Price of TF comics collection

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Price of TF comics collection

Postby dextronimous » Wed Jan 29, 2020 12:31 pm

I have been collecting TF comics from day 1 (1984), and have managed to work up a collection of all US TF comics up to IDWs last reboot (after Unicron). That includes all side series, crossovers, etc, from all publishers- a little over 800 comics total. From a recent conversation, I am wondering what a collection like that is worth. Most have all been read, and range from 'near mint' to 'OK'. I know there are some rare ones in there. I figured I would ask the experts... what do you think a collection like this is worth? Note I am not really considering selling at this point, mainly just curious. I'm also not looking for an exact amount, just a rough idea. Thanks!
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Re: Price of TF comics collection

Postby ScottyP » Thu Jan 30, 2020 8:08 am

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Marvel stuff is $3 - $5 an issue outside of very early issues. The other exception is the later part of the run, mostly the 70s and issue 80, where the print runs were much lower. These go for $10-25 depending on stuff.

Marvel UK issues vary wildly with condition, with most issues from ~30 up until Earthforce going for $1 - $4. Early TF UK with free gifts attached, minty copies of 113, and again the later run stuff can get expensive. Collected comics specials from 92 - 94 can also get up there.

Most anything else is, on a very good day, no more than cover price. Most days, modern back issues from Dreamwave to the present are $1 - $2 each. There are limited exceptions but most of those are so limited that unless you're a variant cover collector you probably don't have them.
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