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Motto: "I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things."

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Thief
Alternate Modes: Cybertronian motorcycle
Weapons: Two shoulder mounted plasma sphere shooters and a rust rifle
Height: 25ft/ 7.62m
Quote: ”If you’re quick, everything is free.”

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 7
Dexterity: 9
Speed: 7
Endurance: 6
Courage: 7
Firepower: 6
Accuracy: 5
Melee: 6
Tech Skill: 7
Charisma: 7
Rank: 5

Profile: [From the Data Files of the Iaconian Asylum for Processor Disorders]

The patient had been brought to us after completing his sentence with the Rodion police for breaking and entering into the quarters of a visiting dignitary and attempting to steal valuable property. While incarcerated the subject began to show signs of an extremely rare disorder. Because there have been so few diagnosis of the condition it has only ever been referred to as “self-cannibalism”. Concerned for the subject’s physical health he was removed and transferred here for evaluation and therapy.

Under the care of Shrinker, the subject has shown slight improvement, but not as much as would like. Therapy sessions have revealed little in explaining if the infliction was brought on by some kind of cranial/processor trauma. However, the patient had eagerly communicated about his early existence; quite uncommon from most patients within this facility.

According to the patient he had spent most of his existence living on the streets, relying upon theft in order to survive. The patient had also mentioned that before he was brought to us, his stay with the Rodion police had been the only one he had ever experienced. Which meant that he was an adept thief, or an extremely lucky one. His mention of making acquaintances among the lower caste and underground gladiators put a strain on this facility’s board as to whether or not we should treat the patient. Confirmation from Shrinker that he would be experienced enough to cure the patient had alleviated their concern.

[From the files of Shrinker, Psychiatrist - An Analysis of Patient 1142-5]

I have taken a considerable amount of time in communicating with the patient, however he has not said, nor has he exhibited any behaviors that would suggest the reasoning for his current condition. The patient continues to ingest portions of his frame, and if he can get to them, his inner workings. The condition is fascinating, but utterly counterproductive for survival.

I have appealed to the board to be allowed to experiment on the patient’s processor hoping to find a reason, and or to provide a cure.

[Security Report – Escape of Patient 1142-5]

Approximately five joors ago Patient #1142-5, known as Kronus, escaped the therapy lab. According to the eyewitness, the patient had been secured to a medical berth and a sedative administered. Before his physician could begin with his work, the patient managed to dismount the berth. He then proceeded to attack the orderlies, killing one and biting off the right side of the others’ faceplate. He then moved on to his physician.

Upon the arrival of security, two mechs lie dead. The psychiatrist, identified as Shrinker, had been mutilated and his head removed. A lockdown of the facility was initiated and the patient was apprehended attempting to escape through a top level window.

[From the Data Tracks of the Iaconian Asylum for Processor Disorders]

It has been determined by this facility’s board, that patient 1142-5, identified as Kronus, be transferred to the Garrus 9 penitentiary where it has been suggested he be confined to a cell and be outfitted with a restraint mask to prevent self-cannibalism.

There he will undergo psychoanalysis once a willing physician is located to perform the duty. Until such time it will be recommended that the patient not be allowed to have any interaction with the other inmates.

A representative from Garrus 9 will be arriving in the next cycle to transport the patient.

Appearance: Kronus is a lithe and flexible mech able to slink in and out of places others cannot. Kronus’ body design mirrors that of Rodion police officers, Springarm and Wheelarch. Shades of maroon and deep sapphire, along with white accents, adorn his body in both modes. When in robot mode the wheels of his alternate form fold up and rotate along his back while the bulk of his motorcycle mode drops down to reveal the rest of his body.

Abilities: Kronus is capable of making away with anything not properly bolted or fused down. His sleight of hand is second to none. Unlike Chop Shop, whose kleptomania only allows him to steal for the sake of stealing, Kronus steals to survive. His shoulder mounted plasma sphere shooters does just that, shoot explosive balls of searing hot plasma. Kronus is also armed with a rust rifle that eats away standard Transformer armor leaving nothing behind but an oxidized pile of dust. In motorcycle mode he is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 245mph for a range of 600 miles. Kronus is also able to accommodate a rider while in his alt mode.

Weaknesses: The disorder Kronus suffers from is rare among Cybertronians making it and him seem like an urban legend. However, he is a sociable and likable mech who retains his friends only until they learn of his disorder. His self-cannibalism repulses even the most hardened Decepticon who know about making it difficult to receive help when the situation warrants it.
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