Space Case

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Space Case

Postby Dynamax » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:39 am

Motto: "Freedom is a right stupid people think gives them the right to act like idiots. It also gives me the right to kick their butts."
Weapon: Fusion Cannon
Name: Space Case
Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Cyber-Jet
Function: Air Recon
Alt. mode: Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut fighter
Weapons: High Explosive Rocket Launcher, Rocket Club
Special Abilities: Subject has high speed flight capabilities thanks to fast burning and quick igniting Plasma Powered engines. He can take off in both mode in an eyeblink.
Height: 25 feet/ 7.62 meters
Quote: My mind may be slow, but I move like greased lightning!

Strength: 05

Intelligence: 02

Dexterity: 08

Speed: 08

Endurance: 04

Courage: 03

Firepower: 07

Accuracy: 06

Melee: 06

Tech Skill: 02

Charisma: 01

Rank: 04

Profile: Different robots have different skills and weaknesses. Space Case's skills consist mainly of going very, very fast, thanks to his plasma-powered engines. It's a good thing too, because his weaknesses mainly consist of being dumber than a fence post. The truth is he's so dumb he should almost certainly have been killed in combat by now; only raw speed and dumb luck have kept him alive this long. He flunked his flight training at the Decepticon Academy twice due to his inability to understand how to perform the necessary maneuvers during examinations and shooting at his instructors for calling him stupid for it. However Skyjack helped Space Case to forge himself a passing grade, seeing a dupe with his speed an invaluable asset.

Abilities: Screeches through the sky at Mach 5 and is quite agile and capable with aerial maneuvers (This has him seen as an idiot savant due to his intellect). Escapes Autobot artillery thanks to plasma-powered engines, the source of his great speed as he is able to ignite them quite easily.

His powerful missile launcher is the only reason he has eluded capture... and destruction. The rockets are specially designed to be used as clubs without risk of explosion unless Space Case presses a specific fool proof made button to arm them for throwing purposes. (made by Hook as he was sick of fixing Space Case after going Kamikaze on his foes unintentionally). They have a higher explosive yield than his comrade's weaponry. It should be noted that he is the best fighter of the Cyber Jets, whose berserker style of fighting makes him a dangerous foe, especially with his comrades goading him along.

Weaknesses: As state many times Space Case is stupid beyond measure. To quote Megatron "That dim witted waste of circuits could be outwitted by a socket wrench." Sadly seconds after saying it Space Case confirmed it by agreeing with him.

Sample Post: Space Case was rocketing back to base after his recon allowed him to spy an Autobot attack force heading their way. Their base looked strong Space Case guessed but he wasn't sure if it'd survive an attack from a group that big.

Then again he wished one of the other Cybers was with him to confirm that. He always felt a bit awkward when thinking about stuff like that without Skyjack's advice. Hooligan would likely make fun of him for it but not Skyjack. He definitely was trustworthy, he said so himself after all.

Arriving at base Space Case transformed and landed, his allies waiting to greet him.

"Welcome back Old Buddy." Skyjack said.

"Congrats on remembering where home base was Basket Case." Hooligan of course was trying to make Space Case mad.

"Uh uh, no fighting guys. We need to know what's coming. Space Case, tell us how many of them you saw." Skyjack says, trying to defuse the tension. "Use your fingers if you need to."

This was his chance to prove Hooligan wrong about him. He tried to recall how many he saw: There was a yellow car and a red one that looked the same, that'd be one and two. A big black looking...van thing. That would be....umm...three. A blue and white race car, that'd be four. The fifth one was the big leader guy, Optimal Primer..or something. He then went to count again but he suddenly tensed up, something was horribly wrong.

"Uh oh." Space Case says.

"What's wrong?" Skyjack says.

"I ran out of fingers." Space Case says.

Skyjack let out an exasperated sigh as Hooligan suddenly burst out laughing. Space Case hunched forward in sad shame. He messed up again.
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