G1 Megatron re-articulated (original G1 figure) now voyager size

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G1 Megatron re-articulated (original G1 figure) now voyager size

Postby winstonojo » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:57 pm


G1 Megatron custom built from an original G1 Megatron figure. I’ve worked on some major articulation for this guy as the following pics will show and he does transform into in his Walther P38 pistol mode and fits together securely.

He is slightly a parts former with regards to the mid section and head attachment but other than that he transforms completely. I’ve used styrene to mould minor sections e.g. joints and mounded fittings/fixing to enable a secure and tight transformation.

I will be doing another one soon in anime colours. A different approach I suppose with a slightly reduced fusion cannon. Any thoughts folks???

As always any input welcome and appreciated... Jon (Winstonojo)
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Re: G1 Megatron re-articulated (original G1 figure) now voyager size

Postby TulioDude » Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:18 pm

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That's pretty cool.
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Re: G1 Megatron re-articulated (original G1 figure) now voyager size

Postby padfoo » Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:30 pm

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Very nice job. I am also glad someone finally put some underwear on G1 Megs.
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Re: G1 Megatron re-articulated (original G1 figure) now voyager size

Postby Banjo-Tron » Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:07 am

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first-rate job my friend :APPLAUSE:
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