More Than Meets The Eye: Lies in the Darkness

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More Than Meets The Eye: Lies in the Darkness

Postby blitzwing47 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:48 am

This is an idea I had for what might have happened to the alternate Brainstorm between More Than Meets The Eye issues 32-33. WARNING: This story is spoiler heavy, so do not read if you haven't read the issues yet. I people like this tory, I'll make more comic-based stories.

Lies in the Darkness

Bodies were everywhere. Everyone was screaming. Brainstorm new the carnage was starting, and decided to start making his was to one of the escape pods on the Lost Light. Even the Rod Pod, just anything to get him off the ship. It sounded worse than the battle of Simanzi above him at that moment.
Ever since he deactivated the protective field surrounding Overlord’s cell, Brainstorm knew that the Decepticon Justice Division would arrive soon. He started to make arrangements well before that time, in order to assure his getaway. He had set up a list of necessary items to bring with him; a data slug, a laser which fires invisible bullets, and a briefcase.
But things had gone wrong. The sparkeater had still survived, and cost him valuable time while the crew was still fighting it. By the time they had finally destroyed it, they had barely a cycle before they arrived.
Brainstorm finally arrived at the escape pods…except there weren’t any. They had been blown to bits, presumably by the cannons of the DJD’s ship. He had forgotten how cunning of a strategist Tarn was. He decided to look for the Rod Pod…except it wasn’t there either. No signs of it having been stolen and no bits of it in the wreckage either. Odd. He didn’t have time to contemplate this however. He needed to find a way off this ship, and fast.
Perhaps he had something in his workshop to teleport him away, even to the nearest planet. There was one right outside... Ofsted something-or-other. It would have to do.
He had almost made it to his sanctuary. Just a few more meters…
He turned the corner and was shot by a bolt of high charged energy. Kaon stood before him, his deep black eye sockets appearing to be laughing in contempt, as if to say, “Nice try.”
“Boss, I found one more!” Kaon shouted down the hall, and there was a response of “Let me take a look at him.” The clunk of heavy footsteps echoed down the hall, gradually getting closer…and closer…and closer. Finally Tarn appeared out of the shadows, followed by Vos, Helex, and Tesarus. Brainstorm could swear he heard music emanating from them.
“ must be the last one. Everyone on this ship seems to be dead, and we seem to be looking for something. No one can tell us where to find it…perhaps you can?” He said this almost methodically, like he was expecting a response. “You’re sick,” Brainstorm sneered back.
“You will tell us what we need to know Autobot,” Brainstorm felt himself being lifted four large hands, Helex to the left of him, Tesarus to the right. Tarn pointed his fusion cannon into Brainstorm’s chest, and prepared to fire. “Don’t you mean Decepticon?” Tarn did not expect this response. “You’ve got to be joking.”
“Check my faceplate.”
Tarn nodded to Vos, and he promptly removed the piece of metal, and then showed it to Tarn. “A double agent..or a traitor?”
“I have my own agenda. Megatron doesn’t even know I’ve been hiding in plain sight this whole time.”
“So then you’re a traitor. You know that it’s the Decepticon Justice Division’s duty to destroy all traitors as declared by law…or if other circumstances arise.” Brainstorm could sense a smile under Tarn’s faceplate as he said the last few words.
“What you want is downstairs, in a special containment cell.”
“You have done well, and for that we shall release you. You have until the count of thirty to get out of my sight.” Tarn nodded again, and the two behemoths dropped Brainstorm. He began running in the other direction. He could he hear behind him, “One…Two…Thirty.” He was flown against the wall, a large hole in his back leaking energon, a few bits of debris falling on top him from the impact of the wall. His faceplate landed next to him, hqaving been thrown by Vos. His briefcase was taken from his wrist, and he was given one final shock by Kaon.
In his last few moments, Brainstorm could should he heard a chainsaw over some very faint music…
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