Looking for Parts

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Looking for Parts

Postby D-Maximal_Primal » Tue May 12, 2020 11:05 am

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Hello all,

I have a list of parts i am attempting to hunt down to complete figures in my collection. This list has every bot i own who is missing a piece, and I would like to complete all these outstanding parts.

Thank you for looking.

• Generation 1
o Roadgrabber gun
o Icepick gun
o Doublecross gun
o Repugnus gun
• Beast Wars
o Terrorsaur gun
o Bat Optimus Primal 2 swords
o Lio Convoy 5 missiles
o Rampage 2 missiles
o Galvatron 2 swords
o Transmetal II Tripredacus Agent missile
• Robots in Disguise 2001
o Towline front grill/gun
o Megatron beast forearms
o Railspike gun, missile
o Midnight Express missile
o Rapid Run missile
• Armada
o Megatron 1 antler
o Bendy Optimus Prime minicon Over-run, Cyber key
• Energon
o Landmine missile
• Cybertron
o Megatron right small back fin
o Jetfire missile launcher
• Universe
o Onslaught back guns, shield
o Heavy Load Drillbit minicon
• Movie 2007
o Breakaway gun with missile
o Protoform Optimus Prime flame effect
• Revenge of the Fallen
o Beachcomber weapons, windshield
• Reveal the Shield
o Lugnut missile
• Generations
o Skullgrin smoke grenade launcher, minigun
• Transformers Prime
o Dreadwing sword
• Thrilling 30
o Metroplex missile
• Combiner Wars
o Dead End pipe weapon, HFG
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I'm looking for parts, Help Me Out Please!
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Posted: Sunday, May 24th, 2020

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