Transformers Armada PS2

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Transformers Armada PS2

Postby BeastProwl » Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:27 am

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Every so often I pick this game back up and revisit it, and every time it finds ways to surprise me. From Tidalwave's enormous size, to the massive, sprawling levels filled with various weapons and abilities, as a kid it was the definitive Transformers game for me and nothing compared.

Even now, having played WFC/FoC, while I love those games, they don't hold as big a place in my heart as this one does. I played it for hours and hours, completing it 100% at least twice now.

Having gotten my hands on a new PS2 controller recently, I blew off the dust and started it up again from where I left off about a year or so ago when my old one broke.

Now, it might be the fact that I left off on the final level, but this game is far more challenging than I remember; several times I'd get angry and ask myself why younger me played this game for fun.

It's a bizarre situation, when you've played a game so often you know where all the enemies are in every nook and cranny of every map, but instead of rushing in guns blazing like you did years before, you approach cautiously and try to pick off the harder enemies first.

It got me thinking though, should I play this game on Commander?

I never actually did that, and am curious as to hard the game could possibly be. If the game's kicking my ass on veteran, and I need to really utilize strategic loadouts/character choices for each situation, I can only imagine what commander would be like...

I just wanted to make this thread to gush a bit on what I feel is a severely under-rated gem of a game.

It's by no means perfect, but if you get past the weird controls, it's a rewarding game, and is well worth it.

Also, any tips on a possible commander run would be appreciated 8-}

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Re: Transformers Armada PS2

Postby Insurgent » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:27 am

I realise this thread is a few months old, but this game is awesome and deserves love. Before Devastation, this was my favourite tf game. And even then, Devastation only wins because it has a story built in, instead of text based mission briefings to tell the story.

The PS2 game is all kinds of win. Even with no offensive abilities in car mode, I find myself transforming all the time in combat. And the three characters have such a massive difference in their play style, how they handle. Hot Shot I'm never any good at beyond the first level, because he's so fragile. You need the hit and run speed tactics. And while that's fun to try and mess around with, I just can't use him when trying to progress through the levels. Though him with wings and stealth is perfect for minicon hunting.

I still remember first time I played this. I hadn't watched Armada so I didn't know about Tidal Wave. So I thought I was infiltrating a Decepticon aircraft carrier. When that thing transformed, it blew my mind, and is a perfect example of why I love Transformers.

I need to go back to this game. It's been too long since I played it. Commander level? Is that the hardest? What I love about that setting is the minicons move locations. So although the minicon panels are physically in the same place, which one pops out is different to the other settings. Means you have to use different tactics, as you won't get the minicon you would normally use in teh early missions. For example, the first minicon you find on easy and normal is a cluster missile launcher, but on hard, it's a bit of armour. And the datacons would physically move positions. Like the crashed ship level, the other two levels have data cons to guide you out. But on teh hardest level, all the data cons are scattered around the Starscream fight level.

And then there's the sound work. The way your pistons hiss with every move. The crunch of your feet on the snow. The little beep when a weapon reloads. It's all those little things that make this game amazing. Yep, defo need to go back to it soon. Maybe I will over the Easter break.

And the minicons add so much variety to the gameplay. Tornado guns, grabbing people in tractor beams and flinging them off waterfalls and mountains, shooting grenades everywhere. Sticking limpit mines on enemies and watch them run around with their arms flailign in panic until they explode. Oh man, I miss this game. I definately need to reply it.
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