Farewell Prince

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Farewell Prince

Postby ZeroWolf » Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:40 am

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So its breaking news but Prince has sadly passed away at the age of 57. Details are still unknown but my word this year is being brutal for famous deaths that aren't age related. :-(
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Re: Farewell Prince

Postby North Sunrider » Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:54 pm

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First Bowie, now Prince....get the feeling 2016 is tryna punk us.

RIP Your Royal Badness :c
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Re: Farewell Prince

Postby Burn » Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:22 pm

This has been a crap year for entertainment.
I'll be ignoring Burn's comments from now on
he's just being an @$$hol€!
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Re: Farewell Prince

Postby Rodimus Prime » Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:22 pm

Honestly, I was never a fan of Prince, but I thought this was a great story. I was there in person.

Burn wrote:Alpha Bravo...He's a helicopter in a team of jets. That's just dumb.
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Re: Farewell Prince

Postby sto_vo_kor_2000 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:46 pm

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ive been in tears all day
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Re: Farewell Prince

Postby God Thundercracker » Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:39 pm

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I would trade Trump and Ann Coulter to get Prince and David Bowie back.

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