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Motto: "There's no time like the present."
Weapon: Concussion Rifle
Name: Ricochet
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Gunner
Alt. mode: Subaru WRX Impreza (Black w/ red-yellow flame decals on hood/doors.)
Weapons: Shoulder mounted automatic shell cannon, precision plasma dart rifle.
Height: 28ft / 8.9m
Quote: “Either help me destroy my enemies or get out of my way.”

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 7
Dexterity: 7
Speed: 8
Endurance: 8
Courage: 8
Firepower: 7
Accuracy: 10
Melee: 4
Tech Skill: 8
Charisma: 4
Rank: 5

Profile: Ricochet operates on a very short fuse and wastes no time picking a fight with a fellow Autobot should they provoke him. His personal motives and the Autobot cause only align when in reference to his unnaturally strong sense of justice. I his optics, no cybertronian should go unpunished for their crimes, and feels as though he is the perfect bot for delivering such punishment, usually doing so in ways that leave most Autobots feeling sorry for his victims.

Despite his hotheaded disposition, no Autobot or Decepticon can deny his unparalleled marksmanship or his brutal efficiency on the battlefield. It's his ability in combat that grants him the attention and even in some cases friendship of a close few. Only those closest to the withdrawn bot even know that he served among Cybertron's security forces before the war began. As his one great contribution to the war effort, Ricochet is always seeking to improve in his particular field of expertise.

Abilities: Ricochet is unmatched as a marksman, and excels at laying down suppressive fire. As a master of ranged weaponry, he can accurately fire any blaster or rifle that finds itself in his possession. With his Precision plasma rifle, he can hit a tin can from a maximum effective distance of 10 kilometers (6 miles). With his shoulder mounted automatic shell cannon, he can provide unrelenting support fire at a rate of 30 shells per second.

Because most bots won't risk conversation with the ominous Autobot, few realize that beyond his gruesome acts of war, Ricochet is a technical master of his field and is capable of using as well as performing extensive repair on numerous projectile weapon types, most of which he capable of repairing mid-combat. In vehicle mode, Ricochet can reach an impressive 250kmh (155 mph) if given enough straight road to do so, but his true ability shines through when driving on dirt or gravel.

Weaknesses: Ricochet is rather unapproachable for an Autobot. His extreme sense of Justice and “lone wolf” attitude may serve him well as a marksman, but when it comes to camaraderie amongst his fellow Autobots, he is seldom considered. It is only by his incredible skill in range combat that he gains any respect from his peers, and only on the field of battle that most bots can truly depend on Ricochet.

In addition, due to his intense specialization in ranged warfare, Ricochet is all but inept in melee combat. When faced with a physical confrontation, he often has no other choice but to withdraw. Without his projectile weaponry, Ricochet is practically combat ineffective.

Sample Post: The skies were gray, illuminated only by burning structures and the random flash of explosive ordnance. Blaster fire peppered the terrain, nearly clipping Ricochet as he ducked behind cover. This was the hellish war zone of Cybertron in it’s final dying days before the war took to the stars, scaring and maiming numerous other undeserving worlds. Ricochet attempted to search his data banks for memories of a time before all the fighting, a time when he actually had to hunt down the vile, sinister denizens of Megatron. Now, they were everywhere, roaming freely, unchecked, sucking the life out of Cybertron.

It didn’t take long for Ricochet to realize he was the only one left alive as hordes of Decepticons closed in on all sides. Disregarding the fact that he is surrounded by the empty shells of his fallen comrades, he wastes no time in returning his mind to the fight. With an almost scary level of efficiency, Ricochet squeezed off round after round of deadly accurate plasma, while his auto cannon laid down a destructive wave of support fire. Never in his life had he been presented with so many opportunities to deliver is personal brand of justice to the wicked. Yet, with every con that he dispatched, two more take took its place. Soon there were more enemies than even his constant rain of bullets could suppress. Without warning, his shoulder cannon overheated and plasma rifle jammed. Within an instant the hordes were on him.

Powerless to stop them, Ricochet was forced to watch as his most hated foes torn him apart. Savagely they pulled at every servo and conduit, severing connectors and rupturing fuel lines. The helpless bot's vision slowly began to fade as his attackers fought over his spark like wild predicons. Feeling his internal systems failing, he slipped into darkness only to open his eyes and find himself at a recharge station. Another dream, though a different scene this time, the ending remained the same as all those before it. Stepping away from the recharge station, the startled bot gave his hydraulics a stretch and snatched up his rifle on his way to the door, shrugging off the dream with the decision to never allow it to become reality.
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