is there a petition to ask micheal bay to step aside of transformers?

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Re: is there a petition to ask micheal bay to step aside of transformers?

Postby Shadowman » Sat Nov 10, 2012 4:24 pm

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TurboMMaster wrote:In G1 Optimus was the one created to defend Cybertron (Alpha Trion upregade Orion Pax so he can stop Megatron) and seems to be superior in hand-to-hand combat. In Bayformers Optimus is a former archeologist and Megatron was military leader

Orion Pax was, depending on the series, either a dock worker or Archivist before becoming Optimus Prime. Megatron is typically portrayed as a miner-turned-gladiator, but in the G1 cartoon was shown to have been created specifically to lead the Decepticons.

TurboMMaster wrote:Also in G1 and Animated usually Decepticons are he outnumbered ones.

Not in Beast Wars, the Unicron Trilogy, or Prime.

TurboMMaster wrote:yet in the end it simply won't change anything. Just give them few peoples for protect and endless limit of lucky shots.

Welcome to the world of Transformers.
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Re: is there a petition to ask micheal bay to step aside of transformers?

Postby SKYWARPED_128 » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:00 pm

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TurboMMaster wrote:...I don't actually know what this means.
The only time where Autobots seems to be strong side is in the DotM game. Outisde it, Optimus Prime team seems to be rather unspectacular.[/quote]

If you listen to the commentary in the TF1 DVD, the US military was very generous and cooperative in its involvement with the making of the TF movie. The unspoken condition, of course, was that Bay portrayed them in as spectacular a fashion as possible. Representatives of the military also closely monitored the filming process to ensure they were being portrayed accurately.

It's partly the reason why the US military seem to be so heavily involved in the fights, to the point where they seem to be winning the fights for the Autobots.

Honestly, I'm fine with the Autobots winning against almost insurmountable odds; it's almost a tradition with the TF franchise. It's that the military seem to be fighting most of the battles FOR the Autobots that I don't care for. Yes, Optimus got to win some battles, but when it came to the big "free-for-all" battles, the Autobots were just background decorations while the military did their thing.

In any case, the advantage of numbers don;t seem to be doing the Cons any favors. Most of the Con's were simply shown firing blindly before getting shot in the chest. The worst has to be a scene in ROTF where Megatron was shown firing at several tank at POINT BLANK range and MISSING, while the tanks pummeled him with explosive rounds, making him turn tail.

That said, DOTM was a step in the right direction, where military involvement was toned down to an acceptable level. Guerrilla tactics was a good idea--the humans take advantage of their miniscule size to ambush the Cons, making it much more believable.

I also like the greater involvement and interaction between the human soldiers and the Autobots (Bee training with the NEST soldiers, and Ratchet directing a mortar attack in the final battle.)
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Re: is there a petition to ask micheal bay to step aside of transformers?

Postby IHide » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:08 am

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Where are you getting that in "Bayformers" Prime was a former archeologist? Did I miss something?
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