So check this out, guys

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So check this out, guys

Postby JazZeke » Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:52 am

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So y'all know of Tony Todd, the man behind the Fallen (of which he was not a fan) and Prime Dreadwing (which he liked much better). I met him back in June at Phoenix Comicon, and had a pretty cool chat with him. Now I'm not one to worship celebrity, but I had been dying to know if he had actually been in the Zoom costume during the second season of Flash (nope, sorry) and wanted to talk Trek with him a bit. At the end, he told me I ought to be a writer, before I told him I already am one. So the man's got some powers of observation.

Well he came back to Arizona again this weekend for Tucson Comic-Con, and I think I struck up a friendship with him. I found him and his wife hanging shopping around in a ocal game store's booth, and I recommended "Gloom" to him. He also made me join Twitter so he could follow me, and stopped by to sit in my club's captain's chair and take pictures with us. But that's not the coolest thing, at least to me personally. See, on Sunday I was wearing my Fourth Doctor cosplay, and he was really impressed with my scarf--which I knitted myself, along with a few more to sell at the convention. And so, he bought my 3/4-scale scarf.


That's right, Zoom is just a big ol' dork like the rest of us. :D
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Re: So check this out, guys

Postby Rodimus Prime » Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:57 am

He's good in most of his roles. My favorite is still the mortician from the Final Destination movies.

Good job on making friends with him. ;)^
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