Miss Blackarachnia 2008

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Who's you favorite Blackarachnia?

BW Blackarachnia
Transmetal Blackarachnia
BM Blackarachnia
No votes
TFA Blackarachnia
Total votes : 12

Miss Blackarachnia 2008

Postby Evank_Horizon » Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:15 pm

The contestants:
- BW Blackarachnia
- Transmetal Blackarachnia
- BM Blackarachnia
- TFA Blackarachnia

The criteria:
- Personality
- Ability to Fight
- Style
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Re: Miss Blackarachnia 2008

Postby unique_username » Sun Feb 17, 2008 12:13 am

its hard to say at this point. we know beast wars blackarachnia alot better than animated. id say that animated is more complex though, the bw version was simply a maximal with a shell program, where as the new one is bitter and conflicted. abandoned by prime, stuck in a form she hates, unwilling to trust anyone. she also has cool spider-man type webslinging and wall crawling abilities, and she could predict primes attacks, copy bulkheads strength and bumblebees stingers, as well as user her own venom.

the beast wars version was ninjaesque but her only weapon was a gun she could use as a grappling hook or venom injector. she also had her leg machine guns that rarely did any real damage to anything.

its too early say with the limited time we've seen the animated version compared to the bw one who had many episodes focus around her, but id say by the end of it animated blackarachnia will possibly win out. she has alot more options in a fight, and she can go one on one with prime, and at least for a while, make him look like an amature.
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Re: Miss Blackarachnia 2008

Postby Chaoslock » Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:31 am

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Let's see:

personality: BM and TM Blackarachnia was a good girl, while I've seen too little from TFA BA, but she looks promising. However, the original BA had one of the best personalities in the shows.

fighting: TM BA. She could go one-on-one with most predacons. Again, TFA BA is promising, this could go a tie.

style: The original BW BA. She had style.
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Re: Miss Blackarachnia 2008

Postby Justicity » Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:47 am

Black Arachnia was my favourite part of Beast Wars once she was introduced, and BW is my favourite TF era so I guess you know where my vote is.
I was amazed and in absolute joy when they released info that BA was going to be in Animated, then the episode came and it absolutely delivered! In Animated she's great but still I don't think she can compare to the original, non-transmetal BA.

In terms of personality, yea BW BA was a little obvious; good girl forced bad, turned good. But thats what gave her so much depth! The fact that she wasn't complicated history-wise allowed for a lot more character depth.

Fighting, BW BA had little but used it to it's fullest extent. Animated Arachnia has it a bit easy weapon wise, she's got the mimic technique which in my eyes has always been a cop-out, I've never let any of my Pokémon use the move, I only ever use Ditto as a breeding partner and outside Pokémon I've never designed a copycat character. It's just too godmodey, which is why she almost beat Prime, she was effectivly using his team against him.
TM Arachnia seemed too unarmed, she kicked, she had a bitey string thing, and that was kinda it, apart from the telepathy which was ok, though a little tedious to believe.

Style... ke ke ke... BW BA wins completely.
In terms of looks, it's obvious the original was best, the Animated versions one huge visual homage to the original! You only homage something that's good and liked. Hence no resurrection of the Wheelie name in the figures. Yet...
In terms of attitude, BW BA wins again, just look at those quotes.
In terms of the way they fight, Animated is quite stylish, but I haven't seen enough of it to judge yet.

I do not believe in BM Arachnia. It's a myth designed to frighten small transformer loving kids...
She wasn't that great in BM, hence my not even counting her in this.
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Re: Miss Blackarachnia 2008

Postby Gigastorm » Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:00 am

this really cant be a fair match until we know more about TFA blackarachnia

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Re: Miss Blackarachnia 2008

Postby estrelliaes » Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:47 am

I vote Transmetal cos thats beast wars but better.

Beast machines are strange but she is very cool. I just prefer the bw transmetal version.

The Tfa is awfull. She is a whinging loon with a poor me complex.
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Re: Miss Blackarachnia 2008

Postby Defcon! » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:10 am

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I'm very curious to see more of the TFA blackarachnia. So far i like her alot, and i hope they keep developing her. I think she's going to one of the best BAs. But for now i'll go with BW.
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