LV-117 - Future Imperfect

The noose around Fortress Maximus' neck tightens. Will the Decepticon 2nd fleet led by mighty Scorponok finally subjugate their old nemesis? And if they do, what will be the fate of the Autobot resistance?

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LV-117 - Future Imperfect

Postby Insidious » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:16 pm

Motto: "Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
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With the Garrus-9 Penitentiary, and indeed its entire moon, destroyed--the 2nd Expansion Fleet now follows the bounce signal of the Decepticons' temporary ally, Jhiaxus, to the hostile, primitive planet where they had discovered one of his original laboratories in order to exact revenge for his traitorous actions and cement their victory. The surviving Autobots must do what they can in order to survive under their harsh captors, but none of them intend to remain prisoners forever.

Jhiaxus, meanwhile, has been attending to his own grand vision of the future for the Cybertronian race...knowing full well he would be followed.

There will be a reckoning, for all involved.
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Re: LV-117 - Future Imperfect

Postby Insidious » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:57 pm

Motto: "Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
Weapon: Oxidating Laser
The Semper Tyrannis--Hangar

Fortress Maximus had listened silently as a holoimage of Scorponok appeared, rallying his troops and allowing them to revel in their victory. He did not know what was to come, but he would not do anything that would endanger the lives of his fellow Autobots. Scorponok clearly had them gathered to witness something in particular. Had that been it? His victory speech? If so, then-

But that was not it.

All at once, the moon of Elba appeared to explode from within, no different than if an explosive had been set off inside a mountain. Only this explosive was capable of destroying an entire moon.

Maximus was not surprised. He more than expected the Decepticons to possess such technology. Truth be told, he was not even sad to see it go. He grieved of course, for the Autobots who had fallen defending the prison, but they would commemorate the sacrifices they had made somewhere. Somehow. The Decepticons had obtained a victory, unquestionably, but in so doing they had destroyed one of the dwindling number of places where prisoners of war could be humanely kept. What would they do with such prisoners in this sector in the vorns to come? Execution? If so, Maximus would not object.

That question, however, would have to be answered another day. For now, he simply had to ensure the Autobots who had survived this long massacre managed to continue on.

"And what now?" Maximus said finally, turning to look at the Horrorcons, the apparent whip-bearers in Scorponok's absence.
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Re: LV-117 - Future Imperfect

Postby Insidious » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:28 pm

Motto: "Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
Weapon: Oxidating Laser
The Semper Tyrannis--Bridge

The geobomb. Of course. It only made sense that Scorponok would not want to take over the prison. He had enacted a contingency they had discussed more than once--utilized more than once, in other regions--to accomplish their desired end. Garrus-9 was no more. And as their Lord Commander had said, it brought them one step closer to their penultimate victory. Cyclonus could not help but be heartened by that, despite the thorn that Jhiaxus had become.

Once the moon had been destroyed, Cyclonus nodded to Reflector, indicating that it was indeed time to engage their transwarp drives--as all the ships in their fleet had been preparing to do.

"Do you think Jhiaxus will be expecting us? Is he aware that he failed to conceal his destination?" Reflector asked, turning to face the senior officers of the fleet.

"Whatever time and isolation has done to addle his once storied genius, he is no fool in the realm of technology. If we were able to trace his location back to LV-117, it is because we were meant to do so. We must be prepared for a trap," Cyclonus said.

((OOC-Covering Mindwipe until his player resumes activity.))


Having left the hangar, Mindwipe and Cipher had begun the reasonably long trek to the bridge. Fortunately, there had been no need for a stop-off at the medical bay: neither of them had absorbed the brunt of battle for Garrus.

"Where do you think, mm? To the bridge with us? or tinker with the Aequitas core?" Mindwipe asked, curious as to what Cipher would choose now that there appeared to be little else to do but enjoy the fruits of their victory.

Medical Bay

When Snaptrap and the others had spoken of Heretech being a possible deserter, Overlord could only chuckle a little.

"We 'Warriors Elite' are an,, but none of us are deserters. The Decepticon Empire is too enjoyable to leave. Where else could we exercise our darker impulses. We may go incommunicado for a while, but that just means something's got our attention. Unlucky for whomever that may be."

”Hundreds? Thousands? Matters little now does it? I for one haven’t stopped to ask anyone – Autobot or Decepticon, who has made the mistake of getting in my way in the wrong moment what their occupation and skills are.”

" have always been cursed with a ravenous appetite. No surprise there. But I think I may actually be a little more picky in the vorns to come thanks to this one," Overlord said, indicating Spinister. "His surprising usefulness has intrigued me to no end."

”I have wondered the same. Then again was Nebulos much different when Scorponok decided to take it over?” Hungrr continued.

"Indeed. What's with this sudden interest in organic worlds, I wonder? The natives are so.....fragile. I can't imagine why there's such keen interest across the fleets. Well, no, that's not true. It has to be energy related, in some form. It always is. More power to them, I suppose. I would hate to have come this far in the war only to be done in by starvation."

”Scorponok has a keen optic for hidden skills. Why do you think he has employed her otherwise? Last I saw this guy. He was much different. Normal. Must have gotten his wires crossed during the assault.”

"Well, let's just hope it remains. He's much more valuable this way," Overlord said.

”And shouldn’t it be obvious? Scattershot. The brave leader of the Technobots, who else?”

Overlord's seared optic chambers focused a little more intently.

"Ah yes, the number-crunchers and engineers. What a satisfying meal that must be," Overlord said, resting his damaged-cranium back against the edge of the berth. "Let's hurry this process along, shall we? I've no desire to be lying here like a burnt out statue while Scorponok has all the fun in this quadrant of the universe."
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Re: LV-117 - Future Imperfect

Postby Cryhavok » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:02 am

Motto: ""It is all about pain.""
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Semper Tyrannis – Hangar

What a sight to witness. Such terrifying power wielded by a device no larger than a minibot. Apeface was in awe. Killmaster had outdone himself with the bomb. Even starblitz torpedoes, destructo beams, fusion cannons and siege drivers were tame in comparison. While all of those certainly had enough power to burn away a planet’s atmosphere and reduce its surface into desolate wasteland – the power to destroy a whole planetoid was something else. And yet, he hoped the would not have a reason to use it ever again. Or at least against a living world.

"And what now?"

Fortress Maximus. There was no question on who had uttered those words. The voice had unique power to it even in defeat. Apeface’s optics shifted to face those of the towering Autobot leader.

”You are prisoners of war and as such not privy to our plans.” Apeface answered the Autobot’s question with no sign of his normal, clown-like behavior. He respected the Autobot commander enough to at least answer him professionally rather than making a mockery of his defeat. ”You will be tried before the Decepticon High Justice for your crimes against people of Cybertron. Rest is up them.”

”Now if you would – lead your Autobots back to cell block nice and easy,” the Horrorcon saboteur added, giving a nod towards a doorway Maximus had entered the hangar from earlier. A walk of shame leading towards the cell blocks had been formed by the dozens upon dozens of Decepticons present gathered in the hangar, ”You do not want to cause a scene now.”
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Re: LV-117 - Future Imperfect

Postby sumowrestler » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:15 pm

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Training Room

As Seawing made his way into the training room being followed by Overbite. He noticed the hologram of Scorponok being projected in the room and most likely over the entire ship. The speech made Seawing smile and even more so being off of the planetoid which had hardly any water on it.

"We have won a great battle against the Bots but still have a sting left by the traitor scientist. This is why we need to train and be ready for whatever we come up against. The captured Bots won't be of too much use except the Technobots for data mining on the gestalt process."

Seawing looked at his fellow Seacon giving him his full attention now.

"We will be doing some sparring and hopefully this thing can generate a sea environment for us. I got so tired of all the dust and rock being around us while we were at Garrus-9. Maybe we can invite the Terrocons in on some fun to see which group is better. All we have to do is let them slip into their bestial states and then we will win by sheer intelligence."


Nosecone couldn't move still but his audio receptors still worked. He heard the boasting of Scorponok victory. Sadly Nosecone couldn't really argue it. The Cons took Nebulous so easily and Fort Max didn't have much options even though he probably put up a really good fight. After the cheering ended, a med drone came over to Nosecone.

"All exams indicate you are in working order. You will now be shipped to the brig."

The drone got the attention of one of the Seeker guards. The Seeker wasn't happy with having to leave the medbay and the small celebration going on in there but started out the hallway with Nosecone.
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