Oil Slick

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Oil Slick

Postby Devastron » Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:32 pm

Weapon: Energo-Sword
Name: Oil Slick
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Chemical Warfare
Alt. mode: Modified Dodge Tomahawk concept Motorcycle
Weapons: Chemical Sprayers, various chemical compounds, chain flail
Height: 30 ft, 9.16m
Quote: “ Fear is my ally.”

Strength: 05
Intelligence: 08
Dexterity: 08
Speed: 09
Endurance: 07
Courage: 08
Firepower: 07
Accuracy: 05
Melee: 09
Tech Skill: 09
Charisma: 03
Rank: 05

Appearance: Oil Slick is tall and gangly in his robot mode, with abnormally long arms ending in clawed fingers. His head is covered by a yellowish translucent retractable dome that provides him extra protection from the chemicals he works with. His dominant colors are a yellow green and dark green. His alternate mode is a 4 wheeled motorcycle with a goat skull mounted on the front.

Profile: Oil Slick is cold, even for a Decepticon. There are some who say that all of his time working with chemicals did something to him, burned out something in his head, and maybe they are right. Oil Slick talks and acts with a certain detachment about anything, ranging from the torture of a prisoner to the creation of new chemical compounds. He does not get excited, sad, happy or even frightened. Other Decepticons find themselves creeped out by his demeanor, but Oil Slick himself doesn’t particularly care what anyone thinks, as long as he is allowed to experiment and create new and more lethal chemical weapons.

Oil Slick was an expert with chemicals even before the war started. Working as a chemist on Cybertron, he found himself particularly drawn to the chemicals that affected other Transformers, both physically and mentally. Research for such chemicals was highly restricted and expensive, so he turned to the illegal narcotics trade to help fund his research and bribe officials to let him continue it. He was a known dealer of the illegal circuit booster Syk. Among his various customers was the future Autobot Tracer. The drug seemed to elevate her mood when she was depressed, but gradually required greater doses over time, making her a regular customer. She later gave up the drug when the war started, but Oil Slick certainly remembers her.

When the war started Oil Slick saw an opportunity to expand his research. While both sides publicly refused to use chemical weapons, through his various underground contacts he knew the Decepticons would accept him. While his work was mostly kept secret, he no longer had to concern himself with restrictions of any kind. He moved from experimentation to weaponization. He developed a weaponized form of cosmic rust and various acidic compounds, among others.

While most other Decepticons steer clear of him do to his creepy demeanor and fear of exposure to his experiments he did develop a friendship of sorts with Darkride. The other Decepticon is only too happy to test his various chemicals on his prisoners in exchange for a report on the results to Oil Slick.

Oil Slick was able to secure a personal lab on board the Ultrax in exchange for providing Motormaster with various chemicals to use on his team. Oil Slick has been experimenting with various mood adjustment chemicals that can be added to fuels which Motormaster hopes will eliminate some of the unstable personalities in his team. Whether Oil Slick is actually living up to his end of the bargain or is merely using them all as test subjects is known only to him.

Abilities: Oil Slick is a highly skilled combatant. His general strategy is that of vehicle to vehicle combat. As such he has developed expertise in disabling and destroying vehicles. The enemy Autobot is then left slowed and vulnerable, making them easy to finish off with his chemical weapons or his chain flail. The chain flail consists of two heavy spiked spheres connected by a long chain in the middle. Oil Slick has trained with its use extensively along with Circuit-Su making him a formidable melee combatant. In addition to his pure melee skills his arms are equipped with chemical sprayers. Frome hoses connected to the tanks on his back he can unleash various chemical weapons on his foes. The sprayers do have a limited range however

In his alternate mode he is exceedingly fast, particularly for a motorcycle, reaching speeds of over 300 mph. In his alternate mode he possesses twin barrels at the back, each capable of carrying a chemical weapon that can be dumped on the road behind him for others to drive through. One of these always contains a super slick oil like substances, helping him to earn his name. The other can contain any number of acids or other toxic chemicals or mechanoid viruses.

Due to considerable exposure to various chemical agents and enhancements to his body done by himself he is immune to the various chemical weapons he wields. This immunity is maintained by regular treatments to his armor and inoculations to his internal systems. His combat expertise has also made him a skilled mechanic.

Weaknesses: Oil Slick’s personality and function tend to drive away all but the bravest or craziest of Decepticons. In battle he will rarely find any assistance. His preference and specialty for close in combat renders him highly ineffective in ranged combat. His chemical weapons have been known to cause ‘collateral damage’ and affect other Decepticons if they get caught in their deployment. While this doesn’t particularly disturb Oil Slick it does provide a hazard for member of his faction.
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