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Motto: "I can totally prove that I'm not a zombie! Just lean over hear, and let me take a little nibble out of your brains."
Weapon: Double Barrelled Shell Launcher

Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Warrior
Alternate Modes: Cybertron: Cybertronian Truck
Earth: Ford F-750 Super Duty Pickup
Weapons: Wrist-Mounted Energon Cutter, Mining Charges, Durabyllium Pick Axe

Height: 30ft/ 9.14 m
Quote: "An honest day's work is good for the spark.”

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 5
Dexterity: 7
Speed: 5
Endurance: 7
Courage: 8
Firepower: 5
Accuracy: 6
Melee: 8
Tech Skill: 4
Charisma: 6
Rank: 5

Appearance: Steelhand's alternate mode is dark gray. The hood folds down to make his chest, the back cab folds and splits to make his legs, and his arms extend from the sides. When not using it, Steelhand's pick axe is held by several magnetic clamps on his back, the handle sticking up vertically behind his head.

If Steelhand had his way, he would still be digging and toiling deep within the energon mines on Cybertron. He felt most happy when he was hard at work, taking pride in the fact that he was helping provide Cybertronian society with it's most important resource. Despite the harsh working conditions with little compensation and few rights, he never complained and took all the hardship in stride.
When the mines were automated and the other miners protested and rioted, Steelhand didn't want to cause any trouble, looking for work instead. After a stellar cycle of wandering he was unable to find anything, and was forced to sell off some of his own body armor on the black market for energon. It was there that he found a small, shady mech, who was looking for a few strong bots to fight in the underground fighting circuit. Desperate to earn a living, Steelhand jumped at the opportunity.
Using the equipment he had kept from his mining days as weapons, Steelhand found success as a fighter due to his great strength. Before long he earned the nickname "Cave-In", based on a signature move he used to end most of his fights; After digging his pick axe into his opponent's head, in one swift motion he would pull the other fighter toward him with the ax, while throwing a punch into the fighter's face with his free hand. Usually the match would end, with the opponent's faceplate caved into his cranial chamber.
Despite his success, Steelhand never took any pride or pleasure in what he was doing. To him it was just another job to keep his fuel tank filled. It wouldn't be too long before his attitude changed.
Leaving from one of his matches, Steelhand noticed a group of bots crowding around another, taking the poor mech apart piece-by-piece. As he tried to come to the bot's aid, he recognized it was his opponent from earlier, who had been too weak and damaged to defend himself. Finally realizing the harm he was doing to his fellow Cybertronians, Steelhand went to the authorities and turned himself in.
Because he willingly brought himself in, as well as rising concerns over a gladiator called Megatron, Steelhand was given a deal: enlist with the Autobots instead of prison time. Steelhand accepted, hoping to make up for what he'd done.
Steelhand fights hard for the Autobot cause, though he still thinks of it as just another job. Among the other Autobots he's easy to get along with and when work is done he enjoys kicking back with the bots over a mug of energon, though he never wants them to know of his fighting past. Deep down he has no desire to continue being a soldier or a warrior, and would gladly return to the mines if given the chance.

Steelhand possesses great strength and above average durability, though he is not as thickly armored as he was originally designed. When Steelhand removed and sold some of his body armor, it had the unintentional effect of increasing his agility and coordination due to a lower weight and smaller size.
Steelhand's original alternate mode is a Cybertronian Truck. On Earth he transforms into a Ford F-750 Super Duty Pickup Truck, both designed to travel over most rough terrain. He has a top speed of 120 MPH, with a maximum range of 750 miles.
Uncomfortable with standard issue weapons, Steelhand uses the same equipment he had originally used for mining.
On his left wrist is an energron cutter. Used to help remove energon crystals from the rockface, it fires a thin, highly concentrated, piercing beam that will cut into almost any material within 100 feet. The beam emits no heat, allowing it to hit any energy source or fuel without igniting it.
Steelhand also possesses mining charges which can destroy up to 30 square feet of rock in a controlled explosion. The charges run on a timer with a default setting of 25 astroseconds, though the timer can be changed for shorter or longer durations. In combat situations Steelhand will normally use them like grenades, setting the timer then throwing them at the enemy.
Steelhand's most effective weapon is his pick axe. Originally equipped with a standard miner's pick axe during his gladiator days, it broke during an intense match. In what he considers his only splurge with his earnings, Steelhand managed to buy a new pick axe made of a virtually indestructible durabyllium alloy. Steelhand can puncture all but the most impervious armor with one stroke of his pick axe. Steelhand's skills with the pick axe are well beyond those of a typical miner thanks to his experience as a fighter, making him a force to be reckoned with in close quarter combat.

Steelhand deeply regrets his actions in the underground, and it can affect his performance in combat. Though not an issue in the heat of battle when he has to react quickly, when he has time to think of the situation he may hesitate to harm another mech, even a Decepticon. Besides his pick axe, Steelhand's weapons are not entirely affective in most combat situations. Both the energon cutter and mining charges were intended to use on stationary objects, making it difficult to damage moving targets. If the charge timer isn't set for a shorter detonation time it can give the target plenty of time to get away or throw the charge back at Steelhand. The energon cutter requires several astroseconds of contact to pierce through most armor plating; unless there is already an opening in the armor, or it hits an area not well protected (such as optic sensors), it will do little damage.
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Strength: 8
Intelligence: 8
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