Husks.

Forcing the Human Race to Evacuate on huge Ark Colony Ships to new Colony Ships.

The Humans wake in a Un-Explored Universe called the Orion Universe & landing on a Un-Explored & Unknown Planet called HELIOS ruled by the Ancient Race called The Watchers.

From the Ashes rise 2 new Factions of Transformers the Evil Trans-Metal Cons & the Peace Loving Omni-Trons. The Trans Metals are Vicous, Militared Barbaric Transformers.

The Omni Trons are more keen on Technology being ahead of most of the Known universe.

From the Temple of Chaos the Watchers watch new events Transpiring on Helios.

Setting in motion events that could Threaten the very fabric of Space & Time.

A new Hero must Rise to stop the coming Chaos.

Note - My Transmetal Cons are not a copy of Beast Wars which uses Trans Metals as that was Powered up Transformers. My Group are their own Selves & are not Powered up Transformers. They may share the same Name Sake but that is where all similarities STOP.

Note - A New Deal I also invented is a new Combination type seen in G1 was Head Masters which was a Human in a Transformers Head or Body. Now welcome to the world of Infusion A huuman infused directly with a Transformer on a organic Level. 2 Beings Infused to make a Organic Trans-Human
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Re: How do I post my Fan-Fiction ???

Postby Rodimus2006 » Mon May 04, 2015 9:36 pm

Motto: "We Live for the One, We Die for the One, But we dont Die Stupidly."
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New Transformers

Break Off
Hyper Drive
Fast Forward

New Plot Device similar towards others used in the Past - Key To Vector Sigma, or other devices of that nature.

ELEMENTAL CHAOS - Hidden on Planet Helios deep within the planet. Only a select Few Can Activate & use this Ancient Device.

The Chaos controls Time & Space opening up Doorways to different Dimensions It is an artifact of immense Unknown Power

Only those with the Gift can Unlock the Chaos,

Examlpe - The Chaos is in our Dimension which is Prime, the Chaos unlocks Doorways to others such as Dark Space Dimension X.

Ontop of that Chaos can also Control Time being Freezing Time, Controls Time & makes it go Forward or Backwards in Time.

Who are the Watchers - These are my Replacements for the Primes, Quints my Watchers are a Combination they dont care about anything nor the State of the Universe.

They watch & Guard the Elemental Chaos which is deep in the Temple of Chaos.

Will Earth & Cybertron be in Elements of Chaos - NO They Wont, why wont they be. This is a New Transformers series which isnt inter-connected to the Transformers Time Line.

Being almost Brand New although Chaos takes place 1200 Years later.

Gone are both Autobots & Decepticons no Megatron/Optimus Prime we will not see them in Flash Backs or some form such as Optimus is in RID.

They are Gone & Gone forever.

Right now I am working on who will lead the Omni-Trons & also naming my Watchers.

Naming the Human Characters are also Time Consuming.

It isnt easy being a Writer.

Also Burn or other Mods be free to Move my TC to the Appropriate Place.

Also My Bad on that

Note - DID YOU KNOW - in 2017 when Transformers 5 hits It will be my 33rd Year with Transformers.

Elements of Chaos is a Celebration of That
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Re: Fan Fiction

Postby Va'al » Tue May 05, 2015 12:39 am

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I moved the thread into the right section of the site. Good luck!
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Re: Fan Fiction

Postby snavej » Wed Sep 19, 2018 1:45 pm

You're capitalising too many words!
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