The Doctor is in!

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The Doctor is in!

Postby Flashwave » Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:50 pm

Motto: "Our society's downfall will not be this war. The war IS our society. That which will get us will be the little things. Some humanoid race, some tossed cannon, the little things that no one looks out for. THAT is for what we must be vigilant."
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Useless! Extraneous! Vy vas I not consulted on the evolutionof his species!?

Within the Decepticon ranks there are very few who hold distinction and credibility amongst the Universe like Scalpel does. His no nonsense, no anesthesia attitude can be off putting, perhaps not moreso thana tendency for therecto be extra... materials after his surgeries, but remarkably patients seem more alarmed than in actual danger... most of the time. There are very few more versed and more qualified in medical matters than he... on ANY planet, or the skill and effectiveness of his small size and precision claws. Scalpel has not met a corporeal species he cannot backward wire in hours with no prior introduction. And he knows it, too. With any surgeon who flaunts the laws of Life itself, there's a certain vanity, and woe be it to any Decepticon who pops one of his finely crafted weld lines.

As a Micron, and therefore a member of the Disposable class, Scalpel does not posess a true alt mode, instead converting into a Nova Core booster pack capable of assimilating into any weapon. In combat, he carries a pair of large bladed spikeswith whichuses with equal skill to his namesake tool.

...And half of you came in here expecting a Tardis. Or the Decepticon Octus as a Dalek...

Scalpel, a no floppy legged, stress marked, insectlike Doctor. Scalpel started life as the bright orange translucent Shou micron; the Mantis from the Go! Toyline. I did base coats in Krylon white and black, and hand painted the purple, silver, and red accents. His head and the white part of his thorax were also done by hand. I outlined his crystal port, but as his original crystal was tampographed as an Autobot, I neglected to put it in.

Image Image on the back of Shou's noggin were four holes. For the life of me, I don't know whatfor, if there's another piece it fell off the sprue during painting. To make Scalpel's antannae, I shoved to pieces of brass tube into them and then added thin strips of brass to them. I really wasn't too enthused after the sixth try getting the tube bent and cut to fit without crushing the hole, so they're odd sizes. Despite being glued, there's still posability and swivel, as the glue acted more as a filler than a glue. Until they fall out, I am quite happy.



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Re: The Doctor is in!

Postby Mykltron » Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:03 am

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He's so cute!

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