One Autobot's Nightmare

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One Autobot's Nightmare

Postby sideswipe6520 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:03 pm

Author's note: The events of this story fall in the G1 cartoon continuity during (and briefly after) the events of the movie. This is a story I have been formulating in my head for well over a decade now and finally took the time to sit down and write it out. It is very much still a work in progress. I haven't wrote a story in many years so I know I am a little short on the descriptive part but I think this still makes for an interesting story. If anyone has any ideas on ways to improve the narrative a bit I am completely open to suggestions.
These events are intended to explain why we never saw certain toy characters in the cartoons. ENJOY!

One Autobot's Nightmare

>>>>Cyber Journal Entry: Data-log 2.47791.99-3
>>>>Author Identification code- 482227:
>>>>Sub category-6464-268

Subject: Unicron

>>> Begin data recording<<<

… Meanwhile, in secret staging grounds on two of Cybertron’s moons the Autobots were preparing to retake Cybertron. That is, until the Decepticons decided to invade Autobot City on Earth. The city was grossly under-staffed, and completely un-prepared for such a massive attack.
No one was certain how they got past all of the early warning detection grids. Blaster’s radio signal was cut off, probably jammed by Soundwave before the full message could be received. Optimus Prime took the Dinobots, Hound, and Sunstreaker for support and he had hoped to get there in time.
Things apparently didn’t go so well.
Jazz ordered the new trainees into immediate service. As brave as they were, they weren’t ready, none of us were ready, for the horror we would soon be facing.

Two days after Prime left on the rescue mission IT arrived. This giant planet suddenly showed up in orbit around Cybertron. No one knew what to make of it. Was it a ship? Who was inside? Why had it arrived at our world?
The planet was unlike anything we had seen before. It had this big… hole… in one side with huge mandible like horns. Suddenly the hole appeared to enlarge as giant claws opened up like a flower blooming. We were all in awe of this thing; couldn’t stop staring at it.
Then, it attacked Luna-1… No, correction, IT ATE LUNA-1. Those claw-like things were it’s teeth. The hole, it’s Mouth.
We were all terrified. We watched as it swallowed the entire moon like it was an energon goodie. We all had friends on Luna-1 and we had just watched them get used for a snack.
…Then it turned towards us.

Bumblebee, who Optimus had left in charge of Luna-2 ordered an immediate evacuation. Pipes and I were put in charge of getting the un-activated bots, “Cold-Ones” off moon STAT.
We grabbed Sounder, Hair Trigger, Rad and someone else he knew, I never caught his name; and rushed to load the pods into an escape ship. We managed to save most of them. Pipes piloted the ship away before the planet was in range.
Most of my other friends made it off moon but not all of us.
Bee and Spike decided to hang back and try and buy us some extra getaway time. Their plan was to use the moon as a giant bomb. They rigged the surface with enough tactical nukes to evaporate an entire Decepticon army leaving little more than a few drops of spilled energon. We thought that if this thing was going to eat our moons, it surely would turn after Cybertron itself. Their best hope was to disable it with the explosion.
I was in the next to last shuttle off the moon. Mere seconds before Spike and Bee detonated the bombs. We thought we had made it.
After the moon’s debris cleared our view-monitors, we had hoped it would be damaged, but instead it barely had a scratch. And, it started emitting a strong gravity beam. Within minutes several shuttles had been sucked right back into the planet and right through the hole. We crashed into each other, torn apart by giant processing machines inside. I don’t have any recollection of the events immediately after getting swallowed. I had went into stasis lock. Too scared to keep my sensors going.

Click… Click… Click… Click… Click…

That sound was like that of a clock ticking oblivion away in my unconscious mind. Suddenly, I came back online. My optic sensors burned and strained to gain any kind of focus. I thought to myself, “at least I’m not dead yet.”
As my systems rebooted, my pressure sensors took notice. My central chassis was in pain and I couldn’t move.
Was I paralyzed?
I could feel the servos in my legs; my t-cog was still intact.
No, something had a hold of me.

Click… Click… Click… Click…

My optics finally began to adjust and I could see some of my surroundings. If Autobots had nightmares, this was surely one of them…. Right?
I was one of many bots lined up in a row. A singular column, not unlike Earth’s school children being paraded through the halls by their teachers. Only we were hanging like parts on an assembly line from a large rail. We were embraced in the clutches of large clamps around our waists. Many of the bots I could see appeared to still be in stasis, maybe even dead from the many mutilating injuries I could see on some.
It was like a long hallway with stainless steel walls. The lighting was dim like a full moonlight night on Earth. I got to go there once. I got to make a supply run to Autobot City with Hoist, Prowl, and Cliffjumper. Granted, the city was still under construction but it was a sight to behold. Ultra Magnus had even likened it to how Old Cybertron used to look prior to the wars. He was patient enough with my enthusiasm to show me the blueprints for the hydro-electric grid and even let me see the renders for the transformation. I really hoped I could someday be stationed there.
Earth was a beautiful world. So much variety of life, always wonderous; of course, it is just a pipe dream now. The Decepticons wrecked the city and who knows what will happen to me here.
Anyways, along the walls I could see the occasional window with water flowing past. I thought it might lead to a hydro-plant or perhaps it was just a cooling system for this… thing, this planet or ship or whatever it is. Up ahead was a corridor. It was dark on the other side. Pitch black. I think there is more light in empty space than there was here.
Then came the scream. An oil curdling scream as these claws came crashing through what can only be described as port holes along the sides of the wall. They snatched 3 or 4 bots from our line. It was too dark to recognize them. Hell, I probably didn’t know them...
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Re: One Autobot's Nightmare

Postby sideswipe6520 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:06 pm

At least, I hoped I didn’t.
A few minutes later the claws returned. Directly in front of me were two of the 3 power dahers. I don’t think they had names. At least, no one ever heard them before. The claws took them and they never made a sound. My hook shuddered violently. It jarred my rotator and dislocated my shoulder assembly. It moved quicker and closed the gap between me and the next bot.
From behind me a voice spoke up.
“Hey mate, Whaddaya think this mess were stuck in is all about?”
I recognized the voice… Outback.
“I don’t know. Wherever we’re going, it ain’t good!” I replied.
“Damn. Hey Isn’t that a triggerbot in front of ya?”
“Backstreet, yeah”
Maybe he has a couple of rounds loaded in him. Maybe he can blow this conveyor and get us all free….
“Hey, Hey Backstreet. Snap out of it bot!” I said to him.
“Huh? What?” he replied.
“Do you have enough energon to fire a couple of rounds from your shoulder blasters?”
“I think so, why?”
“Blast the conveyor track. See if we can break loose.”

Backstreet gave it his best shot. He had one good blast. The echo off his cannon seemed louder than Megatron’s fusion cannon in a titanium acoustic lab. Nearly burned out my audio receptors.
While the track did receive minimal damage it wasn’t enough to break us loose. It just jarred us as we clicked past.
Then the claws returned again and this time they took Backstreet and a few others. The look of terror in his optics will haunt me for the rest of eternity. If there is one.
I felt responsible for his demise. Even though my own fate was still uncertain, I was still alive, here, now, and Backstreet likely wasn’t. Yet I was also relieved that it wasn’t me… yet.
Click… Click… Click…. Click…
Realizing that we couldn’t stop this machine, Outback and I gave up. We gave in to the despair, believed we were next. That we were as good as dead.
Click… Click…. Click…. Click…
Not wanting to bear witness to anymore I shut down my optics and audio receptors and decided to wait for my fate. Instead, I tried to establish a neurolink to my memory databanks and read some files about ancient Cybertronian history. Anything to take my mind off of certain death. That didn’t last long. There was some sort of neuro jamming frequency.

Some time passed. I couldn’t tell how long but the clicking continued. Even with my receptors on mute I still heard it subconsciously. It was driving me mad.

Out of shear desperation of something stimulating other than that infernal clicking I turned my optics back on. Once adjusted I took notice of the surroundings. It was much the same as before. The walls were a different metal; some alloy I didn’t recognize. Probably not found on Cybertron, it had a pinkish cast to it. The lighting was brighter and there was water rushing like a white water river below us. Up ahead was yet another dark doorway. I guess some more bots were taken while I was out because directly in front of me was Commander Jazz and Cliffjumper. In front of them were Bumblebee, Spike, Beachcomber, Skidz, Gears, and a few others. Cliff was trying to move so I un-muted my audio receptors.
“… can’t transform, no weapons, the clamps won’t budge, what the hell are we going to do guys?”
Bee replied, “I don’t know. But we got to figure out something.”
I spoke up. I told them about Backstreet, about how the blast brought the claws out and sped up our track…

Click… Click… Click…. Click…..Click…

We were nearly to the doorway when we first heard the fading screams. We knew something was through there but even with resigning ourselves to our fate, we were not prepared for that sight.
As we entered the dark corridor there were hieroglyphics along the walls. I couldn’t make it all out but it appeared to tell a story about two giants who were in a constant battle. One the giver of life, the other the bringer of death. We were clearly inside of death. The glyphs depicted a deathbringer cult worshiping a god of destruction by ritual sacrifice as bots would throw themselves into a pit.

Click… Scream…. Click… Scream…. Click… SCREAM!!!!!!!

As we crossed the threshold the screams got louder and louder with every click. And I, I got more horrified.
In the next room; it was massive; the floor dropped an additional 100-200 feet below the hall’s floor. It was wider than Iacon’s Grand Hall and the ceiling was so high I lost sight of it in the blackness.
In the center of the room was indeed a pit. A giant glowing pool of molten slag. A smelting pool. Just as depicted on the glyphs.
I watched as all three of the omnibots were dropped in. Their screams, I will never forget. Camshaft was yelling for help even as his body melted away around him. Override, at least died at near impact as he went in head first. Downshift, poor Downshift floated for a minute somehow on his back. I watched as the slag burned and boiled through his optics and the lesser armored parts of his body. His voice gurgled as he screamed. Somehow, he was still alive as another bot dropped and landed directly across Downshift’s chest. The larger bot, who never made a sound, and may have already been dead pushed poor Downshift under for the final time and then sank himself with his arm still raised into the air. I saw it melt like butter.

Click… Click… Click… Click…

I was scared. For the first time in my life I was truly mortified. I felt as if I was okay if I lost my life in the heat of battle. But not like this.

Click… Click… Click…

Gears fell into the pit. Grumpy as hell, like always, he never screamed. Decided there was no point in screaming. Said it was a waste of energon.

Click… Click… Click…

In the academy, we were taught that death was inevitable. Inevitable, yes, but that the best way to go out was by fighting for a cause. The Autobot cause. I may have been a lowly communications officer but I had received the same training as any warrior. Saw some front line battle myself. I welcomed death in battle but not like this. Not like THIS.
We all watched in horror as a couple of other Autobots fell into the smelting pool powerless to help.

Click… Click… Click…

Not long now

Click… Click… Click…

“I’m sorry my friends,” yelled Jazz. “This looks like our swan song.”

Click… Click… Click…

Down Below, something moved. Outback, who was still behind me shouted…
“Ay looky down dere! Who is that?”

It was an exosuit. Just like the one Spike was wearing. I couldn’t help but wonder to myself… Did we finally have some hope? Was there time to save us?

Spike hollered down.
“Dad, what can I do?”
“Knock down the acid cover.”
“Blast it Son!”
“But I don’t have a gun?”
“Use your Exosuit!”

“Hey, you think da kid has a chance?” Outback asked me.
“I sure hope so” I replied.

“Hurrryyyy!!!!!!!” Yelled Spike.
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Re: One Autobot's Nightmare

Postby sideswipe6520 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:08 pm

The Exosuit had an access panel in the arm. A simple code later and it transformed into twin blasters. He fired two shots at the struts holding the cover open.
His aim was good. Just as he fired….

Click… Click… Click… Click… Click… Click…

Beachcomber was in front of us. I didn’t think he was going to make it. But just as he dropped he grabbed the edge of the cover on the way down. His momentum pulled it faster, saving us all. When we landed on the cover we thought Beachcomber had bought it. We figured he had lost his grip and fell in. As Spike and the others called out to Daniel Outback and I rushed to the edge of the lid and were shocked to find Beachcomber still holding on. Part of his foot was melting away and the heat was starting to short all of his circuits but he was alive.
Together we pulled him up to safety.

The track had stopped moving and there were still a lot of bots trapped.
Daniel gave us a short version of how he got here from Earth and explained that we were inside of a transformer called Unicron. That Unicron had attacked Cybertron and all bots, Autobot and Decepticon alike, were fighting together to save the planet.

We ran. We ran as fast as we could with Daniel and Spike blasting every support structure for the conveyor track along the way. We didn’t care if it was Autobot or Decepticon, we were trying to save as many as we could.
We knew we couldn’t save em all.
With a group of about 20 Autobots and roughly 10 Decepticons, mostly seekers, who had gotten trapped during the battle raging outside, we decided to split up. Bee, Jazz, Spike, Daniel and Cliffjumper would make a run for the head of unicorn in hopes of meeting up with Kup, Springer and the others.
The Decepticons took off in search of an exit Bitstream and Hotlink thought they had spotted on the way in. Sunstorm and Nacelle were strangely nice enough to give Outback and I each one of their proton blasters they kept mounted on their arms.
We took Beachcomber and the other Autobots we saved down another corridor where we found a relatively small hole right through Unicron’s hull. We used the blasters to enlarge it and And Sawback managed to cut through other parts.
Funny to think about now but… We came out of Unicron’s Butt!
Outside, we could see the huge battle raging on. Ships everywhere, Seekers and other flyers darting in and out, making bombing runs. There was one cluster that appeared to be some sort of combiner. I later learned it was several parts of a Junkion ship that had been crushed by Unicron and they had somehow managed to convert the chunks into separate ships.
It was the Dinobots who found us. Grimlock proudly said they “Kicked Butt” and made the “New Bunghole” out of Unicron that we emerged from. He flagged down a Junkion ship that Perceptor was on board to pick us up.
I looked out the window towards Unicron and wondered about the others. I hoped that they would make it out safely. I wondered if anyone else got off the conveyor. How long was it? Could Bee and the others find their friends?

Suddenly, Unicron started jerking around violently. He jumped off of Cybertron like he was scared of something. Had the others destroyed a vital system within him?
Then a bright beam of pulsating blue light began pouring out of several blast holes in Unicron’s body. He appeared to writhe in pain. I focused on his head. It was thrashing about as the light glowed through one busted eye. He swatted a squadron of seekers like they were gnats away from his face. Their parts scattering like particles from an exploding asteroid. Unicron reached for one of his legs and literally pulled it off.
Our ship made one final pass across his abdomen. It was glowing red. I realized what I was looking at was the depths of the smelting pool. I painfully took note of the few remaining body parts, mostly chunks of indigestible slag still floating and I thought of Downshift. My spark flickered and a rumble shivered up my spinal shaft.
I couldn’t look anymore. I turned my optics off again. My mind raced; flashbacks of Backstreet, the Omnibots, Gears, and the Powerdashers all flooded my memory banks.
I heard two large explosions. Outback put his hand on my shoulder. He said Unicron’s head blew off just before his body exploded. I felt the shockwave and resulting turbulence. It nearly knocked me of my feet.
I asked him if there was any signs of Jazz and the others. He told me they escaped through Unicron’s good eye with a contingent of other Autobots.
He then broke the bad news.
“No other survivors. Not even the Seekers.”
My spark dimmed. I couldn’t help but ask myself if I could have done more? Could I have saved more if I had just stayed?
No, I could have! I Should have! I could have given my life to save even a handful more. Hundreds of Autobots, many of them just recently brought online, many more still cold lost their lives. They died because I failed to get them all off moon in enough time to avoid the gravitational beams. They died because I am a failure. They died so that I, a low ranking communications bot could run and save his own exhaust pipes.
I hated myself.
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Re: One Autobot's Nightmare

Postby sideswipe6520 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:09 pm

A week past and we took stock of Cybertron.
I learned the truth about Autobot City. About Optimus Prime’s sacrifice. About all the heroes who died during the battle. About how Hot Rod ascended to become Rodimus Prime. Everything.
A memorial was hosted to honor our fallen brothers. It angered me that those we lost inside of Unicron were ignored; treated as if their lives didn’t matter. Daniel was hailed as the great savior while Beachcomber wasn’t even allowed to attend the ceremony. He was just as much a hero as Daniel…Maybe more so. Backstreet’s sacrifice, and even his very existence, was wiped from all record books. Even Bee seemed to put what happened in there behind him. He never spoke of those horrors again.
But I couldn’t. I refused.
Every time I looked out my hab suite window I could see Unicron’s head floating in orbit. A constant reminder….

Click… Click… Click… Click Scream… Click Scream… Click Scream…

Outback and I grew close. We would head to Macaddams every other night to drink our memories away. Pipes would sometimes join us. Beachcomber too.
But mostly,
Mostly it was just me and Outback. While others were singing and having a grand ole time, we would sit there and stare at each other. Drown ourselves with the strongest and foulest Engex we could get and we’d…. remember our lost friends.

After a time, even Outback started coming out less. He told me I needed to let it go. That I needed to get back to Iacon and back to work. He said that the best way to honor those we lost was to carry on in their place. Keep fighting. Keep living. I knew he wasn’t wrong.
But I knew I couldn’t. I couldn’t plug into the recharge station without nightmares.
Heh, Funny. Transformers aren’t supposed to have nightmares.
Some of my co-workers reminded me of the Omnibots. They had similar alt modes and similar names. I couldn’t handle it.
I tried reassignment but Ultra Magnus wouldn’t allow it. I travelled to Earth one last time; hoping to find some measure of peace. But the city was still in ruins. A monument to all our sins. At least I got to see Outback on Earth.

Click… Click… Click…

It has now been 2 year since Unicron. 3-months, 4-days, 2-hours, 9-minutes, 32-seconds, 17-microseconds and counting since I walked away from the Autobots.
I’m out of Shanix and very very low on Energon and can’t keep going. Their memory haunts my every being. My spark is but a flicker. Especially Backstreet. Had I not convinced him to shoot the track, he might still be alive today. Had we gotten the ships off moon faster, we might all be alive. But I was a failure. And we’re not all alive. And truthfully I can’t handle the nightmares anymore.

Click… Click… Click…Scream!!!

I write this account of the events from inside Unicron as a testament. In hopes that someone, someday, somewhere will read this and know; and remember the names of those who gave their lives so that others would live. I write this so that I may live on and that all will know that I am truly sorry I could not do more. So that you might understand my despair and why I am doing what I am about to do.
if you read this, tell Beachcomber thank you for his bravery. Tell Pipes thank you for being a loyal partner. Tell Outback, thank you for being my friend. My True Friend. My best friend. Tell everyone who survived to never forget.

My last drops of Energon are depleted. I am on fumes now.

So I send this Journal log to the Cybertronian Primary Network and to all media outlets…

I am Hubcap of Iacon. I was a communications Officer for the Autobots during the 3rd great war. I was a survivor of Unicron… And I couldn’t live with that.

Click… Click… BOOM!

Subject: Unicron
>>>>Cyber Journal Entry: Data-log 2.47791.99-3
>>>>Author Identification code- Hubcap
>>>>Sub category-Minibot

Subject Author: Offline… Vitals: None… Conclusion: Termination.


End Transmission
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