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Motto: "Give me buns or you get puns..."
Weapon: Programmable Explosive Shell Rotary Cannon

Allegiance: Decepticon.
Sub-group: Combaticon (by affiliation only; does not possess combination abilities).
Function: Battlefield engineer.
Alternate Modes: AEV-3 Kodiak Engineering Tank.
Weapons: Heavy-duty "Piledriver" slug gun, Cybertanium pickaxe, deployable gun turrets (see Abilities), toolbox (not actually a weapon, but worth mentioning).
Special Abilities: Structure deployment (see Abilities).
Height: 29ft/ 8.8m (not counting kibble).
Quote: “Building stuff is more fun than breaking stuff- especially when the stuff you build breaks stuff for you."

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 8
Dexterity: 3
Speed: 3
Endurance: 6
Courage: 5
Firepower: 4
Accuracy: 5
Melee: 4
Tech Skill: 9
Charisma: 6
Rank: 5

Profile: Groundspike is a bulky, rugged Decepticon who transforms into an engineering tank. Painted in a simple reddish-brown camo pattern, he is not overly fussed with appearances and does not have any unnecessary ornamentation on his frame. His face is buffed and scratched from hard work in tough conditions, and his right eye has been replaced with a cluster of lenses and cameras for structural analysis during building work (though it is too slow and clunky for use in combat). Despite the size of his alternate mode, his actual body isn't that huge, with a lot of it forming a "backpack" in which he holds his many engineering tools.

Groundspike is a fairly simple bot, but not a dumb one- he just doesn't like to needlessly complicate otherwise simple matters. Before the war he was a civil engineer, designing and building the structures that made Cybertron great- not the great towering citadels and statuary halls of Kaon, nor the burnished golden domes of Iacon, but the simple things, the things that really kept the planet alive- bridges, walls, spaceports, power stations, and the like. When the war came along and every able-bodied Decepticon was forced into the effort, Groundspike decided he'd join the fight doing what he did best- building. As such he joined the Combaticon Engineering Corps, and learned to repair gun emplacements, build fortifications, create entrenchments, demolish ruins and otherwise use his skills for a combat role.

As such, he does not usually attend skirmishes himself, generally turning up after the battle is over and help with the reconstruction and fortification of captured territory. Given the resources and a little assistance, he could probably turn a wreckage-strewn battlefield into a fully-fortified encampment in a day or 2. Whilst he is primarily a designer and director, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and assist the workers in actually building stuff. He's also remarkably good at repairing stuff, and whilst he lacks the knowledge to work as a medic he is fully capable of repairing his comrades' equipment.

He isn't incapable of fighting, however- in a firefight he is invaluable for his expertise in picking good positions to hold, and he is armed with auto-deploying defensive structures such as turrets and barricades, which are a great help when under fire. He also has a "Piledriver" slug pistol, a weapon that fires extremely dense metallic rods at high speeds, allowing for good stopping power whilst avoiding collateral damage. He also has a Cybertanium-headed pickaxe, which whilst technically a construction tool is just as useful for bashing in chestplates.

Whilst he is loyal and obedient- he has a lot or trust in Megatron and is highly supportive of the Decepticon cause- he isn't particularly keen on the war. He doesn't even hate the Autobots all that much, provided they don't damage something he's spent ages working on. Really, he fights because he's told to and because he hopes he can bring the war to an end sooner, so he can go back to designing infrastructure and making Cybertron a better place to live- provided it still exists of course. He actually admires a lot of human architecture, and is impressed by its hardiness and functionality despite its primitive technology base- in fact he regularly takes notes of the buildings he encounters on Earth for inspiration in later projects. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for the war, he is well liked by his peers and admired for his resourcefulness and his attitude towards his fellow Decepticons. He does as he's told, but is always willing to give advice and assistance to his comrades, and has a dry sense of humour- he once joked that the only reason he didn't join the Constructicons was that green really didn't suit him.

Abilities: Groundspike Can deploy small self-erecting support structures from his backpack to support allies. These will power down over time and must be collapsed and re-deployed to move. The units he can deploy are shield generators, automated slag repeater turrets and barricades. There is a limit as to how many structures he can deploy at a time- 1 shield generator, 3 turrets and 5 barricades. He is also skilled at repairing machinery and structures, and is highly adept at designing and building fortifications.

Weaknesses: Groundspike is rather slow in vehicle mode, and far too heavy to do any sort of acrobatics. He is not a terribly skilled combatant- he can defend himself, sure, but he is hardly a master of warfare. He's also a bit too sentimental for his own good- he generally tries to avoid causing unnecessary damage to human settlements or non-combatants, something which can irk more warlike Decepticons.

Sample post:

It had been a long day, and Groundspike was tired.

He and his team had been spending all day erecting a small, fortified encampment over a recently-demolished Autobot outpost. First they had to sweep away the remains of the shattered watch tower (which had been toppled by artillery) and then proceeded to uncrate the dropped-in "flatpack" walls and bunkers, sort out the components, prepare the ground for their placement, get them in position, assemble them, secure them in place...It was simple work, but it was tedious. Groundspike much preferred working from scratch with raw materials, building walls and towers brick by brick, plate by plate, and tailoring everything exactly to the requirements. These modular fortifications were convenient, but awfully dull, and they didn't allow for nearly as much creative freedom. It wasn't really like he could complain though; he had designed the damned things after all. He just wished the Decepticon top brass hadn't liked them so much...

"In the name of Primus..." he grunted, sitting down on an empty crate with a clank. "That took longer than it should have."

He flipped open his data-journal, skimming through the pages of things to do and stuff to remember. One page read "Call Buzzcut" with an attached photo of a coyly-posed Decepticon femmebot clad in a black and yellow paintjob and holding an angle-grinder. She was a femme he met a while ago on a starport and shared a drink with; she seemed awfully clingy and insisted he wrote down her communicator frequency. Another contained a list of parts that needed restocking, although most of the items had been ticked off. Finally there was today's entry- the schematics for the encampment. Comparing the blueprints to the finished product, everything seemed in order. Yes, he had done a good job.

But wait, wait a minute. Looking back he realized there was something wrong. One of the turret emplacements that connected to the wall had been assembled in completely the wrong place- whereas it should have been positioned outside the wall, instead it was pointing into the camp, rendering itself completely useless. There had obviously been a mixup when they were putting it together.

Groundspike sighed and picked up his megaphone.

"Boys, we dun goofed." he announced as he gestured to the misplaced turret, his voice blaring out with a burst of static from the megaphone. "Fire up the cranes again..."

He was met with a collective groan as the workers realized their mistake.

Engineering was certainly a bit more calm than fighting...but it sure wasn't easy.
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