Generations Tailgate minor fixes

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Generations Tailgate minor fixes

Postby kyle1214 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:08 pm

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So as much as many reviewers find the Generations Tailgate figure to be lacking, I absolutely love this little guy, and felt that the paint didn't do him justice. The only true modding I may do to him is I may alter his head if I can find a viable way to give him full head movement without compromising the vehicle mode too much.

In the way of paint though, I added a couple of things, namely a silver faceplate to break up the white, black grills on the front of the car, silver headlights, silver exhaust pipes, and a little bit of silver on his chest.




To start, I painted the vents on the interior of his shoulder panels black.

Then I added some black and silver to the arm panels.

And finally some black and silver on his hip panels.


The silver on the arms and hip panels give his alt mode silver runners.

On a side note, as much as I can dig a little dude that turns in to a vehicle AND a weapon, that targetmaster (or maybe not, considering he turns into a giant claw) is kinda shoddy, nix that, really shoddy. The vehicle mode looks alright, the weapon mode is ok, kinda, and that robot mode needs a decent amount of paint apps to even look okay.

Instead, I found an alternative, a fourth mode of a little dog bot with a giant maw:

Howling at the moon:

Good doggie haha.

Once again, comments and suggestions are appreciated!
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Re: Generations Tailgate minor fixes

Postby Flashwave » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:02 pm

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Ah, the joys of touchup painting. Imay have to partake on my Tailgate. Two things I did: 1) i gave him twin Twist's gun (FOC) and it really looks good sticking out of his hood in vehicle mode.
2) i refuse to use Neutro/Groundbuster as a weapon, but if you take the dog mode you made a.d plug him into Tailgate's hood in vehicle mode, he makes a passing vehicular attachment. The treads poisition nicely as walker legs and the shovel LOOKS stable.
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