Rust Cut

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Rust Cut

Postby Vulkan » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:07 pm

Rust Cut

Character is design is based off of

Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Insecticons (Technically)
Function: (Mad) Scientist
Alternate Modes: Lady Bug
Weapons: Claw like hands, Stun Pistol, various medical tools and occasionally a new device. (All robot)
Special Abilities: Integrity field
Height: 10ft/ 8m
Quote: “I'll fix it.. I`ll fix it.. I`ll fix it.. I`ll fix it..”

Strength: 04
Intelligence: 09
Dexterity: 07
Speed: 07
Endurance: 08
Courage: 04
Firepower: 05
Accuracy: 07
Melee: 02
Tech Skill: 09
Charisma: 8
Rank: 05

Profile: A long time ago before the days of the war Rust Cut (formerly known as BeetTrace) used to be the most beautiful, kind and "naive" of all cybertronian scientist. Her voice back then was soft and warm, her social life buzzing with interaction and when on the job she was always part of something big being developed. However during the early stages of the war, eight of her associates were accused of being Decepticon sympathizers and were taken for instigation/interrogation. During the time of their absence all projects that were not weapon related were put on halt and the local law enforcement coming to claim all possessions from the work places of those eight.

With the exception of one were all never seen again. The returning associate named Burst Shot had a look of pure shock and horror on his face. Sadly the news he brought was grim. The other seven were executed. Neither Rust Cut or Burst Shot knew if any of them were traitors but it was highly doubtful. What Burst Shot did know however was the cause for what they were exterminated for was because of their most recent research. The eight of them were researching how to create and resurrect Cybertronians. He had claimed they were partially successful in one experiment but sadly the test subject quickly combusted.

Time had passed. The grip of the City State became far worst. Burst Shot was eventually executed under the false pretense of being a traitor most likely being found out to being the eight who worked on such taboo. The remaining Scientist including Rust Shot were forced into labor camp working conditions producing new and more efficient weapons and the City State eventually became a police state. Each day those close to Rust Cut would be arrested and forced into labor doing something or other and each Mega-cycle Rust Cut would Lament over her loses.

However after countless Meta-cycles the Decepticons invaded and many of the cybertronians revolted against the City State bringing it to its knees and eventually ripping apart the elected officials.

It was strange. The Decepticons the ones who were supposed to take away their rights the ones who were supposed to destroy their way of life brought it back somewhat the day they took over.

What few Scientist remaining were slain during the invasion during the cross fire with the exception of Rust Cut. Rust Cut who had sworn she was killed
and sworn she saw the after life but just can only put together a vague image of it. Remembering the goals her associates had came up with. She decided her use to the Decepticon cause would be to create and return life.

Many Vorns later however obsessed and rarely seen in the light the once beautiful Rust Cut has just let herself go. Her fingers tips once round and smooth are now wicked sharp for more precise movements. One side of her face is now covered with rust and burnt marks. Her posture once proper and professional has been reduced to a slouch. Her soft warm tone now replaced with a cold dim growl like manner of speaking.


Scientist: Able to create new and "interesting" weapons.

Medic: Able to do repairs

Booby Trapped Weapons: Most weapons made by Rust Cut will break, explode or electrocute whoever is using them if Rust Cut sends out the signal to do so.


Obsessed: Rust Cut may be brilliant but sadly only has one goal in mind. When tasted with anything there is a good chance Rust Cut will likely be late on delivery of any project in exchange for just a few more notes.

Not a fighter: Rust Cut is awful at hand to hand combat and poses almost no threat in close quarters fighting unless She has a "special device" ready and even then her own lack of combat expertise will not allow her to use it at its full Potential

Integrity field: The Integrity field only covers only the beetle parts of Rust Shot

Sample Post:

Rust Cut walked over to a workbench and, point over to a concealed item far too large for a robot her size on top of it. "Ah, yes here is it look at it so lo-" Rust Cut groaned as she revealed the item. The item was a large shield with the bottom smaller than the top. "Yes as you can see here friend you put this on you block incoming fire you go up to the Autobots"

Rust Cut wrapped her arms around the shield and lugged it to the curious Decepticon grunting along until he came to her and took the shield from her to put it on himself "Oh and you wrap your hand around the handle and give a squeeze and spikes come out the bottom to stab your Autobot and shock him! I mean enemy Autobot.. Who would keep an Autobot tied up? That's weird.. You are weird."

The Decepticon looked at her with curiosity in his eyes. "Oh and best best BEST of all look what happens when I press this button on my fore arm!" The Decepticon holding the shield shook his head and held his pal out begging no while Rust Cut laughed pressing it. The shield then electrocuted the Decepticon holding it, knocking him out cold.
"Yeah that just happened.."
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